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The Beautiful Teacher

  • desipapa
  • November 27, 2015

Hey guys! This is Prashant. This is my second story for Indian sex stories. So the event took place when I was studying in 12 grade. I was a brilliant student and every teacher was impressed by me as I scored very good and was having clear understanding of various subjects…Though most of our teachers were male. There was a teacher named sneha mam who taught us chemistry.
She began teaching me in 12th grade itself but I knew her since 9th grade because she was pretty famous in school as she looked very beautiful and had a slim figure and very fair complexion. Teaching wise she was favourite of students as she never left any doubt. And because of her looks too, she was the thing which boys thought of in there dreams. I too often imagined her in my thoughts and wished I could sleep with her. And thought that her husband would be the most lucky person to have her. Her age was 25 years.

She got married and started teaching after her marriage. Her marriage was 1 year old when she came to our school. Many students masturbated thinking of her. As a I was a bright student, I used to ask her doubts regularly. I would often create doubts just to talk to her. She wore spects. And that sparkled her milky white face. Slowly slowly I got very close to her. And she even gave me her number to ask any doubt.

From the beginning itself I tried to be friendly with her and not as a teacher. She used school transport for travelling up and down from home. One day she missed her bus at 2:00 pm and was forced to stay till 4 pm when the next shift goes. As I was having a soccer match that day..I stayed back after school. I changed in soccer dress and as I was passing by she waved me from distance. I recognised her and quickly went to her and wished her.

She too asked me about me staying back after school. I told my condition. I had a slim body. She complimented me and wished me luck for the game. We won it and I scored a hatrick that day. I was so happy by the win that when I met her after the game, I went and told her . She told ‘you sexy boy!’ and congratulated me by shaking hands. From that day I began finding ways to help her I her works..

We became like a friend. I shared everything with her. Her smile was cute. I even joked that your husband is the luckiest person in the world to have you as your wife. I enjoyed her looks and her boobs. They were firm..Not so big not so small. She was a wonder lady. Our results were out and I had topped the class. I went to her and told her my result. She hugged me and congratulated me. I pressed her hard and whispered in her ear ‘i like you.

She smiled and I understood the meaning. One day while helping her, I stood very close to her behind her and tried touching my body, she did not resist. So I grabbed her from behind and told her ‘i want to enjoy you’. She told me to leave her while smiling and I got the signal that she is mine now. She told ‘leave me prashant, someone will see us like this’. I left her and from that day we used to call each other by names.

I used to text her and told her how beautiful she was. One day I went to her and told ‘sneha, mujhe kuch chahiye…’. She : ‘hmm..Kya chahiye tumhen?’ (smiling)…I became bold and told her..’i want to make love with you’.. She smiled and kissed my lips. And said ‘abhi main bas itna hi kar sakti hun…Kabhi aur karenge’. I was very happy and enjoyed her touching my lips.

One day I told her ‘sneha, ab aur intezaar nahin hota..Mujhe wo chahiye’. She smiled and told me to meet after school when everyone would leave. I stayed back that day and met her after school. She told me to go to a classroom and wait for her. That classroom was nearly an invisible class because few classes took place there and not much people knew about it. I went there and waited for her. At last she came…As soon as she came..I went to her and hugged her from back. And told her ‘i love u’. She too told me ‘i love you too’. She told me ‘aaj upar se hi enjoy kar lo..’ but I said ‘no’. I want your full edition. She was wearing a salwar kameez.

I removed her salwar and kameez and she removed my uniform. She was in red panty and bra. She looked awesome. I immediately kissed her navel. She kissed my lips. My penis was rock hard and would not keep silent. I told her ‘just open panty and let me insert otherwise I will die’. She pushed me away and told ‘its not that easy, mister!!’. I smiled and grabbed her from back..Slid her panty till her knees..She gave a naughty smile and lubricated her pussy with her hand. I too rubbed that hairless pink pussy. As I was very horny, I inserted my rod into her love hole. She gave a moan and bit her lips.

I kept pushing it in and out. I pumped the sweet hole for around 15 mins. Then took it out. I turned her and gave her a naughty smile and told her ‘your sweetness is still very very tight..Doesnt your husband pump it?’ she told ‘he wants it daily but I only allow him on weekends…’ to which I replied ‘now you will give me on weekends and give him once in an year’ she gave a killer smile. I made her sit on the desk and pull her panty out. Now I began kissing her love hole.

She pushed my hair towards it and was moaning. I was ready again and placed my sexy tool at the entrance of the wonder hole. Before inserting it in, I noticed her ass hole..It was milky white and at the first sight I told to myself ‘i will pump this also’. Thinking this I transferred some lubricants from her vagina to her ass hole and started rubbing it and then I inserted my dick in her pussy again. She resisted me and told me that she has never been pumped in the ass till now..And that she never allows her husband to even touch it.

I smiled and said ‘relax sneha’ and continued my to and fro motion..I cummed inside of her. She closed her eyes. I took out my dick from her pussy and in a second thrusted it in her ass hole. She was surprised and shocked. She began resisting and moaning loud. I kissed her lips and began smooching.

Now I began slowly inserting my dick in her ass hole…Slowly she was comfortable and I let it be inside for 5 mins. She told me ‘you stole my ass hole too’. I gave a naughty smile and kissed her lips. Her phone rang and it was her husband on the other side. She told him that she had some extra classes and she would be reach home till evening.

We both smiled and she cut the phone. Now I began slowly pumping her ass hole. It was very tight. She too began enjoying. I took it out from her ass hole and now put it in her pussy. I pumped 10 times in her pussy and then 5 times in her ass hole. She enjoyed and she came. This continued for about 20 mins. It was getting late and she told me that she would give it in future also. I hugged her and kissed her passionately. I dressed her up and she dressed me.

Before leaving I grabbed her from back, and made her promise that her ass hole will only be filled by my tool and no one else. She promised me and told me that she will never allow her husband to even touch it. I smiled at this. She too smiled and gave me another kiss for 5 mins.

In this act, I forgot to open her bra up and kiss her melons..So I kissed them from above…She again hugged me tightly. We both left by the school bus. And till the end of my 12 grade we continued having sex whenever there was mood. After 12 I moved to a different city. Whenever I visit, I meet her and now she is a mother of a kid. Wish she lives her life in full happiness and prosperity.

Thank you guys. Hope you enjoyed my story. Give your valuable feedback on my mail ‘’. Your reviews would be encouraging.

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