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Suhasini & Kishon Babu fuck In A Group

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hi! We love this site and visit almost daily. We are actually a group of six people, three couples. We are inspired by the stories of this site and are writing our own experience and this story is absolutely true. We have written this and are putting this on this site with the permission of the other two couples too.

First of all a little about all of us. I am Kishon Babu, a government servant and a homeopathy doctor (practicing secretly). My wife Suhasini is crazy about sex. The other couple is Mr. Praveen Kumar working in Reliance and his wife Snehalata. Praveen Kumar and I swap our wives every weekend. The third couple is Mr. Vinod Nambiar and his wife Sulochana. All of us have two children each and of the same age. We leave the children in any one persons house and go to other person’s house and fuck. My wife calls this Vinod Nambiar “Anna” which means brother, but Vinod fucks her and loves her a lot. It all started a few years back. We were bored of fucking our own wives and my wife suggested that we would go for group sex. I agreed to it and I spoke to the other two couples. They were ready for the game and excited. The day came and we left our kids in Vinod’s house. We came to Praveen’s house. Vinod’s wife, Sulochana had arranged for an XXX video. Praveen had a VCD player. I put the CD into the player and played it. The movie started and we all started watching it with our wives on our sides. Within a few minutes I had an erection. The wives were horny too.

I told that I would first start with Snehalata (Mrs. Praveen Kumar). Everyone agreed. Vinod chose my wife and Praveen had no option so he chose Sulochana (Vinod’s wife). I took snehalata to the bedroom. She was very horny by then and started to kiss me on my lips. I responded because I was horny too and my dick was trying to peep out. After some deep kissing, I took my hand to her breasts. It was soft but I could feel that her nipples wanted to come out. I slowly removed her kameez and then her bra. Now she was half naked and was standing before me. She told me that after her marriage I was the first person who was seeing her like this. Before her marriage she had sex with numerous no. of men. I took her one nipple in my left hand and took the other one in my mouth and started sucking it. She started mourning. I was kissing her lips in between the sucking. After some sucking I removed her salwar and my pants and shirt too. Now I was in my underwear and she was in her panties. To free ourselves we removed the undergarments for each other. Now both of us were naked. I lifted her and kept her gently on the bed. She took my 6-inch cock in her hand and started messaging it. After a couple of minutes, I laid on her and started rubbing my dick on her cunt hole so that she gets some pleasure. She told me “Kishon Darling…Don’t tease me more…fill my cunt with your dick” I obeyed her and entered her.

My dick entered her smoothly because it was really loose. She was a fucking bitch even before marriage and that’s why her cunt had become a football ground and even my hand would enter. I fucked her for sometime and came inside her. She looked satisfied and said that she loved it. She also told me that her husband was a drunkard and used to fuck his secretary and did not want his wife. I was still lying on her. We kissed for sometime and we suddenly realized that we had two more couples outside the room. We went out of the room and saw that Vinod was fucking Suhasini (my wife) and Praveen was fucking Sulochana. My wife Suhasini will continue about her fuck with Vinod. After my husband took Snehalata to the bedroom, I went and sat on Anna’s (Vinod’s) lap. I could feel his penis because it was already hard as a rock. I slowly kissed all over his face and later moved on to his lips. We kissed passionately for a long time. We even French kissed and he sucked my lips and tongue and all my mouth for a long time. After the kissing part, he put his hand slowly inside my blouse and started pressing my boobs. He told me that he always wanted to have me even though we were like brother and sister. I was surprised to hear that. He then told me to remove his pants and shirt so that we could be free. I did the same and meanwhile he removed my sari, petticoat and blouse.

Now I was in my bra and panty and Anna was in his Underwear. I could see his cock wanting to come out of his undies. I removed his undies and there came a big 8-inch cock all for me. I took it into my mouth without any hesitation because I knew that it wanted a suck badly. Within 5 minutes Anna came in my mouth and I drank it full. I had never taken a penis in my mouth. Now I knew what I was missing from so many years. More than 50 guys had fucked me in my college and high school days but I never took a penis in to my mouth. Later on Anna started sucking my boobs and after a few minutes he moved to my vagina. He sucked that for a lot of time and I already came three times in his mouth. I told him to stop it and start the real game. He laid on me and put his 8-inch long dick in to my vagina. I gave a loud moan of pleasure. He fucked me for sometime. I was in the seventh heaven. I told him that he had given me the pleasure that no man (including my husband) in this world had ever given to me. He thanked me for this because it was my idea of having group sex. I gave him a smooch thanking him for giving me the best pleasure of my life. He was hot again with the kiss and wanted to fuck my ass. I told him that I was scared but he told me that it would hurt only for sometime but after that it would be only pleasure. He slowly made me stand in the doggy position and he put his stiff dick into my ass hole.

It was so painful that I almost screamed. After a minute or so the pain came down and I was getting pleasure. Anna was moaning because he was entering into such a small hole for the first time of his life because his wife had already been ass fucked many times before marriage. That is a different story, which she will tell later. After the ass fuck we kissed again for sometime and I laid on Anna. Now Mrs. Sulochana will tell her experience with Praveen Kumar I have been having sex even before marriage. I even had anal sex many times and my experience with Praveen was nothing different. It was just like any other fuck. He came near me. As usual he was drunk. He embraced me and gave me a small kiss. I gave him a smooch, which aroused him. He had a normal sized penis of 5 inches. I had been fucked by people with 4-inch penis to 10-inch penis and therefore I was not very excited to see his dick. He laid me on the sofa and removed my salwar and panties and started sucking my vagina. It gave me some pleasure and I told him not to stop. I came twice. We decided to be completely nude and undressed each other. He was very much excited to see my big boobs.

He told me that his secretary’s boobs were also of the same size. He sucked it for sometime. Then I told him to stop it and start fucking me. He slowly put his dick inside me and it went in fast without any problem. He was surprised a bit. He started fucking me in speed and I was getting some pleasure. Within a few minutes he came inside me. He was kissing me for a long time after that. After that experience he wanted that every week Now Kishon Babu will continue…. We met in our own houses telling our kids that we were either going for shopping or for treating someone (I am a Homeopathy Doctor as you now). We left the kids with the servants etc.

From the past 6 years we have been having this relationship. I even think that our second child is not mine because she looks like Vinod. I fuck both Snehalata and Sulochana whenever I go to their houses when nobody is there. We take each others wives every week end, on Saturday and Sunday. Actually we start on Friday night and end only on Monday morning. People interested in dirty email etc. can contact us at also send your comments about this story to the same email address. If you like this story, just mail us and if we get good response we will put another of our encounters on this site. Bye Suhasini, Kishon and Group

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