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Sweta And I Sex Story

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

This is a narration of my great sexual encounter with my cousin.Let me start by describing her – her name is Swetha and she is about 5 ft 6’’ tall,with long flowing hair and a great figure of 34-25-36.She is 4 yrs elder to me but we’ve grown together like friends.We were really close right from childhood and right through the ages we’ve been discussing our personal things.My sexual interest in her started when I was in class XI when I chanced to see her lovely bosom,but I really couldn’t get a chance to put it through to her.Time flew and her marriage was fixed and I was getting desperate.I was worried that I would miss the opportunity .But luck was with me.That night,after her marriage was fixed,I was sitting alone on the terrace,planning my moves when Swetha came.She was wearing a printed white sari and a black low cut blouse.She had noticed my pensive mood during the day and came over to chat.We got talking and in due course of time,it became intimate.Swetha was talking sweetly and she broke out saying that she wanted to get deflowered by me.I choked on hearing this and she said she was holding this within for a long time.I made sure everyone was asleep and I gently carried her in my arms to my bedroom and locked the door from inside.

I was in a high and was raring to bite into her flesh.She undid her hair and let it fall loose.I approached her and held her hair at the back of her head and propped it up and gave her a nice long kiss on the mouth.I felt like I was sucking nectar from a flower.I moved my slow,gentle kisses down to her neck and ears.Then,hugging her closely and kissing her,I removed the pallu of her sari and tugged at it,makin her spin once and remove the sari hanging around her narrow waist.I paused a little to admire her- head bent from shame,the deep cut blouse exposing the top of her breasts,the lovely slim waist with the small navel, she looked like a dancer from heaven.I went closer,raised her bent head and told her that she looked gorgeous and kissed her.I turned her around and hugged her from behind and slowly kissing her,I opened the buttons in the front of her blouse one by one.I opened her blouse and gently removed it from behind.She was wearing a black bra.Wasting no time, I proceeded to remove her petticoat too.She was in her lingere.I too stripped till my briefs.Her tits were waitin to be released and when I removed her bra,they popped out.Her breasts were full and the dark brown nipples were standing out.I leaned her against the wall and squeezed her tits till she let out a gasp.Then I proceeded to suck the left breast while I was kneading the right with my hand.Swetha was moaning and she grabbed the hair on my head and pressed me hard into her chest which was warm and cozy.I kneeled down and kissed her belly and licked her navel with my tongue.She was getting very horny by this and started thrusting her hips towards my face.I carried her to the bed and laid her on her back.Then I raised her legs towards me and licked her toes and feet and kissed her all the way upto her inner thighs.I kissed one leg while I was running my finger nails lightly over the other.Swetha was moaning pretty loudly and was trembling.Her panties were wet with pussy juices and I ran my thumb over her crotch through the panties,making a squelching noise.She jumped on this and held my hand .I parted them gently and proceeded to remove her panties.She had neatly clipped her pussy hair and dark pink lips were jutting out.My mouth was watering and I nosedived into her crotch.I ran my tongue from the bottom of her clit to the top of her clit,makin her shudder and gasp with excitement.I parted swetha’s pussy lips and licked the pussy flesh inside.She moaned so loudly that I thought she might wake the others up,so I had to quieten her up with a few words.I then sucked the tiny pink pearl that was her clit and twirled it in between my teeth.She thrust her hips up and down as I continued to suck her clit.Swetha made a final thrust of her hips,twisted to one side,shivered violently and climaxed for the first time of her life.Her pusy throbbed for a long time with repeated convulsions of her labia,gushing out her juices.I let her ease up a bit,took my 7.5’’ long,5.5’’ round dick out and placed it in the cleavage of her breasts.It was warm as an incubator.Swetha sat up and held it firmly in her hands and admired it.She then licked it over and over like a lollypop and sucked the glans.I looked down with pleasure as her lovely lips were sliding up and down my cock,wetting it with saliva.

I laid her back on the bed and spread her legs.I ran my cock up and down her pussy to lubricate it.Swetha laid her head back and closed her eyes.I caressed her hair and told her not to worry and that I would be gentle.I kissed her gently and entered her love hole gently.ooooofh..she was as tight as a virgin could be and I had to push hard as my fat cock went in slowly.Her loud moans were muffled by my kiss and I continued invading deep into her warm tight cave.When I was fully inside I parted the kiss and came upright.I wrapped her legs around my waist and withdrew my cock slowly till only the glans remained inside.Swetha opened her mouth slightly and let out a grunt.Then I shoved my dick deep with force and started pounding her hard like a jackhammer drilling.I had to kiss her to stop the sounds escaping her mouth.I then raised her legs higher and drilled deeper into her.She too got the hang of it and started to milk my cock with her pussy muscles.Finally swetha clamped my cock tight with her pussy,raised her hips to get deeper and came violently.I fucked her for some more time and this time she milked me to my orgasm.I withdrew my cock at the last moment and came on her tits and collapsed on the bed.Both of us hugged and kissed each other and slept for an hour after which we washed and I helped Swetha dress up and go to her room as she couldn’t walk properly.I came back to my room to find spots of blood on the bedspread,the marks of popping Swetha’s cherry,washed the sheet and slept,satisfied.Swetha got married a week later and we still fuck whenever possible.

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