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Sweet Dream

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

I am male 28 from Karachi and this is a true story. I am living in Karachi and doing business. The sweet incident happened 8 years back. Our next door neighbour was a sexy aunty of age 34 years while I was 20 at the time. I was having the crush on her since I have seen her first time. She was married having 2 children and husband living abroad. As of neighbours we have very good family terms and almost every day we met either she come at our home I might be going there cause any thing she requires she do ask me to bring or help out. She was Masters in ENGLISH Literature so, most of times I do take some educational helps from her in regards to grammar etc. Let me describe her.

She was 5.6 in height and having cool figure. 38 – 30 – 40. I love chubby ladies. She was a real sex Goddess and was very frank with me. She never take Duppata at home in front of me and as usually married ladies wear deep neck she do too. So, I do almost have a chance to see her cleavage while she is performing house hold works. One fine lucky day I took off from university. She called me up to help in some house matters. I went her home in my night trouser and T-shirt and was not wearing under wear too. She as usual wear a low neck cotton shalwar suit and no dupatta. Her children went to school while her Mother in law was in Lahore for few days to meet some relatives. We were alone at her home.

She asked me to help her in cleaning the “DO CHATTI” this is a kind of store we have in houses most on Washrooms to keep seasonal clothes or other house hold things etc. I brought the small lader from my home. I asked her that I may go upstairs and do the needful as she directs but she says that she needs to accompany other wise I can’t handle. So, I hold the ladder and she climbed at first as I was holding that ladder which is quite a small one so, she almost rubbed her whole body with me while crossing me. I felt an electric current in my whole body and got an instant errection. She went up and hold the ladder from top so, that I can also come upwards. I was in awkward situation as I got an errection and wearing no underwear under my cotton sleeping trouser. The bulge was so, prominent that may be a blind could see too. She asked me to hurry up and when I went up she got noticed on my errection and have a smile on her lips but said nothing. The store is short heighted and we could on sit in this. Now she was in front and was at her back and was giving an helping hand and lifting things up and and moving besides. While taking out a suit case she has to stand and bend out as there were obstacles in between. Due to weight of suitecase she can’t lift by her self so, she asked me to give a hand. Of course I have to come from Top of her and bring my hands side by side to lift the suitcase. This made our whole body contact and I felt her delicious Bums. Once again I got an errection immediately and my DICK just sets in the crack of her buttocks.

I got scared that she might get annoyed but she havn’t shown any reaction. This made me little brave and I cupped her breast sagging downwards while lifting the suitcase showing that It is accidental. My mine was a feeling holding a 38 size swollen breast in hand while it is facing downwards with full weight towards earth’s having full effect of gravity. My DICK seems to get busted it became so rock hard. well as suitcase was too heavy so, we open it up and have taken out some stuff and than lifted it up which takes almost 5 mins. Whole 5 mins I was rubbing my DICK in her ass and many times have touched and pressed her breasts. I got so much aroused due to this and while she was showing no resistance I thought man today it’s time to fuck her. It would be my first fuck too. I than boldly pressed her both the boobs from my hands at same time and started massaging them and on seeing every thing is going well I kissed at her neck and ears. The next I slid my hands in herShirt and brings them to her breast by lifting the Shirt. I just pulled out the bra upwards which was too tight but I was in too much sensation that I done it with in cuple of seconds and made a breast naked. Now i started feeling her nipples and Bare breasts which was the best feeling i ever had till date and still I got an immedaite errection when ever I thought. I than asked in her ear Aunty it is quite hot here let us move to the bed room to have some fresh air. She nodded yes and I went down first and she after wards. As soon as she touches the floor I grabbed her and gave her a strong Hug in excitement. She laughed and said for first time that you are too curious.

I just bought her to bed and let her lie. I got on top and start kissing all over her forehead, cheeks and than at lips. we made a strong lustful wrench kiss for a long time I guess may be 5 mins.whil emy hands were exploring her body. After wards I removed her shirt and start kissing her navel and tummy and breast with out removing bra. She tried to remove but I said no. Let me undress you my self. I than turned her around and started kissing & licking all over her back. She was shivering from pleasure. I try to un-hook her bra with my teeths and got success afte 2-3 mins as her bra was too tight. She told me that her breast size is 38 but she wears 36 bra so, that They looks more firm. I than went to her juicy round big ass. I was feeling the butts from hands and than slowly started removing the shalwar which was having elastic. I want to keep the ass in my long term memory so, I slid the shalwar very slowly exploring each and every part of those beautiful rounds. Finally after removing the shalwar I started kissing and biting her ass but very softly. She started making noises and she was getting too much aroused too. Than removed my clothes urgently but she asked me not to remove my trouser as she want to make fun too. I turned her around and removed my mine what a scene to watch her cool boobs were in front of me having light brown colour Nipples of perfect size almost grown upto 1/2 inch. I just hold her breast and had given her a good brush. She arched her back upwards and asked me to suck her. I went to her breast and kissed around the nipples and than bite soft at left nipple with my teeth.

After wards started Licking her breast ignoring the nipples. She was pushing her breast in my mouth so, that I may start sucking but I was in a mood to tease her a bit. After her loud scream and almost scolding me SUCK me I started sucking her breast. She was tasted a bit saltish but cool. I keep on sucking her for almost 10 mins and fondled the breast well. Than she asked me to stand and she sit down facing my rock hard DICK in my trouser. She kissed my DICK from touser and I got an electric current and jerk. She giggled and slowly removed my trouser. My 6.5 Inches Dick which is quite thick too was in her front. She told me that I am bigger than her husband and she is hungry for last 6 months since her husband went back to Kuwait for Job. Now she started kising my DICK and took it in hr mouth and started kissing. It was my first Blow JOb of my life. I was getting too much aroused that I was shivering. She was damn sexy she knows well how to enlit a man. She was licking the whole DICK with her tongue and sucking my Testicles. Taking the Whole length of DICK in her mouth. She sucked me so cool that I was about to cum after 3 mins only.

She was looking in my eyes naughtily and knows when to stop. When I was about to cum hold my dick and let me recover back and not to cum. This keep on going for almost 10 mins and now I was at the extreme urge to cum and cum a litre at least. I told her that now I can’t hold please let me cum. She keep on sucking me and at last I bursted load and load of cum in the base of her throat. I was really surprised that the quantity I have cummed I might never had before. She ate almost whole cum. I was never be thinking that she is too hungry of sex. After wards she lied on the bed and asked me to suck her. I started from her forehead and finally went to the love valley. The love triangle was beautiful and neat. So, clean that any one may love to eat it out. She was very fair colour and her pussy colour was light brown. I gave her a long lick from the base to th etop of pussy pushing my tounge deep in the crack. She had given a loud moan and arched her back in responce. She asked me to suck her as her husband do never sucked her. I started sucking her really hard and she was moaning loudly some time every shouting in pleasure. When I put my whole tongue in her love whole she shivers because of pleasure and holds my head tightly to push inside her pussy. I keep on sucking her for 4-5 mins and started making soft bites on pussy lips. She went crazy with bites and asking me to fuck her other wise she would die because of pleasure. I do also get a hard-on again because of her so much responsive attitude. Finally with a bite on her pussy and a deep suck she went for her life time organsm too.

Holding the bed sheet tightly and shouted. A lot of waters flown out from her pussy and her body relaxed and she lain on the bed with open hands and wide open legs and taking long breaths. I asked her did you like it aunty. She replied I love it. She asked me to come and lie of her and when she saw me hard dick again she exclaimed so soon and a naughty smile came on her face. She immediately take my Dick in her mouth and started sucking it. Untill it becomes rock hard and well lubricated with her saliva. She than lie on the bed and lifted her legs side by side and asked me to sit in between. Than she holded my dick and guided it to her pussy and asked me to enter slowly. I was too excited because of my first time fuck that I had given her a hard jerk to enter as I was having a concept that pussy is too tight always to enter. She gave a loud moan and asked me to do slowly as she havn’t been fucked up for last 6 months.

Now I started moving slowly and what a pleasure it was. It was great. I started sucking her breast at same time and soon we came under a rythm of fucking. with every thrust she bucked her hips up wards and it gives great pleasure to both of us. We fucked almost 15 mins in same position and she got 2 organsm during the session. Later she told me that as I had a blow job with full force so, that’s why the 2nd organsm does always takes longer period. Finally after almost 15 mins of fast and slow fucking we both came toghter. She asked me to cum inside her as she was having some precautions “RING”to control birth. That was a cool organsm too. I have cummed alot again. Her pussy was over flowing. I colapsed on her and we both slept for 30 mins while my LIMP dick was on her pussy. Later she wake up and let me clean and we completed that store cleaning but in Nude on my request and I keep on playing with her body all the time. Later we fucked almost 2 years which stories I shall tell you later. I have fucked 1 of her best friend too with her help. Any sexy lady from Karachi If want to have really good relation can contact me while serecy will be guranted

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