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Steaming Sex With Mom

  • desipapa
  • December 21, 2015

Hi guys, this Vishnu from Bangalore I am 23 years old presently working with a mnc, I am normal guy with great looks..Any aunties,girls or women interested to have private sex chat can feel to mail me on mail
I am going to narrate a incident happened to me last year. Now without wasting too much time lets come to story. There are just 3 people in our family my mom my dad and me. My dad died 2 years back in an accident, then on me and used to live in 2bhk flat.

Now some thing about me and my mom. I have a big dick of 8” and diameter of 3″. My mom is a bomb shell she has a perfect figure of 36d-28-36 though she is 41 old and can make any dick rise just seeing her.

First of all I did not have any lust or bad intention about mom,it all changed 1 day we had to attend a function so we went in bike.While coming back from function it started raining heavily by the time we reach home we were all wet from head to toe. I parked the bike and went inside home, mom went to her room, I went to mine I was not getting my towel so I went to ask mom and opened the door I was shell shocked she was in her wet petticoat and bra trying to dry her hairs. Omg she was looking so hot in that wet black bra.

She saw my shadow and gave a you turn and covered herself using towel during which I saw her beautiful boobs. She asked what I wanted I told I need a towel, she gave me one I went to my room with a huge hard on and pumped imaging mom. From then my feeling to mom changed I started lusting her, tried to touch her boobs and ass while helping her. I used to hug her from back pocking my dick to her ass.

I was making mom happy by helping her in kitchen things were going well.I was getting frustrated by each passing day then I came to know about iss.

I started helping her in house old chores and we were getting close day by day.

The d day that day power was cut I thought I can’t get a better opportunity than this and started planning things. I lit up candles made the atmosphere very romantic. We had dinner in candle light. Mom finished her dinner and about to go her room I asked her

Me: can I sleep with you

Mom: why ?

Me: mom there’s no power and made a reason that I m afraid of darkness.

Mom: ok son

Me: can I sleep without t shirt coz its were hot mom

Mom: sure son I don’t have a problem

(as there was no power I was just sleeping in shorts and mom was in black saree and black bra and panty I came to know later)

We slept in same bed, after 30mins I placed my hand on her soft and smooth belly and was playing with her navel .I came to know she was in deep sleep then I moved my hands to her boobs its was so soft I gave a hard squeeze mom woke up.

Mom:(in anger)what are you doing?

Me:(in fear I was silent)

Mom:what were you trying to do?

I thought I never can get a golden chance like this again so I got bit bold and told

Me: I like you so much, I want feel your boobs

Mom: slapped me are you mad !!! I m your mom.

Me: from the day I saw you in bra and petticoat I just feel like mauling your boob’s and sucking them dry

Mom: ( in shock& anger) she pushed me away and told it was just an accident forget it and sleep.

Me: (made a bold move )moved forward and kissed on her lips.

Mom pushed me away again and started running I caught her and threw her on bed

Mom: I am your mom, this is sin

Me:mom please co operate or else i’ll have to go the rough way.

Mom: she started crying,tears was rolling on her checks

Me: I know since dad left us you are carving for sex.

Mom: son its true but I can’t have sex with u, you are my blood..

Me: before completed I kissed on lips and was trying to fight with her tongue

Mom was opposing me trying to push me away but my hold was strong.I pulled her pallu but was stuck on her shoulder with pin, I forcefully pulled her it came out tearing the saree and black bra.
I was madly kissing her boobs above her blouse her nipples were getting erect.

She was still crying and pleading to me to leave her but I was enjoying her cry and pleading.

I tore her blouse all the hooks broke and removed her saree which left her in petticoat and black lacy bra which hardly was able to hold her boobs I was suckling her boobs with bra on she got aroused was moaning vishnu chod muje beta(leave me son).

I was getting crazy listening to her words removed my shorts. She looking at my dick her jaw was dropped

Mom: its a sin beta I can’t have sex with . I was in no mood to listen to her.

Me: suck my cock mom and forced my cock in her mouth but she was not ready to take it in so slapped her she opened her mouth and was mouth fucking her. Mom was not able to take the complete inside and was gagging and came in her mouth which mom was going to spit it out but I made her gulp my cum

Now she was enjoying

I removed her bra pulled out her petticoat and panty at same time

She was all naked now I took a look at her beautiful small haired pussy which must have been shaved few days back

I pounced on her like a hungry lion and was sucking, and tongue fucking her . Now mom was moaning in ecstasy aaahhh son make me cum

She came in just 5 mins of tongue fucking. Her cum was so salty I kissed her made her taste the cum

Mom: fuck me son, make me your bitch, tear my pussy

I got stunned listening to her. I never thought she can use words like this

I made her lie in missionary position.

Me: yeah bitch I m going to make you my slut

I was rubbing my big cock on her pussy

Mom : I m untouched for past 2 years please go slow son.

Me: leave it to me mom I ll take care

As her pussy was already was wet due to her cum I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy . Cock head went in she started jumping like a fish which is out of water.

Mom: son its paining please go slow. I further pushed my dick in it was almost3 /4th in her pussy she gave out a loud moan aaaahhh beta bahar nikal its paining very much. I stayed in same position then I gave a jerk complete cock went inside she gave out loud moan haee maaaarrr gaayii after few jerks she got adjusted to my shaft. I started with slow jerks then gave strong jerks

Mom : fuck me hard gave me your cock

Me: slut you want it hard take me in I gave hard pounding

I was fucking her and mauling her boobs kissing her navel

She started moaning more and was lift her ass to match the rhythm.

In few mins she came I felt her hot cum on my cock her pussy was taking me more in.

Now I felt my cum was building up I gave her more harder strokes and came loads in her pussy. I slept on her for few mins.

This is it for now I and next part I will tell you what further happened that night .How I broke her ass virginity. I hope the story made you cum in your pants and skirts

Our feedback is most welcome my mail i’d is vishnu big dickey

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