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  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

I am very fond of Desi Stories, I have almost read all of the stories on this site. I would like to share my true first experience here, the experience goes like : About myself, my name is Sonu(not a real name) I am not a very exotic guy, I am very simple, shy, average person, 5’7”, 165lbs, average built, wheatish color, punjabi guy. This is a very true incident of my life, this incident is when I was 30 years old(5 years ago).

I was virgin at that time, I never had any girlfriend and I was too busy with my studies and Jobs, I used to have a very involving Job at India before migrating to USA, this is the only excuse I can think of being virgin at the age of 30, ha ha, I sure was very introvert personality and always afraid of rejection that is the main reason I did not try to have a girlfriend . One of my friend was married to a real good looking slightly heavy girl, she was very fair in color, 5’6”, 42C-38-40, she had a very nice pair of boobs and a nicest ass around. Now she had 2 kids but still look really good. I like the women that way(big and beautiful). Her name is Sonia(not a real name). This all started when I migrated to States and met my friend and his wife after 8 years, I was amazed that she still looked as beautiful as I have seen her 9 years ago at their marriage at India. We used to joke around all the time whenever they visit me or I visit them. In the mean time she started building crush on me which I came to know after a while.

She started giving me all kinds of hints but being very fearful and shy person I never came forward and did nothing, finally one day when I went to see them and my friend was not home, she sent her kids to the bath tub for the fun in water and grabbed me and kissed me, wow, I was really amazed and did not know what to do and how to react to this sudden attack. She went to the bathroom to make sure that her kids are fine in water and having fun, this gave me little time to realize and understand what happened. When she came back, I started to talk to her and kissed her very shyly, she responded back very actively, we kissed for a while and I started feeling her boobs and the other parts of body over clothes. She started moaning which I really liked to hear from her. Since my friend was not going to come back for next few hours as he called and she told him that I am visiting he said that it might take him few hours and talked to me and said sorry for not being there. Anyway I was feeling her all over her clothes, finally I gathered some courage and put my hand inside her shirt and bra, wow, what a feeling, she has one of the real soft skin and softttttttt boobs. I was in heaven.

I did felt her and pressed her stuff for a while, I asked her how long her kids are going to stay in water, she said they will never come out of water until she goes in and gets them as they really like being in the water, further she said they are set for another hour or two. I asked her to remove her shirt which she said that I will have to do for her, I removed her shirt, bra and other clothes. Wow, what a scene, She was looking beautifuuuuuuulllllllll. I removed my clothes as well, it was kind of hard for me to remove my clothes in front of someone as this was my first time that I was going to be fully naked in front of someone, but being so excited looking at her flawless body and she was encouraging me too, I did remove my clothes without lot of trouble.

We hugged each other skin-to-skin which I really enjoyed. By then she was laying on the bed in her bedroom and I was laying on top of her, she started feeling my 6-1/2” dick(as I said earlier I am not an extra ordinary guy, my dick is average size) I was sucking her enormous boobs, I never imagined that boobs sucking could be as enjoyable as it was. I kissed her all over the body from head to toe, she said her husband never kissed her that much, he was kind of fuck-and-go to sleep kind of person. She never let me kiss her pussy as she said she is already flowing the juices from my kissing, she thought it was gross to lick and kiss the pussy, she did suck my dick and I let her do it. She was sucking it, I never felt nothing like this in my lifetime. I could not hold it for a long time, I did cum(soon, cause of my first time) and she swallowed it. I was limp from being spent. She made me lay on top of her, I started feeling and sucking her boobs again, I never expected but I really got back to life again, maybe her feeling was that good and exciting or something, but I was back in life and hard as before again. She was already laying on the bed, she made me go between her legs and spread her legs as wide as possible, she then put her feet on my shoulders and her thunder thies were close to my chest, I really like the thunder thies, I was feeling her thies all over, they were still kind of wet from my saliva before. She guided my missile to the pocket(pussy) and put the head of my dick on the opening of her pussy. I pushed, it did not take very much of pressure for it to go in, she was already wet and slippery. I started rocking back and forth, I was in heaven as I never felt before anything even close to this.

I started pumping and she was really enjoying the act. Within few minutes I was ejaculating again, she said she wants all of my cum inside her, she said she understands about my being so quick, because I have never done it before so I was supposed to ejaculate fast. We started fondling and feeling again to each other, it took little longer this time for me to get back to life again, being the third time it took 10 minutes or so, by this time I was really tired, my dick came back to life again after ten minutes, this time she said that I will have to lay down and she started riding me, she was sitting on top of my dick and I put my dick in her pussy and she started rocking back and forth and up and down, wow what a scene, her melons were jumping right in front of my eyes and I had both my hands free to feel them, I did pressed them squeezed them and did everything to the beautiful boobs in front of my eyes. This time it took a while for me to get off, she moaned and moaned, she did not scream as her kids were right next room in the Bath Tub.

She had kind of muffled screams, she got off couple of times before I did, and this time it felt that she really sucked me dry inside her by her pussy. It all took us good hour and a half. After we both were done, she suggested that we should dress up and after dressing back she went to get her kids out of the water. After another hour or so, her husband came back too, by that time everything was normal. After this incident I did fuck her three times but then I started feeling guilty for doing it to my best friends wife and I refused to fuck her as it was getting hard for me to face her husband (my friend). We never did it again, as I said I did not wanted to face my friend with the guilty feeling inside me. I got married after the year or so, now I have two beautiful kids. Any ladies 30-40 years, in the Troy, Livonia or around in Michigan are welcome to contact me for the relationship with no strings attached and with assured secracy. My e:mail address is :- Have fun as far as your heart supports it, life is too short to sit inside the house and worry for everything.

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