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Sunita Bhabie

  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

First, I thank desi papa’ stories, which encouraged me to have sex with my friend’s wife Sunita. I am a regular reader of desi stories. These stories helped to to feel women’s sexual desire.. I am Palsat from Delhi (India). I am 24 years of age. I am basically a B.Tech Computer engineer and very shy. This sweet moment is happened just 2 months back. The good thing to tell you is she is also a computer literate. Basically she is very good in English and she is also a good friend to everybody. For me she is different. Her body and eyes are very admirable one.

That will attract anybody to bring towards her. Normally she will wear Chutidhar with Dhuppatta. When she is at home nighty (during night times). Her body shape is very good. God has given to her unique boobs and hip. Her size is 36-26-35. and height is 5’5″. She was married to my friend suresh 2 years back and she was childless. In our society when 2 years after is passed, people say that whether man is impotent or woman is cold (thandi). Her aged mother-in-law also lives with her. At many occasions Suresh told me that how dirty is our society. Both of us have no problem in making relationships, but she is not being conceived”. I told him that don’t worry ‘God will do better”. Sometime Sunita also discussed the same thing with me. As I was reader of desi stories, I thought that I can fuck Sunita easily. I told her ” although both of u are healthy, sometimes change can help you to conceive’ She understood my meaning and replied back ” Look Palsat I don’t want to take any irresponsible step, which can ruin our life.

I said , maybe I am also impotent, after marriage I may also face the same problem. Can I test myself with you. If God wish, u will be conceived and I will be free from tension that I don’t have this kind of problem. Like this we becoming closer to each other. Once her husband had to go for an interview to Banglore. He was to away from home for 5 days. I thought this can be the great moment for me to fuck her. I went to her home in the morning of 24th may 2002, asking if they need something, as I was going to market. Auntieji told that ask sunita if she need something. I went to her room with the same question, if she need something. She asked me to bring olive oil (jaitoon ka tel), but told me not to say anyone. She gave me Rs. 200. I went to market just to bring olive oil and hurriedly came back to Sunita with olive oil. She asked me if I know some lady who can massage me. I replied that I will try to search someone and will come in the evening at 9 P.M and went away saying that keep your door open at 9 P.M. I thought her-mother-in law will sleep by that time. In villages people go to bed by 9 PM. Exactly at 9 PM I went to her home, The door was open. She was wearing nighty, Her mountains were peeping out, WO gajab ki lag rahi thi. She was reading a magazine. As I entered, she asked where is the lady. I told her’ bhabhiji I tried a lot but could not get anyone. If I can help you. Usne kaha, Nahi deverji, ye achchi baat nahi hai. I said what is the problem, I will massage you. On hearing it, her face became red with shy. She said no, no… no.. please go away, if my mother-in-law comes , hangama ho jayega. I told her that bhabhi, I am not that kind of guy, I came here clearhearted, If u mind it I am going. She caught my hand ‘ Palsat please don’t mind, I am sorry. But come after half an hour.

I was very happy and went back at home. After half an hour I came at 9:45. To my surprise she was wearing just bra-peticote, and her hips were looking like grat sexual, and my penis started up and down, as I had not seen a lady in that position earlier. I came in and sat besides her on a chair. She brought the oil bottle and asked me to massage slowly on hands only. I started massaging her hand. She was becoming hot and I was going uncontrolled. While massaging I kissed her hand. She did not mind, and I became happy that everything is going according to plan. I said her bhabhi get the whole body massaged today. She said Ok go on. I started massaging her back and and the stomach. She said ‘ Oh Palsat u r so good, Koi apna hi itna pain le sakta hai, otherwise I have been requesting suresh for the same for last 3 months. I said bhabhi, u don’t worry, consider me like suresh. I tried to open hook of her bra, she said what are you doing, complete massage bhabhiji. She smiled and I proceeded. Hi mar gaya, Uske itne sunder boobs ko dekhkar, her nipples were erect.I started massaing her nipples. Oh Palsat please don’t do like that. It is paining. I stopped, and again started at back. She asked me to massage her boobs also, I will bear the pain. I wished that she will say herself Palsat please do please do. The same thing happened. Palsat please massage my nipples, and I started massaging her nipples, she screamed shhhh. Then I took her left nipple in my mouth. Palsat please don’t do that I am getting very horny.

I started sucking her nipples. She was saying like mmmmmmm, shhhhhh, ahhhh. And I undressed her completely, I removed her panty. Her hairy pussy excited me to the great extent. Her eyes were on my erect penis under trouser. She unzipped my trouser and I slipped it out. After that she took hold of my penis which she whispered, it might me of 7 “. I said no it measured only 6.5″ she sighed thank GOD, otherwise it could hurt my vagina. Mani kaha ” Bahane mat banao, Suresh ka bhi itna hi lamba hai. No he has only 5″ long, she said. She slipped my underwear very wildly and my erect penis which measures 7″ was in front of her. She started sucking my erect penis. I asked her for 69 position, she agreed and came on me in 69 position. I started licking her choot and she was wildly sucking my cocks, Soon she discharged fluid, which tasted very good, and I pushed my whole tounge in her.

She got up and bend in doggy style and requested me to please fuck me. I inserted my whole cock in her vagina, which easily entered as her pussy was lubricated with her fluid. I started fucking her and she was ‘ shhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmaaaaaaahhhhhhh faad dalo meri choot ko, aaj asli maja aa raha hai. And she came twice, after that I showered my hot semen in her vagina. We went to the attached bathroom and washed our organs. She asked me if I was interested again, and replied positively, and we again start the same game, we had sex 4 times on that day. My desires were completed only due to desi stories, otherwise I could not plan anything. With GOD’s wishes she is now pregnant, I feel it a great occasion. Any girls, ladies wishing to have sex with me can contact at . Privacy assured and expected.

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