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Sweet Cousin Puja

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hi guys! I am vinay from Gurgaon( Delhi ) , I am 23 a years old guy, 5feet 10 in height and have a good physique. I am from delhi India. I am a bachelor and currently working in MNC here in gurgaon. i have a nasty story to share with you. I was 20 at that time when i knew a little about the practical sex. I was used to listen a lot about the sex from my freinds and was keen to know more about it. I started reading x-rated material and also watch blue films at my freind’s place. My board exams were also very close and i had to study till late nights.

My aunt’s daughter , Puja was also preparing for her board exams as we were in same standard but in different schools. She was my first cousin and we were very frank with each other . She was 17 at that time and her body was pretty admirable as her breast was not less than any women at 23 and her ass was in a very good shape that can make anyone horny .I was very fond of her as she was very cute to look at and was of a very mischievous nature .One day when she came to my place to discuss with me some of the chapters , it took lot of time as it was 9.30 at night and my mother told her to stay back with us and go back home the next morning .She agreed and we had our dinner and everyone in house prepared to go to sleep . Mom arranged the room next to my room for her to sleep . She went to her room and I planned to study for the next another hour . I always used to keep those x-rated magazines in my room for reading when I got bored or tired of my studies . I studied for my exa! ms for another hour and after that i picked one of those magazines and start reading it , there was a cool and very erotic story of two strangers who just met at a railway journey and ended at having sex with each other . The story was so erotic that i started imagining myself to be having sex . My one hand went on my 6″ penis and i started misturbating ,soon my door got opened and my cousin stepped into my room .She actually came to ask me some problem she was facing ,as she was also studying in her room.

I was in a great shock and didnt knew what to say .I was naked from bottom and my hand was on my penis who was in its full swing . As soon as she realised what actually was going on she ran back into her room smiling .I was really embarassed at that moment .I didnt knew what to do.After 10 minutes i got up and i went to her room ,she was still studying and started smiling when she saw me there . I asked her why she was smiling at me , and she said she never thought of me to be so horny .She said she thought i am a very innocent guy . She hold my hand and pulled me to sit near her . i was still embarassed to say something . she asked me did i ever had sex with a girl .I was amazed with her question and said “no never”. She was wearing cotton shorts and sleeveless black t-shirt which was looking very attractive on her. She holded my hand and kissed on it and asked me to take off my shirt.i obeyed her because i was getting what i was dying for days . she started kissing my bod! y and reached my face and started kissing and licking all over my face. my penis was getting harder and harder .my one hand was on my penis as i couldn’t control it any more.she asked me to take off my pants and i didn’t took a single minute to do so. now i was fully naked then she asked me to take off her t-shirt also i was very exited about that as i never saw a naked woman in front of me in my whole life .

I took off her t-shirt and now she was in her bra and i swear she was looking damn hot in that . she took off her bra herself and man’ her boobs were now in front of my eyes they were round and looking hard and firm .her pink nipples were shining like two small marbles she asked me to suck her nipples , i never did that before so i started sucking them hard and biting on her tits ,she was moaning loudly and murmuring “hard raja hard ,more harder “. it was the great moment of my life ,i was sucking her tits and trying to chew her boobs in my mouth . she was moaning ‘mmmmmmaaaahhhhh’ ‘aaaahhhhh’ i was going on sucking her nipples . she took my penis in her hand and started playing with it . now i didnt control myself i wildly grabbed her shorts with great force and took it off . she was wearing no panties underneath and her pussy was looking like a tight pair of lips with no hairs around , looking as she was regular with her hairs. she still wants me in her mouth and i was al! so dying to eat her up. we got in 69 position and i started kissing her pussy and my tounge was doing in-out in her pussy , she was really enjoying it and saying in between “fuck me with your tongue harder bastard” .

She was also giving me the blowjob of my life .she was having my full length in her mouth and i giving her mouth fuck with my motions .now i was coming up . it was my first time with a girl so i wanted not to waste it ,i came up with a great force and release my cum in her mouth , she took it all in and licked it all from my penis. i was still getting pleasure by kissing and licking her pussy with my tongue. my tongue was also getting taste of her juices and man’ it really tasted great. then she asked me to lay down on my back and i laid down there .then she climbed on me and sat on my stomach . my penis again got erected and wanted to go in her. then she took a position and placed her pussy on my penis who was in exact 90 degrees . then she asked me not to shout if it pains , it was irrelevant to me as i was ready to take any pain for it. then she pushed herself down on my penis and forced it in with a jerk , it was fully in her , it was unimaginable to have such kind of p! leasure , it was too painful but the pleasure was more than the pain . she was giving me the great fuck of my life, she fucked me till another 20 minutes and then i came up with another round of cream in her pussy with a force , she was also over till then and got up from my penis and bent again to take my organ in her mouth , she licked my penis and tasted the juice of my penis .then she came closer to me , i took her in my arms and laid with her for another hour. then i started winding up with my clothes and she also worn her clothes and the last round of smooching and kissing went for another 15 minutes.

I left her in her room and came back to my room .it was 4.30 in the morning ,i knew no one in the house came to know about that because every one was used to sleep downstairs and my room was at the first floor and the noise would not have easily reached there. After that i was imagining in my room and was not able to accept that what all happened was a real thing and not a dream . After that day i and my cousin often get some hours for playing this nasty game with each other . Now Puja is married to a businessman and she have a two year old kid and is living happily.But whenever she come to our place we just look at each other and remember our days of fun which can never return back again. any girl or women living in hyderabad want to have sex pls mail me at

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