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  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

This happened with my Bhabh.It happened in April 2000.Before comming to the main story,let me tell u abt the relationship of me with her. I was very frank with her.My brother got married with her in 1997.At tht time,she was not too sexy but i was still attracted towards her.I had not the knowlede of sex at tht time.In 2000,she was the mother was two children.Tht time,she became very sexy woman,such big boobs n hips!!

At tht time, i had some knowledge abt sex.I then tries to touch her tight breasts n hips.i really enjoy to b with her.I touches her tighs at the dinner table(as i sat close to her),she didn’t say anything to me!I enjoy n enjoy!! So back to the main story,my brother is an Engineer in an Int. Airline.In March 2000,he was sent for a training to some other country.We had a double story house,2 rooms in downstairs one of father n mother n other one is guest room while upstairs r also 2, one of her n brother n one of mine.First night,one my brother was gone,she asked me whether i’ll sleep with her as she was not aware of sleeping alone.Tht was a golden chance for me!! i’ll immediately accepted her offer n i was in her room.The sleeping arrangement was tht i was on one corner of the bed n she was on the other corner(her one child was in the middle while othe one was with her grand mother downstairs).I was very happy n feeling myself lucky to b with her.Due to such excitement, i was unable to sleep n when she was slept, i watch her tight breasts n touches them.After a week, i decided to make a plan so tht she’ll also b attracted towards me.

According to my plan, i started wearing half frm tht mine cock was in full view it was in full errection.So at the night,i slept before the time i slept.At tht time, she was not sleeping,she was trying to sleep her child.I after half an hour,(when my cock was in full errecition) got up(as i wasn’t sleeping but acting to b)and i went to the bathroom.She was stairing my cock but i showed tht i don’t know she was looking.So,slowly slowly she was also attracting towards me.One night,v had a long chat on some topic.I placed her child on the corner n on the other corner of bed, v were .i was very close to her.After some time,my cock got errected.She started stairing it n then asked me “Yai kya hoa?” I said to her “Pata nahin,yai kaabhe kaabhar hojata hai aur is main ajeebsee feelings see hojatee hain”.She said “Mujhai phlai kuen nahin baataya, phlia main iska ilaaj kar daitee!”.Then she said,”Apna cock to dikhao!, kitna baara hai” I immediately put off my half pant n it was in full freedom.My 7″ cock was in full view.First time when she saw tht, she shocked n asked “yaar yai to boohat hee baara hai,itna baara to tumharia bhai ka bhe nahin hai! yai kaisai!?” i replied”Yai aik secret hai!”After insisting of her i said”Aasal main main aap sai sexually attracted tha,aap kai baarai main jaab bhe soochta tha, yai khaara hojata tha aur phir main iskoo haath sai reegarta tha,koob maaza aata tha aur after 2-3 mins, money nikaltee thee.

Is tarha yai baara hogaya!”she said”To kya main bhe yai kuch tumharai cock kai saath kar saktee hon!?”,I said”Y not! yai bhe koi poochnai kee baat hai!”She immediately took my cock in her hands n start rubbing tht n after 2-3 mins, it blow out lot of money in her hands.She really enjoyed tht.After it,i start kissing her.She said “Itnee bhe jaalde na karoo! calm down!” But i daam cared she said n continued kissing her.Then i put-off her kameez.She was wearing a black bra.Wow! wht a tight bra on tight breasts.I then put-off her bra n strat kissing her breasts.Wo!wht breasts were they!! I then put-off her salwar n knickers too.Now she was fully nude infront of me!! Wow! wht a beautiful women is she!! She then put a condom on my cock so tht v’ll b safe b/w sex.It was my 1st experience,so i asked her” Aab kya karoon!?” She start laughing n said”Daal boodhoo mairee pussy main aur jitna jaa sakta hai daal! daal!aur phir aandar baahar nikaloo aur maazai loo!!”So, i put my pussy slowly slowly in her pussy then when half of my cock entered there,she said”Aur daal,aur daaal!”I then put my full force n aprox.2-3″ more entered n then i put it n out.

She said”Aur taiz karoo, aur taiz”I increased my speed.V both were realy enjoying tht!! Then after some time, my money blow out in the condom.I then put off it n slpet on her arms.I had really a nice 1st sex tht i can’t forget.She said to me”Itna maaza to mujhai tumharai bhai kai saath bhe nahin aaya jitna tumharai saatha aaya!”I said”You are always welcome!”She start laughing n me2.We had 2-3 times sex in a nights.But now its not possibe because she is now not here.She went to other country where my brother got a job. For comments: and if any girl or married women b/w 18-30 wants to have a better sex may contact me!

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