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Strange exp in Blore Movie hall

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Key friends let me intorduce myself to u all.I am a 23year male living in bangalore.this is a very strange experience i had in my life.I wish to share the same with u all. It so happened i and my friend went to a movie in triveni theatre in the busy mejestic area.The crowd was thin. A couple was sitting two seats away from us.We could easyly make out they were husband and wife. The man was around 50 years and the female looked around 45.Her complexio was fair and the skin was shinning.She once passed a glance at us and started taking to her husband in i think it was marati which i could not understand. We did not attach much importance to them and were only waiting for the movie to start.As soon as the lights went off and the movie began i could notice the woman moving in her seat trying to adjust her sitting position.A little later i found that she was staring at me in the semi darkness of the movie hall.I also looked at her.She did not take her sight off from me.

She looked so bold.I could not ressist that look and smiled at her. She also smiled at me.I slowly steched my hand towards the next seat.She held my hand on the seat and pressed it softly.I passed a glance at her husband who was sitting next to her. He was watching the movie.Now i slowly moved my hands on her thighs ans pressed them from above.She readyly moved her leg and allowed me to press her thigh.I moved my hands up and tried to touch her balls.She slightly moved her pullu and allowed me to touch her balls.To my surprise she had already unbuttoned her blouse and bra and i could feel those beautyfull balls.I softly fondled them and teased those nipples. She once squrimed in her seat. That movement must have attracted her husband’s attention.He turned his head and talked to her something which i din’t understand. He bent forward a bit and looked at me. My hands were still on her balls.She was also holding my hands.

I could not take them back in hurry.He had seen me pressing his wife’s balls.I became very nervous and did not know what to do.He again stared looking at the screen.She looked at me and assured with her looks that it was ok and i could continue.I was encouraged by this.I started pressing both her balls.Wow! what an experience! She was enjoying the squeze.Now I became a little bold and moved next to her.We were sitting side by side.She put her arms around my neck and pulled me towards her and kissed my lips.It was great.She then pressed my head towards her breasts and pressed it hard on her balls.I could smell them.They were great.She cought one of her balls and put the whole in my mouth and made me such the whole big ball.By this time i had one hand around her waist and was hugging her while the other hand was moving inside her saree.I could feel those soft smooth thighs.I massaged her thighs very smoothly as if my hands barely touched them.She liked that soft touch and widened her legs.She held my hand guided it towards her cunt.It was a thick jungle.I liked to touch those hairs slowly playing with them.Her husband was looking at all these and saying something to her.She noded and crossed her legs with mine.If there was no barrier(handlebar) on the seat my penniss could be pushed in her cunt.But i had little luck with this.I went to say something to her.But she signled me not to talk.

The conversation was only between them.She did not allow me to talk to her.Now she held my hand and was massegeing her cunt with it. I slowly inserted my finger inside.It was wet and slippery.I was moving my finger and she wanted it faster which i was happy to do.I now inserted my two more fingers she raised her buttocks and enjoyed moving back and forth.I was kissing her lips and with one hand pressing her balls and with other i finger fucking her.With one hand she was holding my hand and guiding the speed for finger fucking,with the other she was playing with my penniss.Suddenly i felt a hand moving on my body.I looked surprisingly.My friend was sitting beside me and he was also pressing her other ball.I signled her to show that both of us were palying with her. she was very exited with that.She enjoyed this threesome sex.She kissed my lips and i inserted my tounge into her muoth.She started sucking it hard. I felt a electrifying shock in me.I increased the speed of my finger. She now pressed both her thighs tight and i knew she was about to ejauculate. She was holding me tight and pressed my whole body with hers,I could feel her cum all over inside her. She was perspiring. She slowly released me and sat straight and whispered something to her husbsnd who was watching us all the time.

This session continued once again after the intervel. I wanted to talk to her.but she refused to talk and signled me to stay quite.I had a fantastic feeling all over me. my cock was very hard. I took her hand and made her masterbute. She gave an excellent shake.After nearly 10 minutes.I came out spilling my cum all over her hands.She still did not leave my cock.She liked playing with it. I too enjoyed it.

Just before the movie was to end she adjusted her dress and hair and both of them walked off the hall.I tried to follow her but both of them alighted an autorickshaw and went off.My two wheeler was parked in the parkingslot and i could not take it out in the hurry.
I still could not undrestand how her husband could allaw his wife to be screwed by another man but not allow her to talk to them.I think he must be having a problem menatlly.

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