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  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi guys this is Richard here. I live in Trichy. You can email me on I have been a fan of ISS since past two years. I have read almost each and every story in the couple, incest and teachers section. I am here two narrate to you one of my own experiences. I am a very horny guy with a penis size of 6 inches. People tell me that I have great looks.

I have a well-shaped body and a bit of muscles as I regularly hit the gym. Many girls in the school had proposed me and I have had many girlfriends and also affairs with many aunts. I am a fan of boobs and asses. I go crazy over them. This is my first experience with a teacher of mine in school. Her name is Sweta (name changed).

She used to teach me biology in school in 9th and 10th standard. Sweta was a hot and sexy chick in her late twenties. She had joined our school just in the beginning of the year. Her figure was 32-26-36. I was crazy behind her ass and just wanted to grab it and fuck it. Whenever she used to turn around to write something on the board I would stare at her ass which would sway from left to right. All the boys in my class were crazy behind her.

My girlfriend would many times ask me if I also liked her but I would lie to her and tell her that she was my guru. She considered me quiet innocent. One day while I was just browsing through Facebook I saw Sweta’s account and added her as a friend. Since then we chatted a lot. I came to know that she was unmarried and lived with her parent. Her father was a rich business man and they had a huge bungalow in juhu.

She used to love to teach and therefore was teacher in our school. Soon we exchanged numbers and used to text a lot to each other. We became very close. I came to know that she had a boyfriend who worked in an MNC. Her parents knew about this but due to her boyfriend’s work he used to travel a lot. Soon we came a lot close and I also started sending her adult messages. She too replied to those.

One day while talking she asked me if I was a virgin or no I was shocked to hear this and shyly told yes. She told me that was cute. I asked her whether she was or not. She told that no she had done it many times with her boyfriend. I asked her if she really loved her boyfriend. She told that h was a nice guy but she was actually falling for someone else and sent a wink along with the message. I got confused and said bye to her.

I kept on thinking about what she said being a bit excited thinking it could be me. From the next day her behaviour changed towards me. She used to call me to the staff room to carry books and would flirt with me. One day when I entered school I saw her and she told me lets go together. That day she was in pink top and green leggings. In the lift it was very crowded and she was ahead me.

She was purposely was rubbing her ass on my dick which was already erect by looking at the sexy dress which were revealing her body parts. I was thinking that the class would be staring at her all time. But when she came in class she was wearing a scarf. Later that night while I was about to sleep I received her text that please come online I want to talk to you. I went online and she asked me to switch on the webcam.

As I usually sleep without a t-shirt I switched on the cam and she was staring at me and that’s when I realised that I was sitting bare body. She appreciated my body. I asked her that what work she had and she told me wait and she went away from the screen. When she came back she was in a robe. I asked her what was it and she said that she was in love with me and would do anything for me and with that she opened her robe and was standing naked in front of me.

I was shocked at looking her like this. Her boobs were firm and round and juicy. She turned around to give me a look at her ass which was nice and fleshy. I told her that I love you too and at that time she said that she will meet me at the school terrace tomorrow after my last lecture. The next day she came in a pink sari and behaved as if nothing happened between us.

She didn’t even ask me to help her with the books. I knew she was tempting me and I too decided to tease her. I followed her in the lift on pretext of going to the toilet and as we were alone I put the lift to stop mode and opened the socket from where we can manually override the lift and shut it down. When the lift came to a complete stop I put her against the wall of the lift and lifted her sari and pulled out my dick.

I started moving my dick over her pussy and she was begging me to put it inside. By now even I wanted to put it inside as it was my first time but then I quickly retrieved my senses and put my dick back in. I started the lift again. By the time we reached our floor we were kissing each other and I was fondling with her breasts. They were really soft. As we went out of the lift I pressed her ass and ran.

Now came the moment I was waiting for desperately. When I reached the terrace I saw that there was a mattress laid down on the ground and Sweta’s handbag. I started looking around for her when I heard the door of the terrace close. I turned around and saw Sweta standing in hot black bikini. She came towards me and started kissing me passionately on my lips and I was responding to her and massaging her ass. Her ass was soft and smooth.

Then I took off her bra and started sucking her huge boobs. They were so soft that I felt like pressing them all my life. I then started kneading her nipples and sucked the other one. Then we got onto the mattress and she took of my pant and shirt and started sucking my dick like a mad dog. She sucked as if she was hungry for years.

Meanwhile I took off her thongs and started finger fucking her ass. I first inserted one finger and she was moaning loudly. To stop her from moaning I put my penis back innto her mouth. Then I stood up and she was on her knees and I was pushing my dick in and out of her mouth. I was fucking her mouth and she loved it. Then, I held her hair and put my whole cock inside her mouth and it was touching her throat wall.

Then we gotin the 69 position and were sucking each other. Her cunt smelled really good and I was literally chewing her pussy. I found her clit and started tickling it with my tongue. By then we both had an orgasm. I came in her mouth and she drank all of it. She too came on my face and I drank some of her yummy liquid.

Now I made her lie on the mattress and started kissing her and was finger fucking her pussy. She insisted me to put my dick inside her but while she was saying this I again kissed her. Then I started sucking her boobs and was fucking her cunt with three fingers. I was massaging her clit with my thumb. Now she desperatelly wanted my dick inside her. I started teasing her by rubbing my dick over her pussy entrance.

She would lift her ass up to put my dick inside but I would prevent that from happening she was literally begging and her eyes were moist. Then I with a hard push shoved my dick inside her cunt and she let out a huge scream. I slowly started doing in and out of her cunt and she was beging me to go fast. I started going fast and my self couldnot contrlo it and within 15 minutes I shot a huge load of cum into her pussy.

We rested for some time in the same position with my cock inside her pussy and I was playing with her breast and kissing her. Then we stood up and my dick was hard again. I made her lean against the railing of the terrace and her ass as protruding towards me. Then I started spanking her ass. Her ass soon got the red marks from spanking. I then entered into her cunt. I started moving in and out of her cunt.

I would purposely take my whole dick out and then just insert the tip of it to tease her. She was moaning loudly and was telling e continuously that I was much better than her boyfriend as he had a small dick. Then she took me and made me lie on the mattress and started riding me. I pulled her by the neck and started kissing her. She was moaning loudly. Then I pulled her boobs towards my face and started sucking them and was at the same time massaging her ass and making it bounces on my dick.

She came twice during this process and then I came inside her pussy. She still was riding me and it was a bit painful. Within few minutes my dick was hard again and I asked her to go into doggy position. She got on her fours and I inserted into her pussy. I then took my dick out and she asked why I did that. I then inserted into her ass. I said that I was lubricating my cock. I started moving my cock a bit inside her ass slowly. She was screaming very loudly.

Her ass was really tight and I was enjoying it completely I came within five minutes into her ass. We were both exhausted by now. We again slept on each other and kissed each other and caressed each other’s bodies. Then we got dressed and kissed each other bye. She told me that even her boyfriend had never given her such a wonderful sex all these years.

Now we regularly have sessions on the terrace and also have had sex at each other’s house. Many a times when we are horny we have quick sex in the staff room or she gives me a great blowjob. That’s it for now guys, I have got many interesting experiences of mine which I might be posting after taking the permission of my fuck girlfriends.

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