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Sweet Daughter In Law Fucked

  • desipapa
  • January 8, 2016

My name is Sarita. I am married for one year. My husband works in a company and he is out for tours almost all the time. I am 24 years old and he is 27. my stats are 38-28-39 and 5’3″ tall. my husband was 5’6″ tall n had 71/2″ cock. his name is Raj.

I was leading a very happy married life. my husband got a good opportunity and he had to go abroad. its been only six months since marriage. as i would be alone my father-in-law, Mohan, his friends call him “baba” decided to come and stay with me. his wife died years ago. my husband left and the first two months went on smoothly. i was staying along with my father-in-law. one day while i was in he bathroom i slipped and had very minor injuries on my back and legs. nothing much to worry about. my father-in-law rushed to the bathroom and saw me lying on my back. he lifted me and held me and made me sit on the bed. he was enquiring about the injuries. the injuries were not serious and i started to feel better by this time. he asked where it was paining. i told him that there was little pain in my legs n back. he said that he apply some iodex. he reached the cupboard and brought some iodex. he asked to me show the place where it was paining so that he can rub over there. i was hesitant first but then i felt that after all he is my father-in-law. i started to feel comfortable.

I raised my saree a little upto my knees n showed him where it was hurting me. he took some of the iodex in his hand n touched my thigh. his hand was warm and i started to feel strange. he was slowly moving his hand on my thighs and applying the iodex. it was feeling great as he was rubbing my thighs. he was very slowly but surely moving his hand to the inner parts of my thigh. i started to lift my legs up. i was not wearing panties inside as i generally don’t have them at home while working. as i lifted my legs up and my saree was upto my knees i guessed that he was able to clearly see the inside of my thighs. at this time he was moving his hand fast on my thighs. it was feeling great and i had my eyes closed. when i opened my eyes to see what he was doing i saw that even his eyes were closed. with one hand on my thighs the other was rubbing his cock. he was wearing a lungi and nothing inside. i could see his cock. it was huge. i saw him open his eyes and i quickly closed my eyes and didn’t move. i started to enjoy the massage he was giving to my thighs. he was giving a great pleasure and i started to feel wetness in my pussy. i started to moan lightly. by hearing this he must have assessed my situation n moved his hand still further till his fingers touched my pussy lips. he did not move his hand from there for a long time. i opened my eyes n asked him not to stop. i was getting out of my senses and enjoyin my father-in-law giving me a wonderful massage. hearing this from me he lifted my saree further till my hips n started to feel my pussy.

He seperated the pussy lips n inserted one finger inside. he was fingering with one finger. his other hand started to move up to my boobs. i caught his hand and placed it on my left boob. he looked at me and smiled. i said”never mind n enjoy your daughter-in-law.” he started pressing my boobs over my blouse. my nipples were becoming very hard by this time. down his hand was making faster movements. he inserted another finger inside. he removed his hand from by boobs and lowered his head. with his two hands he seperated my pussy lips and started to lick it. first he was licking the walls and then he was licking my clit. all this time i was watching his cock. it was out long back from his lungi and i could see it clearly. he was finger fucking me licking my cunt simultaneously. now another of his finger went inside my pussy and i cried” fuck your bahu with your finger n lick her pussy.” i think this had a huge reaction on him and his hand movements became very fast. he fucked me and licked me for about 30 mins and when i said that i was about to cum he said”i will not allow my bahu to cum in this way without taking my cock in her love triangle.” saying this he removed his fingers from my choot. his lips were shining from the juices of my pussy and licking them he said” bahu u seem to have a wonderful choot. now its time u take care of this monster which has been hurting me for a long time.” saying so he showed me his cock. it was the first time i had such a close look at that thing it was long n thick. he laid on his back with his lungi and shirt removed and fully naked in front of his bahu. he said” why are u straining ur boobs against the blouse and it can no longer hold on your boobs anymore.” i said” papa you yourself undress your bahu so that u can see her nude.”

I went near him and he sat and pulled me onto him and kissed me on the lips. oh it was a wonderful kiss. his mouth was full of my pussy juices and it tasted great. he was still kissing me and his hands were working on the buttons of my blouse. he was finally able to have a look at my large naked boobs. he exclaimed”bahu you have wonderful boobs. they are very hard n the nipples are big. i loveto suck on them. now suck ur father-in-law’s cock and make him cum all over his beautiful bahu.” i said” its my delight to suck a thick and large one n to have it in my mouth and pussy.” he asked me to call him “baba” and not father-in-law anymore. i also requested him to call me just Sarita and not bahu. both of us agreed. i made him lie on his back and his cock was pointing to the sky. i took it in my hand n felt it. i said” baba ur cock is so large. how did your wife manage to take it.” he said” u’ll know it in a matter of time.” i sat between his thighs and caught the base of his cock and pulled the skin back. there were drops of pre-cum on the tip. i licked it. it tasted great. i kissed the tip and looked at him. his eyes were closed. i licked the entire length of the cock. it was hard and burning like a metal rod. i lifted the cock and took his balls in my mouth and started to suck them in my mouth and stroking the cock with my hand. i slowly chewed the balls and he was moaning lightly. i removed his balls from my mouth n took his cock in my mouth. for once i took the whole of it inside n sucked on it,removed it from my mouth and caught the base of it. i stuck my tongue out and started to tap the tip of his cock on my tongue. all the while i was playing with his balls slowly pressing and tapping them. baba said” Sarita you are a good teaser. now stop doing that suck that thing. i am dying here and my balls will burst with the cum.” i said” baba i want u to have the best orgasm of ur life and don’t stop ur lovely bahu in the middle.” he was pleading me to suck it. i felt pity on him and took it inside. wooowwwww. it was hot like a furnace. i took the whole thing inside and it was touching my throat. it was about 9″ long and 3″ round. i closed my lips tightly around his cock n started to move my head up n down rythematically. he was enjoying it and his moans increased. i did that for about 25 min alternately sucking his cock and balls n giving kisses on the tip. his cock was jerking hard in my mouth n moving violently.

I knew that he was nearing an orgasm n just one or two strokes would make him cum. so i removed my mouth from his cock.baba said” bahu!.. i am going to cum. don’t stop n make me cum all over u n suck me dry untill the last drop.” i said “i’ll not allow my baba to cum so fast” and caught his balls and pressed them little hard. i did that for quite some time. now i know that he’ll not cum. making sure of that i took his balls in my mouth and sucked them while stroking his cock. i lifted my head n said “baba how do u feel now.” he said” Sarita i’m feeling great n don’t stop.” i started to work on his cock again. this time i sucked for a little lesser time n again when i felt that he was about to come i was about to do the same thing which i did earlier. he said “ooohhhhh bahu! don’t do that again. my balls r becoming heavy n they r ready explode. plzzzzzz don’t do that again. ” he was literally begging me. so i said ” baba i’ll let it this time but not next time.” saying so i took it in my mouth n started to move fast on his cock. it was shaking n he finally erupted with a huge load spraying in my mouth. i carefully drank all that. however some of his cum dripped from my lip edges n fell onto my boobs. baba said ” Sarita ur boobs r shining with my cum.” he sat n pulled me over n kissed me. he said” Sarita where did u learn this. i had the best orgasm of my life.” i smiled n kissed him again n moved my hand towards his cock again. baba said” u cock hungry slut i’ll give u the fuck of ur life.” i caught his cock n pressed it. it started to respond to my touch. i said” baba u r getting hard again. i think u didn’t have enough. shall i suck u again” smilingly. he said”now its my turn to make u cum.” saying this he pushed me on to the bed n widened my legs. his cock was fully erect again now. i said” baba why don’t we get into 69 so that both of us can enjoy.” baba said” no its my turn now n u’ll have to pay the price this time.” he was licking my pussy n fingering me. for about 30min he finger fucked me. i said” baba i’m going to cum.” baba said” now u’ll have to take this monster inside u, u slut.” i was surprised that baba was talking dirty. i liked that n said” baba i’ll be ur slut for ur entire life. u can have me whenever u want.”

When he heard this he felt excited n climbed on top of me. i caught his cock n guided his monster to the entrance. it just slipped in smoothly. baba made me wet nicely by licking n finger fucking me. he slowly started to move over me. i was feeling hot n cried” baba fuck ur slut’s choot n make her cum on ur cock. fuck her till she tires out.fuck her n fill her choot with ur hot n tasty cum. make her shower ur cock with her pussy juices.” hearing this baba increased the speed of his strokes. he was just ramming his cock deep into my pussy. and after 40 mins of intense fucking i said” baba i’m going to cum.” baba said” u slut of ur father-in-law tell me fuck ur brains out before u can cum.” when he said that i was almost completed n the very next moment baba came inside my choot. he was fully exhausted n fell on me n so was i. he was about to take his cock but i said “baba let it remain inside. i don’t wanna let it away even for a moment.” i kissed him n both of us fell asleep. after three hours of sound sleep i was was 5.00pm. i opened my eyes n found that baba’s hand was on my boob. seeing this i was excited. i looked at baba’s cock n it was semi erect. i took it in my hand n it was becoming hard instantly. baba felt my touch on his cock n with his cock coming to life he opened his eyes. he said “Sarita my slut u r awake n again working on my cock.” i said “baba ur cock is so beautiful n i can’t get it away from my sight.” saying this i was stroking his cock. he laid on the bed peacefully allowing his beautiful bahu give a wonderful blowjob. i was patting it on my palms. i took it between my palms n started to rub it. baba said” bahu it feels great. where did u learn all these things.” i smiled n said “baba i asked u to call me by name n not bahu.” baba said “u r my slut but first u r my bahu. suck that big cock n make ur father-in-law cum all over ur boobs n body u slut.” he said “bahu u seem to be hungry for cock always. i didn’t know that u were this horny. otherwise we would have started this long back.” i said ” baba i think i’ll never get tired of making u happy n enjoying this wonderful cock.” i started to take his cock in my mouth n he was moaning. i did exactly the same as i did before n prevented him from cummin 3 times. when he was about to cum for the 4th time he said “Sarita plllzzzzz make me cum or else my balls will blast n u’ll have nothing to enjoy with. make ur baba cum n dry him off the last drop. u cock hungry slut.” hearing this i increased my movements on his cock n he exploded instantly shooting his hot tasty cum all over my face n body n boobs. my whole face was covered with his cum n so were my boobs. i was rubbing his cum on my boobs n licking the remaining that was dripping from my face into my mouth. i said “baba u taste really great n i think i’ll be tired of having u.” saying so i got down of the bed n went into the bathroom. baba came behind me i was peeing n he enjoyed seeing me pee. later he also peed. i was washing my body. baba came behind me n said “let me clean my beautiful bahu from my cum with which i made her body sticky.”

I said i’ll take the first chance n took his cock in my hand n ever gently washed it with water. i was moving my hand slowly over it. i think baba was enjoying this coz he was again having an erection. i said “baba u r becoming hard again. u seem to have a lot of urge towards me.” baba smiled n said “bahu i seem to be always having an erection when u r around. n finish the cleaning soon.” i quickly did that n later he was my body with water. we went into the bedroom n i took a nighty put it on. i didn’t mind to wear bra or panty inside. baba also wore his lungi n came into the living room n was watching tv. i went into the kitchen to make tea n some snacks for us. i was working in the kitchen n turned around to see what baba was doing. he smoking n watching tv. i felt happy that i was enjoying with my father-in-law n he too liked me. i was ready with tea n snacks n took them into the dinning room n asked baba to come over there. we had n he again resumed to watching tv n i was doing the dishes. i was almost done with the dishes baba came behind me n hugged me tightly. i said “baba r u again hot for ur slut.” i was feeling his cock semi hard against my ass. he cupped my boobs from behind pressing them over the nighty. i felt a tingle in my spine n my pussy was itching. he turned me n kissed me in the lips with all his expertise n continued fondling with my boobs. he inserted his hand inside n was pressing them barely. both of us went to the bedroom n just then the doorbell rang. it was our maid who has come to wash the dishes. baba became very angry with the maid n scolded him. she was very upset. her name was sita. she was about 30 years old medium in complexion. 5’1″ tall with sizes 40-32-42. she was sweeping the floor n baba was looking at her in a different way. i went near n sat near baba on the couch. sita was sweeping the floor by bending we could see some part of her boobs. i was sitting really close to baba n sita was looking at us in a different way. on seeing sita’s boobs baba was having a erection. i noticed it n put his hand on his cock n pressed it.

I uncovered his cock n now it was visible. i left it outside uncovered n told baba to leave it like that n went to the bathroom. i actually had nothing to do in the bathroom. i was seeing what sita was doing at the sight of baba’s cock. when she looked for the she didn’t notice it much. now she was sweeping behind the couch n baba was sitting on the couch with his erect cock visible to sita. sita was watching his cock n her hand slowly moving to her boobs. baba started to rub his cock n stroke it slowly. sita’a hand went into her saree n she was fingering her pussy. she had her eyes closed n busy with her work. i went behind sita n placed my hand on her boobs lead her to my room. i was pressing them very hard n sita started to moan. she opened her eyes n said “malking what r u doing.” i said “sita don’t let urself do all the things. we r there to help u.” saying this i dropped her pallu n removed her blouse. i took one of her boob inside my mouth n pressing the other. i made her completely naked. now baba came inside the room n sita was afraid. i said “sita don’t be afraid. baba is here to please us. he’ll enjoy with us. baba came near sita n pulled his lungi off as weel as his shirt. now baba n sita were completely naked n me with nighty on. i made sita lie on the edge of the bed, spread her legs wide n said “baba, her choot is so big. she can easily take u in. baba now lick n suck sita’s choot while she the same with me.” saying this i went n sat on sita’s face with my legs spread. baba was examining her pussy n widening the lips of her pussy. he stuck his tongue out n started to lick it. sita also was doing the same thing to me what baba was doing to her. from this position i was not able to see what baba was doing so i turned round n sat on her face. baba was licking her choot. i said “baba suck this bitch. she was seeing n enjoying ur cock. she must pay the price for that. fuck her brains out as u fucked me.”

Hearing this sita increased his licking n sucking. she inserted two fingers in my pussy n moving them fast. down baba was with his expertise inserted his tongue deep into her pusssy n sucking her. sita was moaning n so was i. sita cried “malik i ‘m about to cum.” she stopped sucking me. she was out n baba lifted his face from her pussy. i said “baba how does sita taste. i would like to taste her from ur mouth.” i got n kissed baba. now sita was up n pulled me from baba n made me lie on the bed. sita said “u let ur father-in-law lick n suck me. now its ur turn to finger fuck me.” she sat on my face. i was licking her pussy n fingering it. it was loose n wet. baba said “u can’t do that to my beautiful bahu. u take this monster inside n suck it till it cums.” baba opened her lips n placed his cock in her mouth. sita was sucking his cock n i was licking her pussy. baba said that now its time for sita to be fucked by him. sita n i got into 69 position with me on the top. i said “baba i want to see ur cock ram sita’s pussy.” he fucked sita for about 25 mins n was about to explode. sita said “don’t cum in my choot malik coz i may get pregnant.” i moved from her face n took baba’a cock out of sita’s pussy n stroked it till baba came all over our bodies. sita was very happy that she had really good fuck. in the night baba n i had a bath together. during the bath baba was rubbing my boobs n he started to have an erection. i said “baba u r hot again. since morning u’ve cum 4 times n still u r having an erection.” baba caught my hand n placed it on his semi-erect cock n pressing it said “with such a beautiful bahu like u around i never seem to have enough. Sarita i’ll never be tired of fuckin u.” i was pressing his cock n stroking it. within no time baba’s cock was fully erect. baba said “Sarita all the fault is with u. see u made it erect n now i think u only can handle this. my beautiful bahu i never enjoyed this much before. nobody could please me this much. even ur mother-in-law. she never liked to suck my cock n was tired with just only once. even when she was young. but ur not like that.

Sarita tell me one thing. does my son fucks u to ur satisfaction.” stroking his cock n rubbing it between my palms i said “baba ur son is a nice fucker. but he does not seem to have the strength this many times. he does only two times a day. u know i’m horny n have to be content with self pleasuring.” baba said “Sarita u’ll never have to do that again with me around. i can fuck as many times as u want. u r the best i have fucked. also no one ever sucked me like this before as u did earlier n infact it was the best blowjob of my life. u seem to be very experienced.” i looked at baba smiled n said “baba i’ll make u float in heaven this time. i’ll make ur cum sacks full by not letting u cum till i wish. i’ll make them so heavy that they bulge to twice their size. just stand n enjoy.” i kneel before baba with his fully erect cock in my hand. i kissed the tip n ran my tongue all along the length of his cock. i took his balls in my mouth n chewed them slowly. baba was moaning. later i took his cock in my mouth n started to suck it. i was giving a simultaneous sucking n licking with a great involvement with my tongue. my pils was moving around his cock n the tongue was licking it. baba was moaning harder. i alternately sucked n licked his cock. i pulled his cock down opened my mouth with my tongue on the top. i took it inside in such a way that his cock was between my tongue n lower lip. i stated to suck it n baba was responding great to this. he was fuckin my mouth. i kept on sucking him n when i felt that he was about to cum i removed his cock from my mouth, closed the tip of the cock with my finger. i raised his cock so that i can see the veins on the bottom side. with one of my fingers on the tip i pressed a nerve n removed the finger on the tip. baba said “Sarita ..i’m gonna cum.” i smiled n said “baba do u think ur bahu will make u cum like this after having promised to take u to heaven.” i pressed the vein harder n caught his balls in my hand n pressed them lightly. now i was sure that he’ll not cum. i again repeated the procedure n this time when he was about to cum i did something different. this time also i pressed the vein on the bottom of his cock but stroked his balls gently. now i knew that baba would be in heaven. i said “baba how r u feeling.” baba was just moaning n he couldn’t speak. At least he gathered words n said “Sarita i’m in heaven. u r really great. continue this n make me cum.” i said “baba do u wanna cum now or will u love to have it later.”

Baba said “Sarita don’t let me out of this heaven.” i under stood what he meant. i pressed the vein little harder n took his cock in my mouth n started to sick it. i was also gently stroking his balls. i continued this for some more time n now i thought that baba could not take it any further. his balls became heavy with all the cum stored in them n his cock was shaking violently inside my mouth. i sucked his cock faster n released the vein which i kept pressing till this time. baba exploded in my mouth. i drank all of it n he seemed to have even more. i closed my mouth to swallow the cum inside n in this momentary lapse he shot his cum all over my face n body. i sucked him dry n cleaned his cock with my tongue. i raised my head n said “baba how was it.” baba opened his eyes n said “Sarita i’ll love u for ever. u always seem to have surprises when u give a blowjob. i was in heaven floating until u made me cum . i could feel that my balls became heavy n i was shaking. i never came this in my whole life. indeed u r the best sucker.” i said “baba fuck my ass. ur son never touches it. its a virgin ass.” baba said”Sarita u should have told me that before. i would like to break ur ass cherry. it’ll b nice n tight. i can fill this monster inside n make u cry out of pleasure.” baba made me lie on the bathroom floor. the water was cold n i had a strange feeling. baba seperated my legs n was licking my pussy. he liked my pussy lips n rubbed my clit. now he was entered my ass with one his fingers. it was tight n slowly he tried to insert it inside. it was tight. then he put his finger in his mouth n sucked it n again put it in my pussy n made it lubricated. baba said “Sarita ur ass is really tight. i think we’ll have to work it out to fuck it.” i said “baba do whatever u want with me. i’m ur slut. just fuck my ass.” he lubricated his finger well n guided into my ass. it went freely inside. he was fingering my ass n licking my pussy. i was just flowing as he was fingering my ass. my ass was also wet now n baba was fuckin my ass with three of his fingers. i said “baba now fuck my ass n break the cherry i can’t wait anymore.” baba said “Sarita let me make sure that ur ready to take my huge cock inside ur ass.” Saying this he increased the speed of his fingering in my ass. now he said “Sarita get up n lubricate ur cock with ur mouth so that u can feel it easy in ur ass.” i greedly took his cock in my hand n started to stroke it. baba said “u slut suck it n don’t make me cum. i like to in ur vigin ass.” i was sucking his cock n made it nice n wet. baba asked me to be on my kneels hands. i did so. now he caught my left ass-cheek n pressed it. he tapped the cheek till it became red he was stroking his cock as well.

I was able to see that under me. now he was really slapping my ass hard. he said “Sarita how r u feelin.” i said “baba its great. put that monster inside my ass.” baba caught the tip of his cock n placed it in the ass crack just over the anus. with one huge stroke he plundered it into my ass. i felt that i skipped a beat. i was breathing heavily n baba’s cock was in my ass half inserted. he let it stay like that for a while n started to move slowly. first it was hard but later it was free n the whole cock was disappearing into my ass. baba fucked me for nearly an hour in that position. i came twice while he was fuckin my ass. baba said “Sarita how r u feeling. do u like ur favourite cock in ur ass. i’m ramming it deep into ur ass. its so tight n nice.” i said “baba now i’m in heaven. u r really great n fantastic.” baba said that he was about to0 c um n moved faster that ever. the tightness of the ass didn’t matter to baba as his a huge cock might have loosened it. finally he laid on my back exploding in my ass. he was fully tired n was lyin on my back me on the floor. his cock was still in my ass. we laid there for 10 mins then got up n washed each other had dinner n slept.

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