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Tasted Did Cunt First Time

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hi, friends I recently started to read the XXX stories from these types of sites. Till few days back I did not even know that, this much thrill contain in these sites. I had got few chances in my early ages to have sex with ladies and I was also love sex very much. But I was totally ignoring all the opportunities because I was getting scare to involve in such cases. Fortunately, one case came across my life even I not prepared to have it.

That was my first and last experience had with ladies. I do not know how I bring it to you in the full swing of my enjoyment what I had those days. I would not forget those experiences and still I used to fantasy those incidents while masturbating secretly. This happened when I was in ninth standard (in my 14th age). I a was very cute looking boy just like girl with round black eyes, good lips, bulging cheeks and all attracting way. I am from an aristocrat known family in that area and my mother also have lot of auntie friends in that area. So all aunts are used to take care me and laughing at me also catching my cheek and nose. Everybody was thinking that, I am very small boy without knowing anything about adult activities. To some extend that was true at the same time I was aware about all theoretic activities from one of the story book which given to me by on of my close friend. I was used to read those short stories in those nights and masturbate every day at least once. Most of the aunts come to my mind without dress while I do these mischievous. Our house was little bit away from town and u can find only one house in 50/100 cents.

My mummy used to read magazines and weekly regularly and they hand over to the neighbor and get the new one. That was a regular and known practice over there to control the cost. In my high school, I was in morning shift because I was good in my studies also. After two I come to house do some homework and have some small play which is only allow from my parents. One day I asked my mother to give permission to go to next plot and get some mangoes which is lying under the tree. Usually, that house owner Uma auntie never take that h asked me also to get it whenever I get time to go there. Mummy said ok to me if I am ready to collect the magazine also from Uma auntie. Uma auntie was very cute looking and approx. 30 years old look like. Her husband was in Dubai and one kid was in boarding at Ooty School. One of her distend cousin sister’s doughter, Ammu was staying along with Uma auntie and goes to college from there. She also was very beautiful girl with good structure and orange color like Uma auntie. I given many chances to both of ladies in my secret fantasy play. As soon as get the permission my mummy, I rushed to that house.

I switch on the doorbell and there was no power that time. I knocked the door few times and turned to under the mango tree. I thought, they might be gone for some shopping or any other relative’s house. While passing the kitchen area to under tree, I heard some sound from first floor of the house. I was very surprised and decide to find out what it is. I taken two three wooden pieces from side and keep near the car porch and climb up to the terrace and come through the parapet and look in to the room through the window which was closed partly. I could not believe my eyes because I never expect such scene from that room. Uma auntie was lying on bed with making some sound in low voice and Ammu didi’s half body portion was inside Uma auntie’s petticoat. Ammu didi was doing something inside lying in between auntie’s legs. I understood the thing and my penny got hard looking this scene. I started to rub my penny on top of my half trouser. While oozing out my cum I just closed my eyes and stand few minutes there. At the same time Ammu didi also sow me through the window when she took back her head inside from auntie’s petticoat. Both of them get up immediately. I rush to come down from terrace. By the time they come down and open the door and help me to come down from car porch terrace. I could not look at their face and feel shy also. Auntie catches my hand and pulls to her room and asks me to sit on her cot. I obeyed all and Ammu didi also was with auntie to support all.

Auntie asked me to do not tell anybody what u have seen here before. I agreed with that at the same time. Ammu didi pointed out to auntie that, my trousers got wet because of my precum oozed from my penny before. Auntie has touched it with her finger and confirms the thing and she catch my cheek with naughty smile. Uma auntie has given a long kiss on my lips and starts to squeeze it. By the time Ammu didi tried to unbutton my trouser to get my penny out. I just made them apart and run to my house with shame. I did not tell this incident to anybody and I blame myself to spoil such good opportunity, which I was carrying for long time. I can not listen my class and could not sleep also properly. I masturbate frequently whenever think about the incident. After few days I went to the Uma auntie’s plot to get mangoes but in my mind requirement was something else. After few minutes Ammu didi has came near to me and help me to get mangoes from lowest branches and from down also. We did not talk anything for few minutes. While I jump and catch one mango from lower level branch of tree one wooden piece hit on me leg and start bleeding. That was not major thing but Ammu didi taken it as serious and calls me inside her house to keep some medicine. I went along with her pretending an innocent boy. She asked me to sit on cot and she sits down on the floor to clean my wound with cloth and put some powder on it. I understood that, she purposely removed her nighte’s top two button and sitting in frond after showing her inner thighs to me. I could not control myself after seeing the milky bulging breast and milky inner thighs.

My Lund got hard and she noticed it. She was saying that auntie has gone out for some purchases and will be back after one and half an hour. She stands on her knees near to me and said that, I am going to give u a kiss because you are not disclosed our last incident to anybody. She given deep kisses on my milky thighs and started to rub her face on my hairless inner thighs. After pointing my bulging penny. She said that, your penny would get pain if you not unbutton your trouser immediately. I did not answer or bow my neck maximum down with shy. She catches my chin and tries to push it up. I was not ready to look in her eyes and cover my eyes with my fingers. Ok Raju I will remove it for you if you are shy to do that. I did not say anything and she started to unbutton by half trouser and pull my penny from inside. It was standing in ninety-degree angle with cute reddish tip. As soon as seen that Ammu didi like the tip of my penny and started to make it hard and put whole penny in her mouth. I could not control myself and make a sound aaaahhhhhh Ammu didi busssss. I am getting painnnnnnnnnn. Aaaaaaahhhhhh biteeeeeeee it, chewwwww it iiiyyo I had come, allow me to take it out from your mouth. But she did not allow it and had the whole cum from my penny directly. I could not look at her face with shy and she was asking that you want to kiss on my thighs. I shake my neck and very eagerly she stood up and removes two more buttons from nighty and keeps my face in between her boobs.

I smell her chest and got hard my penny again. I rub my face there and try to pull her breast inside from bra. She helps me to bring it out and I kept inside my mouth the firm dark brown nipple of white milky beautiful breast. She taken out the right one also and ask me to squeeze fast. Aaaaaaaaah Rajuuuuuuuu bite it hard squeeze it hardddddd aaaaaah. One I messaged and other one I squeezed in hard way. She catches my other hand and put on her thighs after lift the nighty up. I rub her pussy very hardly on top of her panties. Aaaaaah Raju let me remove my panties do it inside Rajuu. She removed her panties and sits on cot after spread her legs wide apart. I lie in between white milky thighs and started to give kiss on her inner thighs, on pussy and cunt and inhale the aroma of her urine and precum. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh raju do not kissss raju eat it properly raaaaaju aaahh eat it faaasttttt ahhhhhhhhh yes that wayyyyyy bite my cunttt aahhh iyyyooooooooo hhaaaaaauuuuu. Oh God I caaaaan’tttttt aaaaaahhhhhhhhh Eaaatt my cunt also aaahhhhhh. She lifted her buttocks from bed and push on face. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh rajuuuuuu bus bus now drink all juice and clean it I had come in good way thank you very much raju you are very good boy.

Uma auntie also was latterly waiting for you last two days so please come whenever you get free time. And she catches my face in her both hands and given a bite on my lips in deep way. I also started to eat her cute lips and keep my penny in between her thighs and try to push and pull. She kept her thighs closely to get tight action for my penny. I did it second time on her beautiful thighs thinking about next day’s show with Uma auntie. The experience with Uma auntie, I will tell u in next time and this continued few more months till Uma auntie goes to Dubai to join with her husband Mr.Anand. Any aunts or didies have any opinion about my experience can write to me through very openly and I promise that, it will keep very confidentially without hurting you in anyway.

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