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Taste Of Milk

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi sarit,I am Kishore. To tell about me I am fair and had a normal youth body. My age is 26. I completed my PG. The incident which I am going to narrate is happed during my PG college days. I completed my PG in Noida. Since it was business school our class is packed with all type of age grouped peoples. Among the students there was a girl called “Rajini” who is around 32. She is married and have 8 month old child. Her husband is a business man and most of the time he use to move to Bombay or other cites for business trip. So most of the time she use to be alone in her home with her child. Now I narrate about her character and body. In our college all girls are allowed to wear all king of dress. But she use to come only in saree which is always transparent. Such that through blouse we can easily find which color bra she is wearing. She had a very good structure of 38d-28-30. Through her boobs size you can easily understand how big it is. Since she give birth to a child 8 month before her blouse look always wet due to her milk. Since it is a PG college it crowded only during the first 20 days of the beginning of the college and during exam time. So With in that 20 day I had a very good friendship with her. Since I was younger then her, her husband did not mistakes our friendship.

The days pass and one day she called to her house for taking notes for one subject which I can score well in it. So I had gone to her home at 7 o’clock in the evening. When I entered the house she welcomed me. She was wearing only a nighty at that time. I can easily see her points in her boobs from out side the nighty due to the nighty is that much trace. I entered the house and sat on the sofa. She gave me coffee which she prepare only for me since north Indian peoples won’t drink coffee. After having the coffee she sat in front of me with a chair and in between us there was only a small stool. We started to take notes. Suddenly the child cried due to hungry. She told me to take notes alone and gone inside to give milk to her child. With in 5 to 10min she came back. But she doesn’t notice that she have not closed her front zip in her night. By without knowing she came in front of me and sat on the chair. Now both of her 38d size boobs are clearly visible to my eyes. Now I was totally disturbed and I could not able to take notes. The boobs were very whitish and her nipples were very beautiful. Now I slowly asked about her husband. She told that he has gone for a trip t Bombay and he will come after 1 day. I got some courage. Now I slowly asked about her personal life. Now she was disturbed and told me not to ask anything about it. Now I got the answer clearly that she doesn’t like her husband.

In the mean time her milk from her nipples made wet her nighty some what which any one can easily view it. The time goes and its time for me to move away from the home. I told her that I am moving. But surprisingly she told me to say in her home for that night due to that we can take some more notes. I told her that I will take dinner outside and I will come back. She told that she will prepare for both of us. The we went inside the kitchen and started to prepare subjii. I cut the vegetables and give to her at that time mistakenly touched her body slightly. Both of us realized that some chemical reaction had take place. Again suddenly I mistakenly touched her boobs. This is so soft. They are very big. By holding by breath I asked for some milk. She asked me what for? I told her to give first. Then she gave me the cow milk. I don’t know where I got the courage and I told to her that I need breast milk. Now tell me what my situation is and what she told to me. Everyone will surprise to hear what she told to me and what she did for it. By giving a positive smile to me she removed the nighty. Now she was standing in front of me with only panties. Here nipples were inviting me to suck them. The boobs were very big due to she was giving milk to her child. I like her boobs very much and I could not able to control my feeling. I placed my hands on her boobs. I was so soft. She slowly responds to me and her to touch me. I squeezed here boobs gently with here milk peeping out of her nipples. I give her a lip kiss and we continued for about 10 min. I asked here does she like’s me. She responds me with deep kiss. And by that time see was holding my tool and playing with it. I told to her that I need her breast milk totally. She told me that after taking dinner that she will give to me and I can drink it.

I agreed and we prepared the dinner and we had it very fast. By this time she was wearing only panties. Could any one thing what will be my tool size. My tool arouse to around 8’. I could not control and while washing the hand I scattered some water on her boobs. She understand my feeling and she to do the same and I caught hold her total body. Now I kissed her from her forehead and to the neck. Then I took her to the bed and I made her to lie down on her bed. The I took her right boobs on my mouth. I squeezed her boobs to get more milk. Now I got a flow of milk from her boobs and it taste to me very sweet. Then I was sucking it for around 20 to30 min. Then I took the next breast and started to suck it. By this time she was taking care of me like her child. That is she was slowly combing my here and try to hold my tool. But my tool is already over tempered. The around after a hour I drank all the milk from her breast. The she start her work. She enjoyed with my tool by sucking it and then I inserted my tool into her pussy. I gave her a good stroke and with in 15 min cum on her mouth. She tasted it and told to me that she want some more. I told to her that I need milk for that. Since she had already given all of her milk to me, she could not able to give milk to me so she told to me that she will give me in the morning. The we were so tired and we slept together in the same bed in the nude form.

In the morning I opened my eyes around 9 o clock during that time she was feeding her child. At that time she had take bath and wearing saree. She looks dam sexy and woke up and walks near to her. At that time I was nude my tool is totally up. I lay by head on her tight and try to open the blouse. She told to me that she will give it only if I agree to give my total cum on her mouth. I agreed. She opened the blouse. Since the breast was very big it falls on my face. The feeling was very nice. It’s like a pillow is dashing with my face. Then she told to me that her child had finished taking milk. So I can take both of her breasts for her milk. Now she opened her blouse totally and her breast was hiding inside her pallu. So I remove her saree and I saw two boobs which are so big inviting me to suck it. Since I could not able to see it in the night now it was totally visible. The I suck all of her milk from her both breasts and gave my tool to her as during the night. The after we had the sex I told to her that I need her milk till it stops from her breasts. She agreed to me and I continued. The day passed and we continued and her husband got promotion with transfer to Bombay. So now iam missing her very is my story……..waiting for ur reply and my emailid is any aunties or gals

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