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Stranded Sex Story

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

This is a fresh story regarding how a woman lost in an isolated area. It was a dark and lonely night and I was lost. I had been over to a friends housewarming party and I couldn’t find my way around these lonely back roads. I wasn’t carrying my cell phone and my husband wasn’t expecting me home by any certain time. I started to panic. I knew my way if I could only find the main highway.

I was determined to find my way out of this isolated area. As bad as this was, it was about to get worse. My car’s engine started to sputter. I wasn’t out of gas but something was definately wrong. My worst fear came true as my car finally died. I pulled it off to the side of the road. I tried to get it started but I just rendered the battery dead. Now I really started to panic. I was lost on a desolate road. It was dark and I had no way of calling for help. I knew it wasn’t safe for a woman to be stranded late at night in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t know what to do. Should I stay in the car or should I walk for help? Should I hide in the trees and wait for morning or flag someone down and hope they aren’t some sort of crazed lunatic. As I was pondering my options, I noticed headlights from around the corner coming closer to me. I was nervous as I didn’t know what to do. The vehicle slowly parked behind me. It looked like a van. I silently prayed that everything would be alright. I had the doors locked as a shadowy figure approached my car. The stranger wrapped on my window and I cracked it slightly. “can I help you?” said the man outside my car. I couldn’t get a good look at the guy but I noticed he was black. I nervously told him that help was on the way.

He told me it was dangerous for a beautiful women to be stranded in the woods alone. As I stared in a startled gaze, I noticed the name Nishant sewed on his shirt. He must be on his way home from work I thought. He told me to pop the hood and he would take a look. I again assured him that I would be o.k. and that someone was comming for me. This guy would not take no for an answer so I finally relented and popped the hood. He rustled around for a while and then told me to try it. I turned the key but the car would not start. He told me to hold the foot feed down and try it again. It still wouldn’t start. He asked me if he could try it. I was starting to feel a little bit better about the situation because he seemed so sincere in his desire to help me. I nervously relented and opened the door and stepped out. Before I knew what happened, I was grabbed from behind. I started to scream but Nishant told me to be quiet and I wouldn’t get hurt. He motioned towards the headlights of his van and I noticed another man get out and open a side door. Nishant forced me into the van and tossed me onto the floor in the back. The van was totally gutted out and I looked up to notice two black men looking at me like a predator would a prey. The other man was wearing the same type of shirt and his name was “T”.

I was scared and begged them to let me go. I told them they could have all the money I had but they didn’t seem interested. Nishant said with a devilish grin, “it isn’t your money we want”. Terrorized by the prospects of what he meant I dashed for the door. T quickly grabbed me and wrestled me to the floor. He sat me down in front of his and held my arms behind me. As Nishant lowered in in front of me I started to scream. Nishant quickly produced a knife and held it to my throat. He told me to be quiet or he would kill me. Holding back the tears I sat motionlessly as T firmly held my arms behind me. Nishant took the knife and cut the pony tail holder from my hair, allowing for my shoulder length blonde hair to flow down. He slowly lowered the knife down my face, lifting my chin up and telling me that I resembled Madhuri. He proceded down my body with the knife, slowly cutting the buttons from my shirt until he cut them all. I shut my eyes as he opened my shirt with the long blade. I knew they must have felt like pirates opening a treasure chest as my lacey bra held captive a beautiful set of 34 C’s. I felt the blade against my sternum and opened my eyes as the knife cut loose my bra and my swollen fun bags blossomed out. My fair skin acsented my dark nipples as my ripe melons were on display. Nishant put the knife down and started to squeeze my tits. His black hands overflowed with my white breasts. I was sickened as my nipples grew large against the warmth of his hands. Nishant leaned down and started to suck on my tits as T held my arms tight.

The warm, wet sensation of Nishants mouth over my erect nipple further filled my swollen breasts. He licked my nipples and my tits responded. As he sucked my tits I was terrorized by the realization that this was only the beginning. I tried to pull loose but to no avail. I was powerless as Nishant sucked my tits. It seemed like forever but when Nishant finished he raised his head. My tits were spent and his saliva left them shiney. Nishant quickly made his way down my slim waist and agressively pulled my pants off. I started to kick and fight but that only reminded Nishant of the knife. With T holding me tight, Nishant shoved the knife against my face and told me to be very quiet. He then cut my panties off, exposing my full blonde bush. I could see the excitement in Nishants eyes as he spread my legs apart. T tightened his grip and told Nishant, “hurry up, I want some of that”. Hearing that made my heart sink. My virtuous body was being invaded. As Nishant lowered in, his long tongue broke through my pussy lips and stoled my innocence. I tensed against T’s powerful grasp, making my tits tighten and flexing my abdominal muscles below my expanded rib cage. Nishant didn’t slow down as his warm tongue licked deep into the core of my cunt, triggering a senual response from my body. My pussy was fast becomming wet and the smell of my heat was thick in the air. Nishant found my clit and tongued it hard as my body started to spasm. I pushed my head back against T as I tried to quell the carnal desire that was brewing within as I felt like my body was betraying me. As Nishant licked through my wet pussy I raised my knees, instinctively allowing his tongue deeper into my gash.

I was breathing heavily and was sickened when T said, “keep it up, she is loving it”. With that said, Nishant spread my legs farther and really went to work. I tried hard not to give in but I couldn’t move since T held me so tight. I was powerless as Nishant deeply ate out my pussy and triggered an intense orgasm inside of me. I started to tremble and then my body let loose. I bit my lip so I wouldn’t let out a moan as I creamed all over Nishants face. He lapped up my joy juice and tasted my love. As the intensity died down I was angry that my body would reward unwanted advances. Nishant continued to massage my clit with his tongue and lick my drenched cunt. Nishant sat up and removed his shirt. I knew he wasn’t finished with me but It was only to real when he pulled down his pants and sported a huge black cock. The thickness was only overshadowed by it’s tremendous length. His black cock was twice the size of my husbands and I could only stare at it in disbelief. Nishant grabbed the tremendous mounting rod and started to stroke it to reach it’s maximum size. I gasped as his huge black meat muscle was lowered and pointed straight at my innocent white little fur trap. T gripped my arms tight as we both watched in silent antisipation as Nishant pushed his monsterous black cockhead between my warm pussylips and landed it inside my gushing cave. I spread my legs wide and wrapped them around his ebony body as I knew if I tried to fight it, his big black cock would rip my tight blonde pussy to shreds.

With T holding me tight, Nishant grabbed my slim waist and thrusted his huge black dick deep into my over matched cunt. I screamed in a combination of pain and pleasure as he pushed past my husbands territory on the first thrust. I tried to relax my cunt muscles as his next thrust sent a shiver right up my spine. He was thrusting slowly but powerfully, trying to allow for my pussy to adjust to his great size. He pushed his black cock deeper and my pussy started to really lather, allowing for enough lubrication for him to really start driving me. I couldn’t hold back my moans as I was getting his black cock faster and deeper. I leaned back into T who let go of my arms, knowing full well that I was powerless against the big black cock that was deep inside my stretched pussy. T backed away as my head fell to the floor of the van. I squeezed my legs and put my arms around Nishants back as he started to fuck me harder and harder. I was moaning in ecstacy as Nishant started to seriously fuck my brains out. I dug my fingernails deep into his back and howled in ecstacy when Nishant landed his entire load into my pure pussy. He left it inside me momentarily to feel the tight compression of my warm wet fur trap around his enormous black cock. It was impossible for me to ignore what was happening to me. I was being raped by a big black cock and my only defense was not to fight it. The enormous black crank inside my cunt would surely rip me inhalf if I resisted. The main problem was that even though I was sickened by being raped, my body was loving this thick black cock. Nishant watched as my tight white body shuddered with delight as his whole black package throbbed inside of me. He really must of felt turned on because he started to fuck me with great intensity.

I started to yelp with each powerful thrust as Nishants huge black manhood pounded deep into my tight white womanhood. I arched my back and pushed to try to allow for deeper penetration. I was scared and willing to do anything to take this tremendous black cock in without being ripped in half. I was moaning in painful pleasure as Nishant fucked my brains out. The size of his great black cock made it difficult for me to breath. I flipped my head back to straighten out my throat to allow for maximum air passage. With my head flipped back, I felt an enormous gag put into my mouth. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the gag was actually T’s equally enormous black cock. I tryed to fight it but he thrusted his great size deep into my mouth. My mouth was stretched to the max and I couldn’t even bite down. He started to thrust his big black cock deeper in and out of my mouth. I struggled to breath out of my nose as he pushed his enormous black cock past my tonsils and down my throat. The pain was intense as my throat stretched against his thickness. I clutched my neck to keep my throat from tearing apart. As T landed his huge mount deep down my throat, I could feel my neck expand and I could actually feel exactly how far down his enormous cockhead landed. I was being ripped into from both ends. My tight petite white body was being invaded at both ends by two huge black cocks. I knew my best bet would be to lie still and take in the massive black rods willingly. As T mouth fucked me, I could feel him really thrust hard, landing his entire load down my throat. I swear his huge cockhead almost made it to my stomach.

I had never been able to take my husband in past my tonsils but I was now giving a deepthroating clinic. They both started to thrust in rhythym as their two big black cocks slide deep into each of my stretched wet holes. I was almost losing conscienceness when I felt the large cock punishing my pure cunt thicken. Nishant thrusted his huge meat deep inside of me and cut loose. As wads of sperm filled cum shot deep into me, T started to fuck my mouth faster. Nishant thrusted and held, thrusted and held, obviously dumping huge loads of his black sperm deep into my fertile white love cave. Frightened by the fact I was being impregnated by a black man I could only lie still as he planted his seed. As my eyes welled up with tears I opened them to the sight of T’s massive testicles bouncing off my face as he continued to fuck my face. When I felt my neck swell in my hands, I knew he was ready. I had never tasted cum before but as T thrusted in deep, I felt his cock thicken and a warm sensation burn down my esophagus and disappear into my stomach. As he pulled out of my mouth , I struggled for air, gargling his thick cum and swallowing it to breath. As I lay panting, T shot the rest of his load on my face and into my mouth. I had cum dripping from my nose, lips, and chin as I took in huge breaths of air. I was struggling to stay conscience when I heard Nishant yell, “Switch”. My heart dropped as I knew I couldn’t survive another attack like that. These two hung black men would actually fuck me to death. As Nishant positioned his semi-hard cock to my mouth and T spread my legs, I begged them to stop. When they hesitated, I told that I would cooperate.

Nishant asked what I meant as I rolled over to all fours and said that I would suck his cock and allow T to fuck me in the doggy style position. They smiled as they knew they drove me to the point of no return. I was willing to fuck my rapists and they readily agreed. I arched my back so my drenched cunt was spread open and visible from the back. T instantly lifted his huge black cock to my stretched white pussy and eased it in. I was now able to handle his size and I pushed back into him like a women in heat. His tremendous size filled my hole and actually felt good as it slid deep into my wet and warm pussy. As he started to thrust faster and deeper, I felt a deep carnal desire brew from within as I let out a primal scream of approval. Nishant’s cock was now at full attention as I leaned in and started to lick his huge black dick. He held my blonde hair as I coated his huge black cock with the saliva off my warm tongue. T grabbed my tiny white waist and plunged his black cock in deep. I purred with approval as the vibration out of my mouth hummed against Nishants thick prick. I lifted Nishants cock and wrapped my lips around and pushed. His huge meat went deep into my mouth as I was eager to see if I could now deep throat his big black cock. I was sucking his dick with great passion as he moaned in approval. The more T thrusted the more I sucked. Soon T was fucking me at break neck speed and I was devouring Nishants black cock as if I was starved. Nishant grabbed my head and started to thrust, pushing his big black cock deep down my throat. I was able to manage it better now and started to deep throat him like a pro. As T fucked me silly, I was giving Nishant the greatest blow job of my life. Nishant started to tremble as I felt his huge mount thicken. I was ready for it this time as he blew his hot cum into my mouth and I ingested it down my throat. He was like a volcano erupting but I swallowed all I could, with remanents dripping down my chin. T was really fucking me hard as I had to let go of Nishant.

I buried my face into the floor of the van as I hung my yearning pussy out to dry. T slammed me with great force until he to thickened and spewed. As he moaned I could actually feel his hot cum shoot down my uterus and fight to fertilize my egg. When he was finished, he dismounted me and I felt like a deflated balloon. They carried me and my clothes back to my car. They put my naked body in the front and threw my clothes in the back. As I lie there still, I seen there van drive away. I knew it would take a while for me to recover before I could go for help. It was only about an hour later when I was awaken by a truck driver. As I noticed his wild eyes scanning my naked body I noticed the tremendous bulge protruding from his pants. As he carried me to the sleeping quarters of his truck, I knew that it had only just begun. Please reply me at

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