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  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hello u all readers of DESIPAPA erotic stories.iam raj with my story hope u all will like and reply me atleast how u liked the not waisting much time iam starting my story this is the story of me and my cousin sushma she was daughter of my dads cousin she was married to a business man of dads cousin and we were in same building i was not interested in her before her marriage.but now things had changed with me i was very much interested in females not bothering who ever is she.

She came to stay for month with her parents and to attend marriage of our relative.things were going on and i was very much interested in her from very first day of her visit to our house.I started to mastribute on her name everynow and then.i started to spend more and more time with her chatting.but it was hard for me to tell her my feelings although she was ok looking but the best thing in her body was her lips and hips.lips were very pinkish and obviously gaand was very wide and shakeable that made me crazy about her.before marriage there was a dance party there we all went to attend that on party i had dance with her while dancing i many times touched her hips,breasts.

She told nothing must b she enjoying that in absence of her husband.he was bussy there in bangalore.she just smiled on my touching her private was too late we came to day my mom and dad were ready to go early in the morning with my dads cousin and his wife.while going my mom told sushma is there and come with her in afternoon for lunch there.i told ok.they went at 10.00in morning i went to sushmas house which was next to our house i rang the door bell she opened the door window and saw me then opened the door she was had wrappped towel around her chest and she was in peticoat and blouse she had taken a bath just that time.we went in her room i started staring her body and chatting generously.she was wearing sari and replying my answers.i had become hot by seeing her gaand without sari in eyes were fully on her body and mind was thinking how to seduce her. she had completed her makeup she was looking absalutely georgeous and sexbomb in her pink sari.she said “kabhi chalenge shaadi pe”.i said”kya karenge chal ke chal na kahin ghum ke ate hain”.she came near me and hold my hand “chal na jaldi tayar ho ga yaar chalna nahin hai kya”.she told holding my hand she got heat of my body i was very much hot at that time she asked”kya hua tuje itna garam kyun ho gaya hai bukhar to nahin hai tuje”.as iwas silent what to tell her and should i tell her truth and seduce her or not and she was insisting me to tell what is problem with me.i looked her face and ask her to promise that she will not tell anybody about that she promised.i grabbed some courage and told seeing u without sari pata nahin kya ho gaya. she smiled and said jawani mein yeh sab hota hai u should control this she was sitting close to me.i asked her r u satisfied with ur husband she told “its not right raj u should not ask me such questions”.i understood that she is not satisfied with his husband.i had become bold this time but asked her that i want to see her fully naked.she said no i said yaar nothing wrong in that i am man and u woman let me satisfy u pls once only show me ur body i will do what u want.she was not replying anything nor yes or no.i went and locked the main door and room door she was still thinking she was not ready for that i insisted her alot.she atlast said ok u can but do it fast what everu want till somebody return i was so happy to hear that from her.

There was no reaction by her.i grabed her and kissed her on lips 15 minutes of kissing her arms were moving over my chest under my shirt.she gave smile and tight kiss my fear was gone now this time.i moved my hands over her breasts fondling them over sari.instantly she moved her arms over mine pressing them hard against her breasts i was feeling the softness of her booobs.i lay her flat on her back and while my arms were exploring her breasts my mouth moved on her lips.i kissed her first gently and then slowly slid my tongue between her lips.she responded back by opening her mouth to me and iwas kissing her deep inside her mouth licking her lips and enjoying the sweat taste of her saliva .i licked and sucked her tongue.she was getting exvited we lay there kissing each other in the mouth for long time and i slowly moved my mouth down on her neck.i began to remove her clothes she insisted abit.and said agar koi agaya to i said koi nahin ayega pls once i want to see her naked.she agreed then i also told her i will show my 6inchy lund to her.i slowly undid her sari and blouse revealing her breasts in the tight black bra my arms moved down and holding the knot of her peticoat slowly lifted it up and she by reflex lifted her buttockd and top to help me slide it below. i was kisssing her pink lips passionately ohhhhhhhhhhh.what a sexy body was she was only with her bra and panty.i was kissing her from head to she started moaning i started unhooking her bra she was feeling shy.but i was in mood to see her naked and naked only.her pair of volupatuaries hooters were in front of me.i asked her size of it.she told 34d.

I was squeezing her tits and nipples were got red by squeezing.she was moaning like aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhohhhhhh.then i was about to remover her panty.she said “pls raj leave me i think its not correct”.i again said her”abhi to nahin yaar i cant let u go ek baar tuje chod lun phir agar maza nahin aye to chala jayunga yahan se” .i started removing my clothes and was in underwear seeing my hairy body she grabbed me and pulled me over her moving her arms over my chest and then moving it down to sqeeze my and mahol of that room had became hot that time.i opened her panty so hurrily that it produced some noise.then i was on her belly circling her navel and she pressed my head so firmly after that i came down to her hairy pusssy and it was wet enough by then.the sweat smell of her was driving me crazy.i removed my underwear to release my gun.i contniued again licking her hairy chud moving my tongue deep into her chud.again i was enjoying the sweat taste.i was running my tongue all along her chud.and i felt her getting exited her legs parted more giving me a beter vision to her chud with my tongue.i heard her moan in pleasure when my tongue touched her clitoris.she grabbed my head pressing and rubbing it strong against her chud i was glad that she too was enjoying this also moaning like a hell “ husband is really done nothing to me and myself is dying for some fuck.u are great fuck me suck me and tear me.” she had forgoten all about marriage now. after few minutes grabbing me up on to the bed again she started kissing me all over on my chest stomach and my breasts twiddling with my nipples she licked my breasts and my nipples and then moved down.she grabed my stiff lund in her hands she was kissing it and then she took in her mouth.i was really thrilled by sensation.she really seemed to enjoy it as much i had enjoyed licking her chud.

She was sucking at my lund was moving in and out of her mouth.i came right in her mouth.she seemed to have expected this and licked the juice of lund.i could not wait any longer and i decided that it was time for final act and without wasting time i took her on bed and spread her legs and mounted on her.i put my dick on her red chud.her hole was well shaped and spread a little.i started to fuck her moving up and down slowly and her melons were bouncing now i was feeling so good that she also started moving hips from bottom with my was producing some great sound and we both breathing heavily we both were moaning loudly and blap blap sound has i was nothing very fast i really getting more and more mad and she pulled my chest and she was kissing me alot like lover.i was pressing her tits and sucking another.her nipples were really big than normal size now.after few minutes i exploded in her chud.she gained huge orgasm as well i .we both lied on bed in eachother arms.when we got up full bedsheet was with my and her juices.she removed bedsheet and went to take bath i also join her there i had real womanbath with her that i like most in sex woman and water combination. after bath we were again but not ready for second but chatting she said”tu to bahut husyar ho gaya hai meri shaadi ke pahele kahan tha tu”.i said “yaar shaadi ke phele teri gaand b kahan bahar thi abhi to tu ek dam fataka ho gayi hai”.on listeing that she laughed then in chatting she told me that she also like ass fucking but her husband doesnot like that on hearing me and my lund was ready for act but she told agar koi a gaya to i said phone them that we r not coming we will join them in reception at night.she phoned her mom said ok after keeping phone she said “jo karna chahta hai kar le abhi koi nahin ane wala na mere parents na tere we can enjoy till night now”.

On hearing we hugged each othertight.she then applies some lubricant on my lund i on her gaand iwas very happy when she became gave her ass in doggy style and said do it slow because it pains very much.i tried to enter it was very tight.she was moaning loudly as well as i.but after few minutes we both were enjoying.after few minutes i again cummed in her ass.on that day we did intercourse for 4times.and then went to attend marriage.then for twenty days she was there we had sex when ever we got the time she was very happy to have sex with me and promised me that she will come next year then we will enjoy again. so thats it my story with sushma hope u all boys girls ladies and aunties had liked that if u like or dislike please send me message and girls who want to loose there virginity or ladies unsatiesfied aunties bhabies from ambarnath,ulhasnagar,kalyan,dombivali can contact me or mail me at “ or any one want to chat on sex can mail me phone number and address will be kept lots of luv to u all waiting for replies from u all.

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