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The Beginning Of A Friendship

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

David was lost in thought as he walked home on his way back from college. Professor Jacob had given him an “F” in chemistry practical’s again. David knew that the results of his experiment were accurate. But he couldn’t do anything about it. Professor Jacob has been intent on giving David a hard time ever since he caught David kissing his daughter. That bastard, David thought, how can he keep doing this? One more time and I am taking this to the principal!

“Hey Mike, did you learn to count to potato yet?”

David was inside the compound of his condo when he overheard the husky voice asking someone in a mocking tone.

David looked over and saw Michael, standing looking nervous with his fists clenched and his head bowed, in front of a gang of brats. Michael was an autistic teenager who lived with his sister in the apartment right below David’s. And the skunks taunting him were — Sam, who was notorious for being the most insufferable prick in the entire condo, and a couple of Sam’s buddies who also were worthless rascals just like him.

“Michael, you know that blonde girl in 306A? The one with big boobs? I think she totally has a crush on you!” They continued making fun of Michael, with each taunt followed by uproarious laughter.

Sam and his friends were so occupied in ragging the poor boy that they had not noticed David’s presence. He quietly and swiftly walked towards Sam.


David threw the punch so abruptly that before anyone could even realise what was happening, the lead bully was lying on the floor, covering his mouth with both his hands. David shot a stern look at both the other two rascals who were staring at him in confusion and anger. Both of them knew better than to mess with a 19-year-old state-level karate championship winner. So they retreated and involved themselves in tending to their injured gang member.

David put an arm around Michael’s shoulder. “Hey buddy”, he said to Michael, “tell me if those dicks ever give you shit again, okay?”
Michael nodded happily. David accompanied him back to his apartment.

*** *** *** *** *** ***
Hearing the doorbell ring just as David was about to sip his coffee. He set the cup down on the kitchen counter and went and opened the door.
David was surprised to see Julia, Michael’s elder sister, at the door. She attended the same college as him. Despite that and despite being neighbours, they have remained just acquaintances so far. David guessed that it was because of the contrast in their personalities. Julia was a beautiful, effervescent 18-year-old brunette who was very popular in college. David, while being the handsome teenager that he was, was more of an introvert who usually stuck with his circle of a few chosen friends.

“Hi”, Julia said, beaming cheerfully.

“Hi Julia. Come in.” David smiled back and invited her.

She walked in and sat down on one of the two couches that flanked the coffee table in the living room as David took a seat on the other one.
“How’s Mike?” David asked.

“He’s fine.” A smile of gratitude flashed between her naturally rosy lips. “David, it was really great of you to protect him from those bastards the other day. And I came to … ”

“Oh th-that was nothing … ” David interrupted, stuttering a bit as he tried to sound humble.

“No, it really was something, and you are an awesome person for doing what you did. I am so thankful to you for that.” She smiled broadly. David’s cheeks blushed slightly and he let out an awkward laugh, trying hard in his mind to come up with the right words to respond.

“Thanks, but I think your being too gen-generous …” He stuttered again. “Gosh, you come here for the first time, and … hey, would you like to have a cup of coffee? I had just made some.”

“No, thanks, maybe another time … ” She said and looked around. “I don’t see Linda coming around here recently. Are you guys till together?”

“No, uh … we broke up. A month ago.”
“Oh, I’m sorry … .”

David laughed it off. “It’s okay. I caught her stealing money from my bank account, key-logging my computer, and there were some other ugly stuff too … and long story short we are not together anymore.”

“Dude, that’s … screwed up.”


Linda, David’s now-ex-girlfriend, always seemed like a cheerful and friendly person as far as Julia could remember. She knew that Linda had a fair share of troubles at her home, with her father abandoning the family and her mom becoming an alcoholic. Poor girl, Julia thought, I hope she gets some guidance that she seems to be badly in need of.

“I know”, David said, as if he had read her mind. “After it was all over I tried to convince her to go seek counselling and I even offered to help her pay for it. But she outright refused and said I never try to contact her again.”

“Oh, I see.” Julia nodded. She made a mental note of his niceness and ability to understand someone’s thought process. He seems like the kind of guy that girls would fall head over heels for. Too good to be true? Julia wondered.

“David”, she said, “I was thinking of getting a new computer. You bought one last week didn’t you?”

“Yeah it’s actually a gaming rig … I selected the best parts, my friend Matt helped me assemble them. If that’s the kind you want, I can give you the specs sheet right now.”

“That’s exactly what I’m looking for! Michael loves to play video games, so I thought I would buy one that we could share.”
“Okay, I will get it … just a second.” David stood up and turned to go to his room. He took a few steps and paused, turned to Julia, and asked: “Would you like to see the machine? Check out how it works?”

“Of course!” She briskly stood up and followed David.

*** *** *** *** *** ***

The very first thing Julia noticed upon entering David’s room was how clean it was and everything in it so neatly arranged. Another plus point, she thought. “Too neat for a bachelor”, Julia commented jokingly. David laughed and said, “Yeah … you could say I have a bit of an OCD about that.”

As David turned on his computer, Julia took a look around his room. Light-blue coloured walls. Windows with white curtains. A grandfather clock. A shelf full of books. A cupboard. A neatly made bed covered in a yellow bedspread with geometric prints. She had almost turned her gaze back at the computer when something that had registered in her sight drew Julia’s attention back to it. A … Playboy magazine? Yes, indeed it was, what lay folded on the bed. Amused, Julia picked it up and flipped through a few pages.

David’s computer had finished booting in less than half a minute. Its 21″ monitor displayed an array of application icons against the background of an Amazon rainforest’s plush greenery.

“You saw how fast that was?” David turned towards Julia as he asked. He was horrified at the sight of her holding his Playboy magazine and browsing through its pages. Aww fuck. She just found out my dark secret. Now she would always see me with contempt. Why the fuck did I leave it in the open like that? He tried to think up of a good lie about its presence on his bed to tell Julia.

Before he could, she turned the magazine towards him, holding a page with the picture of a model with really big breasts open. “Aren’t these fake?” Julia asked him in a curious manner.

David was so relieved more than anything at Julia’s nonchalance that he almost suspired. Moreover her rather being interested in its content made him feel at ease about the situation as well. “Isn’t that Eta Nazarene?” He asked, trying his best to sound casual. Julia took a look at the text accompanying the picture. “Yeah, that’s her name”, she replied.

“Her career graph shot straight up after she got that boob job a couple of years back.” He said with a grin.

“Oh.” Julia sounded unimpressed. Julia flipped a few more pages. “You read these regularly?” She inquired.

“Oh, not frequently, just … once in a while.” David smiled sheepishly.

“Now I know where men don’t get their unrealistic expectations about feminine beauty from.” She remarked, as if to herself, as she went through the final pages of the magazine and tossed it back on to the bed.

David looked at her inquiringly. “Nothing”, she laughed. “Just that my ex-boyfriend was never really happy with my breasts. And I always had the biggest pair among all of my friends … back when I was in high school and now in college also.”

“Well, I would say he must have gotten some insane ideas if he thought they were anything less than big.” David said, looking at her bosom. They must be what? 36C? He thought but didn’t dare to say out loud.

She smiled nervously. He smiled nervously as well. And then they both giggled at each other’s nervousness. Then the giggles turned into laughs. Soon David and Julia found themselves lost in a fit of laughter as the whole uncomfortableness of the situation combined with their own lack of inhibition worked on them like laughing gas.

“Wh-what?”, Julia managed to stammer through her laughter.

“No, it was … just … ” David struggled for words. “I just felt … weird … I don’t know why.” He said and laughed some more.

They both knew that the sexual tension was in the air; however, the situation was too delicate for either of them to admit it.
Julia decided to make a bold move.

“Aha? Does that happen every time you feel *weird*?”, she asked, motioning with her head towards his crotch that had started to bulge.
Seeing David blush brought a smile to Julia’s lips. Aww, cute!

“I’m sorry … it just happened … .” David looked around. He saw a pillow that was lying on the couch Julia was sitting on. “Please hand me that.” Smiling sheepishly, David said to Julia, pointing at the pillow with his hand.

She took it, but instead of just handing it over to David, Julia stood up and walked towards him and sat down next to him on the couch. She laid a hand on the crotch of David’s jeans. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” She told him with a mischievous look in her eyes.

What the fuck is happening? David was stupefied by Julia’s unexpected move. He said nothing and tried, with a moderate success, to keep a straight face. She gave it a gentle pat and withdrew her hand. David struggled to hide his amazement. Seeing that encouraged Julia to continue. She ran her palm one more time over his erection.

David just stayed still for her to do whatever she wanted. Julia looked longingly into his eyes. She brought her face close to his. Before they knew it, their lips were locked in a deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues swirled together in a serpentine mating dance. They took their time in sucking each other’s upper and lower lips alternately. Neither of them could tell whether it was their own or the other person’s saliva that pooled in their mouth. A couple of minutes passed before their lips parted.

Flames of fervent, primal lust rose in their minds and consumed all the rational thoughts they had. Only the raw desire for flesh occupied Julia’s and David’s psyches as they stumbled their way into his bedroom, groping and kissing and tickling and biting each other.

Julia sat David down on the side of the bed. She knelt in front of him and removed his jeans while David took his T-shirt off himself. Now David was clothed only in a pair of boxer briefs. Julia got hold of his erect cock with her one hand while cupping his scrotum with the other. She caringly weighed them while rubbing his erection through the fabric. Julia played with David’s balls, moving them around and gently rubbing his scrotum. David’s erection grew almost painful as Julia continued stroking it.

Julia tugged at his brief’s elastic to pull it down. David rose slightly, and as she pulled, it slid down easily, exposing his cleanly shaven public region and scrotum while causing his member to spring up and almost hit her on the face. Julia caressed it lovingly and gave David an admiring smile. He gently stroked Julia’s hair. Julia brought her nose to the tip of David’s penis and sniffed; the mixture of the masculine odour that emanated from his foreskin and a whiff of urine tickled her nostrils. She kissed its tip, sucking and stretching the foreskin a bit with her lips and releasing it as she broke the kiss. She looked up again. They smiled at each other.

Julia turned her attention back to David’s penis. She pulled its foreskin back and took its head inside her mouth. David moaned in a half-trance as the touch of the soft insides of her mouth and the mildly warm sliminess of her saliva caressed his most sensitive part. Julia was really pleased by his reaction. She moved her head back, releasing it from her mouth. Julia held David’s erect member in her hand, raising it up a little, and proceeded to gently lick the frenulum of its prepuce.

She looked at David’s face again to know his reaction; what she saw there was pure agony of immense pleasure. Julia continued licking his cock. She poked her tongue into the little dimples where the band of skin met with the head. The hollows were dampened with her saliva. David ran his fingers lovingly through Julia’s hair. He was on cloud nine and he could not believe that this beautiful girl he barely knew was so meticulously taking care of his penis. Once again Julia enwrapped the head of his penis with her mouth and started to slowly move her head back and forth, taking in little and little more of his phallus with each forward movement. David closed his eyes and dropped himself on to the bed as he continued to enjoy the amazing blowjob.

Julia removed David’s member from her mouth. She held it vertically up and licked its underside, her tongue following the ridge of skin that ran through the middle of his scrotum and along the shaft of his member. David was seeing stars and galaxies as she repeated the action many times over. She then kissed his scrotum and, in the same motion, sucked one of his testicles into her mouth.

David let out a low-pitched moan.

She rolled it along her tongue and flicked it from one side to the other and back inside her mouth. Julia proceeded to do the same with his other ball also. Then, she opened her mouth wide, and sucked his whole scrotum into it. She licked its wrinkly skin and played alternately with both of the balls using her tongue. Julia had her fingers wrapped around the shaft of his cock and they were moving back and forth rapidly. David felt that he couldn’t take it anymore. An orgasm was brewing in him. A gathering thunderstorm of rapture that threatened to erupt soon.

Julia stopped nursing David’s balls and stroking his cock; she took his erection into her mouth and began sucking it again. She moved her head back and forth slowly as her tongue worked its magic along David’s phallus. She prodded into its depressions and applied coats over coats of her oral secretions on it. David felt his doors to carnal delectation being forced open by a raging torrent of pleasure. “Julia … Julia, I’m coming!” He groaned. Julia quickened the pace with which she moved her head back and forth. David’s body shivered under the first wave of his orgasmic muscular contractions. It was followed by another and that by yet another and so on in rapid succession as he bucked and shot strands of his thick, hot, white syrup into Julia’s throat.

She swallowed up all of his semen. As David’s shudders of bliss subsided and he sat up and looked at Julia’s face, she let his member — which had started to lose its hardness — slip out from her mouth and looked back at him. A smile of satisfaction graced her lips.

They both stood up. David embraced Julia enthusiastically and they kissed each other with wild emotion. Their lips and tongues explored the insides of each other’s mouth. Julia’s fingernails clawed at the skin on his back. They broke the kiss. Julia removed her top and tossed it aside. David undid the button and fly of her jeans and pulled them down along with her panties, exposing her cleanly shaven pussy, which had a pair of thick folds that winged a deep slit that started just above the very bottom of her crotch. Julia stepped out them as David took his briefs off his legs.

Julia undid her bra. As she took it off and her big, rounded, firm breasts came into view, David almost gasped in amazement. They were the most beautiful pair he had ever seen, and were perfect in every way as far as he could imagine. The big, pink-coloured areolas adorned the centre of each of those globular structures; in the middle of each one was a protrusion, neither too big nor too small, hardened in sensual excitement. Julia’s cheeks blushed and a smile spread across her lips as David ogled at her breasts with admiring eyes. He looked into her eyes. “You’re so beautiful”, he said under his breath. Julia blushed more. She leaned forward and hugged him tightly. The warmth and softness of her breasts and the gentle, tickling prick of her hard nipples against his skin sent electric shivers through David’s body. Their lips met with each other’s once again and they shared a few moments of passionate exhilaration.

After the kiss ended, they broke their embrace, and climbed on the bed. Julia lay down on her back and, holding David’s head with both her hands, brought his face close to hers. “Eat me, David.” She whispered in his ear. David was nothing but zealous to oblige; he crawled down the bed to position himself halfway down her body and brought his face close to Julia’s love flower. Its plump lips, squeezed together in the small gap where her thighs met her torso, formed a fine slit between them. David brought his nose closer to it and inhaled deeply. The sweet aroma of her intimate parts induced a deeply primal intoxication in him. Seeing the change of his expression, Julia giggled, and spread her legs apart. Her beautiful love flower was revealed before David. Its rosy inner petals invited his lips to taste its nectar. Eager to devour her, David plunged his mouth into her vulva. He kissed its inner folds. Julia shuddered when his lips tingled the soft, sensitive skin, and she purred languidly. David’s tongue swept along her slit in slow, deliberate strokes.

Julia’s breathing became heavier as he continued licking her wet snatch, with his tongue reaching the delicate underside of her clitoral glans, which stirred her up more and more with each lap. She was trembling and short-winded with sensual thrill when David retracted the hood of her clitoris and, ever so gently, placed the tip of his tongue under her button. He proceeded to slide it upward repeatedly with soft, wet strokes, each one brushing Julia’s clitoris and sending electric shivers down her spine. David wiggled his tongue while repeating the action, taking Julia’s fleshly elation to wicked heights. She felt an orgasm building inside her. David sensed it too and continued licking her pulsating nub with heightened zeal.

It took only a few moments for Julia to pass the threshold to ecstasy; a magnificent flood of synesthetic sensations coursed through her nerves and made her shiver and moan and buck in a senseless frenzy. She clutched David’s head with both her hands. Her fingernails dug into his scalp as she pressed his face to her throbbing cunt. Her violent spams came to a halt and her entire body stiffened at the peak of sensual elation.
One- two, four, or six?
A few moments of pure bliss.

They passed and Julia came back to her senses. Quivering and panting in gleeful exhaustion, she loosened her grip, letting go of David’s head. Taking a long breath, he looked at Julia’s face. Her eyes that looked back into his had a shimmer of delight in them. A smile of gratification lingered on Julia’s lips. David crawled upwards, planting soft kisses along her body — on her stomach, on her nipples, on her neck — as he did so. And, once again, their faces came close to each other’s and they kissed. Slowly, lovingly, they licked and sucked each other’s lips and tongue. Several moments passed by before they eventually broke the kiss. David’s penis, which had become hard again now, was pressing against Julia’s thigh. She grabbed it and directed it towards her vagina while spreading her legs apart. Julia smiled at him and winked as she positioned David’s erection right at the opening of her vagina.

David slowly pushed his hip forward. The tip of his phallus parted the walls of Julia’s wet love tunnel and entered partially inside it. David looked into her eyes. The look of longing in them conveyed to him Julia’s consent to go on. David pushed further, in a manner as gently as ever, stuffing her tight hole with his engorged cock. The titillation and the mild, gratifying pain of him entering her made Julia bite her lower lip. David started to move his pelvis back and forth. His erection slid smoothly against Julia’s wet insides. The little bumps and ridges on her vaginal walls tickled David’s member. Julia began to move her hip in rhythm with David’s thrusts. Their breathing became heavier and quicker as their bodies heaved and pounded against each other’s. They moaned and sighed and grunted along with the rhythm of the coitus.

As Julia nibbled at David’s ear, she whispered to him: “You can come inside me … I’m on the pill”.

David smiled and kissed her. They continued their love-making with unrelenting vigour. David felt the familiar tightening sensation in his groin that preceded an orgasm.

“I’m going to … ” — David took a gasp while whispering into Julia’s ear — “… come.”

Julia let out a trembling grunt as she, before David, herself gave into a furious upsurge of rapture. It shook her from head to toe. She bucked and writhed as waves of orgasm rolled along her body. Julia’s vagina clenched around David’s cock as if trying to milk his semen. Her pussy muscles tightened and pulsated around his phallus, causing David who was on the brink of his own petite mort, to go over the edge as well. His brain blacked out as the wild ecstasy took over him. David’s penis spurted jets of semen into Julia’s cervix. He threw his head back and gasped. It was the most amazing experience David had ever had.

As David revived from the intoxication of rapture, he saw Julia beaming a gleeful smile at him in satisfaction, her face radiant and her eyes glistening in the afterglow of the orgasm.

“That was marvellous”, Julia said.

“You’re marvellous”, David said, brushing Julia’s hair over her ear. Their faces came closer and their lips locked in a deep kiss of passion.

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Nearly a couple of hours passed before David woke up. He saw Julia looking around nervously, dressed in her top and naked below her waist. She saw David and smiled.

“I’m looking for my panties”, she said.

David leaned over and looked under the bed and saw it lying there. He picked it up, sat up on the bed and held it spread. Julia stepped in to it, holding to his shoulder for support, and placing a kiss on his forehead as she did so. She pulled her jeans on.

“See you later”, Julia said and gave David a wink.

David put his briefs on and followed Julia as she walked to the door. She stood before the closed door, gripped the door handle, turned and waved him a goodbye. David caught her hand and pulled her towards him for a parting smooch. They kissed, tenderly at first, and then passionately, again and again. Julia’s hands groped David’s buttocks and felt upwards along his back. Either her or him lost their balance and, clasped together in an embrace, they fell on to the floor. Still holding each other, they laughed and rolled on the granite surface. His fingers reached for the button of her jeans.

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