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Story By Manu

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

I’m a regular reader of all desi stories. I’ve never ever missed up even one single story. Now after reading the plethora of stories over here i’ve gathered enough courage to share my actual sexual encounters, which i’ve faced till now. Let’s come to the point. I’m Manu Gupta from Kohat Enclave, Pitam Pura, Delhi (in reality) & of 25 yrs. Of age & by stats my height is 5’8”, weight 70Kg, Fair in complexion and above all is my athletic body (as i use to spend an hour daily in work outs & running). By profession i’m a CA managing my own business as my dad is having his own chain of factories. I use to ’ve a great lust for all the gals & married ladies right from my childhood & ever since i entered the age of puberty. Though i’ve enjoyed a lots of gals during my school days & in my coaching classes (but never enjoyed them thoroughly from the deep). I faced my first encounter at the age of 21 yrs, it was with one of my neighbour girl named payal (changed to keep her name confidential). What to tell about Payal, she’s a DYNAMITE & SEX GODDESS. By god, she has everything in proper place. She has very good & prefect figure of about 34 – 26 – 32 (it’s a rough idea, as i’d never asked her about the same). I’m sure if Indra dev ‘d ‘ve seen her, he’d’ve rejected his apsaras.

Now let me tell you that how it all started between us. Payal was 1 yr. Younger then me. She use to put up in an apartment just next to mine. I always use to stare her, whenever i use to get a chance. Many a times i tried to touch her by mistake while walking upstairs or otherwise. Also she use to praise me a lot for my athletic bod & many a times i found her passing sexy smiles towards me. As both of us were having common top floor, her mother or maid use to hang their clothes there for drying. I was in the habit of smelling her undergarments, whenever i can get a chance as i use to taste them while coming back from evening park runs. Usually their maid puts up their clothes for drying in the evening & brings them back either late night or next morning. What happened one day, perhaps her maid was not there, so she might‘ve came there to collect her clothes from the top floor. As usual i was at the top floor on that day & collected one of her panties lying there & kept aside, by that time one idea clicked my mind that if i can’t get her in toto, why not to start with her panty. Soon i started masturbating by keeping her bottom blossoms (panty) over my dick. I was altogether lost in her dreams & was continuously masturbating & did it for about thrice & put my entire cum into that panty. When i was over with all such dream fuck of payal, i moved towards the washroom there to wash her panty & hang it again. The time when i was approaching towards washroom, i saw the gate of the washroom a little bit open, so i retracted. All of the sudden i got shocked to hear payal’s moans coming from the washroom. I thought that she must be enjoying some sessions with someone. So i moved towards washroom, as i peeped inside, i was amazed to see her sitting on the floor with her legs wide open & with one hand she’s inserting a long round stick in her beauty pool (cunt) & with one hand she’s caresessing her boobs. Now came the moment of my life when i heard my name from her. She was moaning & saying “ OH MANU- — PLZ. FUCK ME HARDER……………uuuuuufffffff…..ooooohhhhhhhh……..aaaaaahhhhhhhh………..uuuuuhhhhhhhhh…….” Hearing this i came to know that there’s equal fire on the other side also.

Soon without wasting time i throw her panty aside & opened the door of the washroom, seeing me there & herself in such an awkward position, she got paled up, suddenly took that wooden rod out, kept it aside & got up & brushed up her skirt & asked me that what are you doing here? I told her don’t worry i’ve seen you in toto that what you were doing for so long, also i’m there for the same purpose & shown her the panty filled up with my cum. Seeing that she understood everything that both of us wanted to suck & fuck each other direly & she smiled like anything. I asked her why she didn’t let me know about her desires before, at least we could‘ve enjoyed a lot by now. Then she told me that it’s not late now even. Hearing this i knew that i got a GO GREEN. Soon i took her inside the washroom again, and now begun the real battle. She was also ready for the main encounter, i placed a French kiss straight onto her lips, to which she responded with equal vigour. I was kissing her deep & our tongues were fondling with each other’s. My hands were at her back caresessing her bums & her hands were keeping hold of my dick. Many a times mine tongue was under her & vice versa.

But soon my pleasure was to die as there came her mother’s voice asking PAYAL, KAHA HAI BETA? I asked her what is this, do she also had to come at this time only? To which she smiled & asked me OK we’ll continue the same tomorrow & take it to next levels. To which i agreed & pressed her bossoms & she smiled & went away. Throughout the night i was fantasizing about her hot bod & masturbated again, when it became un-bearable i asked her by SMS to plz. Come to her balcony, to which she replied that as her dad has to go on for a business trip very next day, so she was busy in his packing. So i slept. Very next morning i pretended to my mom that i’m not feeling well today, so i won’t be going to office today. To which my dad accented. But i was having different plans in my mind as my mom was to go to the house of my aunty on account of a kirtan over there. So i SMS’d payal that i’m alone at home & told her let her mom go to drop her father at the airport, to which she agreed. It was about 11am in the morning when her mom has left along with her father. So i called her up & asked her can my dick enter inside her cunt today, to which she replied that it’s fully open 4 u dear. So instead of inviting her at my place i told her that i’ll come to ur place by 11:30am (as in the meanwhile i’ll’ve to arrange for something, samjha karo yaar condoms, climax, Vaseline & dabur honey etc.) Soon i went to Reliance Wellness situated near to my home & brought some good quality dotted ones along with vibrating rings. After coming back i got ready by wearing my JOCKEY POCO frenchie so that my DING DONG looks good & applied pheromones & wore my tee & shorts. I then locked my home & rang her door bell, soon she replied manu it’s open. Then i instantly entered inside & locked that gate so that no one else can disturb me today.

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got shocked to see her today, as she was wearing an altogether transparent sleeve-less nighty & under that she was wearing pure white B&P. Seeing her in this avatar my dick started making upward movements & created a tent like structure on my shorts. To which payal replied isko abhi roko, abhi to kaafi  khelna hai, i realised that gal is really nasty today. She asked me what i’d like to ‘ve a tea or a coffee. I told her AAPKEA DOODH KI TEA, to which she replied wait wo bhi milega & we both agreed to a cup of coffee. We both had our cup of coffee sitting by each other’s side. I straightaway asked her r u virgin? To which she replied YES naturally i just fantasize only about manu, i got cheered up hearing that reply & told her that i ‘m also going to enjoy sex for the very first time. While having coffee i put my right hand onto her thigh to which she responded in one step further by taking hold of my only asset i.e my dick & asked me, ki ye itna bada hota hai? To which i replied ki it’ll grow even more by the time it ‘ll be fully erect. Soon we finished our coffee & i asked her can i taste her coffee, she said means what & by that time i’d kissed her deep in her lips & sucked all her saliva along with coffee traces.

Now the real game was to begin. Soon we both started kissing each other in all possible erotic manners. Sometimes i was over her & sometimes she was over me. Then after about 5- 10 minutes of kissing , licking & pressings i made her fall onto the sofa, & asked her to remain there & i brought some ice from the fridge, which i applied onto her body which sent some electrifying currents in her body, & again she wrapped herself around me. Now i started removing her clothes except her B&P, she looked like sex goddess with her perfect bod, & now she also removed mine & prayed me not to remove my boxer as she fantasize to see me in my boxers only, we both agreed to that. I made her sat onto sofa & removed her panty & smelled it to which she laughed & said jab puri factory saamne hai to scrap kyo le rahe ho ? to which i smiled. I then inserted my finger no.1 inside her pussy, to which she screamed with joy, slowly & steadily i started moving it to & fro & then my second finger joined in. She was enjoying it suddenly i took my fingers out to which she asked me why? then i brought that dabur honey bottle &  inserted my erect dick inside the bottle so that i get fully dipped in honey & then hold her inverted in my hands from her belly against the wall so that her mouth is in front of my dick & her cunt near to my mouth, then i applied & inserted lots of honey inside her & now started the real licking, i gripped her from waist against the wall & started licking her pussy filled with honey, & she started sucking my cock with full vigour & as i inserted my tongue inside her pussy & fondled her pussy, she screamed with pleasure & asked me to go further. Once during licking i also bit her pussy which she enjoyed & in reply bit my dick also, then i starter fucking her in her mouth only nearly we licked about 5-10 minutes then i asked her should i cum inside her mouth or took my tool out of her mouth to which she replied that she wanted every single drop of my cum inside her, so i fulfilled her desire & cummed thoroughly in her mouth & she happily drank all the cum.

Then she told me let’s not waste time further as her mom was about to come by 1:30pm & it is already 12:15pm. I got the message that she wanted me to do the real wonders. I then unhooked her bra & removed the straps of her bra from her shoulder & she took it off completely in a very sexy manner. Oh my goodness…..what a pair of boobs…..!!!!….sssooo fleshy breasts………and wow…..her breasts were quite firm …bulging straight..round ….shapely……with pointed hard looking nipples…… her bare breasts were teasing and inviting me. Now she was completely nude before me. She was now looking at me sexily. Wow……ufff….her crotch was soo sexy…..I told  her …”….PAYAL… are really too beautiful and sexy looking….ohh….you are too bold also….  “…….. She asked me ….”…..kyon tum yun hi baas mujhe ghoorte hi rahoge ya kuchh karoge bhi…..come on……I am too thirsty for sex………..tum mujhe fully satisfy karo aaj…..”…..COME ON show me the power in ur DICK”………… Payal came towards me and took off my boxers & held my dick and started caressing it..& after that she applied condom onto my dick saying that we’ll play safe, to which I accented. I held her and started kissing her boobs.I was now licking her boobs and nipples all around. Now I started sucking one of her nipples passionately. She was moaning sexily ….”…..uuuuuufffffff…..ooooohhhhhhhh… aaaaaahhhhhhhh……….. uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh……. “.. I suck her other nipples also in the same way and payal encouraged me by her moans and hissings…… I sucked both of her hard nipples one by one for quite some time. Then she asked me to fuck her pussy, then I applied some Vaseline on to her cunt lips & started finger fucking so that it won’t hurt her when the real game begins, then I applied some Vaseline on my condomed dick also & asked her to rub it so that it become oily. Then i pulled her under me and he was over her in a flash. I started kissing her deeply and my chest was pressing hard onto her breasts. Then i started licking her way down. It was great feeling that my tongue exploring her body. Soon i took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking slowly. I started teasing her with my tongue moving around and tickling it and then sucking it. she was moaning in pleasure more and more. All this time, my hands were squeezing her other breast. Then i moved down onto her belly & kept on teasing her naval with my tongue. Now my hands were exploring her soft but shapely thighs, i was constantly massaging them and she screamed, oh god why r u wasting time? Then i told her OK let’s start. My hands were squeezing her tight ass. She was not at all in her senses now. This action of mine has made life more and more difficult for her now! I was softly rubbing my fingers against pussy & then slowly i inserted my fingers that vaselined part. I told her that it will pain for a while but you will feel great! She was losing the control fast and had her first orgasm on my fingers.

Then i laid over her. She was feeling my erect dick against her wet pussy. I then carefully positioned the tip of my dick onto her pussy and softly started to push it inside her pussy. Soon i pushed my tool in her with a jerk and she screamed like anything. Ohhhhh manu! It’s hurting me! Noooooo! I told her payal, don’t worries take some pain for great pleasure. Slowly i started increasing my speed & now her screams turned into moans as she began to enjoy those jerks. I was pumping her fast and she was moaning in pleasure. Payal now started moaning sexily…”….uuuuuuuuuffffffff…… aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…  ooooohhhhhhh…… …… uuuuummmmmaaaahhhhhhhhh……   aur ….aur ….aur ….aur chodo…aur chodo…aaaahhhhhh……… aaaaaaaahhhhhh……FUCK ME HARDER so & on……… This went on and on and then I realized that i had reached a point of climax. She gave me the accent & i shot all my cum inside her! We both were drenched by then and i laid over her for few minutes. After a while we both got up and she laid beside me. I pulled her close to mine bod and kissed deeply. My hands were exploring her back down her waist and ass. Again i got hard! Then i told her to sit on my dick & to which she readily sat. My hands were squeezing her breasts. I started to push her up and down. She was responding too by now. We both were now very much in rhythm moving up and down.. We were about to reach climax just then and again i shot my inside her.

Then before leaving i asked her to have a bath together to which she agreed. We went to bathroom and she put on the shower. The cold water poured on our bodies. We were shivering just then i pulled her closer. Then i pulled her down on the floor of the bathroom in the DOGGY position, where we enjoyed the fun again. By the time i finished that up, I was completely drenched. We then came out of bathroom and dried each other and dressed up. That day I fucked payal for four times.. Before leaving her house we again caressed each other for a while. After that day we used to ve sex at least once a week. Nearly about 6 months before this year in February, she got married to a duffer MBA, who can’t satisfy her desires as even after her marriage we enjoyed each other many a times. Whenever she comes to her home, we do plan an outing together.

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