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Sweet Didi Ki Chudai

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

My name is sonu 23 and this is my first story, I’m from Bombay and doing a degree in marketing (second year) I find these house wives, teachers and women in the age around 30 to 45 very sexy. I don’t know why I like women this way but I know this is bad, but what to do, if I see women in sari I go crazy, and need a hand job immediately to cool my self. I usually shake at least once a day thinking of my teachers, aunts neighbor ladies etc.

Without writing unnecessary things I’ll straight away come to the story. The story is about a woman who is a sexy bomb with a very cute ass and big juicy boobs, she’s one of those kind of women who any man will imagine tearing the ass. Your mouth will water when you look at her boobs.

Of course she’s married with 2 kids and into the mid thirties and her hubby is busy with his work since he’s a government servant. He leave early to office usually comes late with a drink (he’s an alcoholic) and the 2 kids usually go to school therefore she is left alone in the morning time.

I got closed to this lady by helping her with some of her work like troubleshooting the TV, configuring the PC doing shopping with her etc. Every day I wake up thinking of her thinking that today I will fuck this bitch, I was feeling totally out of control that I wanted to fuck this bitch as hard as I can, and I was waiting for the right opportunity.

One morning I left to class around 7:30 Am and because there weren’t any classes on that day I decided to visit this didi, as soon as I thought of her I felt my body temperature increasing and my little dick getting real hard.

Without wasting time I went to her place which was nearby to my institute. When I reached her place there weren’t anybody except my cute NILIMA didi, she opened the door and she was wearing a light green color nighty (night gown) which was see through, after saying “good morning” I glanced at her beautiful boobs which were struggling to get out of a black color bra which was visible through her nighty, this happened in a second and our eyes met, and she invited me into her house and the kids left to school and hubby gone to office, she said she was just lying on the bed relaxing after a busy morning.

She walked towards the kitchen saying that she’ll prepare some tea for me and I followed her staring at her beautiful ass from behind, of course she knew that I’ll be enjoying the view from behind. Usually in the mornings when I visit her place(I go there for those views) the first thing she do is get changed to a salvar or a skirt & blouse because I got caught couple of times staring at her boobs when she’s in sari( I just can’t stop looking at those huge melons). I love to see this women in sari, that’s why I go shopping with her and due to our age different nobody doubts me and I usually call her NILIMA didi, But today she didn’t change her nighty (I wonder why) and she knew that it was a bit see through she definitely knew that I’ll be enjoying the view of her firm ass with a black panty from behind when following her into the kitchen.

Now she was preparing tea for me and I was enjoying the treat in front of my eyes sitting there like a good little boy.

I was wondering what she is thinking, she asked me whether there aren’t any classes and I reply, and some normal things. My whole body was burning and a big bulge was visible through my denim which I didn’t try to hide. Suddenly she turns towards me and I quickly tried to change my view but I got caught, damn she was looking into my eyes and I was too scared to look at her face, she gave the tea and went to the hall and switched on the TV. I followed her with the tea and she looked at me and gave a naughty smile, I felt a bit relief by that.

After a wicked smile she asked me what I was looking, I told her that she looks very beautiful in this nighty, she asked beautiful or sexy, and I was really horney at that time so I told her the truth damn sexy. I was expecting her to invite me for a hot fuck, but instead of talking anything she maintained silence for about 5 minutes and that 5 minutes was the most tensioned 5 minutes because I know that this is the best opportunity for me, but nothing really happened. I felt so bad and I was really scared to ask anything from her, if she tell this to my mom then I’m dead. So after keeping the tea cup on the bench I sat beside her in the sofa. She again gave a glance and remain silence. I broke the silence between us by asking why she is not talking anything. NILIMA didi said that it’s wrong to think of a married women in the age of my elder sister like this way, and I asked which way, she said in a sexy way. By telling all this she did not show any anger, she was just talking in the normal way.

I said that I need to talk to her about few personal things and she said ok. Then I told her everything, that I was in need of her body so badly and I couldn’t think of any other women, and I wanted to show love to me. She said that she understand my feeling but cannot help since she’s married and a mother of 2. I begged like a beggar begging for food. She shouted at me to go to the bathroom and masturbate, I was shocked hearing this from NILIMA didi. I was scared and I know leaving this without any further ideas is dum, because there’s no return from this point without fucking this sexy queen bitch. I was holding both of her knees while begging and she was sitting because of this her left knee was visible through the opening of the lower end of her nighty. I suddenly kissed on her left knee and looking deep into her eyes said “please NILIMA didi only once” she kept her hand on my head and asked me to leave her leg and sit beside her. I said only if she agrees then I will do that, she said ok she’ll masturbate me and nothing more than that.

I said I wanted to suck her boobs which are worth dying. NILIMA didi said no and I felt like crying because I was feeling very ashamed begging a women for sex like this.

Finally she said that I can feel her breast with cloths on, and she’ll give a handjob and only for today and don’t come to see her after this. I said ok and followed her to her bedroom. didi was standing near the bed and I was touching every part of her body from her toes to her hair, like a mad person telling allsorts of things, and kissing on both cheeks, arms, knees boobs(without undressing her) almost everywhere with cloths on.

She said it’s enough and she’ll now give a handjob, I knew if this bitch touches my dick that’ll be the end, I’ll shoot my load at the moment she touches my dick which is like an iron road, since I’m a virgin I was feeling that much aroused . I said since it’s only for one day so I would like to do it as long as possible and I didn’t let her open my pants, I pushed her on to the bed and kissed everywhere. It was 9:30 Am and her kids will be back home at 2:30 PM and they have school service vans arranged and she doesn’t have to go and pick them.

So if I can keep this going until around 10:30 then I can arouse didi and fuck her, because she was already so hot and as soon as I hear her moaning I can take that nighty off. After doing a lot of kissing I started licking her legs, boobs (without removing the nighty) which she didn’t try to stop which was a good thing. I was like ready to ejaculate with my denim on, but I do a lot of exercise and keep me fit because I knew that will help in fucking. So I controlled my ejaculating felling and licked up to her thighs now a little bit of moan will make me lick her cunt, NILIMA didi was not allowing to go further than her thighs.

When I looked at her face she was closing her eyes and lying on the bed with full of feelings, I guessed she didn’t have sex for a long time because her hubby is an alcoholic and who can keep things to this long time. Then I lye on her and started sucking her tong. Wow a lot of hot saliva and now I concentrate on sucking her tong and only in that without doing anything. We were like lovers kissing kissing and kissing a lot without stopping. I don’t know how long I kissed her but I heard her moaning saying “love u” and “amar gud nea khela kar”(play with my thing) which is a green signal for me to fuck her.

Now I’m like an angry lion, I took off her nighty in a flash and didi did not tell anything, thereNILIMA DIDI was standing in her black color bra and panty, I pulled her panty and tear it. I throw her on the bed and started licking her hot cunt which was already overflowing with hot juice.

Now NILIMA DIDI was shouting like hell, and she took off her bra as well, and was scolding me with all those bad words to fuck her brain off, I started licking her boobs my favorite part on her body, now didi begged me to fuck her she said “sonu please tear my cunt and ass”, and I said ok darling and with a hard push I pushed my dick in her pussy I think that’s the most wonderful feeling in my life. Her hole wasn’t that tight, since she is a mother of 2, and been fucked many times unlike me. I knew I could not keep this so long so I fucked her with all the force in the world, and in few minutes I shoot a huge load ( I never shout such a big load in my life) and I asked didi whether I have cumed so early? She said its ok for a virgin and I did a great job in the foreplay. We both lay there for about 10 minutes. I checked the time and it was 11:30 I knew no virgin can fuck this long time on the first fuck. I told her “NILIMA DIDI I love u so much and I wanted to do this forever” I kissed her a lot even after fucking her. My dick was looking so big I never felt so big in my life forever. didi asked me that she wanted to suck my dick, I said ok and sat on the edge of the bed and she was a real good sucker, she suck like those women who suck in porn movies.

My head was spinning because of the wonderful feeling, and didi was looking right into my eyes which made the situation sexier. It took a bit long to cum this time and she didn’t leave a drop of sperm out she drank the whole stuff. I asked her to keep on sucking until it get ready because I wanted to fuck her as much as possible and around 1 o clock we played the second round, I couldn’t find a condom so I used a tissue bag and fucked her cute virgin ass in doggy style from behind. First didi didn’t let me to use her ass but I convinced her that it will not pain, even though she was screaming. And her ass hole was very tight indeed.

We completed everything sharp at 2 PM and didi kissed me and said that she needs a bath before her kids come from school. I said ok and went home took lunch and slept for 3 hours. On that evening I visited her place and helped her help the kids with there home work and took dinner with her hubby and came back home giving her a secret kiss and telling didi that I’ll be here tomorrow morning. I changed most of my classes to evening schedule and every morning I go there fuck my sweet didi and from there I go for lectures then straight home. It’s been a year and a half, and we’re still doing this, didi looks much younger and beautiful now, and I’m like her husband to her I love her so much and she too loves me. I’m enjoying my life so much and my grades are getting better because I can study well without sexual tension.

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