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Swati Sarda

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hi it is me Atul .I am 20 years old boy from jabalpur.This incident happened last month. My friend name is Ruchi. Ruchi is having very slim fine figure. She is always wear tight churidar kameez but very decent colour one, no jazzy type. She is same age like me 20 but very mature type thinking and also very much devotional to god. She is always going temple and like that. But her face is always having mirchi look. Like she will biting her lips with teeth and look from corner of eyes at me sometime. My dick is erected when she is doing like this to me. Than my eyes going on her dress and trying to see what style bra she is wearing. One time she see me looking her bra like that and she ask what you are doing Atul you have no shame or what. I am shamed and go back home.

Next day she is only sitting in my bench in college classroom sticking legs very hard to my legs. Her thighs are so hot. After the professor is going everyone get up to go out. I am only sitting in my bench. Ruchi also get up but no going. She take her bag from floor that time her hot buttocks pressing deeply in my face. I not remove my face from there. Surprise that she also not move her buttocks away. Instead she is pressing more deeply and then rubbing slowly slowly in my nose. I understand what she  want from me. I take my tongue out and lick her pussy. Ruchi is liking it and saying oooooh oooooooh. I say ok I will give you more pleasure just wait.
I make her stand up and nicely press her hot healthy balls in my hand. Iam pressing and pressing and pressing and she saying aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaah no Atul no don’t stop give me more I want you fuck me very hard Atul cunitue continue don’t stop aaaaaaah aaaaaaah I will do anything for you darling Atul fuck me fuck me. I am saying ok ok Ruchi don’t worry your  friend will do anything to keep you satisfy so don’t worry. I am pull out my full hard dick from my open pant zip, it is all oozing with litres and litres of cum flowing and give her in mouth to suck. She is sucking some time then saying no I want you put in my cunt. But I say Ruchi here any body can cum and spoil the fun so meet me in one place where no one is distrb us. She ask me where I told her one remote desert place outside city on Sunday afternoon so that her mummy don’t stop her. Ruchi say yes that’s good idea I will tell mummy I am going my friend Rita house. I also agree yes that’s good idea.

On Sunday she cum to that place at 12 o clock. It is old ruining bunglow and no one stay there that’s why I call her to that place. She see the place and say hey Atul you are smart haan how you find this place. I tell her oh my darling sexy baby for you I can go to moon also. She is impress with me and she say lets start. Immediate my dick is tearing my pant zip and cumming out like hot rod. Now we are both full ready to get full naked and do anything we want with the bodies. I am pushing her on wall and holding her hands tightly in one hand and with other hand I am pressing her boobs. I can feel her sexy bra it is getting wet with so much sweat because it is so hot. She turn her face to wall and show me to open zip of churidar on her back side. My mouth is watering to see her naked back.

Gently I am pulling down zip. More I am pulling down more I can see her naked back with bra strap. My mouth water more seeing that. I lick her naked back and kiss it too. She is getting sexy sensation so she push her buttock out. Then her buttock hit my hard dick. I feel electricity current running my blood. I am going mad. But I control my self. I want Ruchi also to enjoy nicely. Then I take off her churidar full and then also the pyjama down. Now she is only standing with bra and panty. She is looking so sexy. I never see woman body like this. Her buttocks are so full round and tight inside panty. I am feeling and massaging her soft smooth skin on back. Then my hands going to bra then front side felling her warm balls. They are good size and juicy type. I am removing hooks of bra then sliding down from shoulder. Than she is upper portion also naked. But her face is to the wall so I am not able see her boobs. I wait patiently for removing panty also. And then think I finally see her full naked at one time only. So I continue to pull her panty down also. When I doing that I am also kissing her ass and some time biting it also but lightly ok. Now my Ruchi baby is fully naked for me. I am going to party with her and fuck her very hardly. I am first putting my finger in he ass hole.

First there is some shit coming out from that but I don’t mind. I know it is natural like I am also having so what. But Ruchi’s shit is more sweet and tasty. It is like custard so I am enjoying eating it. She is laughing me from behind. I bite her ass very hard then she cry. I say ok ok sorry I done mistake. Then she is attacking me like tigress. She throw on ground tear my pant and shirt and also underwear. I am also full naked like her body. She is climbing on me with very angry look like she is going to rape me. I wait to see what she is doing next. She is too much simple girl. She is not knowing what to do than. So I take her nicely in my arm and put her cunt on my dick and show her how to do it. She get afraid first than she is learning very fast. I slowly put my dick in the mouth of her cunt. Than she is also cooperating by making fast fast to fro movement. It is creating so much heat our bodies are burning like hell. I am squeezing all juice from her ball like we do from lemons. I am pressing them so hard she is crying aaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah but I am not stop.

I press more and more hardly. She is crying more painingly. Than I fuck her hardly in the cunt. So many time that she is not getting time to breath also her boobs and full body is red like melted iron. I catch her hair in my hand and pull her head back then knock my dick 1,000 time faster. Her nipples loking like ripe cherry on two big bun pav. One last time I nicely massage her body and then final banging to be done. I ask her are you ready? She say ok give green signal. I bang 10 million time in just 5 second, that speed so you can imagine how much hot her cunt is becoming. She is tired but she not tell me to stop because she is afraid that after this when we will get next chance to do like this only god knows. So when it is happening she want to get best fun. And I am satisfaction guarantee so she is not having to worry about it.

We are banging our sex organs continusly until it is become evening time. Than I tell her ok enough for today but i promise I will fuck you more hard every time we are meeting and I order her she has to give me fuck at least one time every week or I tell her mummy. She get afraid she say ok don’t worry I will also give you fuck every day if you want but please don’t tell mummy. I say ok deal. Every afternoon we are meeting same place after college and she can tell mummy that she is going temple. She say yes that’s good idea. Like that than we meet every day. Now Ruchi is so much experience she is teaching me new styles of fucking. She read from magazine and come with new idea each time. We are always enjoy so much fucking each other body that it is like the paradise

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