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Stunning Beauty Ke Saath Sex

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi to every one. My name is RAJ from Hyderabad , INDIA having good physic and height of 5’9″.i have read many storie’s in I have fucked many girl’s contacting through chatting and mail’s. But i have not fucked a girl as my first one.

This happened when i’m at 20.actually my place is a village near to kurnool, which is 200k.m from Hyderabad . when I went to my village for my friend’s marriage.there i met with this stunning beauty.her name is Anupama and her age is just 19. She is 5’6″ tall fair complexion, blue & sexy eyes, ass long hairs, with very big & firm boobs, flat tummy & nice big & juicy softest ass. Her vitals were 38dd, 25,36 which I came to know later. by seeing her at that time it self i have fixed to fuck her.but how?i went to her and said “hai i’m raj”and by smiling she said”i’m anupama”.i have asked her where ru from.she said that she is from hyderabad.that’s it i have started talking about hyderabad and where i stay and asked her that where u stay and taken the address.

In the evening we went to our farm house. there we have sat near our pond and started talking about film’s. We have talked about great film titanic for half an hour. Immediately I asked her “Anu do u have boy friend’s, have U Kissed any one”. She said “no”. I asked her Shall I kiss u. she said “no”. I have asked her why didn’t you like it. She said nothing. I have not forced her more cause there is more time to me to enjoy with her.

At night I’m sitting on terrace and enjoying moon-light. At that time Anu came and sat beside me, and taken my hand in to her hand’s and kept her head on my shoulder. I asked her what happened, she replied that she is not getting sleep cause she is alone and every one in her room have slept. I asked her will u sleep with me on terrace if u don’t mind. First she felt some difficult after a while she agreed to sleep. she went to sleep but I can’t sleep cause her beauty is making me sleepless. At night 12 she turned toward’s me and kept her hand on my chest. Immediately I looked in to her face but she is in deep sleep. I got some courage and I slowly placed my arm on her right boob and waited for her response, but there is no response I pressed slightly, she gave a soft moan. By hearing that I pressed again and placed my lip’s on her lip’s and kissed. I embraced her and kissed her deeply. She responded eagerly, she engulfed me in a wild passionate embrace as she explored my mouth with her tongue. She had a full mouth with sugar-sweet thick lips that one could suck for hours.

Then I slowly opened the two buttons of her shirt. I was able to see her cleavage and also some part of her breast, as it was tide in the white bra. It was looking nice on her body rather than I would say it was a perfectly match to her body. I started moving my hand between her cleavage and feeling the hot sensation over there. I licked out the warm sweat of it, which was very tasty and salty. Then I moved my hands on her boobs and started pressing it hard. Then I moved my hands towards her back and opened the hooks of her bra. I removed the straps of the bra and was able to get a clear view of her breast. Then I moved my hands over it and licked her nipples. It was very tasty. Then she started moaning very hard and hard. I thought that every body will come up. Slowly she got aroused and opened her eye’s and she said that she wanted to loose her virginity. Not wasting a second Immediately I started pressing her breast hard. She screamed a bit. I sucked her nipples so hard that I nearly bit it. I started to suck it. She gave me a big moan. I liked the sound of it “yeahhhhhhh………mmmmmmmmmm………Ohhhhhhhhhhhh..”.

I laid on her and started kissing her lips, earlobes her neck. She was enjoying the pleasure she was getting. I kissed one by one at all her parts. I reached he G-pot and gave her a good lick. I once again reached her top and started sucking her boobs. While my other hand was busy massaging the other boob. By this time her hand was feeling my hardness. Her pussy was clean and shaven. I felt the heat from her pussy and my fingers stopped massaging her boobs and started exploring her wet cunt. Her cunt lips looked tight and the inside of her pussy was pink. Gently, I inserted half of my middle finger in her wet pussy and with my thumb, I started massaging her clitoris.anu’s body shook and trembled. She screamed OHHHHHHHHHHHH PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE DON’T STOPPPPPPPPPPPPP. She then pushed herself forward to have my middle finger fully inside her wet and flowing choot. She tried moving her body to get some rhythms but was finding it very difficult. Her body was now sweating and her cunt juice smell made me go crazy. Her moans were getting wilder and wilder and I judged that she was close to an orgasm. I kept finger-fucking her and went close to her for a good-deep kiss. I could tell that she was close to the edge. Immediately, I moved towards her pussy and stared licking and as I speeded up the tempo of my lapping, a low moarning came from deep inside her throat, indicating that her orgasm was filling her belly. which quickly turned into a Roar and she came. Her choot erupted as if a volcano was erupting lava. It almost made my face wet and made a big patch on the Bed-Sheet. After she finished a massive orgasm she smiled which meant “Ohhh ” she said softly.

Then she removed my underwear and grabbed my dick with her both hands. She was amazed to see the size and thickness of my penis which is 8 inches long. She started to lick my dick which was like a huge rod in her small hands. She pulled down the foreskin and put her mouth on the shaft. Her lips moved up and down through the entire length of my penis. Although this was her first time, she was giving me a great blow-job. She could have given a professional porn-star a run for the money. She kept on increasing her pace till it became impossible for me to hold on and I ejaculated all my semen into her mouth. She swallowed most of it and a few drops trickled down from the sides of her lips. She really liked the taste of my oozing jizm. Then I laid her down on her back and started to kiss and lick all over her body. I went down onto her navel and licked it for a while. Then I slowly spread her legs wide apart so that she could take my dick inside her. I placed her legs on my shoulders so that she could be in a comfortable position. I pulled down the foreskin of my penis and tried to enter my shaft into her pussy. But it proved to be very difficult as she was a virgin. I continued in my efforts and finally succeeded in getting inside her about an inch or so. I thrust in and pulled out of her with small strokes slowly and gradually increasing the pace. Although she was in a little bit of pain, she was thoroughly enjoying herself and asked me increase the speed. I increased the pace of ramming her love-hole more fervently. Now I was pumping her with long and powerful thrusts.

She was moaning and groaning like a high-society whore … AAH AAAH AAAAH OOOH AAH UUUH UUUUH AH AAH YES YES YES FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD … There was no stopping her now. Her loud noises were being complemented by my deep grunts. We were fucking each other like animals. She was enjoying it so much that she was moving her hips back and forth in rhythm with my thrusts. We went on and on for a long while. Finally we could not control it any longer and I emptied my cum deep inside her while she had her third orgasm. Then we embraced each other with a deep kiss. We had completely satisfied our basic animal instincts. We lay there for a while after which we went into the shower together.

After that we came back and I made her bend on the bed with her ass lying in the air and making her bend with her weight on her hands on the bed. I just kissed her ass cheeks and she shivered with a great moan due to soft gentle touch of my lips on her ass. Just then I licked her sweet tight ass hole looking and begging to be fucked. With every lick anu moaned aahhhh ahhh mmmmmm. I just applied some saliva to her ass hole and some to my cock so that her virgin hole gets lubricated and I could get my cock in her easily. Now my very hard 8 inches cock was ready to enter my anu’s ass. I just placed the pink tip of my cock at the opening of the hole and with one hand spread her cheeks and with the other pushed my cock in her ass.Ahhhhh it’s paining raj. I slowly headed forward and with slow pace just got fully inside her and the room got filled with her loud moanssssssss . I just started pushing my cock in and out and she just moaned loudly with every push. She was so tight that even I felt that she is making me pain a lot and thus I moaned too.

The room temperature was so high that it was unable to control it till some explosions took place. She said raj for god sake please leave me, my ass will get torn up I will die of pain. It just made me wilder and I started to fuck my sweet little anu’s virgin ass with more speed. With my left hand I just starting massaging her left boobs and pressed her nipple hard and with my right hand I just slipped my one- two and then three fingers in her wet pussy. She shouted ahhhhhhh!!!! plz Raj!!! Plzzzzz!!! leave me, “I will die meri gand phat jai gi”. With her moans increasing I increased my pace and just fucked her ass and pussy like a dog. This made me more wilder that it just increased my cock’s and fingers speed very high and she literally cried loud in pain. We both were having pain but this was more of pleasure rather than pain. This painful act continued till next five mins or so till we both came at the same time. She said raj plz stop I am cumminggggg and she just gave my fucking fingers a very warm, wet and juicy welcome and at the same time I greeted her by cumming and gifting her ass with my hot cream. It was such a great orgasm that we both collapsed – she on the bed and me on her.

Later we cleaned our bodie’s and started another round. Through out the night we are enjoying like mad dog’s.nearly we have done for 7 time’s through out the night.

Any girl’s in and around hyderabad want’s to enjoy life can contact me on my mail My mail i.d is raaj22_4u@yahoo . It will be maintained secret. O. K bye.

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