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  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

This is a true story from my life. i was 25 at that time and working in NY after completing my masters from a university close to NY. a girl from Madras who was remotely known to my family was coming to study at this university. so my parents wanted me to receive her at the NY-airport and help her take the local flight to the university, and subsequently help her settle down etc. she was young, 21, and straight out of her engineering.

I totally mis-calculated the time-differences and missed her flight. But she took it cool and had left a message on my answering machine that she would go herself. Later I made amends by visiting her at the town and trying to help her settle down.

I was told she was from a very traditional background etc. But when i saw her, she was dressed in very tight shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt and had a nice figure. the only drawback was that she had traditional long hair and wore thick glasses. but she was moderately fair and had flawless skin and was about 5’8 and rather tall for an average indian girl.

i helped her with initial shopping, took her around town and even for dinner etc. then we became close, and she even told me that she had a boy-friend in India, and loved him very much, but her parents were totally against it as he was not their caste etc.

but we became very good friends and she used to call me now and then at NY and ask me doubts about courses, etc. Then came the surprise. During the winter holidays, upstate NewYork gets a lot of snow and almost everyone visits some relative or friend in warmer parts of the US or just leaves the university. She said she was getting bored and depressed, and said she knew no-one close by except me and asked if she could come and spend a weekend with me.

I also said its fine, and we planned to go around NewYork City etc. so that she would enjoy atleast that much. My room-mate in the meanwhile had gone off to California for x-mas break and I was all alone in an independent house at that time. I went to receive her at the NY-port-authority bus-terminus and she said she was feeling very cold and hungry. I had luckily cooked some spicy food and she said she loved my house and my cooking.

Soon, we started talking about her life, and decided to get some movies to watch. But since it was snowing heavily she said its better to stay back at home itself and watch some of the disney movies which my room-mate had collected. she was really like a kid, laughing over those movies and seeing it till late in the night.

that night, i asked her whether she was in regular touch with her boy-friend etc. and she said, “no, i am not in touch with him, and I think he’s found another girl or something and is not replying to my emails etc.” she sounded really sad and i said its fine. She also saw that I had a lot of liquor collection. Thanks to my room-mate who used to collect it for parties at our house.

she said, she’d never tried drinking but wanted to try sometime. I said, then this is the time, since she was also depressed, and it would warm her up and make her sleep also well. She said she’d try a little bit and then she started drifting.

next day we went around the city a little bit, but then again it started snowing heavily. This time, I said i know some horror stories and scared her by telling a few. She told she’s very scared of such stories. Finally around 8pm or so, she decided to take a shower and at that time, i got an idea to scare her.

We had some really scary halloween-masks at our home which our colleagues’s kids used to like when they came for parties etc. I decided to wear one, and hid behind the door in the room which I had alloted to her. She came out steaming hot and was about to close the door behind her when I screamed with my mask. She got really very scared and dropped her towel and got pale. I was first shocked but got too excited seeing her like that.

she got very angry at me for doing that, and she was now only in her bra and panty, with her hair wet, no glasses and looked very sexy dripping wet and pale. in her anger and fright together, she hugged me and started crying.

I chose that moment and hugged her, and slowly when she stopped shivering, i smelled the fresh perfume of her bath around her neck and was moving my nose around her ear-lobes and neck. she too started responding well, and suddenly we both were like lovers, and i took that opportunity to kiss her. she was first shy, and her eyes were closed, but she responded, and our tongues were mixing very soon and i was getting really very hard with an erection in my track-pants.

i lifted her and walked her to my queen-size bed, and started exploring every inch of her body. her thighs were so soft and i was going crazy and she also started making moaning sounds and till then we hadnot spoken one word.

when i cupped her breasts which had pointed nipples and released them by unhooking her bra, she gasped and said she was scared but i kissed her and she co-operared. i sucked on her big-breasts, (36-C) for a long time and nibbled them, and she was going crazy as i was also inserting a couple of fingers in her warm pussy, by just pushing her panties aside.

then she also asked me strip completely and was going crazy over my hairy chest and started licking my ears, my neck, biting my nipples and running her nails over my back and one hand over my throbbing 7-inch erection.
i then took off her panties completely, and tasted her juices which were really sweet as she has just come out of her bath. soon, we were in a 69 kind of position and she also kissed my long-john. she said she’d never given blow-job to her boy-friend but always was curious and wanted to learn.

i said, i’d teach her how to do it and said we’ll rent a XXX-movie but for the present i asked her to just take it into her mouth fully, and slowly take the fore-skin all the way back using her wet-lips and tongue and then asked her to run her tongue all along the tip and the length of my shaft. She learned quickly and was enjoying it, while i was fondling her breasts with one hand and inserting my fingers into her cunt.

then came the real act, and i wanted to penetrate her and take it to the climax as we were both hot and sweating while it was snowing outside. i didnt have a condom at that time, but she said it was okay, because she had just had her periods and until the 12th day there’s no risk. she knew it too well somehow, and i was only too glad.

i started entering her slowly and at the same time kissing her passionately, and tasted my own cum-juices from her lips. she wrapped her legs around me and i entered her rather easily and slowly. she told me she was a basket-ball player and her height was usefull, and she had done many “stretching” exercises and that helped her to spread her legs easily and also maintain a very nice figure. i was going crazy pumping her hard and was licking her face completely like a mad-man.

after about 10minutes of pounding, i was ready to ejaculate and told her and she too said she was already at her peak and was already about to faint with excitement. then i exploded within her and came down on her, and was sweating and panting, and we were in a very tight embrace and kissing till we both regained out breath and stopped sweating.

then we cooked some soup and pasta for dinner, and i was playing with her throughout and we had many more repeat shows over the weekend. since then, she came to visit me regularly until i had to leave NY and go to California for another job. our weekends were always steamy and hot. Later i got to know that she was always in touch with her boy-friend and had pretended to be innocent and lied to me. But what the heck, she liked fucking and we were crazy over each other.

even now she’s in touch once in a while and i’m waiting for the next encounter with her. i am now 29, and am getting married in a while, and she’s also getting married to her boyfriend but both of us have promised each other that we will find some way out to meet and have our share of fun regularly.

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