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Swapping Friend

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

This is a flash back hot experience which I wanted to share with our friends who are regular reader of DESIPAPA’s erotic story column. This is the story when I was in college. After passing my inter examination I joined post-graduate in honours. My age was hardly 19 years having tall height, handsome and strong and muscular body construction. In my section one very beautiful girl named “AMERJIT ” also was our class mates. She was extremely beautiful, milky white with very sexy cat’s eye and having very slim body construction. When I saw her first time then that time only I decided to make her my friend. Once due to 2-3 days absent I lost few classes and I got that chance on asking her previous class notes copy. When I asked her copy then she stare at me from top to bottom and passed her copy to me. After two days after noting down notes i returned back copy to her and saying thanks and on that word she saw me and smiled and afterwards went off. I felt some green signal from her. Very soon we became very good friend but few of her class girl friends always eager to talk to me but I never saw towards them. In fact in college no girl was so beautiful like as AMERJIT that is why I never felt like to see other girls. Slowly our frindship keep growing and very soon we were started to known as best college pair. Many times we used to seat on grass in college field for hours and hours during winter season and talking less and seeing each other more. I was really started to like her and she too to me. Time was running fast and soon we promoted to last year of our honours.

I was staying alone in a rented room because my father was govenment employee and posted in another town. During vacation only I used to go to meet my family members. My room location was in between AMERJIT’s house and college. Many times we used to go to our home on the same ricksaw after college and on the way I used to drop at my place. In ricksaw many times we got chance for kissing. Her pink lips makes me mad to keep her kissing and kissing and kissing. Her extremely milky and rosy chicks and ocean depth like eyes makes me mad to keep watching and watching watching her. One rainy season day after college there was heavy rain and some how we got one rickshaw but rain was so heavy that within a minutes we both got wet. I asked AMERJIT to stop at my place for sometimes and when rain will stop then you move. She agreed and we both dropped at my place. I opened my room quickly and gave AMERJIT a towel to soak water and I started to pull out shirt and trousers from drawers to change and in the mean time there was great lightening and thunder and AMERJIT frightened so badly that she ran to me and hugged me strongly. While she was in the position of hug I start feeling her body heat from her wet clothes and she start feeling my body heat too. Quickly I holded her face in my both hand and start kissing her. Initially she hesitated but soon she too started kissing me hardly. During kissing I lowered my hand and started breasting her. She started moaning and kept kissing me deep and deep in my mouth. After breasting for about 15-20 minutes I lowered my hand start giving message to her pussy from her wet salwar. She start saying ahhh oooohhh aaahhh ooooohhhhh but kept on kissing me. Within few minutes she stopped kissing me and told JAMIL satiate me with your cock. I am very very thirsty and wanted to drink your cum and my pussy wanted to see your cock’s jerk and she start unzipping my paint. I too take out her sammez, salwar, bra and then panty. Now she was standing naked before me. She 34/24/34 was extremely beautiful and pink milky skin from top to bottom. A virgin girl of 18 years age standing before me and begging to fuck. There was not a single spot on her body. I amazed to see her beauty and start staring her. There was small small brown hair was present around her pussy. After 4-5 minutes of staring AMERJIT repeated again JAMIL please I can’t hold my patience and by that time on unzipping my paint she sat down in front of my standing position and started squeezing my erected hard cock on holding in her both hand and then quickly she took my hard erected cock in her mouth and start trying to inhale whole cock in her mouth but due to my good sized cock that was not possible. She was sucking my cock hard on making her mouth to and fro. I bent down on her and from back I holded her both breast in my both hand and started squeezing and sometimes keep twisting her very small pink nipple. She was shaking her head fast and fast to and from while sucking my hard cock. She was acting like mad while sucking my cock. On keeping moaning she was busy in sucking act. While I was squeezing her breat I was feeling lucky to have get chance to enjoy such a beautiful girl. During this act I too took all my clothes and also myself become naked.

Suddenly I holded AMERJIT from bottom and on lifting I put her on my bed. In spite of that she was not in mood to leave my cock for a second. Now I decided to lick her beautiful hairy pussy. I changed the position in 69. AMERJIT was lying on me and busy in sucking my cock and I was under her start licking her pussy on making clits apart. Salty taste and some great smell was making my mind sexy and sexy sexy and sexy. First I started licking her pussy’s surroundings and clits and afterwards started licking her pussy deep and deep on applying my tongue dipper and dipper in the pussy. Slowly I increased my pace and start licking virgin pink pussy fast and fast. After 4-5 minutes pre-cum start coimng out and on seeing this I increased my speed of licking deep and deep. AMERJIT was now started sucking my cock hard and hard for making me cum. Slowly my legs started becoming tense and felt like my cock becoming harder and harder and within few minutes I unloaded my cum in AMERJIT’s mouth and drops also splitted on my testicle and her face. Like as mad AMERJIT drank all my cum and started lapping cum which was splitted on my testicle and on her face. I was busy in licking AMERJIT’s pussy and slowly her leg start becoming tense and within a minute she unloaded her cum on my face. Salty juice with strong smell spreaded on my face and in my mouth. I swallowed all her cum which gave me greatl satisfaction. Her cum which was spreader on my face I licked all with the help of tongue and finger. After swallowing cum we both took rest on bed. The great satisfaction sign was looking on our faces and were feeling very lucky for getting chance to enjoy with beautiful and handsome partner.

After taking rest for about 20-25 minutes I went over AMERJIT and ask her to hold my shrunked cock in her hand and try to make it erect. She did and within a minute my cock erected and on becoming hard it took its original size. Afterwards I lifted AMERJIT’s leg up and bended it towards her face and pressed her thigh with both hand so that her pussy come out fully up and it worked. Her pussy opened a bit which was viewing a great look. Red muscles inside of pussy start making me very very sexy. AMERJIT start telling JAMIL please proceed quickly and do not delay. I kept my cock’s head on the opening of her pussy and gave a great jerk to penetrate. AMERJIT cried loudly ooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmaaarr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaa yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oooooooooeeeeeeeeee mmmaaaaaaaaa. Only half of my cock could penetrate but she started crying. Blood drops started coming out from her pussy. Without caring of AMERJIT agony I made a next great jerk and penetrated my whole cock buried in her pussy. AMERJIT almost tried to avoid this on trying to get up and kept crying ooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeee mmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ppppppllllllllllllleeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stop stop stop fucking but I keep pressed her thigh and body strongly so that she can’t get up. She was keep crying and weeping but without caring her pain I start moving my cock inside her pussy and after 8-10 minutes slowly she adjusted my cock in her pussy and stopped crying. Blood was oozing out from her pussy and spreading on bed sheet. I was feeling her pussy very tight which was giving me great pleasure during movement of my cock. Slowly I start increasing my speed and soon start giving thrust to fuck her pussy. When started giving thrust she started oooooeeeeeeee aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ooooooooeeeee aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and started enjoying but with pain.. Slowly I started my to increase my speed and AMERJIT excitement level also increases ooooooooeeeeeeeeeee mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa oooooooooeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaahhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Keeping presses her both thigh I was working on her pussy and slowly my legs started becoming tense and I felt my cock becoming harder and harder and within a minute I unloaded myself in deep of AMERJIT’s pussy. I kept remain in the same position for 3-4 minutes on burying my cock in her pussy. I was feeling great satisfaction on fucking a virgin and dearest friend. Afterwards I took out my shrunked cock and lay down on bed beside AMERJIT. She also get relaxed after making her lifted legs free. She was looking towards me and smiling with tears due to pain in and around pussy. We took rest for 10-15 minutes and by that time rain was stopped. She stood up and tried to go in bath room but feeling pain while walking but she went in my bath room and cleaned her body and dressed quickly. I called rickshaw and she moved away to her home.

Next day we met in college. She was looking very happy and her face was looking more glow comparitive to previous days. We met alone after class hour. She gave me thanks to give her great pleasure experince and she took me promise that they will go for sex atleast once in every 15 days. I promissed quickly because this what I was looking for. Afterwards we started to go for sex after every alternate week but slowly it was converted to go for sex in every week on the request of AMERJIT. She became so habitual of my cock’s fuck that she can’t wait for 5-6 days gap. There was another good pair in our class SANTOSH and SAIRA. They were like us maximum time they used to live together in college campus. One day SAIRA asked AMERJIT that “dear you and JAMIL spend maximum time together have gone for fun session atleast once?” AMERJIT replied not once dear but so many times and she explained my sexual power and poses to satiate a female. SAIRA was listening all those surprisingly. AMERJIT asked about them also i.e. relation between SANTOSH and SAIRA. She also agreed that they have tried for sex once but not like this pleasurable session. After finishing talk they kept silent for a minutes and suddenly SAIRA told AMERJIT that dear can I request you for one thing that is swapping of our friends so that I can get enjoyed by JAMIL and you can get enjoyed by SANTOSH. AMERJIT surprised to hear this proposal and said ok I will ask to JAMIL and you better ask to SANTOSH also. After college hour AMERJIT met me and explained about this proposal. I asked AMERJIT that if they do not have objection to go for sex with SANTOSH infront of me then I don’t have any problem to go for sex with SAIRA. AMERJIT replied she wanted pleasure with some different cock too. I told AMERJIT that is ok so better you confirm this to SAIRA next day. Next day AMERJIT met SAIRA and confirmed this. SAIRA told that dear SANTOSH is also very much willing to go for sex with you. They made plan that next day they will come prepared and will go for swapping session at my room after second half.

Very next day SANTOSH, SAIRA and myself and AMERJIT met in college and planned for this exciting session. While going to room we took some ready-made food, juice canes, fruits etc. and all we reached to my room around 1 PM. First of all we all took hot ready-made food and afterwards took good amount of juice. After taking rest for 10-15 minutes we got all got up one by one and thrown out our clothes and all became naked. Afterwards we start watching sex limbs of each other. AMERJIT (18 years) 34/24/34 and SAIRA (19 years) 36/26/36. Mine tool was 6.1″ long and thick cylindrical from bottom to top during that college time and SANTOSH tools was having 6.8″ and quite thick at bottom. I went near the SAIRA and start sucking her nipples and caressing her back by one hand on holding her tight from waist by other hand. She started moaning oooonnnnnn aaaahhhhh oooonnn aaaaaahhhhh. SANTOSH went near the AMERJIT and making her legs apart sat down infront of her and start licking her pussy. Afterwards I lifted SAIRA’s leg and I planted by hard erected cock in SAIRA’s pussy and started stroking at faster pace. SANTOSH quickly copied my pose and on lifting AMERJIT’s leg started giving strong and strong stroke on planting his cock in her pussy. After 5-7 minutes we changed friend and I make AMERJIT in doggy style and started fucking her vigourously. SANTOSH was following my poses and he was busy in fucking SAIRA in the doggy style. When we were about to come again we swap friends. I told SAIRA to come on top and fuck me with all her strength. She came on top while I was lying on bed and adjusted my full erected cock in her pussy and stated fucking and at the same time started using dirt language like “sale jamil tumne mujhe bahut tarpaya hai ab to tumhare lund ko choose choose kar rakh dungi” SAIRA was moving her whole body up and down very fast to enjoy my cock’s fuck faster and faster. Beside us AMERJIT was busy to fuck SANTOSH in our pose and she was also using dirty dirty language. When I was about to come I asked SAIRA to lay down on bed and quickly I got up and on lifting her both leg bended towards her mouth and buried my cock in SAIRA’s pussy and started giving strokes. SANTOSH copied the same. Within few minutes we all exploded simultaneously. After few minutes remaining in the same pose we took relax for sometimes and took some drink and snaks. Taking relax for 25-30 minutes we went for another session on exchanging SAIRA and AMERJIT in different poses. After cum of second trip we all decided to end todays’ session but we decided one thing that in every month all will go like the same twice per month till the college session lasts. :

As per our plan we (JAMIL-AMERJIT and SANTOSH-SAIRA) started swapping this pleasurable sex session. As per our routine one day while we are busy in our group sex session suddenly my door started knocking continuously. Quickly all stop fucking and I asked SANTOSH, SAIRA and AMERJIT to go in my bath room and on folding towel I opened the door and I saw my milk-man GAJENDRA standing. He was around 45 years old, very giant personality with very strong muscular body and more than 6 feet in height. We are like small kids before him. Before I asked anything he told me ” boy what is going on here?”. I am watching you all since last months and he came inside my room and on reaching at bath room door he pulled the door to open. SANTOSH, AMERJIT and SAIRA was standing naked and they were looking very nervous. After seeing all of us he kept silent for a while and told us I also wanted to enjoy with these two girls and if you people deny then he will inform about these to these girl’s parents. On listening these AMERJIT and SAIRA start weeping with full tears and within a moment they become ready to share sex with him. GAJENDRA told on becoming happy that he is not going to black mail us and he will spare his wife SMITA for this group they all will enjoy together and he told tomorrow he will come alongwith his wife for this group sex enjoyment by 2 PM and afterwards he went away.

Next day in college we (JAMIL, AMERJIT, SANTOSH, SAIRA) met. Girls were looking very nervous because of size of GAJENDRA. They were telling how they can handle a father like giant personality man but there was no other way to escape. Anyhow we all together took mutton-biryani lunch and aftrewards took full glass of juice to face the group enjoyment. By 1:30 PM we reached By 2:00 PM GAJENDRA reached alongwith his wife SMITA. She was around 35 years old and having 5 feet 8 inch tall and wheatish color. GAJENDRA sat down on my bed and called both AMERJIT and SAIRA to sat down beside her sides. They were looking very small girl before GAJENDRA. SMITA called me and SANTOSH and ask us to sat down on her both the thigh. She was having strong and big thigh. When we sat down on her thigh she took puppy of both of us and said friends today we will teach you the exact sex play and start opening her blouse. Within a minute she took out her blouse and bra. A very big sized (40) boob bumped out. She told us to play first with this and by the time she take out rest clothes. GAJENDRA took out his kurta then ganjee then turban and finally underwear. After seeing his horse sized long (9.2″) and thick cock both the girls start getting nervous but he told don’t worry girls I will give better pleasure with this cock comparative to these two kid boys. .

He told SAIRA and AMERJIT to take our their clothes quickly. Within a minutes all were naked. GAJENDRA told SAIRA and AMERJIT to play with his cock first then he will go for fuck session. GAJENDRA asked AMERJIT to suck his cock and he grabbed SAIRA in his hand and start sucking her small nipples. GAJENDRA cock was so thick that hardly it was going into mouth of AMERJIT but she was trying to take in her mouth and started sucking. On becoming naked myslef and SATOSH was playing with SMITA’s naked (40/28/42) body. She told us to suck her nipple. We sarted sucking her brown nipple. SMITA’s boob was so big that by both the hand we can’t catch her one boob. After playing 15-20 minutes GAJENDRA asked AMERJIT to come first. GAJENDRA asked AMERJIT to lay down on bed. Afterwards GAJENDRA went between AMERJIT’s leg and stood up on his knee and made the AMERJIT legs apart on holding her both the thigh by both his folded hand. GAJENDRA asked SAIRA to go towards her head and pressed her shoulder strongly. SAIRA followed the instructions and keeping the AMERJIT legs apart he lifted the legs and he adjusted his full erected cock (9.2″) on the opening of AMERJIT’s pussy and suddenly he gave a great jerk on saying hoooooooooooooonnnnnn and pulled AMERJIT towards him with full strength to penetrate his cock maximum. AMERJIT cried ooooooeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee mmmmmaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr gaaaaaaayeeeeeeeee and her eyes became larger and she started bouncing her body to escape but without caring these things GAJENDRA asked SAIRA to keep pressed her so that she can’t get up and gave another strong jerk on saying hooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnn and he buried his 9.2″ cock in 18 years aged teen’s girl pussy.

AMERJIT’s body was jumping like as half slaughtered goat and was crying like oooooooeeeee oooooooeeee mmmmmmaaaaa mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa I died I died I died I died with pain and agony but of no use. Without caring AMERJIT agony GAJENDRA started giving strokes vigourously. Beside SMITA told me to fuck her and she took SANTOSH’s cock in her mouth and started sucking. She started moaning and enjoying my fuck. While fucking I was sucking SMITA’s nipple too. AMERJIT was still crying and asking to stop but brutal GAJENDRA was busy in giving thrust on holding her legs tightly. Drops of few bloods was looking around AMERJIT’s pussy. After 10-12 minutes continuous GAJENDRA exploded in AMERJIT’s pussy. He remained in the same pose for 4-5 minutes and unloadeded his total cum inside AMERJIT’s pussy and then released AMERJIT. She was still crying and GAJENDRA and AMERJIT’s cum was spreading on bed on coming out from AMERJIT’s pussy. Here I too exploded in SMITA”s pussy but she was busy in sucking SANTOSH’s cock. After few minutes SMITA’s asked me to come towards her mouth and she asked SANTOSH to fuck her, After taking rest GAJENDRA asked SAIRA for her turn.

GAJENDRA fucked SAIRA in different painful poses. During whole fucking session SAIRA kept crying. Here SANTOSH exploded in SMITA’s pussy and afterwards she invited both of us in her anal and pussy fucking. She adjusted her body and SANTOSH and myself enjoyed again in her holes. After few minutes again we cum. GAJENDRA left SAIRA and AMERJIT on bed after fucking. We all took rest for 20-25 minutes and after washing our body all took their way to home. SAIRA and AMERJIT was feeling great pain in her thigh, abdomen and around pussy. We told them to take rest for one day then come to college. Afterwards we kept enjoying like the same.

We continued this enjoyment till the end of our college session. Afterwards we all returned back to our home on taking memory of these in our mind. Many years passed. SAIRA got married in very noble family and she is having two kids and AMERJIT also got married to bank officer and enjoying her life with her two kids. SANTOSH and myself also got married and enjoying with our spouses. Whenever we get chance we never miss chance to enjoy together and refresh our college days..

Broadminded male / female / couple / pair / widow are requested to write us with their details to make the life more and more pleasurable : Secrecy is assured and expected.

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