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Story From Naveed Pervaiz

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

I am 24 year’s old. I lived in Pakistan/Punjab/Sargodha. It’s my true story of mine. I tell you that I have no big collection of sexy words but suitable.

I was 17 year’s old on that time. I had no idea of having sex with girls because I was very shy person and don’t want to hurt any one .I used to go to an anti’s home living near our home named shabana. She is very beautiful, still very much in age of 35 but not looked of 35, never. I was not looking at her in that way. Her husband was gone abroad after 2 year of marriage She was very friendly to me; we used to see TV, CD’s of Indian movies.

I always remembered that day when we saw a movie in which a person delivered some good dialogs at the scene of first night with his wife.

We always used to talk about the scenes of the film, so we started talking about the scene of first night with his wife. We both admired that scene too much. Suddenly she rose up and said to me that we should perform that scene by ourselves, without saying any thing I agreed .I saw the film again and learn the dialogs and she put her dopata on her head and sat on the bed like “dulhin”. I delivered the dialogs and sit near the anti .Now she was giving me instructions for the next steps.

“I want to clear one thing that I was not thinking on that time and just doing what she was saying.”

On her instructions I rolled her dopata over her head and kissed her on her lips holding her shoulders with both hands, we kissed each other at least 5 min.after that I undressed her and she did same to me .we were nude now and suddenly I saw my hard rod and surprised to see her nude I took a step back but she was interested in making love with me like the first night with her husband. I told her that I have no experience of sex but she said to me that you just sit here on the bed and I will do every thing of this night so I sat there at the center of the bed she took my hot caped cock in her hand first time and that was my finest feeling of life .Now she was playing with my cock and at same time she was kissing chest full of black hairs and enjoying that feeling .She had a nice figure, big boobs with black nipples, very small waste heavy legs that looks very sex to me and I tell you I love this kind of figure .

Now again she was giving me instructions and I am doing as she was saying .She took my caped cock in her mouth and sucking it slowly then she started hard and fast. I was nervous on that time because of strange nice feeling, so after 5 min my white milk (cum) came out from my rod and she kept my penis in her extremely hot mouth and didn’t let a single drop came out of her mouth. I really enjoyed that very much. Now that’s the time of rest for me after enjoyment but she was not satisfied. She got up and went to the cupboard and came back with a cream in her hand. She put that cream near the bed and explained every thing about sex that she knew that took 35 min, after that she apply that cream at my dead but looking hot cock and in 3 mins. My 7″ rod becomes hard again. Now I am ready to fuck my lovely anti to satisfied her so I pushed her down from my body on the bed and started with kissing her juice lips that was good feeling so I sucked her lips and tongue as well for a long time then kissing her neck reached at her big boob with black nipples I really love to suck the boobs so I suck them one by one cruelly just like that I am eating meet she was feeling pain but enjoying this. then I put pillow under her big balls of hips and put her legs at my shoulders and gently put my solid, hot and caped cock in her wide, black and hairy ass. Now she was enjoying that she closed her eyes and make sexy noise. I am doing my job, my cock was going in & out with medium pace her ass was wet now and she was making noise much louder and asked me to fuck faster and faster, so I do .now my speed was increasing at every slap of cock .In and out of my cock in her wet cunt making a noise of Ouch…. Ouch…Ouch

I did exercise of in and out for 30 min then I feel that my cum was coming out so I asked her that I should dropped this white milk in her wet pussy or some where ales suddenly she got up and push me down on bed and take my cock in her mouth and she was sucking it with beauty then she increased her speed. my breathing speed was increased as well. And again my white milk (cum) came out of my cock with speed of light and my dear, sweete anti didn’t drop the milk of a man then she clean my cock with her tongue and fall down on the bed and took and long satisfied breath.

After that experience we never saw the Indian film but xxx and we experienced every style for several times. And after 4 years her husband came back from abroad and she refuse to have sex with me but thanks to her she introduced me with her friends so I am making love with them regularly.

Any married or unmarried women who are alone in home in Sargodha city want to share their lovely moments with me can write me at

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