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Surati Lady Fucked By Banker

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hello friends and this is my first story. Let me introduce myself first. I am Raj 26 year banker working in a reputed bank and managing NRI customer. Currently I am based in Surat Gujarat.

I am found of sex since my school time and luckily I got good experience and enjoyment of sex. You can contact me on

My first sex experience was with my cousin Harshida, and then it started, before I joined this bank I have been enjoying with many couples as their three some partner in Rajkot.

Coming to story as I mentioned I am managing NRI customer those who went out of Indian for working leaving their wives and daughters behind and I take care of them. this story is about one of my customer’ wife who works in Saudi Arabia.

Her name is Rashmi and she is 30 year having two kids and she lives with her kids and father in law. I used to visit her once or twice in a month for her banking needs on one fine day I went to her house.

Her father in law opened door and he show me and called me in. and then he went and call Rashmi who was wearing seductive night gown. She came with glass of water and sat next to me on sofa. We were discussion about her investment.

I was not able to control my eyes as they were on her boobs of 38 size she notices it and me too. I thought she will change he position but to my surprise she made it more visible to me and during our paper work. By mistake I touched her boobs with my elbow.

I apologize to it she said she didn’t mind and gave me a smile and I thought she is interested in me but what to do as here FIL was there. Mean while I put set of papers on her thighs and set my hand on it so I was touching her thighs as well as her boobs by my elbow.

She adjusted herself accordingly that my elbow was touching here nipple. Now I got green signal, and I took her hand in mine and told her

I: Rashmiji, ap kitni khubsurat ho.
She: sach! Thank you Raj Ji, par is khubsurti ka kya kam jo sal me 1 month he kam aye?

I: esa kyu? Kya bat hui?

She: Are ap to jan te ho Nilesh (uska pati) sal me ek bar ate hai. Me to bachho me hi rah jati hu.

I: ohhhhhh. Samaj sakta hu then I finished my work and told him that I am living.

I: Rashmiji, yadi aur kuch kam ho to boliyega, personal bhi kam ho to me madad kar dunga

She: sach Raj ji? Me ap ko call karungi then I left to my office thinking that I have lost a chance to fuck her after 4 days I got call from her.

She: Raj Ji, aj subhah 10 baje ap mere ghar a sakte hai. Meri ek cousin ayi hai uska account kholna hai:

I: Pahela apka to kholdu bad me uska kholenge!

She: mera to hai na Nilesh ne khola tha

I: wo to nilesh ji ne khola tha ab muje bhi moka dijiye.

She: ohhhhhhhhh achha wo moka bhi mil jayega. Ap das baje ajayiye. Sayad ham dono ka account khul jaye.

I: nahi me pahele to ap ka hi kholunga bad me uska dekhenge.

She: thik hai. Ap ajayiye.

I: Ok

Then I reached to her house at 10 am. I show she was very happy but was not able to find her FIL or cousin. I asked her about them then she said:

She: wo meri cousin ko kam a gaya to papa use chhod ne Ahmedabad gaye hai. Me akeli hu.

I: achha thik hai to fir aj aya hu to apka account khol dete hai

She: apne soch liya hai.
I: ha mene to usdin hi soch liya tha ke apka dukh dur karma hai.

She : to usdin bhi mene kaha roka tha ap hi age nahi badhe
I: koi bat nahi aj badh jate hai.

I spoke that and put my hands on her face and draw here close and was waiting for her reaction, she closed her eyes, I placed my lips on hers and we started passionate kiss which continued for 5 minutes.

Mean while I was creasing her back and she was doing for me when we broke our kiss she was shy and said:

She : mere documents bed room me hai. App vaha ake hi mera account kholo do.
I: ha chalo par app ka to account khula huva hai
She : savings khula huva hai, current to abhi baki hai ( Vo apni gand ke bare me bat kar rahi thi)

I: to chaliye pahela apka savings account ki balance check kar lete hai phir current account kholenge.
She laughed and walked towards bed room. I followed but she stoped me said.
She: me bulalu tab ana
I: Ok

She walked to bedroom and I waited removing my tie. She called me after 10 minutes when I entered I was surprised to see that she has decorated her bedroom like honeymoon night and she was in pink color nighty without waiting we started our action.

We started kissing each other and I was rubbing her boobs with both my hands. She was moving her hands on my back and hips. Suddenly she reached to my cock over my pent and grabbed it. It gave me more power and I removed her nighty.

She was in her bran and panty and she removed my shirt and pent. I was in my undi then we moved on bed and started playing with each other’s body. She then removed my undi and started playing with my cock.

She was not allowing me to remove her bra when I removed force fully. I found it there was some hurt on it. She told me that she got burn on it and then I removed her panty and started playing with her pushy.

Then we come in 69 positions and started sucking each other for next 10 minutes. Suddenly she leaves me and jumped on me taking my dick in her pushy and started pumping fast. For next 10 minutes. She was shouting Raj chodo muje.

Chodo ahhhhhhhhhhaaaa. Kitne dino se pyasi hu. Usdin bhi tumne muje pyasa chod ke chale gaye aaahhhaa and then I took her legs on on my shoulder and started pumping her fast and told her.

Rashmi darling jabse tumhe dekha hai tumhare hi sapne hi dekhta hu. Aj to tumhare sare account khol dunga aaaaaahhhhh ye le yele. I fucked her for next 20 minutes she cum for 3 time and then I was about to cum. I told her Kaha nikalu.

She: andar shi nikalo nahi to me pyasi rah jaungi then I cum in her pushy and laid on her and we were there on ben for next 15 minutes when she got up and told me that. Let me get additional documents for current account opening.

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