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TAJO An Elder but Sexy Woman

  • desipapa
  • September 19, 2015

Hello! My all friends of desipapa’s & doodhwali’s erotic story section. I am really delighted to get the best-ever encouragement of my previous true encounter “my love aasima”. I received lots of messages from so many beautiful, sexiest girls from all over the country and even abroad also. I am really thankful to all of those who sent their loveliest, sexiest messages. Few are still in contact with me and I fully enjoy the life. Today, I would like to narrate my early age’s true encounter. I was about 17 years of age, very ordinary face, slim, but very jolly, fit, romantic and smiling person. In the summer season some time there was a water shortage problem in our area. After coming back from duty, it was also my duty to fetch some water from street’s tap, as no water connection was available most of the houses. The story begins from this point. After coming back from duty, I took two buckets on the tap of our street. There was a big queue of buckets and I kept my buckets in the line. Few were the ladies standing beside the tap for their turn.

Tajo (I changed the name for safe-side) was also there who lives after few houses from our, a married woman without “issue”, her hubby was having a furniture workshop. Let me describe herself; age 30 plus, 5’9” tall, slim body, perfect boobs, shining eyes, fair color with a dimple on her cheeks. Her figure was 36 28 34 which was really sexiest. She belongs from a village who settled here. Still, I can recognize her even in the crowed of so many women because of her typical style of walking and height. I was passing through our street with my own “romantic style” which attracted her very much (afterwards she told me) and she falls in love with me. When her turn of bucket-filling came, she just bent herself to fill the bucket, my eyes immediately caught the sexiest glimpse of her beautiful, lovely, pair of boobs up to nipples due to wide & low cut shirt. I was really stunned to watch her boob’s scene. Of course, she realized that I am watching her boobs but she kept herself in the same position till the bucket filled. While going back to her home, she gave me a naughty smile also for an acknowledgement that she knew everything. My thirsty eye’s followed her till she disappeared in her home.

Next few days, this was her routine of giving some signals and smiles from her eyes and showing her boobs purposely to me during water filling bucket and going back to her home. She was trying to come there with good dress with smiling face at the same time when I use to come. One day, while coming back from my duty, when I passed by her home she was watching me from inside (I was not aware of that). She just coughed loudly for showing her presence inside. As usual, when I came to the tap for water, she also came over there and we both start waiting our turn. During this time she was giving a good gesture of smile and with her eyes. In the meantime, other persons were left and we both were there. My bucket was ahead of her but purposely I offer her my turn to fill the bucket. She paid thanks to me, bent herself again and I once again watched her boobs for quite long time. She asked me “Kiya haal hai?”, I replied “theek hai”. She asked me “kahan kaam per jatay hain”? I told her. She asked “thakkay thakkay kiyun nazar aatay hain? I said “ziada kaam aur lambay aukat-kaar ki waja say”. She asked “kabhi mairay ghar to aain na”? I said “kabhi koshish karoon ga”. She said “main aap ka intizaar karoon gi”. I was really aroused to receive her formal invitation and jumping in the air.

My lund was fully erected with joy and giving jerks in the shalwar to come out. In the whole night I was not able to sleep and dreaming about her reception and etc. I was planning; how to enter in her home, how she will welcome me, how I shall anticipate as I was bit feared also due to her age difference plus going to another’s home for love? Anyway I don’t know when I gone to asleep? In the morning when I got up still the “saroor” was very much there. I went to my duty and while coming back I tried to look around that if anybody is in the street? There was a blind (“chickk”) hanging outer door (from a chickk you can see outside but from outside you can’t see inside).

She kept an eye at time of my arrival? And watched carefully that I am coming in the street or? As soon as I reached near her door she said from inside “ander aa jaain naa, main to kab say aap ka intizaar kar rahi hoon”. Listening this, I once more checked around the street and stepped inside without wasting any second………………… wow she, well decorated her single room house, very tidy, bed sheets were changed and she was wearing a nice shalwar suit. As soon I entered, she warmly greeted by shook her hands with me, press my hand little more and said smilingly “ider baith jaain na, garmi bohat hai and she started fanning with hands as there was no electricity at the moment. She said “main nay aap kay liyay khaana tiyyar kiya huya hai aur ham dono ikathhay khaain gay” aap haath dho lain. I was just stunned of her beauty as she kept herself little more beautiful than in routine. During lunch, she was amazingly smiling and fanning also. We chatted on different subjects and while going she said jab kabhi moqa milay to pls aa jaaya karain naa.

I said “haan zaroor kiyun nahee” and left her home when she gave me a green signal that nobody is in the street. Her roof was visible from my home’s roof, so I was trying to keep myself on roof for her green signal. Moreover, on tap, she was talking on different subjects while no other person around. One day she told me that today her hubby is out so I may visit. I was at her home with a firm decision that today I shall “try” to catch her and have her phuddy to satisfy my lulla. As soon as I entered her home, I immediately hugged her very tightly with a kiss on her cheeks, on her lips and my hands started fondling her boobs. She was very surprised to see all these at once but did not stop me doing all this. Now she was started cooperating with my moves, having no objection by her, I gone little far and took my hands under her shirt. She said in saroor “mairay khyaal main aap bed per aa jaain”? After listening her encouraging remarks, I took her on the bed without wasting any second took off her shirt up to her neck, her two beautiful globes were right in front of me with dark brown erected nipples.

She was not wearing any bra (purposely I believe), her beautiful, firm boobs were amazing, lovely and sexiest. I started pressing her boobs and gently rubbed her nipple with my one hand, and caress her whole sexy body with other hand. She closed her eyes with pleasure and breathing heavily. I kissed again on her cheeks, and kept my lips fixed on her burning lips, after some time she opened her mouth and we started passionate french kisses. Our tongues were exploring with full joy and masti, little later I took one of her boob in my mouth for a biggggggggg suck and with the hand I squeezed her erected nipple. She started hissing and oooooooooo, aaaaaaaaaaah, aaaaaan haaaaaaaan, theeeeeeeeek hai, aisa hi karrrrrrrrro naaaaaaa, acchha lug raha hai oooffffffff, aaaaaaaaan, ooooooooo, these sexy sounds were coming out of her mouth. She was in full mood and her head was giving in jhattkays in pleasure. I asked her smilingly “Tajo darling” are you ready for a lovely fuck”? She did not say anything but nodded her head with close eyes. I asked her again “how about undress each other”? She said ok yaaaaaaaaar! Immediately, I took off my shirt and shalwar and with my help she took off her shirt and her shalwar slowly also. Oooooooooffffffffffffff! What a lovely body was lying on the bed, she was feeling shy and closed her eyes. I explore her lovely, sexy body and quenched my eyes’ thirst.

What a hottest, burning phuddy she was having, when I started fondling her whole body I was kissing on her boobs nipples, each and every part of her sexy body. I touch her clean shaved, dripping, wet phuddy with my palm, and put my index finger in her wet, juicy, choooooooot, she started moaning and jerking her gaand with mazzaaaaaaaaaaa. I kept finger fucking for a while to make her more hot and wet to start game of sex. I asked her that could you please open you eyes to see my lund. She said with closed eyes yeeeeeeeeessssss janoooooooooo! Then she opened her eyes and she touched my manhood of 8” with her hand, she took it in her hand and start pressing it lightly. A full electricity current started running in my whole body. My lullah was fully erected like iron rod. She was amazed to see my fully erected lund and said janoo itnaaaaa badaaa aur motaaaaaaaaa lund, when you will enter your hardest lund in my chooooot? She started playing with my lund and my balls with sexiest way and she was enjoying it very much.

The she said to me please enterrrrrrrr it quicccccccccccccccckly yaaaaaaaaaaaar as I can’t waittttttttt any moreeeeeeeeeee. My phuddy is dying to have your lund deeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside my choooooooooooot. She was completely hot, listening this, I put her one leg on my shoulder and wider other leg. I kept my fully erected lulla on her choot’s opening and rubbed her phuddy’s sexiest dana with my lund. I gave a lovely thrust of my life and my half of the tool disappeared in her juicy, wet phuddddddddddy. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! I was in seventh skies, felt that my lund gone in the full burning tandoor. She started moaning and groaning loudly and my lips started kissing her. I kept my lund inside her chooooooot for a moment and in second thrust my whole lund was touching inner wall of her phuddy, my balls were slapping very hard like music her ass hole. She was jumping from bottom and moving her buttocks up and down & moving her head with joy, pleasure and mazzzzzzzaaaaaa. Oooooooooooooh, aaaaaaaah, haaaaaaaai, ooooeeeeeee, maza aa raha hai, aur zore say karo naaaaan, bohat maza aa raha hai. Haaaaaaaan zore say meri choot main apna lullah dal kar zor zor zay jhattkay maro naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I started jerking my lund in full pace.

Her cum was flowing like stream oiling my jerking lund and her thighs as well. Zabardast sounds of chuwak, chuwak, chuwaaaaaaaaak was coming out of her phuddy. It was now moving more easily in out, in out, she was also giving equal thrust from bottom, after 5~6 minutes vigorous fucking, I told her that I am cummmmmmmmmmmmingggggggggg taaaaaaaaaaaaj! She said cum in my phudddddddddddddy, my phudddddddy is ready to take all your cum. I unloaded the whole gushing cummmmmmmmmmmmm inside her chooooooooooot and laid myself in her arms with naked bodies. After sometimes, when she came to her sensous, she opened her eyes. I asked her “Tajo darling! mazza aayaaaaaaaa”? she said “bohat, bohat ziaaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaa jaanoooo”. She offered me a warm glass of milk to energize myself. We played the same beautiful game for another time with more enthusiasm & energetic manner.

I tightly, strongly huggggggggggged her, gave a very deep juicccccccy kissssssssssssss with pressing her boobs while we were naked and dressed-up ourselves as her hubby was expected anytime. We kept having each other for quite some years and played this beautiful sex game and enjoyed our life in full swing. We watched movies in the cinema, we went in the parks to enjoy and sometime in the restaurant for a good lunch or cup of tea whenever time permitted us. She introduced her younger sister “Nunhi” to me also who was very sweet, milky, teen age, beautiful and sexy too. That, I shall narrate later on. So gals between 20 to 30 years please try to reach me for a biggggggggg joy, mazza and pleasure. Any pink gal is most welcome, I love to meet pink one. Privacy is fully guaranteed. Bye, bye, do write to me, I shall wait your lovely messages on:

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