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Sweet Saba Ko Choda

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

Hi friends. I’m an old reader of desipapa and all the other desi pages. But for the first time I’m going to share mine story with you. First of all I should introduce my self with you. My name is Shakeel and I’m of 26 and the son of a business man. I’m from Pakistan. It all happened a year ago when I decided to make a computer center. I used to teach the students myself. There are different classes of males and females.
One day I was sitting in my office working my office work and I saw that one of my friend’s friend was entering in my office with a cute girl whom I don’t know. But at the first sight I admired her beauty in my thoughts. Latterly when he introduced me with her, I got that she lived in the same area where my home is situated and I knew her father too. I had a lot of girls studying in my center but I didn’t like to talk to them much. But only teach them and nothing else .But this girl was the only one whom I liked to talk. Coming back to my story she told me her name as Saba and she had taken her graduation examinations and was waiting for the result, so she decided to get some computer knowledge. My friend’s friend told me that she came to her coz she was his student too and asked me to recommend about some best computer center in the town and he mine as he knew me before. In short she got admitted in mine center and I started educating her. But as I was interested in her so I decided to give her time when nobody would be there in the center. I asked her that can she come after 12:00PM daily so I can teach her easily and she agreed. She started to come at 12:00PM and I started to teach her. After some days we became good friends as I told her about mine family and she got that her father and mine were known to each other and she told all this to her mother and father.

They called me at their home on a cup of tea and were happy to know that I was teaching to their daughter and were satisfied too. She had a computer which was purchased by his brother but now he had gone abroad for further studies and the computer was vacant. She asked me if I can help her when studying at home on her PC and I immediately replied in positive. So she called me a lot of times at her home and we use to talk on studies and also in some other matters too. Now I thought I should get some encouragement and say her some words of my heart. I thought a lot on this and on next day I told her that I had fallen in love with her. She got shocked and told me that how can it be possible. I asked her am I not able to get love from any girl, She told that you are very good person and may be she is not able for that. But I requested her again and this time she agreed on my words. I hurriedly took her hand in mine and asked “Can I kiss your hand”. She was looking shy but I did the first kiss on her hands as nobody was there and my peon was away to get some thing from market. In this way we started our love. I kissed her each and everyday as I get sometime lonely. After some days I used to put my hands on her tummy and also on her chest while French kissing her.

After some days she told me that her result was declared and she got good marks and as her college was in other city so she would have to go there to pick her result card. I offered her that may I go with you to pick tat up. She asked me if it’s easy for me than its OK other wise she can go by herself. But I told her that I can do anything for her. So the next day it was decided that we both will leave. I asked for a car from my friend and proceeded to the point we decided for. There I stayed for 10 minutes when she reached there and sat in the car. I drove very fast to reach there soon and reached in one hour. We picked her result card and we were free from there within 15 minutes. Then I ask what to do next. She said that if I have time than we can go to any place where we can sit and talk coz no body in that city was known to me and either to her too. As it were the winter days and we both were feeling cold so I offered her if I may get a room in some hotel so that we can sit tere easily and talk easily. She once hesitated but as I insisted she got agreed. I drove in search of some suitable hotel but before that I stopped the car near a medicine store and bought a pack of condoms and some tablets for headach.When I came back to the car she asked what I bought and I showed her the tablets. Then I got a room in a hotel and we both got in. As we entered the room I switched on the TV and also the gas heater. It was two bedded room but she sat on a chair while I laid on the bed and start talking of here and there.

Then I ask her to come to me. She came near to me and sat besides me. I took her hand in mine and put it on my chest. She started to finger my chest hair. Than I talk to her about our love and then I kissed her on her cheeks and than French kissing. As the room temperature was hot by the heater and we both were there all alone and were young with hot blood too. She started moaning like ooooooooon…..aaaaahhhhh.I placed my right arm on her left boob from her kameez and started to squeeze it lightly. She put her both hands on my shoulders. Then I left her boob and gave her a hard hug with my tongue in her mouth. She moaned in a loud voice. Then I put my one hand on her back under the kameez and started massaging her back. And took her earlobe in my mouth and started to lick it. Her moans changed in to haaaaaaaannnnnn……………oooooooooooooooohhhhhh……….maza aaraha hai……….haaannnnnnnnn. Then I took of her kameez up to her boobs which were covered in a black net bra. It was for the first time I was watching her body in this position and wao what the scene was. She was very beautiful with 34-27-36.And was about 5’3″ in height. She opened the buttons of my shirt and started to massage my chest. I unhook her bra and suddenly two gorgeous ice balls were in front of me. It was as straight as arrow facing towards me.

I was facing the beauty of the world in front of me. I couldn’t stop myself and started to lick one and the other was in my hand squeezing it hard. She cried in a low voice”AAHISTA KARO NA DARD HOTA HAI”.I felt sorry on that and downed the pressure of my hand but I didn’t stop licking her boobs. I wanted that the both boobs must be in my mouth but couldn’t do that. Than I put her left hand on my dick at it was bouncing in my underwear and I wanted to give it freedom from the jail of underwear. She got the bulge under my pants and started to squeeze it smoothly. I asked her to give my dick freedom and she opened my zipper and took my dick out. She was surprised to see my 8″ hard rod which was very hot. At first she got embarrassed but than I told her that nothing going to happen to her and I’m with her. She was satisfied by now and I taught her how to jerk the dick. She started jerking it smoothly. I was in heaven by her touch tummy dick and was feeling as my dick was swimming in a ball of MAKHAN. It was very much MAZAY DAAR to have her hands on my dick. wao.mmmmmmmmmm…………………Than i took her head in my lap and she was laying on bed with her hand on my dick and head in my lap and I was squeezing her nipples with my on hand and fingering her hair with other. Suddenly I don’t know what happened to her that she kissed my dick, OOOoooooooooooo it was too great as her sweet lips touched the head of my prick. WAH kia baat ai uss kay hontoon ki.

Then she took the head of my dick in her mouth and started to sip like she was drinking the PEPSI. She was enjoying the entire movie which was going on the bed we were sitting on. Than I put one of my hands under her SHALWAR and found that she was not having hair on her pussy. OOOO I love that. I started to massage the lips of her pussy with my ring finger. And she was felling so much horny that she hugged and started to kiss me all over my face as well as my chest. Then she took my shirt of and asked me to take off the pants by myself. I took out all the clothes of mine as well as hers. We both were naked in front of each other. Kissing and licking all the way. Then I offered her to have 69 positions. This time she was up on me and I was lying on the bed. She started on my dick and I on her pussy. The odor of her pussy was so masculine that I forgot every perfume I have ever used. It was very nice and tasty. I started licking and put my tongue in between the lips of her pussy.OOOOOOO……mmmmmmmm. At the same time she was sucking my dick with lots of moans and groans. She was crying as oooooohhh…aaaaahhhhh…..zor say……jaunt bare maze aa raha hay. plzzzzzz mujhay kabhi na chorna. I love you janu……..suddenly I found that I was going to be released in her mouth. I stopped her but she was wild for that as a wild animal and wanted to eat it. But I told her not to do so. Than I told her that now I will give him the happiness and took my pant. Than I took the condoms pack and told her that I got it from the medicine store. She was very pleased to hear that. She thanked and kissed me on that.

Than I tore the pack and took out the condom and placed it on my dick. Than I again kissed her and put the head of my dick over the hole of her wet pussy. Than I put some pressure of my dick and the head was in a little bit but she started crying as I t was hurting her too much in her tiny hole. But I told her to get relaxed and it will hurt a little but you will get a lot of enjoyment a little time after. She agreed and I put some more pressure and half of my dick entered in. Suddenly I trusted and the dick entered in touring her hymen and stuck to her virginal and a big shout of Hay main mar gaee. O my god came out of her mouth. I stopped at once and kissed her cheeks and lips and with soft shots I started to and fro. That was nice for her and she started to enjoy that. Than she said me to get some speed as it was giving her the sight of heaven. I gained a little speed and than speeded up my self. While she was enjoying moans like oooooooo…..aaaaaahhhhhhh….. mmmmmmmmm were coming out of her. Suddenly I got that I was to come and I was on the highest speed and suddenly I felt that some pin is pinching over the head of my tool and it was so mazaydar that I didn’t stop and unloaded my come in her but as we were safe because of condom, there was no problem of any pregnancy. At the same time she also got unloaded. I lay on her for more 10 minutes, kissing in French style.

Than I got up and lay besides her, and took a deep sleep in the same condition for one hour. After that I called the room service and ordered for lunch. I took the lunch together and than did the same with different styles twice. Then we took a warm bath together and put on our clothes and left for back to homes. In the way we talked a lot and kissed while driving and her hand was over my dick out of my pant. We reached back in the evening. After that we did it a lot of times as we get some time. Now she have gone to another city coz her father has got transferred but still we meet on net as well as on telephone and as I get some chance I go to her city and enjoy sex in some hotel. I think u all will be enjoying my true story. Please make your comments on I will tell you all about some more experiences after your comments if u like. Any girl who wants to get tore her hymen can contact me. I’m sure that she will enjoy a lot.

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