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Summer Holidays Leads To Lifetime Of Sex

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

This is a story of a summer holiday and after few years of me Goli and my aunt Pallo and her daughter Pari who is 18 years old now.

This story goes back in 1997 when I was 18 years old. I was at my Nana’s place in Kanpur where all the relatives would gather for summer holidays. I have an aunt named Pallavi she was approx. 22 yrs old unmarried, we used to call her Pallo Mausi. Pallo mausi was most beautiful, she was fair, with a nice figure of firm boobs and ass and a slim waist. Pallo mausi and I were very close like Mother and Son. I had no cruel intentions about her, we used to have clean fun. Together we used go out to chowk bazaar, eat chats and ice creams and watch movies together. Since it was summer everyone used to sleep in a big hall at Nana’s place as there were 2 desert coolers installed for summer time.

One day after having lunch everyone was taking a nap in the hall. I was on the bed with my cousin brother towards the wall and I was at the edge. Pallo aunty was sleeping below just near my bed and mom and other ladies were sleeping beside her. While taking a nap I was on sleeping on my stomach and my hand slipped from the edge and touched something, I opened my eyes and saw that my hand was touching Pallo Mausi’s boobs unknowingly.

I immediately lifted my hand in my sleeping position. It ignited a curiosity to touch boobs, so from that day I always insisted Pallo Mausi to sleep near the bed so we can talk, without knowing my intentions she used to sleep and I used to touch her boobs while she is sleeping. One fine day I was making my move by putting my hand over her boobs, suddenly she caught my hand, I was afraid I looked at her with scary eyes, she was full of anger, she asked me to keep quite by putting her finger on her lips and asked motioned me to follow her as everybody was sleeping. I followed her, being very afraid I was shivering.

She took me to the bathroom and asked me Goli what is this, what are you doing. I started begging and crying to forgive me, I said ‘I will not do it again’. She said ‘this is wrong and it’s not good for you and me’, I was looking down my head hung in shame, she asked me to look up. I looked up and saw that she has taken her blouse off and was showing me her boobs with a naughty smile. I could not understand this. She said she is 22 with some burning desires in her and I am only person she trusts so I should make her happy. Saying that she put my hands on her boobs and asked me to do whatever I want to do. I started pressing them for some time, the boobs were firm and round, might be size 34, then I started sucking nipples which were erect, she was moaning with pleasure, my dick was getting hard.

She put her hand in my shorts and took my dick out and stated stroking it. She was really playing with my dick, after sometime she asked me to fuck her. She pulled her lehanga up and showed me her fair pussy with little hair on them. I was really excited seeing a pussy . I gladly took my dick and entered in her, she was wet and slippery so it went inside very easily. I said Pallo Mausi you are not a virgin? She said I am, but my hymen is tore because I used to insert lots of candles in my pussy. I stared giving motion to and fro, just after 5 mins I could sense the tightness of her pussy on my dick, she was coming so soon, she had an orgasm and she was satisfied. She gave me a hand job and released me with the pressure. Then we came out of the bathroom.

That night again she wanted to have fuck session with me but it was very risky, so we made a plan to go on the terrace. Pallo mausi told my mom that she would sleep on the terrace in open air and will arrange a small cooler with Goli’s help. My mom agreed, I took a small cooler up and set it up there, the bed was arranged. Pallo Mausi went up to sleep but then came down in 5 mins stating it’s scary there, I started to laugh, Pallo Mausi angrily said why don’t you sleep with me on the terrace then you will know how scary it is. I said ok and looked at mom. Mom was also ok. Our planned worked, only 2 of us on the terrace under the moon light and cooler. We went up, as soon as we were on the bed she held my dick in her hand and expressed interest to taste my cum, I was happy, she gave me a handjob, when I released she took the cum and tasted it. Then we started fucking, I fucked her about 15-20 mins then I released another load on her hand to taste. That night I explored her full body under moon light.

After these incidents she got married to a very good guy. But our relationship did not change as I was the closest to her in the family and nobody doubted us till date. I still fuck her whenever I go to her place or when she visits our place. So this year 2015 in the month of July I was at Pallo mausi’s place and was fondling her in kitchen from behind, as pallo mausi after becoming a mother developed nice boobs and ass for which I die for, suddenly her elder daughter Pari came in and saw the act. It was like we were caught. We very scared and apologized to her, begged her not to tell her dad, that is my uncle. She looked furious and disgusted, she left quietly.

I also left my Pallo mausi’s place and came back to my place. I called up Pallo mausi to check if everything is all right and Pari has not told anything to Uncle. Pallo mausi said that everything is all right and Pari is angry and not talking to her, I should come and talk to her. I said ok. The next week I went to Mausi’s place on Saturday. As soon as I came Mausi kept her hand on my dick above the pants, it got hard instantly, but I said Mausi Pari might see us. She said you need to talk to Pari, she has not spoken to me last week. I said ok, but let me talk to her alone. Mausi said ok and the said in a loud voice, Pari beta I am going to sharma aunty’s place, Goli has come give him water and snacks and again pressing my dick she left.

I sat in the hall and was watching tv, after five minutes Pari came and said hello Goli bhaiya and sat near me. I noticed she was dressed in a different way. She wore a short skirt and a shirt with 2 buttons open. I said hello to her and then suddenly Pari took my hand and put them on her boobs. I was surprised, Pari said that the day she saw me fondling her mom’s boobs she also wanted the same, but could not say it due to shame but since her mom is not here she can do it. Though I knew it was wrong but boobs of young 18 year old gal could not resist me, and I started pressing them. She kept her hand on my dick and started pressing it, while I was pressing her boobs she opened my pant and took my dick out.

She first started playing with my balls and then a handjob, then she moved down and took my dick in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. A young girl of 16 giving you a blowjob while I was fondling her boobs was pretty amazing. Then I put my hand on her ass and lifted her skirt, she was not wearing panty, I said wow and inserted a finger in her pussy. She moaned and asked me to fuck her. I said are you a virgin, she said yes. We went to her bedroom, I took her cold cream and applied it on my dick.

Then I asked her to massage it properly while I was finger fucking her to make her wet. The she lied down, I position myself near her pussy and gave a thrust, in a single motion my dick went inside and she scream with pain.

Then with little pushes she started enjoying, I fucked her in that position for nice 10 minutes , she was enjoying it, and she she squirted and had orgasm, then I took my dick out, cleaned it and put it in her mouth and shot my cum, which she gulped. She was very happy. I told her not to be angry with her mom. Pari said that she will never be angry with her mom again and also pleaded me to fuck her whenever we get a chance. I said I will do but mausi should not know about this, it will be out secret. She agreed. And from 2015 I started fucking Pari too, apart from Pallo mausi.

Summer Holidays Leads To Lifetime Of Sex

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