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  • August 22, 2015

I am living in South India. My parents are working in America. So I m living with my aunty whose husband is also in America. My uncle died when I was 10 years old. My aunty Tessy was working as a teacher in a school some 50 kilometers away from my place. My aunty was staying in our old traditional tiled house in my native place with my old Grand Mother. When I was 18 years old, my Grand Mother died and I moved back to house from the hostel and joined a local college. Here let me tell you something about my Aunty Tessy.

She was at that time 28 years old and was a very large lady. After reaching home and when I started living with my aunty in our traditional house, I started having very horny thoughts about my own aunty Tessy. I loved watching her big ass cheeks jiggle inside her sari (as if welcoming me to fuck her ass) when she walked around in the house. One day it so happened that one thief tried to get into our house by removing the tiles on the roof. But he was not successful. I woke up when a tile fell down making a shattering noise during his attempt and when I saw the thief, I yelled out which woke up my aunty and some neighbors. This incident made my aunty afraid to sleep alone in her room in our big, traditional house, where because of the old type architecture, rooms were slightly dark due to lack of proper light. When she said that she is afraid, I immediately rose up to take the chance of sleeping in my auntie’s room and assured her that I will sleep along with her in her room. When I started to sleep on the floor next to my auntie’s bed, she immediately told me to sleep with her in her big bed. I couldn’t believe my ears. At last I was having a chance to sleep with my auntie in her bed. We closed the door and both of us laid down to sleep. But even though the lights were switched off, I couldn’t sleep. Just next to me the woman was lying whom I was thinking of fucking all these months, my own aunty.

I lay awake for some time with a hardened cock inside my lungies. Slowly I turned towards my aunty who was lying on her side, with her back towards me and as if in sleep, I embraced her by putting my right hand over her big belly. She slightly moved and I understood that she had not fallen fully asleep. Hugging my aunty increased my lust and I slightly touched my rock-hard cock to her bulging buttocks. It was as if pressing my cock against a silk cushion. I shivered with lust. Because her ass cheeks were so fat, my cock wedged between her sari covered ass cheeks easily. After keeping my cock like that for some time, I slowly started moving my cock back and forth, rubbing deeply between my auntie’s ass cheeks. The fact that I am rubbing my cock in between my own auntie’s ass cheeks raised my lust to its peal. I couldn’t control myself longer. Shivering with lust I shot my hot load inside my lungies. She moved slightly again when my body shivered when I shot my load. Still hugging my aunty, I went to sleep with my lust drained. Next day morning, she woke me up. I looked eagerly to my auntie’s face. She was smiling only. I was really relieved that she didn’t show any anger in her face. I was slightly afraid whether she knew what I did yesterday night but her smile assured me. That night also I repeated the procedure and shot my load against my auntie’s cushion-like buttocks. Slowly I started taking my cock out of my lungi and rubbing against her ass and Cumming on her ass.

To my sheer delight I noticed her attitude towards me change day by day. She started hugging me often. It was easy to notice that her hugs were becoming more intensive, pressing me closely to her big boobs. I also started hiding my face in between her boobs when she hugged me and smelling her sweet smell. The next week, the ultimate happened. As usual, after the lights were switched off, I slowly took out my cock and moved my hips closer to her ass cheeks. I started rubbing my cock in between auntie’s big ass cheeks. Suddenly, startling me, aunty turned towards my side and hugged me tightly saying “vinu, my darling, my sweet darling.” Saying this and without giving me time to utter anything, aunty kissed me squarely on my lips. I couldn’t believe my luck. I also kissed her hungrily and deeply. Aunty pushed her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on my auntie’s tongue like an ice cream cone. My rock hard cock pressed against her big belly. She immediately took hold of my cock in her hands and started massaging it. I was shivering with lust. My own aunty massaging my rock hard cock!!! I moved my hips in tune with auntie’s caressing of my cock. Breaking our French kiss, aunty told me “vinu, put on the light.” I jumped up from the bed and put on the light. In the light, I saw my aunty lying wantonly in the bed. She rose up and started removing her clothes. Her sari fell off, then her red blouse and black bra revealing her melon like boobs and the lower half of body covered in her red underskirt.

I quickly moved to her and hugged her. Squeezing her big ass cheeks with both hands, I kissed my aunty. Squeezing her massive ass cheeks made my cock twitch with lust. After some time, I untied auntie’s red underskirt and pulled it down. Ohh!!!Red panty covered pussy the sight made me shiver with lust and I torn her red panty. In the bright light I saw my auntie’s clean-shaven cunt bulging out beneath her big belly. Her cunt was really fat and it bulged out between her thunder thighs. I couldn’t control myself. I fell to my knees and hugging her ass, kissed auntie’s fat, shaven cunt. “Ahhh!!! Vinukutaaaa…aahh, my darling,” she exclaimed. I kissed and started licking my auntie’s cunt. She started pushing her cunt to my mouth and her juices started flowing freely into my mouth. After I licked for some time, aunty told me “vinukutta please get up, I need to have your cock in my cunt.” I got up. Aunty immediately sits down on the bed and spread her big thighs. Spreading her legs made her cunt also spread. I crawled in between her thighs. Aunty reached with her hand and caught hold of my jerking cock. She directed my cock to her wet cunt. Till this day I cannot forget the moment my cock head touched my own auntie’s wet cunt slit. Aunty fitted my cock head to her cunt hole and told me “vinukuttaaa…aaahhh. Push into my cunt.” I eagerly pushed and my entire cock was easily engulfed by my aunties’ cunt. I was in heaven. My cock buried deep inside my own auntie’s cunt. My rock hard cock moved in and out of my her wet cunt easily. She hugged me closely and kissed me deeply. Returning her kiss, I fucked my aunty deeply.

Soon wet sound began coming from her cunt in tune with my fucking. The obscene sound increased my lust. “vinukuttaaa, fuck me harder” aunty whispered in my ear. I increased the speed of my thrusts. Aunty started rising her hips each time I thrust downwards. My cum swollen balls slapped against her big ass cheeks. “vinukuttaaa, fuck me faster, faster,” I was loosing control. The wet heat inside my auntie’s cunt was too much for me. Cum started boiling in my balls. With a violent thrust, I buried my cock deep inside her cunt and started shooting my cum deep inside her. My cum splashed against her womb from my jerking cock. It pushed aunty also over the edge. Hugging and squeezing me fiercely aunty started shaking violently in her climax. Her hips rose up and down. We experienced the ultimate heavenly joy of Cumming together. After shaking for some minutes, aunty slowly calmed down and again kissed me lovingly. She whispered in my ear, “vinukutaaa, its after so many years I am having this pleasure once again.” “I always wanted to do this once you started rubbing against my ass.” I blushed slightly and returned auntie’s kiss and said to her Totally naked and in each other’s arms we slowly fell asleep. The next morning when I woke up in my auntie’s bed, I noticed that aunty had already got up and left the room. I looked at the wall clock and saw it was 8 am.

Then only I realized that it was Sunday and there is no college for me and also for aunty who was a teacher. Immediately my mind got filled up with the cock-raising fact that we have a full day ahead for fucking. I felt that I am really lucky that the very next day of me fucking my aunty, Tessy turned out to be holiday that I can explore different ways of fucking my own aunty in broad daylight. I got up and went to the bathroom, freshened up and went to the kitchen. There I saw aunty-making breakfast. She was wearing a blue nighty. Aunty had her back towards me. Ohh!!! The way her bulging ass projected outwards inside the gown made me horny that moment itself. It seemed that aunty was hiding two big pumpkins inside her nighty. My hands started to itch for squeezing auntie’s fat ass cheeks. I went straight to aunty and hugged her from behind and kissed her behind her neck. I pressed my already erect cock to her fat, bulging, and cushion-like ass cheeks. Aunty immediately moaned and turned her head and kissed me. Hugging her tight I returned her hot kiss. I sucked on her sweet lips and she started to thrust her tongue into my mouth. Sucking on my auntie’s tongue made my cock throb, which aunty immediately felt in her ass. I reached my hands to auntie’s huge boobs and closing my palms over them started to squeeze both tits. She moaned into my mouth in response. I expertly squeezed my auntie’s big boobs and rolled and pulled her thumb-like nipples between my fingers. Both her large nipples immediately turned rock-hard between my fingers. I pulled them into more hardness. Aunty started pressing her fat ass towards my throbbing cock, which was in the meantime wedged between her ass cheeks.

My expert squeezing of her big boobs was taking its effect on aunty. She started to push and pull her tongue in and out of my mouth, at the same time sucking wetly on my lips. I also did the same to her. We both were getting horny and my condition was becoming uncontrollable. I started fucking movements with my cock wedged between auntie’s ass cheeks. Thrusting my hard cock in between the fleshy ass cheeks of my aunty made mad with lust. Releasing her boobs I quickly got to my knees and pressed my face to my auntie’s ass cheeks over the nighty. Mad with lust, I started squeezing auntie’s both ass cheeks with my hands and pressed and rolled my face into her ass. I could feel in my face that she was wearing panties under her nighty and underskirt. Pressing my face into auntie’s ass I lightly bit on her fleshy, soft ass cheeks. In response aunty moaned aahhh…ooohhhuuioooo…aaa..more loudly and bending over the kitchen slab, aunty thrust her big ass to my face. I reached below and reached under her underskirt and put my right hand up. Squeezing and caressing auntie’s elephant-like thighs, my hand reached the junction of her fat thighs. aunty immediately spread her big thighs to give me more access and at the same time thrust her big ass more harder to my face. My hand reached auntie’s fat cunt, which bulged outwards inside her light blue panties. Covering her fat cunt with my palm, I squeezed and rubbed it. The feel of auntie’s fat cunt in my palm made me shiver with lust. My cock was throbbing and twitching and leaking precum. I didn’t waste any more time. I raised her nighty and underskirt together and bunched it in her wide hip. Actually there was no need for bunching the nighty and underskirt because it bunched itself without falling on her wide, thrust out hip. Ahh!!!! What a sight!!!! My auntie’s big, fat ass covered in a light blue cotton panties and because aunty was bending over the kitchen slab, her ass thrust out obscenely and sexy.

I kissed auntie’s ass cheeks over her panties all over and then with both hands I pulled her light blue panties down. It was real tough to pull the panties down because it was rolling up itself on auntie’s big, round thighs. Finally I succeeded in pulling her panties down and she immediately stepped out of it. her ass cheeks sprang outwards once her panties were removed. I went mad with lust with the sight. Squeezing her fleshy ass with both my hands, I planted wet kisses al over her ass. Pulling open her ass cheeks I saw her puckered asshole in between. I lost my control. Thrusting my wet tongue out, I licked directly on her open, exposed asshole. “Ahhh!!! Vinooo…aaaahhh…pathukaee…aaamaaee..ayiooooo!!!!!” My aunty moaned. from under her ass. My rock hard cock was throbbing violently inside my lungi all these time. I didn’t waste my time. I had only one thought in my mind. I wanted to fuck my own auntie’s big, fat ass. I wanted to feel the same heat and I wanted to thrust my cock deep into her hot asshole. I got up and quickly removed my lungi. By this time aunty had opened her eyes and was looking back at me with a slightly tired look and I knew she was little tired from the mind-blowing orgasm, which I gave her. But nothing was going to stop me from fucking her hot asshole. I immediately thrust my jerking cock towards her mouth. I wanted to lubricate my cock with her saliva so that I can fuck her asshole easily. Understanding my intention, she raised her head from the kitchen slab and opened her mouth.

For the first time in my life my cock entered my own aunties mouth and she started to wetly suck on my cock. Yesterday night when we fucked for the first time, I fucked her big cunt only. So it was a new experience for my cock and me. It was real hot inside in her mouth. I slowly fucked my cock in and out of her mouth. She sucked wetly on my entire cock. Boy!! Soon my entire cock was slick and wet with my own auntie’s saliva. I felt if I continue my thrusts into her mouth, I would soon come inside her mouth. I didn’t want to come inside her mouth that time. I removed my rock hard cock from her mouth. My cock came out of her mouth dripping with her saliva and shining. I made her in her previous pose when I tongued her asshole and got behind her. When I stood behind auntie’s jutting ass, my throbbing cock was in correct level to enter her hot asshole. With both my hands I spread her fleshy ass cheeks and looked at her winking asshole. My cock jerked violently at the horny sight of her exposed asshole peeping at me from in between her big ass cheeks. I couldn’t wait anymore. I put my big wet cock head precisely on her asshole. It was an electrifying feeling to touch my aunt’s asshole with my cock head. After rubbing my wet cock head for some time on her asshole, I pushed my cock into her asshole. Slowly my cock head entered her asshole. My cock head stretched her asshole. I pulled open her big ass cheeks further for easy penetration. Now my cock head was fully inside her hot asshole. It felt like heaven when just my cock head was inside her asshole. I couldn’t wait anymore. I pushed steadily, thrusting my entire cock inside aunt’s asshole. The heat inside her asshole, which I felt in my cock, was incredible. I looked down and saw the horny sight of my erect cock fully embedded in my auntie’s asshole. She let out a long moan when she felt my slight pubic bush bang against her ass cheeks.

I pulled my cock out till only the tip was inside her asshole, stretching her rectum, and rammed back into her asshole to the hilt in one single push. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!ayiooooo! Yes vinukutaa, like that, Ahhhhhhhhhh..pathkae..vedanikkunada kutttaa..ayioo!!!!” she encouraged me. I knew from that uttering that she was again getting horny from my ass fucking. Looking down, I started to push and pull my rock hard cock in and out of my aunt’s asshole. Since my cock was dripping wet from her saliva, I found that my cock was easily going in and out of her asshole. Watching my cock being swallowed by her asshole made me crazy. I began ramming my cock in and out and she encouraged me during each thrust. Soon her asshole really opened up for my cock and my cock was going in and out very easily. I whimpered with the exquisite pleasure of fucking her asshole. aunty began uttering “Aahhh!!!”uuuuhhhiiiooo…aaahh…ooo and pleseee..”Oohhhh!!uuuummm..iii.oooo..aaahhh…aaaaiiiioooo…aah..uuuu.!” to my every thrust. All the time I was thrusting in and out, I was squeezing her cushiony ass cheeks with both hands. Soon sloshing and squishing sounds arose from aunties ass hole, which was highly erotic for my ears. Even with my rock hard cock fully inside her asshole up to the hilt, By the way aunty was moaning and groaning, I knew that she would climax without any touch to her cunt or clit. And I really wanted to make her climax again by fucking her asshole. I thrust my cock right up to the hilt inside her asshole. Pulling back I thrust again. Forcefully and hard I fucked her hot asshole. The squishing sound rose in intensity from her asshole in tune with my thrusts. Even though I wanted to bend over her and squeeze both her hanging big, boobs and fuck her asshole simultaneously, I resisted that desire. Because if I bend over her I couldn’t watch my cock going in and out of her asshole. I wanted to watch my cock going in and out of my auntie’s asshole.

I wildly fucked her asshole steadily. Soon her moaning grew louder and filled the kitchen. It was music to my ears. Each time I thrust violently, my pubic hairs banged against her out thrust ass cheeks. I rolled, pulled apart and squeezed her fleshy ass cheeks. My balls, heavy with boiling cum as constantly banging against her lower part of cunt slit. It increased her lust more. I was sure I would be able to make her climax by fucking her asshole. The fiery heat inside auntie’s ass was becoming too much for me. Also the way her sphincter muscles was squeezing my cock inside, was like velvet vice. I was loosing control. My thrusts began increasing speed. I violently fucked my cock in and out of her asshole. I felt my cum boiling and bubbling out of my balls. When I felt my climax approaching, I felt aunty also nearing her second climax of that morning. Just for my aunty climax with me simultaneously, I took some sharp intake of breaths, and when I felt my aunty shaking and shivering in the throes of her climax, I let loose my cum also. Burying my cock up to the hilt inside her asshole in one single fierce push, I pumped my boiling cum inside her asshole. I saw heaven when I climaxed inside aunties asshole. My cum splashed inside her asshole. Any married aunties can mail me in

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