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  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

Hi Guys and Girls! I am Sunny doing my Computer Sciences in Rajkot. I am a 23 years old guy living in rajkot. My Family is quite big enough and many of our relatives use to come here at our home and live here for 1-2 weeks in a month. I don’t like those because they cause many problems to me, the first of those was the study problem, but I can’t do anything. Then an idea came in my mind. Why not enjoy these all relatives lying naked.

Wow what an idea. I arranged it. Our house has windows on the top corner of every room. I arranged the paper & the windows in such a way that I can have the view of the whole room but the person inside can’t have any glimpse of mine. I can be seen in the morning but in the night it becomes impossible for any one to see me from inside the room. Now, after setting all the stage I was waiting for them to come. Atlast one day my father’s Cousin (my aunty of may be 38-40 years) called us that she was coming with her daughters and sister due to summer vacations and will remain here for about a month. I was really happy. Atlast she came with all her family. They took the dinner and all of them now started to change. I went on the roof. One by one. First her daughter, who was 18, came. She got about 33″ breasts but I cant saw her pussy. Then she came and her figure was cool enough to enforce me to masturbate because 1st she removed all her clothes and started to fingering herself. I couldn’t belief her. After about 15 min she left. After that another daughter and her sister changed her clothes but not that cool. It continued for many days and this became my only work in the night. I was enjoying them till one day she went to the room. I couldn’t control my self to peep in the room.

She was taking off her clothes at that time. After unzipping she again started fingering herself and after sometime juice was coming out of herself. I can feel that she was moaning with pleasure, I was too much involved in it that I non-intentionally touched the window of that room and don’t know how she saw me and started putting on her clothes. I ran downward and left the house. I was afraid that what would happen now? I remain outside till late at night. At last I got some courage and I came back home. I had many things in my mind but to my surprise nothing happened. All were dining, my mother called me to have my dinner. She was also sitting there. I could not match eyes with her. I ate a little bit and get up. In late at night there was a knock on my room. I opened the door and shocked because she was on the door. She asked me to let her come in. I sat on the chair and she on the bed. She started what were u doing on the window? I said nothing. She said ok nothing. Now I have to tell your father. I begged him not to tell any one. She then said ok if u want that then u have to do one thing, I said what? She said it is quite a long time to have sex with any one, if u can have it with me than I can save u. I could not say anything and ask her is it fair? U r like a sister of my father, how can I? She said ok then I am going. Then I do not have any other thing then to say yes to her so I just nodded my head.

She said ok i’ll now arrange a time and then well have it and then she left by kissing me on my lips and patting my tool. I was not in my senses at that time. After that she teased me or in fact gave me pleasure by pressing her hands and legs on mine body & legs during the lunch & dinnertime & I cant do anything so I just try to enjoy that. After about 2-3 days a family function held and all of the family went on that. I was alone at home because of my studies. After about half an hour I heard the car horn. I went to open the door. To my utter surprise she was in the car all alone.

She told me to come in and told that she came back due to fake illness. She said now I got a chance and I do not want to miss this chance. You now have chance to lose your virginity. I was also happy to lose my virginity. I put in a xxx VCD In the player and start caressing and kissing her. I thought me as I was in the cool gardens of heaven. I put my hands over her body and started moving them all over her body from her boobs to her legs. Her boobs, although with clothes, also giving such pleasure that I cant explains. I could not control my self a dstarted taking of her clothes. First her Kameez preceding her shlawar, which gives me the look over, her nude body with a black bra and a panty. She looks so sexy Wow! She then took off my pants and take my tool in her mouth. I couldn’t believe that a a old lady can do such a thing. Then she started giving me blowjobs. That gave such a pleasure that I have not experienced yet. Then for the first time I got to know what the blowjob is famous for. At last I released the load of cum in her mouth and she drank all like a juice. Then I started moving my hands over her bra and her panties making her feel hot.

I felt enough erection in her nipples and a dot was being made on her panty. That make me feel oops an I cannot control my self and I started taking her bra and panties off which bring to me the whiteness of her breasts and pinkish cunt. Wow what a beautiful cunt! Whole Pinkish. It looks as if it would really give me fun. I took my tool and tried to enter her and to my surprise her cunt allowed it without any resistance. I started giving her strokes, up down, in out. That was really pleasing me. She started moaning ohhh !, Ahh!, bhen chod…, chut madan, madar chod (all are bad words in gujarati language) hearing those words from my aunty fasten my motion and in no time fall my loads of cum in her ever-needing cunt. Then I stopped for a while. I then think y don’t I try the anal sex. I asked her to be in doggy position. At first she hesitated but then on my request moved. I tried to enter but some resistance was there. I took parachute coconut oil bottle and started applying on her ass hole and started fingering her. It took about 10 minutes to make her hole big enough to hold my tool. I then moved in the position and started taking my dick slowly in her.

That was really cool experience. She at first gave some pain voice.she just cried and stopped me to do this but i kept stroking her.she started speaking like “madarchod aa tari maa ni gand nathi,phati jase…(motherfucker this is not your mother’s ass)…” this was unexpected but cool so increased my tempo and within 2 minutes she started enjoying it. After some time I filled her ass with my cum. Now she was all filled with my cum and was looking to me as a satisfied whore.Then I decided that we should have now 69 position to taste our mixed cum so I asked her to lye on bed. I started licking her wet pussy and our juice was delicious. I make her wet pussy dry. She was also licking my dick with his tongue really fast and made my dick ready for action again in no time I glanced at the clock and it was 11:00 so I had to stop at that time, so I asked her to stop. At first she said no but on realizing she said ok and kissed me back so we went to the Bathroom to have a shower and there we wash each others body and again had a sex.

This continued till I heard the Ring of the Phone. That was my father asking me to get the car there to pick them up so I at once left for them but I don’t forget to have the last pleasure of that night from her by moving my hands all over her body and inserting my finger deep inside her cunt and ass and giving her another orgasm. So this was my First cool incident. any ladies,girls,widows betwen 18 to 40 from ahmedabad,rajkot baroda can mail me with photo graph (if possible) for fun. my E-mail ID is

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