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  • August 31, 2015

Hello everyone,

This site seems to be the great one for all of us to disclose our share of thoughts which elsewhere would be difficult to be shared with anyone.

This is Sweta here. I’m going to share with u all my great sexperience I had with my friends on a trip. First let me tell you, I have been having sex with my bf for quite sometime now. My friends in the group knew this, or should I say they had the hint of it. We have been together for about 2-3 years. I was studying in the college when this incidence happened, and I was on a trip with my friends.

In my college we had a group of friends as normal, which everyone might be having. We all were quite good friends prior to this incidence. Due to this incidence we came more closure to each other. In the early part of the college days of my final year all of our friends decided to go on a outing to a nearby Hill Station. Well initially all of us agreed but then 1 by 1 few of them pulled out at the last moment. So ultimately, from 10-12 of us on 7 of them were the final persons to go on a trip. We had initially planned to go to Lonavala but then since due to pull out of few of them our budget could not afford Lonavala so we decided to go to Matheran which is more nearer. So finally it was 3 girls and 4 boys going for the trip i.e. Namrata, Shefalli, Rahul, Shridhar, Anand and Raj (name changed). We had planned this tr! ip in the month of July, i.e when there is a rainfall usually in this part of the world. The trip was for 2 days. Let me tell you both all the 3 girls in the trip including myself according to other were quite good looking. All the 3 of us were having an affair with someone else not from our group, this trip was restricted to our group members so the outsiders were avoided. Let me describe u in little the body of all the 3 of us.

Namrata is little short girl with having her hair upto her back and quite fair. Shefalli is not so short by Indian Standards and having similar hairs. Myself again I’m not so short but I’ve a long long straight hair upto my butt. I always used to crib for having long long hair since my school days. I never liked to get my hair shorten. I’m of the belief that your hairs add to your beauty. As regards the boys 2 of them fair and while the other 2 were not so fair. Well it hardly made any difference in our group, as I told you we had good bond among each other.

Now let me start the incidence. All the 7 of us left on the decided day i.e. Friday in the late afternoon. We were going for the week end, so were supposed to return back on Sunday eve. We left by the train and went to Neral and from there to Matheran as most of u all might be knowing it the way to go to Matheran. We reached at about 700pm. But since we had not booked any hotel, so the boys decided to find the hotel first. The located a not so good but not bad either Hotel near the market of Matheran and returned back. It was more of the dormitory sort of hotel. The room were very big enough to accommodate 8-10 in the room. But since we were boys and girls together we had 2 diff. Rooms for the boys and the girls. Then after checking in we got fresh and had dinner. All of us might be so hungry, that we didn’t know how much we ate. But after finishing the meal we felt the effects. And since it was evening we decided to have a chat as we could not go out for a round since it was raining and was very dark outside. We chatted for about till about 1100pm in our room then the boys decided to go to their room for the sleep.

Then after the boys left we girls continued to chat. We went on chatting, then suddenly some topic of sex came out. Then we were talking about it, how we feel about it etc. ie fantasizing about it etc.. Then suddenly Shefali asked me how do I feel when I have sex with my bf. I was shocked to hear it. I replied “What are u saying?” She replied “Don’t act, we know about it that u have sex.” Listening this I had no option but to agree with the knowledge they were having. I didn’t knew where they got the information but it’s immaterial as I knew they would not tell the information they were having to anyone. Then I replied “It feel really great, and once u are having sex, u feel like having it again and again.” Then they wanted to have more details about my exp. Then I star! ted telling them about the details of it. I said when I was having it for the first time, I felt really awkward to have it and be nude in front of the male. I felt so bad initially that It was difficult to reply. But when I was having the fun all my thoughts about it as sin and being nude in front of a male vanished. Then I started thinking this is one of the best things a girl of our age should do. It felt really great when a prick of male is in the pussy. It’s a difficult to express yourself situation.

By telling all these to my friends I was getting hot. So were my friends. Their hands were slowly going on their bottom and were blushing it. So was I getting hot. They still wanted to know more about it. Then I said “I cannot, I’m going into a situation where I’m very hot then I will feel like having sex immediately.” Also I think I need to masturbate to get out of a situation where I’m now. They replied we also need to do it. Then Namrata got an idea why don’t we 3 masturbate together. Then they hesitated, but she convinced us. Then first we decided to undress each other. Then we were only in our under garments. Now then Namrata went upto me and she started pressing my breasts and so did I did the same to Shefali and Shefali in turned to Namrata. We continued this then we undid the bra of each other and also the! panties. Now we were completely nude in front of each other for the first time. I should tell u that Namrata was looking really very beautiful in complete nudity. If were a male I would really have loved to fuck her right now.

Then I inserted my fingers in the pussy of Namrata as I could not resist and I also made her lie down on the bed. Also Shefali started sucking on her breasts. I finger fucked Namrata till the time she was out of her senses. Then I told them to caress me. This time Shefali finger fucked me and Namrata caressed my breasts. I was really loving it. I was being caressed and finger fucked for the first time. They continued for some time then I was moaning and suddenly I screamed little loud out of pleasures. I think the boys in the adjoining room might have heard it. Yes they really did which we were unaware and continued our pleasures. Then suddenly Raj, opened the door which was common to both of us. We thought the door was locked from both sides but it was not. And when he! & Rahul opened the door we a were caught in our birthday suite. We immediately were running for help. But it was of no use. They immediately shut their eyes and closed their doors. Then after sometime after being dressed up we were feeling ashamed of our self and at the same time feeling to have been enjoying the way we were. I asked the other girls, that why dont we all have sex together. They were not agreeing to it. But then I said they have already watched us having it now they might be thinking wrong about us and as we know we were only fantasizing. Then they were convinced. But who would invite them. I took the initiative. I knocked their door common to us. When they opened I asked what was the matter. They replied nothing and were little angry on us. But somehow we calmed them down and invited them to our room again and this time for sex.

Now we were all together in our room. But who would start. Shefali said I should start as I have the exp. In the meantime we girls again undressed ourself as we were already being watched by them, looking these the were little a bit in thinking what to do,. Then I lied on the bed and called Rahul near me. He came near me and I undressed him so did the other girls helped the boys to do the same. Now it was like the jungle of nude person for us as all of us were completely nude. I told Rahul to caress my breasts and also told Anand to insert his finger in my pussy and finger fuck me. I was already wet looking at the boys, so were they hot and their had a hard on looking at us in the state we were. I also told Shefali to lie beside me and Anand helped in her pussy too. And! Namrata was sucking on the breasts of Shefali. The other 2 boys were watching it keenly and waiting for their turn. They were already masturbating themselves.

This continued for sometime, then I really wanted something more than a finger fuck. So I told Anand to fuck me now. So he inserted his dick in me. He found it easy to insert it inside as I was already wet. Then he started pushing his dick in and out of me. He did it slowly initially, I was loving it. Also Raj started doing the same in Shefali and Shridhar got his time and he started to fuck Namrata. We all were loving it. Rahul was loving with his share of breasts. Now he was caressing breasts of myself and Shefali together. While Anand was fucking me I was like out of my senses. Let me try to explain u, It was like I was having a irritation feeling but this was a little different type of it where I wanted it more and more and more. All the boys continued to fuck us. Then I started moaning lightly. While the othe! r girls were on the top of their moans. They were not able to hold for their real first fuck. In the meantime the boys were also wanted to complete the session. So they had already increased their pace. They were on top and were ready to shoot their load. The other girls told their partner to do it fast. And so their fucking partner agreed and unloaded the same in them. I told Anand to hold for a little more time. Although he did not agree to it. So I told him to come out and come near his face. He did the same and then unloaded his precious juice on my face. The other girls watched me drink the juice entering my mouth but still saw a little on my face so they licked the leftover themselves.

Now Rahul was the only one to have not tasted the sex among us. He was watching us and caressing us with all the fun. But he also wanted to have it. I told him after around 5 min or so, that now it’s your time to fuck me or should I take the lead role this time. He agreed upon me taking the lead role. So I told him to lie down on bed. While the others were also relaxing. I went on top of him and kissed him. As I had long hair his face was totally covered with my kiss and my hair. Also my breasts were pressed against his chests. Then I started moving down and started towards his chest. I was now kissing his chest and continued to move down. Now I reached his bottom, and I grabbed his tool and took it in my mouth and started sucking on it like a hungry person. I took his tool in and out of my throat. I took it insid! e as much as I could. I sucked him more and more. Now his tool was like a hard hard rock. I loved sucking the tool. Rahul was also liking it. No I stopped and then told him to get up. I wanted to have too much at a time now. So I went in a doggy style, I had once seen on a movie. I tried to implement it on myself in my style. In the movie the girl was being fucked and was sucking the tool at the same time. So I called Raj and told Rahul to fuck me from back and Raj to stand on his knees in front of me so I could take him in my mouth. Rahul got him in my pisshole and started to fuck me. I told them this time I want myself to be fucked very hard. They agreed. I continued to suck the tool of Raj. Namrata in the meantime went more horny much to my relief as I was the one to be benefited and she went below me and started sucking my breasts as I was in the doggy position.

To everyones surprise when Namrata sucked me milk flown out of my breasts. She loved it very much so did I loved it. Rahul continued to fuck me now hard and hard. From behind in my pussy, while I was finding it hard to keep the momentum and Raj in my mouth and Namrata to suck me, as I was getting too much jerks. I also had to take care that I don’t bite Raj out of excitement. In the meantime the other 2 boys also started to enjoy themselves with Shefali. Now the momentum of Rahul had really increased to its peak, and also Raj had alredy unloaded his cum in the meantime in Namrata’s mouth when he was about to cum Namrata took him in her mouth and drank her cum. Then she started sucking my milk I was feeding her. Although I didn’t had much to offer her. Also at the same time as Raj was free he wanted to taste my mil! k too so he took my other breasts in his mouth and milked on it. Now I was lying down on the bed after swiching the position and Rahul was on the top while my screams/ moans were getting louder and louder. We didn’t mind as it was night time and everyone might be asleep. Then Raul with full vigour gave me his cum in my pussy which my pussy accepted it as if it was meant for it. Then he fall on me exhausted while with his dick inside me and I kissed him. He lid there for some time. In the meanwhile Shefali was also on top of her motion. I saw Shridhar fucking her and anand being sucked. They completed the routine on her face during the time when Namrata also joined to have the feast. Now all of us were completely exausted and we all lied on the bed. Maybe all of us got a nap for a while. When I got up I saw Rahul was still inside me and all of them sleeping in any position. I was so tired that I ignored it and pulled myself out of Rahuil and was off to sleep. When we got up it ! was 8am and we were still in the same manner ie in each others arm.

In the morning we got fresh and congratulated each other for the wonderful night. Although we also felt we commited the sin but its natural for the person of our age to do this. We roamed Matheran enjoyed the sight seeing etc. Also Namrata was getting more wild. Now she wanted sex in the open air. So in the open air her demand was met by Raj in the lonely place where we all watched them enjoyed it in each other arms. During the day we had to vacate 1 room as it was already booked. So we handed over the boys room and they shifted to our room. Now again after the day full of fun it was night time again which all of us were waiting. We had some more sex as we were hardly ashamed of it in front of each other now. We had in 69, group, and in some more wild position we thought of.

In the end we left on Sunday and reached home. But we 7 of us now have a different kind of bond for each other as u know. We cant share this exp with the other friends who didn’t turned up on the tour. We do sometimes still enjoy the same with each other although I also enjoys with my bf but that is the different feeling. Also I’ve never told my bf about the incidence as I think he may not like it.

Don’t u think this was a best way to enjoy nature trip and have fun together Your only

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