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Swimming Pool Incident With Lena

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hi all, I am a prolific reader of stories describe by you guys…to-day I am posting my OWN TRUE happened just a few days ago. I am 32 years old staying in Delhi with my wife and a daughter.  Snce it is summer vacation now, my wife has gone her home.  I am 5.8 with a very good physique and a strong sex libido.  My organ is about 10 inch long in full glory.  We had an arranged marriage, and I remembered my wife had a very painful honeymoon night.  I am dedicated to my wife before this incidence happen.


We live in a small apartment complex located in a rather peaceful location in Delhi which has a swimming pool inside.  One of my hobbies is to swim, so almost everyday I spend sometime in the evening to chill out the summer.  Gents and ladies used to swim together.  Few days ago, in a Friday night, I was a bit late (10.30 PM) and I saw the pool was empty and the lights were not also there.  When I enquired, the watchman told that the incharge of the pool has left, but I can chill up, so I was happy to be inside.  However, everything was quite dark, but I did not mind it.  About 10-15 minutes later I saw a lady walking in and jumped to the pool and started taking bath.  Perhaps she was unaware that someone else is already there because it was quite dark.  Neither I was able to figure who she was.  After a few minutes of silence, when I swam close to her, I found out that she was neena, who stays with her daughter just 2 floors above me, and she is a good friend of my wife.

So I wished her and then we started talking.  She does not know swimming, but she came for chilling herself frequently.  She asked when exactly my wife will come back and we chated for 5 -10 minutes more.  There was absolute silence and darkness around us.Then she asked me if I can help her learning swimming, and I agreed.  Let me describe about leena.  She is about the same age or 2-3 years junior, a mom of 1 girl (3 years) and she is average built with real big boobs.  She is fair and very cute to look at.  So I tries to tell her how to start swimming and she tried and she could not.  Then she asked, if I can help her lifting up at the waist so that she can float, which I agreed, but nervously.  I have never touched ever a full grown female like leena before.  I lifted up her in the water (which was very easy) and she tried to swim with spreading her legs and hands.  Till then her back was upwards and now she wanted to “practice” upside down, so I again helped her lifting at the waist.  In this process, due to darkness I had touched several time her boobs, which she does not seem to mind.


After sometime she seems to get control of it, and asked me if I can guide her side-by-side and she will try to swim of her own.  But after she went just 1 meter, she seems to loose control…and I was there to life her up with full hug…and she also tightly hugged me…I brough her to a less deeper portion of the pool, and she seems to be quite frightened..and she was holding me closely…just like my wife sometimes holds me…I feel that my wife is holding me…but her smell and big boobs are something which were extra ordinary.  She was wearing a loose black t-shirt and a loose track suite.  Her loose t-shirt was up in the waist and I have chance to contact her skin…wow..what a soft skin she has..and like a was very slippery too….since we were maintaining silence..I do not know when I have inserted my hand up to her naked back…and hold her tightly…she also had hold me tightly….no word was spoken….and I could imagine…she was really hot…I knew that her hubby stays in Dubai since last 2 months…so I could really figure out that she was a hungy tigress..looking for fresh flesh.


I intended to make some naughty fore play with her…I knew that she will be willing to spend the whole night with me…I got loose from her..and asked her to lie back over my palm in the pool…I lifted her in the waist and lifted her t-shirt…her big boobs were right in front of me..I chewed them one by one…they were tight and spongy…the tits are small..but I grew them up by licking and bitting…she was moaning….guys…I had a dream of licking someone in the pool..and believe me, the feeling is fantastic…slowly after 10-15 minutes of playing with boobs…my mouth rover to her pussy…I just pull down her track suit lower to reveal her g-sopt.  I was surprised to see her pussy clean…I loved that..and she had a real flat tummy…with a deep naval…she was sooo sexy that I did not understand how to proceed…but then I remember that I am still holding her up.

I did not waist anymore time but kiss her naval and licked the belly button..she was moaning….and then slowly came down to her pussy….I slowly spread her legs and started licking…the scent from her pussy was great and the clitoris was small enough for me to locate….I thnk since she was abstained from sex for long..she had it like that…but anyway..i started slowly licking in the pussy lips and she slowly started responding….after about 2-0 minutes of this, she was in pain to be fucked….I lifted her up fro the pool and took to the bench…and roamed over her……I fucked her in every position every moment like anything….and she was crying all the way after my each insertion….we both were just mad….and we had no other things to care….It was about 1 PM we finished up..and again took a bathtogather and went her home….there also we spelt together in each other’s arm…and have fun for the whole night.

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