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  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

I am 35 years old horny guy living in London. I am Indian but look like Arab or Turkish and am 6 foot tall quite good looking. I am quite bored in London so i decided to have some daring fun on the trains. For thoses who dont know, London rush hour is always busy with packed trains. Here is the story: I usually leve my job and take train from Oxford Xircus station at around 5.45pm in the middle of the rush hour. I get to the central line and wait for train to the East. I always watch to see who is in the crowds on the platform. This time I see a girl wearing traditional muslim head gear and a shalwar chemise.

She looks about 20 about 5 foot 2 inches with a slim body. She wears a dupatta over her shoulder. I notice she is quiet and has no hand or foot nail varnish. This means she is probably a shy and quiet girl. I wait for the train to arrive and follow her onto the packed train. It becomes so crowded that everyone is jam packed. Of course I am now directly behind this girl. She is unaware of what will happen! I forgot to mention that I dont wear any underwear so my dick is already getting hard on the thoughts of this innocent girl just going home. As the train moves off I accidentally brush my semi hard dick against her side of her thigh. She moves a little away. This gets my dick even harder. I then brush her again and she looks around. I pretend this is an accident again and I look the other way. I repeat this again but this time my dick is rock hard. I move a little and adjust my dick so that its directly in front of me and with no underwear it is very hard. This time I brush her ass from right to left and then left to right. No reaction. I then push a little forward and leave my dick across her cute ass and just move a litlle to play with her. She does not know what to do. She is going a little red in the face. I push a little harder and she does not move. Then she moves her as a little back. This is the signal I was waiting for.

She is now ready to play some more. I look at the side of her face and she has her eyes partly closed. She is enjoying my hard dick on her ass. The material on her shalwar is so thin and with my dick without underear she can feel how hard and hot it is. She just doesn’t know what to do. She must be thinking that her mom would get mad if she knew. She has been brought up to be a good girl. But she is enjoying the feelings. She is now moving her ass with my dick and my dick is now pushing at her pussy hole from the rear. She pushes so hard that I feel that I am really fucking her. Her eyes are totally closed and she has forgotten where she is. She is gripping the handle of the train so tight I know that she is ready for the next stage. I back off a little and now place my hand between her butt crack. She doesn’t mind this. She keeps on pushing back with eyes closed. I get the signal again. I now very quietly lift up her chemise and thank god the shalwar is with elastic waist. I now place my hand inside her shalwar and try to find her knickers. She is wearing traditional knickers which confirms that this girl is so innocent and this is probably the first sexual experience of her life. I slide my hand inside her knickers and get to my surprise she open her legs abit enough to get 2 fingers next to her pussy which is by now very hot and wet. I slowly and gently insert my fingers into her pussy and start to play inside her.

By now she is totally gone. I can feel her pussy grabbing my fingers. I keep playing with her and she is now losing her balance. With my other hand I pull her towards me and feel her waiste and just below her breasts. She is now so out of control and breathing heavely that I wonder no one has noticed. All of a sudden I feel a leaking of her love juices on my hand inside her pussy. She give an elctric body movement and shudders and loses her balance onto the people in front. I quickly remove my hand and put her chemises back. She falls on people in front who quickly give her a seat as they think she has fainted. I look the otherway so as not to get caught. When I look around I see her sitting on the seat with her head down. I look again and see that she has such a glazed look on her face and is still in the climax stage. After a few minutes she looks up at me and then quickly down again in embarrasement. She has totally lost it. People around are saying she must have fainted. Little do they know that this girl is on such a high and will dream about this for nights to come. She again looks up quickly and this time I give her a wink. She catches my eye, but no smile.

She is so lost and must be wondering whether this was a ream or did she really allow her body to be touched so beautifully by some strange guy. Anyway, job done I got off the train at the next stop, and waited for the next lovely girl to satisfy!! Any lovely girls or ladies who want to share this experience can email me on or just look out for me at Oxford Circus station central line eastbound just before six in the evening. Oh by the way, any gilrs who I meet on the train can you not wear any knickers as it will be more fun!!!!

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