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  • September 24, 2015

Hey u readers of desi stories, hope u ll be fine and fit to do more sex and love. I am 34/m from Islamabad/ Pakistan.To tell u about my self, i am not a casanova. I am 5.9″ well built but a little overweight and very horney.The experience, i am telling u has happend just 2 weeks ago. I would say that this happening is not a story of a Resputiene and Russion Queen, but between a normal 34 years man and a plump lady of 30.

I was in Super market, for some shopping,when i saw a fat woman wresteling with a flat tyre of her car. I observed few boys laughing at her, for her exercise. Feeling it bad, i offered her my services which were accepted by her immediately, as she was sweating in cold weather by then. I fixed the tyre and she thanked me alot, sat in the car and tried to start it. As the luck could ve it, it never started. I was still standing there, so i asked her to open the bonet, saw few wires and then told her my failure. She was looking at me helplessly.I had to then offer her a lift, which she accepted and locked her car and went to a PCO ranged her mechenic , left the key with the shopkeeper and came to my car and sat with me. She was quiet appologetic for the trouble she was giving me. We started off.

Let me describe the woman. Her name is Hena( not real), living in Islamabad, un married due to her obesity. Has a brother in USA and is living here with her mother, who at the moment is gone to see her son in US. Regarding her figure, well she has big rather too big, fluffy, drooping boobs, her ass and belly merge with each other, with big butts, appart from that she has a beautiful face with big black eyes. Her colour is milky white and she is 5 feet tall. She told me about her being un married during our drive to her home along with her reasons and the main was her obesity. Finally we reached her flat, in a posh area of Islamabad. She invited me in for a cup of tea, which i accepted and went to lift with her as she live on 2nd floor.Entering the flat was plasent, as it was warm, well decorated and a nice fragrence was all around. She made me sit in the TV lounge and went in one of the room. After 2 min’s, i picked up the remote control, which was combined with a VCD, and put the system on.

Now starts the actual thing. At oncs the TV screen poped up with the ass of a plump girl, and then a man started fucking her in doggy style. My favourite. I was putting on a Shalwar Kamiz, and was so much in the seen that i forgot my surroundings. My dick had made a tent in my lap.Time freezed and i came to know about my situation when i felt a hand on my left shoulder. I spranged up and the remote control fell on ground. Hina was standing there and i could see red lines in her eyes. I felt really uneasy at the situation. Any way i stood up with my cock at 60 degree angle and still going down. She came to me and hugged me with passion and a kissed me on my chest. But i was still stunned due to the situation. Visualizing this, she break off from me and sat on the sofa, crying and saying sorry for her behaviour. Now i gathered up my self and went to her , consoling and then sat down with her on the sofa. She said, she could not control her self and did what she did and all rif raf.As the TV was on and the fucking was also on and i was near a female, so while consoling her i lifted her face up and kissed her on her lips very softly. She looked in my eyes, and what a look that was, The look of a woman. And then we started kissing passonately. Our tungs met and she tasted good from her mouth. We kissed for more then 20 min’s . Meanwhile i fondeled with her gorgious jugs, which were not coming in my hands.When i tried to lift her shirt , she helped me in that and when it was off, wow, what big brests they were. Plump and fluffy, but the good thing was that her light brown nipples were errect. I started sucking them and it was a beautiful experience.Then i removed her Shalwar for which again she helped me and under her big bally, i saw her pink love hole, neately shaved,( i like shaved pussies as they r good to eat) . Her pussy is quiet small as compare to her rest of the body.

The movie was still on and the male was fucking the fat pussy with full vigour. Hina got up and started undressing me, the moment my shalwar went down my dic saluted her. She sat on the sofa and took my member stright in her mouth, her experties were appriciable, as she was doing it as a professional. Latter I asked her that how she got the sucking experience, she told me from watching xxx movies, as i was her first practical experience. She also told me that she has been masterbating with candles and such like objects since long as she is now 30 years. Any way she was sucking my balls and then the length of my dick, in quiet a rethum. I loved every moment of it.Then i stopped her and laid her on her back, with legs appart, ie one leg on ground and the other on the back seat of sofa. Now i was having an axcillent view of her small, dripping pink choot. MY gosh, what a delightful seen that was. I ve seen very less Pink Pussies in Pakistan. I planted a kiss on her pussy lips and then patted it and she jerked and came with a loud cry of pleasure . I at once put my tounge in her choot, which was smelling great and the taste of her come was also exiting. I started my job carefully, with the aim to give her a life time pleasure. She was moaning with pleasure and pushing her choot to me for a deep penetration of my tung. She again shivered and had her third orgasim in my mouth directly, which was welcomed by me. Now i started moving my tung all along the length of her choot cut and licked her dry. Her inner walls of pussy were glittering with my sliva. My hands were bussy with her jugs and mouth with her pussy.

Then i did my old trick and bit at the little space between her ass hole and cunt. She gave a loud roar and came again.I bit her softly on her inner thies and again put her soft pussy lips in my mouth and started sucking them heard in my mouth. Then i got up and placed my cock in her mouth , which was again sucked by her real good. Then i took my position at the right spot between her legs and patted her choot with my cock and she had another orgasim there and then, as i could see her contracting her mussles and cum flowing out from those pink pussy lips. I inserted my cock in her there and then, with a single heavy thrust. My dick entered her tight choot, stright due to her wetness and masterbation with different objects. Yet it was slippery, wet, hot and tight. I could feel a ring sort of thing on my cock. The moment i penetrated her, a gasp sound came from her mouth and she was, some how, a little stunned. I laid on her and started kissing her with my lund in her pussy, without movement. I pressed her boobs and then sucked her nipples and reassured her, of her beeing. I was lying on her plump and jelly like belly with all most of my full wait. And then i got up and started pumping her very slowley. Initially i withdrew half the length of my lund out and push it in, after 3-4 min’s i started doing it for full length out and in, as now her eyes were closed and she was moaning. This was an indicator that she is loving it. Due to her figure i could not kiss her while making the strokes but now i was increasing my speed. She was responding good now and was moving her hips with my strokes. ON observing this, I increased my speed and reached to maximumm. She was shouting loud for more penetration and came twice. As her choot was giving me an absolute rubbing i came to know that if i ll make 2 more strokes, i ll come. I stopped and told her to come in doggy style, my loving position. She obliged and adjusted her position there on the sofa. And what a great view that was, Big Ass in front of me. I adjusted my self and licked her wet choot from the back, to gain time for my self to cool down and control my blood pressure.

Then after 2-3 min’s of licking , i entered her pussy from her back. Due to her huge butts, i was un able to go in fully, so i stopped and told her to put on leg on the floor and other , folded under her, on the sofa. That gave me a good look of choot and ass hole, as well as a position. I seperated her ass cheeks and entered her again and this time was successful to send in my full length. The piston started working and after gaining a little speed, she again contrected her pussy musscles and had a long orgasim. Now my piston was moving in top gear as the choot was fully wet/ lubricated and due to her recent cum a sound of “PUCHK,PUCHK” was comming aaaaah ohhhhhhh seeeeeeee, zor sa aur zor sa haaaaan haaaaaaan. She was screeming like animals now .Due to the wetness, my cocks head went more sensitive and after few strokes i was about to come and then finally i pulled my lund out and spraied my cum on her big butts and back. She came again with me with a loud shout. (Thanks to the posh areas, as the ppl here dont interfare with each other business, or they would ve gathered here for her shoutings).She lied there quietly and expended and i on her, as marraaa dana muk gaa saan. After about 20 min’s we gathered ourselves and got up for the rest room (Bath room).

There we took bath, I rubbed her back, where she could not reach and was very obliged. We came out, got dressed and then she brought orange juce for us , followed by tea. I left her house after 2 hrs in total satisfaction of 2 types:-

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