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The Bus Journey

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi, it is Abhi from Kayamkulam, Kerala. First of all let me congratulate this site for its unexplainable service. I am regular reader of this site. The stories which were published are very impressed me and the boldness of narrating the stories are very much enjoyable. Here, I am doing my B Tech, 2nd year . I am a fair complexion and 5-8 height.

This story below which I am going to tell you is a real and unexpected story which I never thought about this incident. And I cannot forget this happiest incident in my life at all. This incident took place nearly 2 years back and this was between me and my Kunjamma (father’s younger brother’s wife).she is 32 now her name is Suja and I calls her Suja Kunjaamma she not that much fair, but have an attractive figure she is slim and have a nice navel and

I love that very much she got a good structure and have 34c size boobs and a nice ass it happened nearly two years back her hubby is working in gulf and was there for last 3 years she had a daughter studying in 1st std. I was really attracted towards her whenever I get time use to go to her house which is near to my house and spend lot of time with her she is my sex queen from the very beginning’s

I use to masturbate thinking about her. I always use to stare at her boobs whenever I got chance she is very friendly to me she was like a second mother to me. I am her best company in the family and she loves me very much one day when I was looking to her boobs, she caught me and asked we where are you looking ? I was like brrr…don’t know what to say she didn’t asked me anything about that later but later she caught me

Many times staring at her boobs one day when she came from bathroom she slipped and fell down, and her leg hit on the wall. I helped her to go to the room and asked her if she need any help? She told me to apply balm on her legs just below how tights when I was applying the balm, she asked to apply that little above now I am touching her thighs it was glazing like diamond she uses hair remover.

I herd little moans from her mouth like aaah…abhi pathukke..ahh suddenly my grandmother came, so we stopped and I got away from the room then after that incident am very close to her and we started to discuss about sex a little bit then she asked me that I had ever watched sex movies. I straightly said yes, cause there was no secrets between us and then she asked me did u done with some one?

I said no, didn’t get a chance, and by a funny way I asked her that will u give me a chance she also in a funny way said no then it was a daily routine to discuss about sex she asked me for sex movies and I gave her some CD. She said that she’ll see that in the night this was going for some days then came Vrischikam in Oachira,a famous temple in south India, which is 5 km from our house during this Vrischikam

12 days we have to go to the temple there will be very rush and will be crowded in the temple we are going to the temple by bus the bus will be very much crowded and there will not be a single centimeter distance between the passengers in the morning, we left to the temple as usual the bus was crowed and Suja was in front of me from back I can see her body clearly and I had seen her black bra strap through the white blouse.

Then my dick began to grow and it is now in a semi erected condition suddenly by breaking, I moved to front and my dick touched her beautiful ass it is now in fully erected condition then I started rubbing her butt with my dick there was no kind of neglect on seen then I started rubbing her ass till we reached the destination I was doing the same and I have cummed in my inner wear then we get in the temple and started praying she didn’t speak a word to me.

I was disappointed then our return journey started as earlier the situations are almost the same she was in front of me but I didn’t make a move then after some time I felt something was in front of my pants it was her hands, she began to rub my dick with her hand ,it got erected suddenly.adh she was rubbing my dick with her butt then again I had cummed in my shorts.

then we reached our home and we both were in the same mood and was planned to have some fun but our grandmother was there nothing happened next day my grandmother, mom and with some other family members were going to some temple she didn’t gone with them and said that she is not well. and ordered me to take care of her we both become happy and after they leaved from the home suddenly after they left,

I hugged her from the back And I her turned her now and hugged now I can see the cleavage and feel the boobs pressing my chest, I felt comfortable and kissed all over her face and moving my hands on her back. She was also hugging me. I was kissing on her forehead, checks, and nose. I had a French kiss while my hands are squeezing her back, I moved my hand towards her back, legs and slowly moved up her Saree.

I tried removed my shirt. But she started to hold my hand and started unhooking my shirt buttons one by one… I sucked her lips for a while then I inserted my tongue into her mouth. She hugged me more tightly and started sucking my tongue. After a long kiss I gripped her from ass and lifted her up and brought her on the bed. We both lay on the bed with arms around each other and continued kissing.

After about fifteen minutes I started kissing her neck, ears and finally her breasts she slowly went down to my hairy chest and planted a kiss on my left nipple. Then slowly she started moving down to my stomach kissing, her tongue traveled along my thighs and up to my toe. Then she started her journey back upwards. Finally she arrived at my balls and started licking it.

And we started removing dress and I am in nude as well (I don’t want to tell u that because u people have heard more about that). She, was standing nude in front, I hold her tightly against my body we were pressing on each other’s body. I made her lay down on the bed on her back. We kissed deeply, as our tongue played on our mouth swirling in simultaneously squeezing her boobs.

Then moved down, sucked both her tits, squeezed some milk out of those. Swirl my tongue deep into her navel. At this she started to moan slowly and was pressing my head for more. Then, moved further down and between her fleshy thighs, I licked I her thighs bite them, licked her pubic region. I put my hands under buttocks and she spread her legs apart. Licked her asshole, and then slowly licked her pussy.

Pressed my tongue harder inside and parted her pussy lips. Jabbed one middle finger into her asshole & I sucked her clit. She moaned and said her husband never did anything like this, By this she was arching her back up and then falling down. Holding the back of my head she was pressing my head for more intense and deep sucking on her pussy. She was moaning quit loudly.

I planned and made the TV voice loudly….She inserted her nails into my back and shouted with pain ”aahh…abhi…vegam…aah..ooouhh..” and told me that you will torn my cunt. I kissed on her lips and said “your cunt is very tight like a virgin girl” She inserted her tongue in my mouth saying “Your dick is also too fat and large it will also torn my tight cunt. Oh Suja! I love you, I love your rod, your big dick and my tight cunt will give us a great pleasure”

I pressed her boob and said ”Oh sure, we will give a great pleasure to each other. I love you and your cunt too, I inserted my rod oh god I am in heaven. It was really very painful as I am virgin and I started moving my rod slowly in and out of her cunt. She also responded by moving her hips up and down. This made me horny and I started fucking her like a mad dog.

During the movement of my cock my balls were touching her ass and this touch was increasing our pleasure. During fucking I continued kissing her lips and tongue and about five minutes I cum deep inside her cunt. I was embarrassed, this was my first fuck and I just cummed in ten mins of fucking.
We just got separated and she says to me in a lovely voice, and with a tinge of smile ‘ now,

I believe that u never had sex in your life’. This embarrassed me further. I knew she was not fully satisfied. She gets up, goes to bathroom, after that she comes with a glass of juice. I just had the juice. Then I again start kissing her, and I took her gently in my arms, never breaking from the kiss we were locked in. I pushed her on the bed and began to kiss her from her toes and proceeded unto her knees…

She could not control herself any longer…she reached up and pulled me on top of her and begged to be fuck…I did not want to straight away fuck her this time…I wanted to taste every inch of her body and to remember this incident throughout my life. I held her hands down firmly and began to kiss down to her navel…way below that until I smelt her lovely bush…the aroma was intoxicating…no other thing in this whole wide world got me so aroused.

Her smell was sweet and sexy…her musk filled my nose as I kissed her softly on her love box. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and I was going wild…I could not control myself anymore. I kissed her hard on her cunt and at once began using my tongue to probe her deepest secrets. From down below I could hear mini moaning in ecstasy she started to make cunning noises from her throat and said…”

Oh…abhi….lick me hard and lick me all over my itching cunt…lick me deep inside…. I was so aroused that I almost come hearing her saying these things. I dived into her pussy with all I had…I sucked hard on her clit and held it in my mouth for a few seconds and then released it…I inserted two fingers with force into her cunt and began to twist them deep down inside and finger fuck her.

I licked the entire length of her cunt and even tongue fucked her tight asshole. I pulled her pussy lips apart and sent my tongue darting through her love box with all the force I had in me. Suja began to move fast now, thrashing her head from side to side, she began to moan louder and held my face tightly to her cunt…”abhiii…….Jannn I’m cumming……. Suck me and lick me abhi….I’m cumming”…she said as she began thrashing without control and her stomach began twitching.

I felt her pour out her sweet honey and I licked her clean without wasting a single drop of it. She had a big smile on her face and got up…on all force she approached me and said…”Now it’s your turn big boy…let me taste you…”I was waiting to push She just poured some juices on my Dick and started to taste it. She grabbed my throbbing fuck stick and without warning pushed the entire thing into her mouth.

My dick again started growing and it became erect. This time I allowed her to suck till about 15 mins. Oh my goodness! , my dick was ready again and seemed bigger than ever before. I was ready for a great fuck now. I was totally in heaven for the last 15 minutes, telling this she put her hand around me and held me tight towards her and kissed me all over my face. At this time she was able to feel the thickness of my throbbing cock, which was just between her big thunderous thighs.

I at this point of time squeezed my legs between her legs and spread her legs wide apart and was rubbing my hard cock on her cunt. This was making both of us exited. As I was on top of her, I was having more control over her, so as I was kissing her face, breast and neck, I was also rubbing my cock simultaneously over her moist cunt thereby lubricating my cock. She was on fire at this stage and I was also not able to keep this like it for a long time.

Munna please put it inside it, don’t tease me like this, please put it in and fuck me and tear my cunt with your big cock, telling this she was kissing me all over my face. I took my cock in my hand and placed it at the entrance of her cunt it was hard well and then slowly pushed it. Again it did not go inside and my cock slipped out. I once again caught hold of my cock and kept it on her cunt hole.

This time she also helped me by spreading her legs little wider and kept my cock at the correct spot and asked me to give a push. Don’t wait anymore Abhii please push it inside me? Ooohhh, please push it now. I after getting her nod pushed my cock into her waiting cunt. As the cunt was moist, it slipped into her cunt very little resistance. As soon as my cock was buried fully into her cunt,

I just kept it like that for few seconds and then started to move my hip up and down. I could feel the heat generated around my cock from within her cunt. I closed my eyes in pleasure and began to move my cock in and out of her juicy cunt hole. Just by looking down I could see how my cock was moving in and out of her well-lubricated cunt with ease. As I was pumping her like that, my pleasure was raising step by step and

I could see how she was enjoying each and every stroke which I was giving her. As I was giving her those slow strokes up and down her cunt, she was moving her palm all around my back and at some point burying her nails deep into my skin. With pain and pleasure I was pumping her like that for another 2 ? 3 minutes. Then slowly I increased the speed of my hip and started to pump her with more vigor and strength thereby

My full cock would go in fully inside her cunt and my crotch would bang her ass hole with each of my trust. The sound of her mourning increased with each trust. Suresh , you are hurting me oohh, I kept a deaf ear to her mourns and began to move my hip up and down at full phase. What was going on here as she was? moaning very loudly, so I kept my mouth of her lips to lock her mouth and then began to fuck the same old way.

Now she was flooding her cunt with more juice which was making pluck, pluck, chuluk, pluck, sound with each stroke, and she was raising her hip to receive my cock to its fullest into her cunt. I knew that she is going to reach her next orgasm in a couple of minutes and I myself was also at the brink of exploding.

Within minutes she had her orgasm and she let a big loud cry and clasped me tight toward her with her arms around my back and her legs wrapped around my hips and locked me tight within her. I could feel her cunt exploding into orgasm by letting out hot juices which was overflowing out of her cunt. After a minute so she let me from her tight grip so that I was able to continue fucking her.

As I continued to fuck her, I could feel the lips of her cunt tightening its grip oh my cock as if trying to milk everything out from my cock. Within a minute or so, I began to move my hip uncontrollably up and down, letting my cock in and out of her cunt with my utmost speed and strength and then with a final big trust I plunged my cock fully into her cunt and then shot loads and loads of my cum into her waiting cunt.

As my cum was flooding her cunt she once again clasped me in joy and kissed me all over my face. It was lunch time ordered some food and took some rest and finally went to bath and there it was something unexpressed and came out to bed had one more time and finally dressed up then we continued our relationship for almost one and a half years. Now she left to Singapore, but still in touch in mobile only.

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