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Suhaag Raat With Samina

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

I am Amir again. Hope that all you were fine. Many many thanks for liking my first story. I am not expecting that kind of response, which you desi friends give on my story. Now here is my next story and I hope that all desi friends enjoy this also. This story is about my cousin Samina who lives in Lahore cantt Pakistan. She was 22 and having white milky fair complexion. She is 5ft 6inch tall and smart and sexy figure.

She is having 34 D size MAMAS. Once any body sees her wish to fuck that bitch.because she is having a great sex attraction. I also have a sexual desire about her but I cannot have any courage to do so, because of her roudness. But guys I think that I am the luckiest man on the earth that I have got chance to fuck her at her wedding night. It was 20 of June 1998 the wedding day of that bitch samina. The marriage arrangements are in Hotel and the barat has to come from Gujranwala.The functions were at night. Her parents asked me that this is your duty to bring her to beauty pourlar and bring back to hotel. I took her to beauty pourlar in my car. There are two other bridals having appointment before samina. When we reached there we have come to know that one bridal’s appointment is cancled.

So we got 1and a half hour free time. Samina went into the beauty pourlar and I was waiting in the car. After an hour I received a call at my mobile from samina’s mother she is asking that we all are going to hotel and you come to home after the beauty pourlar and brings jewellery and you will got the keys of house form neighbors asked OK aunty I will do so. After listening that I begin planning to fuck samina at her home, because my fortune is in my side. After one hour the beauty pourlar door open and here come samina in bridal make up and clothes.

WOOOOOOH what a sexy bridal she was looking. She was wearing RED LANHGA and on it the PITCH WORK OF GOLDEN COLOUR is been done and on it she is wearing RED TIGHT CHOLI in which her BIG JUCIY MAMAS ARE GRABBED and she is having GOLDEN COLOUR’S SANDLES IN HER FEET.I reverse the car and open the door and hold samina arms to help her in sitting in the car because she is holding her LANHGA.When I hold her soft and warm arms in my hands I become aroused and my dick was trying to become out of my brief. When we reached at home I brought the keys from neighbors and open the locks of house and parked the car in the porch. I again hold her arms and bring her out of car and bring her to bedroom. When we reached there the room becomes filled with the sexy perfume which samina is being sprayed. This also makes me aroused and my dick become erect in my brief. Now I cannot bears it all and I asked her that Samina you are looking very sexy and I wana fuck you.

These unexpected words gave her electric shock and she asked me in anger DO YOU KNOW TO WHOME YOU ARE TALKING? AND WHAT TALKING? I am your cousin are you in your senses? I ignored her words and again asked that this is my childhood dream “KE MAIN TUMARAY SATH SHADI KERNA CHATA THA OR TUMARE SHAT SUHAGG RAAT MANANA CHATA THA.OR TUME APPNE BACHEY KE MAA BANANA CHATA HOON.Saying that I suddenly grabbed her and lay her on the bed and give a deep and passionate kiss on her lips and begin kissing on her forehead, ears and neck. She begins resisting and asked please amir MERI AZIT KHRAB MUT KARO!!!!!! MERA YE JISM AB KISI OR KE AMANAT HE.PLEASE AMIR MUJE CHOR DO UUUMHHH UMMMMMHHHHHH!!!!!!! But I not listen her and carry on kissing .My passionate kissing makes her aroused and her resisting power become lose in my arms. Along it I also pressing her BIG MAMASSSS with my hands with which she begin moaning. UMMMMMMM AHAAAAAA!!!!! There was some DOOPATAS lying along us in the bed I got the idea and tie her hands with them with the bed.

She asked AMIR YE TUM KIYA KER RAHYE HO? I asked her that MAIN TUME TUMARI SHADI KA TUFA DENE KI KOOSHIH KER RAHA HOON.Now she cannot run away I begin undressing my self I undress my self fully and my 9-inch dick was fully erected. I again went to samina and unbuttoned her LANGHA and threw it on the floor. WHOOOOOOOOH what a sexy legs you are having I asked her and she asked please amir AASA MUT KARO MUJE SHARAM ATI HA.I undo her golden color sandals and threw them at the floor also. There are the design of MEHANDI on her feet and legs. I begin kissing under her feet and then on her feet then on her legs and when I reached her PUSSSY area she was wearing WHITE LACY PANTY.I undress her PANTY AND SINF HER PUSSYAND OPEN HER PUSSY LIPS AND BEGAIN LICKING HER SOFT VIRGIN WHITE AND SHAVED PUSSY.WHAT A SALTY AND TASTY PUSSY YOU HAVE I asked her.

She begins moaning UMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHHHH AAAHHHHHHHHAAAANNNNNNNNN! Please amir TAZE OR TAZE HAN HAN OR TAZE.and begins shaking her head right and left. After three minutes she asked OHHHH AMIRRRRRR MAIN GAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And begin jerking I stand back and she CUMMMMMM a lot more CUMMM her cum went down on the bed. After it she asked me to untie her hands and I asked her that if she cooperate with me then I untie her hands. She agrees with me and I asked her to wait for three minutes and I went to kitchen and bring the bottle of honey. And untie her hands and unzipped her CHOLI and undress her CHOLI and under it WHITE LACY BRA I also unhooked her bra and open her hair, now she is fully naked in front of me. Then I apply honey on my balls and dick and asked her to lick it she begin licking it like a lollypop and after five minutes I cried PLEASE SAMINA RUK JAO MAIN CHUTNE LAGA HOON.PLEASE RUK JAOBut she begin it faster more faster. I grabbed her form her hair of the back of her head and push towards my belly her nose was pressed by my belly now my dick was fully in her mouth and here I CUMMMMMMMMM AHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! And loads of my sperms filled her mouth she was eating them like that she was hungry from many days. Some drops of my cum come out of her mouth but she lick them with her finger.

After it I brings the jug of milk and asked her to drink but she asked SIRTAJ PAHLE APP PEAIN PEHER MARE BARI.I ASKED HER JIS TARAH TUMARI MERZI BEGUM. I drink half of jug and then give to her and she drink a little bit. After it I again tied her hands and legs with doopatas now she cannot shake her whole body. Now I begin swear biting on her ears nose neck and forehead and when I bite on her BIG JUCIY MAMAS she cry with pain PLEASE AMIR ASA MUT KARO MUJE BAHOOOT DARD HOTA HA PLEASSSSSSSSEE!! NAHIN NA.but I not listen her any word I enjoy it all. After it I unties her legs and she asked me that TUM BHOOT ZALIM HO. Then I applied Vaseline on my dick and put her legs on my shoulders and fix my dick on her ASS HOLE and with a one jerk I entered my 9 inch dick in her tight tiny ASSS HOLE and she cried with pain. And full of her voice. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 MAIN MER GAI!!!!! HAYE AMMI JEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11 NACALO NACALO PPPLEEEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 NEAHIN NA NEAHIN BHOOT DARD HO RHA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 MERI GAND PHAR DALI TUM NE ZALIL INSAN MAIN MER JANOON GE.She begin weaping.

But I donont listen to her and carry on my work after five minutes I fulfilled her asss with my cummmmmmmm. When I took my lun from her gand it cap was filled with her blood now I have come to know that I make a big deal with her gand. Then I clean my lun from bed sheets. I kissed on her lips and she asked me I was not talking to you because you give me swear pain I asked her next time I will not do so. After it I begin wearing my clothes and she shouted with anger TUM KHAIN JA RAHE HO ABI TO MERI PIAAS BE NEAHIN BUJEE I asked her that we are getting late and they were waiting of us and also leave something for him who is becoming your husband. But she insists at me that US KO CHORO MERI PIAAS TUM HI BOOGAHAOO GAYE. I come to her and give a passionate kiss on her lips and unties her hands and open her legs and fix my dick on her pussy lips and begin pressing my big dick on her pussy and I guess that something is stopping my dick its means that she is virgin and give and passionate jerk and insert my lun in her tiny virgin and tight pussy. She cried with pain HAYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AAAMMMMMMMMMMMI GGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! 1MAIN MER GYE.Pleassssssssse AMIR BAHIR NICAL LO!!!!!!! I asked her after some time you will enjoy this, this pain is only for little time the bed was shaking with our jerks.

After five minutes she begin enjoying it and asked me PLEASSSSSSSE AMIR ZORE SE OR ZORE SE KARO MUJE APPNE BACHEY KI MAA BANA DALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAAN AMIR MAIN SIRF OR SIRF TUMARE BACHYE KI MAA BANNA CHATI HOON. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAYEEEEEEEE AMMIIIIII GEEEEEEEEE MAIN GYEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! 1AND she cummmmmm she cumm a lot. After 10 minutes I also not in bearable position and asked her SAMINA KHOT LO APNI PUDDY KO KHOT (TIGHT YOUR PUSSY)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KUTI, HARMZADI, KHOTI, KANGRI KI BACHI KHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I filled her belly with my loads of sperms and I give her my last kiss and we dressed ourselves and she make a bridal make up she cannot walk because her ass was tear off by me and we reached hotel and there the barat was not yet reached. Hope that all desi friends enjoy this story and send your comments to me. If any lady or gals form the age of 5 to 50 of Rawalpindi and Islamabad wants to make physical relations with me. May be able to contact with me.e.mail: –

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