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Sunita & Anita Fucked By Me

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Sunita, and Anita were both born in India. Their father had join a software firm in USA and moved his family to the U.S. when the sisters were very young. Sunita was now 18, and Anita was 19, and they were very close. Their parents had raised them very strictly according to Indian culture. Anita had just gotten her own apartment, and to her parents disapproval, moved Sunita in with her. As the girls spent their first night away from home, it was as if a new world had opened up for them. Anita talked Sunita into going to the local bar, and they both dressed sexily, and nervously entered the night club. Neither girl had a clue about what drink to order, and when the 2 young men approached them, they were quite apprehensive. “Hi, my name is Scott” the blonde hair blue eyed 21 yr old male said to Sunita.

He thrust his hand forward, and Sunita reached to shake it. As their skin touched Sunita felt her body quiver. She stared into his pretty blue eyes, and felt her self become filled with lust. Scott’s friend was a very attractive African American named Jonny. Jonny was well over 6 ft tall, and very light skinned. He flirted with Anita. Like her sister Anita was enjoying the attention. They weren’t used to being in contact with members of the opposite sex. Their mother had homeschooled them, because she was worried about the bad influence of the American children. Scott asked Sunita to dance, and she quickly accepted. As the 2 laughed and danced, Jonny asked Anita if she would like to join him. Anita and Jonny also headed towards the dance floor, and had a great time. As the song ended, Scott and Jonny invited the 2 sisters to their table. The men ordered margeritas for themselves and the 2 sisters.

Anita and Sunita quickly gulped down the drinks, not realizing the potency. The men ordered them more, and soon all 4 were quite buzzed. The band began playing a slow song, and the 4 made their way to ther dance floor again. As Scott held Sunita, and they slowly danced, he pressed his lips against hers. Sunita shivered as his tongue slid into her mouth. She felt very wet and hot as he passionately kissed her. His hands slid behind her, and he began rubbing her firm ass cheeks, she softly moaned. She felt the wetness of her pussy as her panties became soaked. As Scott pressed against her, she felt the thick bulge between his legs throb. Jonny and Anita were also slow dancing, and Jonny’s large hand slid between Anita’s legs, and he could feel the moisture of her pussy through her stretch pants. His cock was very hard, and Anita could see the outline of the thick cock pressing against his jeans. Jonny kissed Anita’s neck, and his tongue slid against her tasting her sweet perfume. Anita softly moaned, rubbing her crotch against his hand. The 2 men had no problem talking the 2 girls into going to their apartment for some more drinks. Anita and Sunita quickly climbed into the boys car, and they made the short trip to their apartment. Scott was driving, so he pretty much behaved on the trip, but Jonny had his hand inside of Anita’s pants, and was stroking her wet tight pussy, making her even wetter and hotter. Jonny unsnapped and unzipped his jeans, and removed his thick 10 inch cock. He placed Anita’s hand upon it.

Anita moaned, and tightly gripped the throbbing ebony shaft, and slid her hand up and down the thick length. Jonny moaned, and Anita felt the precum ooze from the massive head. She wiped it with her finger, and brought her finger to her mouth, and tasted the sweet sticky fluid. “Mmm, not bad” she thought. They furiously masturbated each other as Scott drove towards the apartment complex. Anita had never touched a cock before, but was working her hand magically up and down the pulsating cock. Jonny moaned loudly, and his cum shot like a cannon from his thick cock. Anita freaked as she watched the white cream squirt from the enormous head. Much of it landed on her hand, and she brought it to her mouth and licked it off. Anita really enjoyed the taste, and quickly bent her head down, and took Jonny’s large cock between her lips. He moaned loudly as she slid her tongue up and down his thick shaft. She could taste the sweet cum as it still oozed from the huge head. Her mouth moved quickly up and down his cock, Sunita glanced towards the backseat, and saw her sister sucking Jonny’s huge cock. Sunita felt her own pussy become totally wet, as she watched the large black dick slide in and out of her sister’s mouth. Sunita slid her hand between her legs, and furiously rubbed herself as she watched. “We are there!” Scott announced as they pulled into the crowded parking lot. Jonny quickly put his cock back into his pants, and fastened them up. Jonny quickly led Anita by the hand towards the apartment, and unlocked the door hurriedly. Scott and Sunita followed closely behind. Once in the large living room, Sunita grabbed Anita’s hand, and asked her to go with her to the bathroom. Scott told them where the bathroom was located, and the 2 girls quickly headed towards it.

Once inside, Sunita just looked at her sister. “Wow, what were you doing to him in the backseat?” she asked. “mmm, he called it a blowjob” Anita replied. “How was it?” Sunita quizzed her. “Oh it was wonderful” Anita said. “I have to try it” Sunita said. “Oh yes, you definitely do” Anita replied. The 2 girls were quite buzzed from the alcohol, and were so horny. “God, let’s go do it” Sunita exclaimed. “Oh, yes, let’s do” replied Anita. The 2 girls rushed from the restroom, and ran straight to their men. Sunita, quickly tugged at Scott’s button and zipper on his jeans, and as they slowly opened, she saw the outline of his nice cock thru his tight briefs. She slid her hand against the bulge, and began to stroke him. Scott softly moaned, and his cock began to stiffen. He fumbled with the buttons on her satin shirt, and quickly opened it. He looked at her bronze colored breasts as they protruded from her white bra. He undid the clasp of her bra, and it fell to the floor. Scott stared in awe at her beautiful dark brown nipples. His mouth quickly found one of the erect brown colored nipples, and he began to suck it. Sunita softly moaned. Her hand slid down the front of his briefs, and she felt his rock hard cock. It m! ! ade her pussy tingle as she slid her hand up and down the thick shaft. Scott moaned. He began tugging on her stretch pants, and with one firm pull they slid past her firm hips. Scott looked at her silky pink panties, and could see the wetness where her cunt was. He dropped to his knees, and pressed his mouth against her panties. He inhaled her sweet womanly fragrance, and he began blowing against her panties. Sunita moaned as she felt his hot breath against her clit. Scott slid her panties off, and eagerly spread her dark pussy lips apart. He was surprised at how pink she was inside.

Her pussy hair was coal black, and very pretty. Scott’s tongue slid against her clit, and he softly licked her. Sunita grunted and held Scott by his long blonde hair. “Mmmm Yes!” she moaned. Scott expertly ate her pussy, making her cum quickly. It was Sunita’s first orgasm, and it was incredible. “Oh yes” she moaned. Scott positioned Sunita sitting on his face, and she looked down at Scott’s stiff cock as it protruded from the waistband of his briefs. She leaned forward, and pressed her mouth over his swollen cockhead. Scott thrust his tongue into Sunita’s pretty Indian pussy, fucking her wildly with it. Sunita quickly slid Scott’s briefs downward, and revealed his large swollen cock. She licked at the clear fluid that seeped from the pulsating head. Sunita came again, and as she did, she took his cock between her pretty lips. Scott moaned as she began to suck him. She mocked what she had seen her sister do in the car earlier, moving her mouth up and down the large erection. Sunita loved the way it felt in her mouth. She could feel every pulse between her lips, and it really turned her on. Scott was thrusting into her mouth, and Sunita lightly gagged as his cock slid against her throat. She moaned loudly as Scott’s tongue slid up and down her dark wet slit. Sunita removed his cock from her mouth, and looked down at him. “I want to feel you inside of me” she moaned. Scott immediately, pushed Sunita off of him, and laid her on her back. He spread her dark bronze colored thighs apart, and pressed the massive head of his cock against her wet pussy. Sunita moaned as his cock slowly slid inside of her. She threw her arms around his back, and her long red nails slowly dug into his flesh. Scott grunted. He began pushing harder, and his cock slid deeper inside of her. Sunita’s virginal pussy was quite tight, and Scott met resistance as he slid into her. “Mmm, yes it hurts, but don’t stop” she moaned.

Scott pressed hard, and he burst her hymen. Sunita cried out and her legs firmly held him against her. She bucked her hips, and his cock slid all the way inside of her. She pressed her full luscious lips against his, and they passionately kissed. Scott was pumping steadily inside of her tight pussy, and she grunted with each thrust. Her body shook and quivered as she came. “Oh My God!!” she yelled as her orgasm hit her. Scott slid his mouth over one of her erect dark nipples, and gently bit it. Sunita moaned loudly. He was fucking her harder and faster now, his balls slapping against her clit, as he rammed her. Sunita moaned loudly and came again, her pussy gripped his cock tightly as it spasmed around him. Scott moaned loudly, and his cum erupted from his thick cock like a cannon. She moaned loudly as she felt the hot thick liquid splash inside of her pussy. “oh yes” she moaned. She climaxed again, and their tongues thrust into each other’s mouths passionately. Scott continued pumping into her pussy until the last of his cum oozed from the massive head of his cock. Scott slowly slid his cock from her wet juicy pussy. He saw the traces of blood from her now extinct cherry. He rolled over, and lit up a cigarette. Sunita lay there still in ecstacy. She heard loud moans coming from the other room. It sure sounded like her sister was having a really good time. She looked at Scott as he lay there smoking his cigarette. “I’ll be right back” she said to him. Sunita walked towards her sister’s moans. She peeked into the bedroom, the door just happened to be ajar. She saw her sister sitting on top of Jonny, and his long thick black cock was buried deep inside of her pretty, hairy pussy. Sunita had never really noticed her sister’s pussy before, and was fascinated by her large swollen dark clit. Jonny’s hand was furiously moving up and down Anita’s clit, as his large cock slammed upward into her pussy.

Anita was riding him wildly, her head was thrust backward. her long black hair was flopping wildly. Jonny’s other hand was caressing Anita’s large, dark breasts. His fingers squeezed the large brown colored nipples. Sunita stood there naked, she could feel Scott’s cum as it oozed from her open pussy lips. She slid her hand between her legs and rubbed herself as she watched her sister ride the black stud. Jonny moaned, and thrust wildly, “God I’m gonna cum” he grunted. Anita quickly slid off of him, and grabbed his large cock. She saw her sister standing there, and yelled something in Hindi. Sunita came running, and jumped onto the bed. She pressed her lips against Jonny’s cock head, as Anita rapidly stroked him. “oh God” Jonny moaned. Sunita freaked as the first jet of hot sperm shot into her mouth. She quickly swallowed it, and took his monstrous cockhead into her mouth. Jonny continued to shoot his cum, and it splashed against the back of Sunita’s throat. Sunita moaned as she tasted the sweet/salty fluid. Anita’s fist moved furiously as it stroked Jonny’s thick cock. Sunita continued swallowing each precious drop of cum until the last of it oozed from the huge black head. Anita looked at the cum dripping from her sister’s pretty mouth, and she pressed her lips against Sunita’s.

Anita quickly licked the cum from her sister’s mouth. Their tongues passionately met, and Anita slid her hand between Sunita’s legs. She felt her sister’s hot wet pussy, and she quickly slid a finger inside of her. Anita’s finger slid along her sister’s wet pussy slit. Anita carefully studied her sister’s beautiful dark pussy lips. She slowly slid the dark lips apart, and marveled at the pretty bright pinkness of her luscious pussy. Anita’s finger rubbed against her sister’s swollen clit, and Sunita moaned loudly. Anita could feel her sister’s pussy juices as they gushed from her horny pussy. Anita slid between her sister’s parted thighs, and lightly ran her tongue along the soft flesh. Sunita moaned as her sister’s warm, wet tongue slid up her thigh. Anita was furiously rubbing Sunita’s wet pussy, making her sister moan loudly. Jonny was watching with glee, stroking his very hard black cock. Anita pressed her mouth against her sister’s clit, and gently thrust her tongue against it. She carefully parted her sister’s pussy with her fingers, and licked at the wet pinkness glistening from inside. Sunita grunted as her sister slowly fucked her pussy with her wet tongue. Jonny moaned softly as he stroked his cock furiously, watching Anita eating her sister’s pretty Indian pussy. “Mmmm yes” Sunita moaned. Anita looked up into her sister’s large dark eyes. Her sister looked so hot, with an insatiably sexy look in her eyes. Anita was furiously lapping at Sunita’s pussy, rubbing her cit with soft circular motions. Sunita yelled loudly, and came. Anita could taste the musky, womanly juices as the poured from her sister’s spasming pussy. “Oh God” Sunita moaned. She held her sister by her long dark hair, pressing her face firmly against her pussy. Anita continued to lick her sister, until Sunita pushed her away. “MMm you gotta stop, it’s really sensitive” she moaned. Sunita quickly pushed her sister to her back, and widely parted her thighs.

She immediately dove into Anita’s hot wet pussy. Her tongue slithered across the wet pussy slit, and she thrust it deeply into the wet pinkness. Anita moaned loudly. Jonny was kneeling behind Sunita, and began rubbing his cockhead against her wet pussy. “Mmm, yes fuck me” she grunted. Jonny thrust forward, and his long thick black cock rammed deep inside of her. “Oh yes” Sunita moaned. Sunita ate her sister’s hot pussy passionately, making Anita cum quickly. Anita’s beautiful dark body shook and quivered as her orgasm hit her. “Oh yes, yes” she yelled. Sunita’s tongue flicked against Anita’s throbbing clit. “Mmmm God” Anita moaned. Sunita slurped at her sister’s wonderful tasting pussy juices. Jonny slammed his cock harder and harder into Sunita’s pussy. Sunita grunted as his enormous cock stretched her tender young pussy. She moaned loudly as she came. Jonny fucked her faster and harder. Scott stood at the doorway watching the incredibly erotic 3 some. His cock stood at full attention, and his hand slowly slid up and down his thick shaft. As he stroked his cock, he walked into the room. He stood next to Jonny and Sunita, stroking his cock. Jonny removed his enormous black cock from Sunita’s pussy, and said, “Hey, I have a cool idea”. Sunita, Anita and Scott all looked at him as he spoke. “Let’s give her a double penetration” he suggested. “Oh God yes” Scott said, still stroking his cock. Jonny got up and left the room, quickly returning with a tube of ky jelly. “Here, we’ll need this” he said, handing the tube to Scott. Scott quickly removed the tip, and began to squirt the lubricant against Sunita’s asshole. He began rubbing the lube all over his finger, and slowly worked it into her ass. Sunita moaned as his finger began slipping into her. Jonny was rubbing her pussy with his long finger, as Scott began working a second finger into her virginal ass. “Mmm, God” Sunita moaned.

Scott squirted more KY onto her ass, and made it even wetter, and slicker. He was now fucking her with 3 fingers. Sunita moaned loudly, but it more pleasure than pain. He slowly removed his fingers from her ass, and began rubbing his swollen cock head against her virgin asshole. “Yes, fuck my butt” Sunita moaned. Jonny quickly slid beneath her, and his long hard cock quickly found her wet pussy hole. Sunita moaned as Jonny’s cock slid deeply inside of her. The pleasure of his large cock made her moan. Scott was not pressing his cock head against Sunita’s ass. He pushed until it began sliding in. Sunita grunted as his entire swollen cockhead entered her ass. “Oh yes, fuck it baby” she moaned. Sunita moaned and thrust against Scott, and about 4 inches of his cock slid into her. “Oh God” she moaned. Anita watched as the 2 men fucked her sister. It turned her on, and her hands worked wildly on her pussy, rubbing her clit rapidly. Sunita thrust again, and Scott’s entire cock slid into her ass. Jonny thrust upward, ramming his cock deep into her pussy at the same time. Sunita moaned loudly as she came. Her pussy tightly gripping Jonny’s large cock. Her asshole contracted around Scott’s cock. Scott fucked her slowly and gently, as Jonny rammed her pussy hard and fast. Sunita moaned and grunted, and came again. Scott moaned, and Sunita felt his cock pulsate in her ass hole. Suddenly she felt the hot thick liquid as it squirted into her ass. “Oh God, it’s so hot” Sunita moaned. Jonny grunted, and shot his cum into Sunita’s hot pussy. She came again. Both men were filling her 2 holes with their hot sticky cum. It was the best feeling in the world. “Oh Yes!” she moaned. Anita grunted, and her young body jerked as she brought herself to orgasm. “Oh, fuck yes, fill her with your cum” she moaned.

Her hand rubbing her wonderful pussy rapidly, and furiously. Scott continued to slowly pump into Sunita’s ass, as the last of his cum oozed from the swollen head. Sunita’s ass tightly gripping him, milking the remaining drops from his cock. Jonny was still squirting his cum into her pussy. “It almost felt as if he were pissing” she thought to herself. His cock was huge, and she could feel every pulse as it released it’s hot cum. Scott slowly slid his cock from Sunita’s ass, and watched as the open hole quickly closed. Drops of white milky cum oozing from the brown hole. Scott watched as Jonny’s large cock moved up and down inside of the pretty brown pussy. Jonny removed his cock, and cum poured from the open pussy hole. Sunita just lay there moaning loudly. Both men, moved back, and Anita crawled between her sister’s legs. She began licking the massive amounts of cum that poured from Sunita’s pussy. Anita quickly licked her clean. She then licked the cum from her sister’s ass. Sunita moaned as her sister’s tongue moved from! ! her pussy to her ass. Anita licked rapidly at Sunita’s clit, making her cum quickly. Sunita’s body quivered and shook as she came. Anita moved upward, and she softly kissed Sunita’s dark nipples. Her mouth quickly moved against her sister’s mouth, and their tongues met passionately. They french kissed for a couple of minutes, and then moved apart. “Can I take a shower?” Sunita asked. “Sure” Jonny said. Sunita headed towards the bathroom. Anita began dressing, and Scott poured them all more drinks. Scott and Jonny were both wearing bathrobes, and Anita was fully dressed. A few minutes later, Sunita returned from the bathroom fully dressed. They all drank their drinks, and the men drove them back to the club to pick up their car.

The girls accepted the men’s phone numbers, and headed towards their car. As they both got into the car, Anita grabbed her sister, and pulled her towards her, pressing her lips over hers. She kissed her, and then whispered into Sunita’s ear, “Mmmm when we get home, I think I would like to taste a little more of you”, she said. “Mmmm, God, me too baby, me too!” she replied. Anita quickly drove towards their apartment, both girls wet with excitement. They were definitely in for a hot time when they got there… Any horny ladies out there who want to have sex or broadminded friendship with me can feel free to contact me at

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