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The Cuckoo

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

Pl email me at attn: uma if you like this story – I would specially like the feedback from young women/girls/ lesbian girls like me on this true story….

Hi everybody, my name is Uma and I am 25 years old. I live in the temple city of Madurai. I got married last year, and my husband is working as a clerk in a bank. We live alone on the ground floor of a large house. I look very beautiful and have a stunning figure of 36C-24-38. I love to fantasize, and I love sex. Unfortunately, my husband hardly satisfies me. He can never make me climax and is very reserved. Even after a year he could not make me pregnant.

My house has a tenant who lives upstairs. They are Keralites and they have a son who is 16 years old. He is slightly mentally retarded, and is studying in 10th std. He is very weak in maths. I am a graduate in computer science and his parents were requesting me to help him in the subject. So I started to teach him every day. He was very dumb, and did not pick up very well. But he was 5’6” tall and was very handsome. I secretly started to lust after his body. He always wore shorts and whenever I got a chance I used to touch his thighs. He did not understand anything.

I was waiting for my chance to enjoy this young teen virgin boy. Then, one day, his mother told me that she had to go for a cousin’s daughter’s marriage to Kerala. His exams were round the corner and he was in his study holidays. She wondered whether I could take care of him for a week. I happily accepted. The next night, I shaved myself clean, and I fantasized the whole day of how, what and when I would do him….

His parents left early in the morning by bus. As usual, my husband started to go to his bank at 7.30am in the morning. He would come back only by 645pm, as his bank was in a nearby village.

After he left, I went out to buy flowers…

I came into the house and locked the compound gate with a lock. I locked all the house doors. I dressed in a silk blouse and red silk saree and wore all the flowers and my jewellery. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a bride. Next, I took some milk for the boy who lived upstairs in glass tumbler and covered with a steel plate. I went upstairs. His house was open, and he was in the toilet.

I could not resist it any longer. I kept the milk on a stool and went to the bathroom and looked from the crack at the bottom of the door – His balls were larger than my husbands, and his cock was longer when still hanging, and it was already as thick as my wrist!!!! I started to cream my cunny as I thought of his cock. He finished his stools and was taking his bath. I watched his body with interest…..

He came out dressed in his shorts and in towel and said “good morning, uma auntie”. He was so innocent!! I was terribly aroused. I sat down to “teach” him. After just two excercises, I could not keep my mind on the subject. I took his face into my hands and started to kiss him all over his young teen face. He was soooo freshhh! But he was very afraid. He started to resist, and he was very strong. My juices were flowing fast, and I had to have him!!! I did it according to my plan….

I shouted at him and said I would tell his parents bad things about him when they returned. He was very frightened and started to cry. I told him that if he let me punish him for his mistake, I would let go of him. He agreed and continued to cry. I took the chance to tie his hands behind his back with his long shoe laces. His hands were now tied behind his back and he was now totally helpless. He was still sobbing like a baby as I made him sit up on the bed. I was creaming my cunt now and there he was, just for me. My eyes were half closed with sex, as I sat on his lap. I whispered in his ears that I was going to do something special to him and he must cooperate, or I would tell his parents… Then with my long tongue, I licked his lips for the first time. I was in a frenzy as I started to lick his young teen face and cheeks. I gave him sly wet kisses with my mouth open. He screamed when I bit his nipples…..

In a few seconds, I got him out of his shorts. His cock was semi-erect and growing thicker, as I made him lie down. I asked him to part his legs, bend forward and try to put his head between his knees. When he tried to do that, his firm buttocks stood out and I could see his young baby maker with his balls hanging tight from behind. I crouched under him and kissed his balls. I could smell his innocent cock, and his balls were moving. I knew then, at that point that I wanted his baby in me…

I made him sit down and watch me, as I removed the pallu of my saree. My 36C breasts were stiff and my nipples were poking out with love for him. I removed my blouse and exposed my tits to him. I went close and rubbed my titties on his mouth. He did not know what to do!!! I was fully aroused now as I made him suck my breasts…..

Then I wanted to play with him. So I poured out his milk on the plate and kept it on the stool. Then in full view of him, I lifted my silk saree over my hips and bared my bald pussy to his gaze and sat myself bare assed on the plate of milk. My dripping pussy juices mixed with the milk freely and I made him drink the milk after that. Then I made him lie down. His cock was stiff now, as I peeled the foreskin down, exposing his pink teen glans. I loveddd his boy cockkkk!!!!!!!!!!! I licked it playfully, and I could see that his balls were becoming heavy with his baby juice!

Then I straddled him and told him that he was going to get my special kisses…. I lifted my saree exposing my pink shaved pussy and sat with my milky cunt going near his face… He turned his face away, and I wet his cheeks with the first touch of my pussy!!!!! It felt so great as I rubbed my pussy over his face, wetting it, enjoying the smells from it. I made him dip his nose into my pussy. It was so heavenlllyy!!

Then I moved my ass in line with his nose and asked him whether he liked the smell!!!! He could do nothing as I sat on his nose with my anus wide open and fingered my clitty which was now bulbous from the strain…Time for his first feeding of pussy. I asked him to open his mouth wide and put his tongue out and lick my cunt. He hesitated, and I reached behind me and squeezed his left ball slightly. He yelped like a puppy and opened his mouth wide. I had waited for months for this moment as I sat astride his mouth and opened out my cunt wide.. He reached for my clit and pussy lips and started to lick.. lick… lick…. His eyes were so innocent…. It was time for my orgasm now, and I got my self ready, I threatened him not to close his mouth as I covered his mouth with my open wet pussy as he was licking my engorged clitty… and then it happened… the orgasm hit me so hard, I lost complete control of my bladder , and with each shudder, I ejaculated cum and piss in squirts into the young boys handsome mouth…and he was drinking every drop in fearrr………., my piss was dribbling from the sides of his mouth…another orgasm…….Then I knew I had to fuck him as I stood up and removed my silk saree. His innocent virgin cock was standing proudly as I stood over it… With a scream of success, I speared my open pussy on his shaft with all the force I could muster. I rode it like a horse as I kissed his eyes and neck and chest.. His face smelt of my urine. I could his body becoming very stiff, and when I bit his nipples, he went rigid, and I speared him deeper and I went into another orgasm as he squirted his baby juice deep into my open cervix…He was all mine…mine… mine….

I fucked him every day every morning and evening for a week. I had missed my periods, and was confident of his virility. Then on the day before his parents returned, I fucked him in the evening again, and when I slept with my husband, I told him the good news..

The cuckoo had laid an egg in the crows nest, but only the mother crow knew it!!!!!!!!

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