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Story From Edinburgh, UK

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

I am aged 25, a south indian, software professional working as a contractor, in Scotland, 17 miles from Edinburgh, UK. i am tall to 6ft, wheatish complexioned and have a slim physiq but a very heavy sexual desire and a competent physiq too with a 42′ chest and 14′ arms as i work out everyday in gym.  

I moved recetnly to UK on my HSMP. Initially, during the early days of my teens, i was very studious eventhough i had been having a terrific sexual inhibitions. I used to dream of fucking all known good looking womens that my eyes could figure out in my locality but i was not always daring to do anything for it. I was always regular to my schools and coaching classes and even to class tests which pushed my marks to above 80%.   I joined in computer science and engineering and at college i could get a girlfriend with whom i shared a few kisses and hugs but nothing more than tat. And with this i completed my college and started to work.   I got my job in an MNC after college. It was by then i got my first girl friend. Her name is pranitha. she was my colleague and was working on the same floor where i was working. she is a voluptous girl, fair, aged 22 and had joined as a fresher in the company. On the first day of our meet, our eyes met and we shared something untold explicitly. It initially started with a simple smile and gradually our terms very rapidly buildup as we both were interested in each other as i could see, she was showing the same interest to know me more as i did with her. She usually wears chudithaar and on fridays wears jeans and tshirt and she looked damn beautiful in either of the dressses.

She was a bit more than slim and the best part were her proportionate figure with vital stats 37,29,36. She was as tall as 5ft 6 and that made her look only proportionate and sensous. initially we started chatting through internal chat applets and later we exchanged our mobile numbers and shared ourselves thru sms while on work. gradually we started exploring each other and very soon we became open on topics on romance and sex. One day when i was on my way to office in car i got a call and it was her. After hearing that i was on my way in car to office, she asked me to pick her up and i was more than willing to do that. i picked her and while driving my hands brushed her thighs while changing gears and she noticed and didnt show any negative response which boldened me a lot. She asked me to pick her up the next day and i purposefully went on that day in my bike and she was having a smile on seeing me in bike. tat day on the way to office many time her boobs softly pressed on my back and we both enjoyed the ride. Things were easily coming on the way and for each one of my advances, she was giving way with a smile wich encouraged me a lot.It was by then we had started chatting thru  mobile msgs and once my friend booked a ticket for me for a movie but unfortunately there was an escalation on that day and hence he had to go to office. so he handed over the tickets to me and immediately i had this idea. I told her about the movie and she said she is also looking to see that movie and when i said that i had tickets for the same, she immediately agreed to come. I took my car and picked her up from annanagar and we went to the movie. Again she sat closer to my hands and many times my hand touched her thighs but she didnt move her leg. that day we really spoke and opened up a lot. As a style, she had left a streak of hair untied and fallen thru her earlobes and while watching movie i started blewing air on her hair and she waved her hand with a smile.

It encouraged me and i did blowing air couple of times and she never objected. so the 5th time, i leaned forward and kissed on her cheeks and she turned to me and saw me face to face and i could see she was totally comfortable with it. Soon after that our next seats were filled up by people and we could not do much and that day we jus saw the movie and came back but it really ignited the fire at both ends. After that we shared a lot about sex and romance and she was equaly hot. One day at my house, my parents were to go on a function and will come back only in the evening. I told her abt this and we planned for that day. So we both took leave on that day and siince we belonged to different project, it was much easier to get. I asked her to come to my house and after my parents set out to that function in car, i took bath and got ready and  made arrangements in my room. She came in her scooty and she was in her jeans pant, front shirt. as soon as we entered my room, i hugged her from behind and she turned her head and i kissed her lips from behind while hugging her tight. There was smile in her face which later turned into lust. i cupped her breasts from behind above her shirt and her boobs were very soft and it felt great to grab them. now i have gone to her neck while cupping her breasts and she started shivering as my hands rolled all over her body especially in between her legs from above her pant. she at times, brought her legs closer and tightened and was literally shivering. my cock was gaining its size and it was hitting on her back. i made her lie on the bed and fell on her ant clasped her tongue with that of mine. our tongues were clasping each other and driven deap into each others mouth.

She was so hot and started moaning as i lovered my face below her neck. my right hand went down to her thighs and she was jerking at times.  i gently opened her shirt buttons at her front and she was wearing a black colored bra and her boobs were big and bit prompt and protruding and pushing the bra. i buried my face in between her big boobs, in her cleavage and she tightly held my head against her boobs. The sight of her open shirt, exposed boobs and me on her was so sensuous and my cock went very hard at that. my hands went hehind her back, i unclasped her bra from behind and  her boobs came free out of her bra and i removed her bra and took her boobs in my lips. She had  her aeroles were kinda flat and her nipples had not yet popped out fully.  i started sucking on them and she was moaning heavily. i slowly removed her pant and she was in her panty only. i removed my shirt and pant and went below to her naval and thighs. she was continueosly moving her legs up and down alternatively and closer to each other. i inserted my hand inside her panty at her buttocks and pulled down her panty only to reveal her cunt. Hers was a virgin cunt as it was very tight and was already wet and i could see some wetness stains in her panty too. i parted her thighs and started lapping her cunt. she started flowing cunt juices and soon my mouth was drenched with the juice which i loved a lot. the aroma of her wet cunt was driving me crazy and was heavily lapping her cunt to its full length.

I lapped her cunt while my hands went up to massage her big boobs. she was jerking at times and continuesly mewling in the bed with me on her naval area and cunt. I was sucking her cunt for quite a long time and my cock became rock hard. then she pushed me on bed and made me lie on my back on the bed and came on top of me and started kissing me vigorously and i was surprised at her and i also enjoyed it. she was kissing me from head and when she reached my hip, i asked her to suck my cock, which she didnt accept initially but later she started taking my cock in. Her amaturity in sucking cock was clearly seen but i loved the way she had her first cock in her mouth. i really enjoyed her sucking and she learned it quickly. i became rock hard and i pushed her on her back on the bed, took my hard pole in hand and saw her eyes. she realised what is to happen and she widened her legs and i came in between her legs and applied my saliva on her cunt. it was already wet and was very much lubricated. i inserted my cock into her cunt. at first it was very tight and didnt go fully but as i gently pushed it 4-5 times it went in. I started pumping her back and forth inside her cunt and she was moving on the bed and her boobs were literally jumping back and forth in rhythm to my pumping. i pumped her quite longer and then i withdrew my cock fully out and then inserted back again and did so repeatedly again and again. I pumped her for quite a long time and finally i felt i was about to cum and i took out my cock and came all over her. then i fell on her as my cock was going limp but after sometime i again got my erection and i again and agian fucked her 4 times that day till evening 5 pM… it was a gr8 experience and i continued fucking her either at her room or at my house whenever we got chance until i boarded my flight to UK, edinburgh for my job on HSMP.

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