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Started in a suburban Train

  • desipapa
  • September 21, 2015

I am a male aged 19.I am doin my college. Tall to 179cms.I am a Runner basically. Running is my favorite and i run for kms long. So I have a really really good athletic body. If somebody asks me whose body u like the most? i wud always point to myself coz i luv my body a lot. To me the most sexiest body in this entire world is mine only.I feel proud to have such a physique.All others are next to mine.i luv it & i luv it.well, enough of this let me come to the point. I stay in mumbai & i luv to travel in city buses and trains since these r trans where in i can have feast to my eyes ie girls & womens of different sizes.I luv to watch their body parts moving while they r walking, running etc. But i have never involved myself in doin things like hitting their back as if it happened just-like-that,commenting loudly etc. I never did disturbed anyone by my activities just site-seeing.I guess u can understand. I have been to this site several times particularly this stories is fine but i never trusted in all these.once i happen to read someone’s bus xperience, it was quite erotic but didn’t think that i myself wud get into one such thing this time in a train in the same week. I boarded in the city suburban train.where i started ? i guess its none of your business.The train was almost flooded & only men were there.after a few stations, in one station,a women of abt 5ft+ came running in the platform & got into the compartment where i was standing.I was astonished to see her for she was just having the required plumpness.but not too much.she must be around 37,30,38.

She was in her violet colored saree & was lookin very fair.matching violet colored blouse,round fleshy face,thick eyebrows,dense hairs pony-tailed,heals slippers. she was lookin just great.she stood next to me and v saw each other eye-to-eye for a while.I was little nervous & i guess she must have noticed my looks but pretended as if there is nothing interesting around her. At the 2nd station she got down.I stood there in the train watching her swaying ass cheeks while she was walkin.i njoyed it until the vanished.The next day too i came & got into the train at the same time & saw her & she too saw me.we didn’t speak to each other.The next day too i came & got into the train at the same time & this time i cudn’t find her.I was disappointed & thought that i will never meet her again.This went on for almost a week. In the next week,i got into the train & then only saw my watch ticking the same figures.At the particular station,i saw her when the train was slowing down.she too saw me & got into my compartment.I cudn’t guess wat happened to me? i just enquired “why didn’t u come last week?”.Then only i came to know that i have done something spontaneously & it was like confessing myself that i was waiting for her.I bit my lips but she said “i was out of station”.

She must have guessed the fact that we had not yet even introduced ourselves but are now behaving like friends.after that i found it very difficult to speak with her as it was rushy inside.soon her station came & she got down.I didn’t want to miss the chance so i too got down & asked her if i can come along with her.she agreed & then we started our prime introduction.She told me that she was working in a company & i guess she must be around 24yrs of age & that she had divorced her hubby & stays with her mom. after we spoke this that & soon her office reached.i got to get back.i got late to my college so i started moving to my home.Like this a few more days were passed and i became a bit close to her.Once i got to give my portfolio of my photos to an event coordinator.i got two copies ,one i gave it to my event coordinator & was returning with the other.on the way i saw her sitting in the railway station.I was puzzled as it was her duty time so i got out & went near her.She saw me & greeted me.I asked her y she was there? she told me that she was not feelin like goin to her office & since her mom goes to temple this time and spend an hour of time there she has decided to pass time here at the station.we started talkin this that.she saw my portfolio asked me what it was?I gave it to her & she opened it.

All it had was only my photographs mostly without tops & some of them in my nikkers.she enquired “r u a professional body-builder?”. I said “No,actually i am an athlete.i have my own contributions in my college marathon-like nonstop long distance running,100m,200m & order to improve stamina i go for Gym”.she complemented that i have a really good athletic physique.I said thanx and we started talking abt games and she was telling her college days & that she stood a volley ball player and team captain.then she invited me to her home someday & i agreed.then we xchanged our phone numbers and parted.after that it became a routine callin each other and chatting thru phone.we xchanged all including adult only jokes too. one day while talkin she told me that her mom is leaving to her friends place the next day & if i wish to come to her place I can.I readily agreed.The next day i wore my tight fit t-shirt and jeans & told my mom that i am leaving to college and went to her home.she offered me tea and we started chatting this that.then she went into kitchen to prepare lunch.I followed her to her kitchen.her right hand was immersed in a beaker with water and rice and was swirling.

I asked her if she can teach me how to cook.She said “sure” & told me that the rice has to be cleaned before cooking & asked me to follow her.I put my right hand inside the beaker and placed my hand on her hand. I was getting hot by our body contact.she was swirling rice and i was massaging her hand.she turned me & saw me eye-to-eye and smiled.I took my wet hand out and placed it in her waist.She was in her saree.She stopped wat she was doin and stood there doin nothing.after that wat happened ?just luv-makin & nothing else.I don’t want to tell u how we made love to each other.but at the end of it she complemented that i was the best & she has seen nobody playin it so nicely.then only i came to know that she was having affairs with so many peoples & i was very sure what she told me was really true coz i cud see her denying her other affairs xcept the affair of her with her company MD.perhaps to keep her job alive ,i guess.that ‘s none of my business.I am having real good terms with her even now.we share sex twice in every month atleast.,i hereby invite mails from girls and womens of age between 16 – 45.i am ready for a relationship of any kind .confidentiality is mail id is

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