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The Beginning Of My Fantasies

  • desipapa
  • December 17, 2015

Hi, sex starved people. This is my very first story that i`m going to narrate, so for confidential reasons let my name be sunny. (girls you can always contact jstargill7@gmail.Com) so I recently moved to Chandigarh this year as I just wanted to get out of my small town and experience the city life. After a lot of consultation with my parents they agreed, thus began my city life.
I never knew what my life had planned for me, I just hoped fro the best. As I just turned 18 I was desperate to loose my virginity and in the way I encountered many girls. The girls in Chandigarh are the hottest you can find across the country. Like every `tharki` guy I used to just hope after checking out a girl `kaash yahi mil jaye`. But soon after I realized how hard it`s gonna be. Girls here just don`t give any `bhaw` to a middle class like me. Even if their father has a scooter, they want a bf who own`s a BMW.

I was loosing hope. But soon after I got into my college I met lisa. Lisa the most hottest girl I ever saw in my whole fucking life! And the luckiest thing of my life was that she was my class teacher. I was totally obsessed with her, I used to follow her just to get a glimpse of her in that sexy saree that she were`s everyday. I just new she was going to be my very first. So I volunteered for the class representative`s post and I was selected.

So now when ever lisa mam and I were alone I used to flirt with her ,check out her cleavage, damn she`s so sexy I just wanted to kiss her, make out with her full on tongues style. Lisa`s figure is 36-24-36. She is just perfect with those milky white boobs and that juicy lips. Day by day I was getting hornier for her. So one day she called me to her home to work on some student data base, so I just knew it`s now or never, I have to do it today.

So I got a condom, it could be my first time so I had to be ready. So when I reached her apartment she was dressed casually in an olive sleeveless tee and a blue short, I just noticed her legs were recently shaved and she wore a really mesmerizing perfume on. It just made my mood erotic. So I started working on her database and she went to make me some coffee.

So now I was scared, cause I didnt have any plan to approach her. I was scared my my horny feeling took over on me. So I just went to her kitchen

Lisa mam: is the work done already?

Me: I just needed a brake.

Lisa mam: ok. The coffee will be ready soon.

Me: I love your dressing style mam. You look really gorgeous and sweet in those.

Lisa mam: just that. How about sexy or hot.

Now that just hit me like wtf. I she into me too.

Me: hotness 10/10.And sexy 10/10.

Now that just made her blush and she adjusted her hair that was falling over her left eye. Wow that moment I felt like my heart skipped a beat.

She started to ask me my love life. I said I don`t have one. She was like why? Then I said `never found any girl like you`. Now she turn toward me. She was a bit surprised and her breathing got heavier. Then I realized now`s the time.

I moved towards her , our eyes were locked. I grabbed her from her waist and said `i really like you and have had feelings for your from the first day of college. And I want to be with you`. She moved forward held my face and grabbed me tighter for the kiss. I caught her even tighter now, I just didnt want to let her go.

Then she pushed me away and I was scared . I asked her ` what happened?` I was scared she was offended or something. She says` the coffee is ready` and started giggling. So I was a bit revealed and said `how can you thing of coffee when we had such a romantic moment!` she laughed and started running away.

I caught her near the dining table and then started making out. We were going hornier now. We were both breathing heavy. Her hot breaths were making me want more. I said ` I want to make love to you` she said `go ahead i`m all yours`. I felt like the luckiest man now. I laid her on the table itself . She started to take my belt off.I grabbed her shorts and opened it`s button sliding it down in one go.Damn those sexy legs were just so perfect.

I started licking her thighs, she started to moan. She asked me to be rough, she wanted me to tear off her bra and panty. So first she undressed me completely, then I took her t shirt off. Wow that sexy body of hers was just making me crazy. I started to lick her body parts , her neck her navel , I kissed her cleavage area kissed her again and again.

Then I tore he panty and started kissing that pink pussy of her .Yummy so delicious , her pussy was clean shaved, just the way I wanted .

Then I tore of her bra, oh my god those big boobs of hers ware so perky and those nipples were just asking for a bit. I started sucking her books hard and biting those nipples . I twisted her nipples which made her moan louder an I was getting hotter. Now she said ` enough, just get it in` I was like` that`s what I was waiting for too baby!`

I just got my dick in the pussy now and she just started moaning louder ahhh ahhh ahhha hhhhh fuck yeah! Fuck me harder. That just made me goo faster and faster ! I was really enjoying it ! She screamed ahhh ahhh ahhh . That`s the scream I have been waiting to her all these years to her and now my fantasy had come true.

So I hope you people liked my experience.

Now I will be back again with 2 more sex experiences of mine which I hope you love too.

For feedback and yeah the girls and cougars out there mail me at

Have a happy jerking off time!

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