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Star Hotel Experience In Coimbatore

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

The incident is bizarre and rare, this is . It happened to me in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu India at a very well known Hotel. I was on a business visit to the city one of my several visits to this city. It all started on the first morning of my stay, I called room service and asked if I will get chai (Tamil for tea) , the female at the end replied as to what kind of tea I wanted, I told her that I wanted chai as it is made in Kerala (my home state) and not in TN, the lady started laughing and wanted to know how chai is made in Kerala, I explained her the recipe in detail and it seemed as if we became instant friends on the phone.

When the chai arrived the lady called up to find out if it was as ordered, after having tasted the chai I called her up and told her what a great job she had done of interpreting my recipe. After chai it was breakfast time, hearing her voice on the phone I told her that her that she had a good and warm voice and as we had already had a conversation before the lady was comfortable talking to me. She seemed inquisitive and asked me about the nature of my work and purpose of my visit to Chennai along with other details. The conversation went on regularly for the next two three mornings everyday more that 5, 6 times, and apparently my sense of humor and frankness excited her. After a lot of exchanges she wanted to visit me against the hotel rules. Actually the conversation had reached a point where to proceed further it was necessary to meet. And say what she was an amazing looking lady.

I was in a typical boxer shorts red in color and a dark blue cum gray sleeve-fewer sports wear with a zip running in the front length. I had just finished doing my routine exercises and my body was wet to some extent. The lady Meena (not real name) looked to be around 30-32; medium built, on the fairer side of whitish complexion, and wore the sari below her belly button. She had full lips and thick hair. The ornaments were gold and black in combination. The sari and blouse she wore were part of the uniform. The silk sari showed her shape clearly and she had a very inquisitive look in her eyes. From the sides it was visible that she had good full breasts and her waist line suggested that she was in good shape. What was most appealing in her was her simplicity. One bangle simple ear rings and a very thin and simple mangalsutra. The bindi on her forehead was also sleek and tiny. As I requested her to have a seat on the arm chair against the window I sat on the bed across with a small tea table in between us. I spoke about my connections in Kerala and the more liberal attitude of people over there. While she sat on the arm chair with crossed legs, I realized she was not as conservative as her looks suggested. Meena also argued that though people in Kerala feel they are liberal but people from Chennai, Bangalore and other south Indian cities were also as liberal if not more.

As I had ordered Coffee before Meena came, she took my permission and started making coffee for both of us. She had a very elegant style and warm manners, suggesting a clean good grooming. She Asked me about the no: of sugar cubes. My frankness has no boundaries and I told her that she just take a sip of my cup and give it to me and that will be enough for me. She was surprised and the smile on her face seemed to suggest that she liked the ideas. She did as told and gave me the sugarless coffee. Now it was her turn she asked me to do the same with her cup and we both were drinking sugarless coffee. Not realizing that inside both of us the heart was already beating a bit faster than usual. While sipping coffee I asked her about her marriage and her children. Apparently her husband was a technician in a private firm and had to visit company locations across the country to service certain machines. One 8 yr old son and a 6 yr old daughter. I asked her how come she came into my room breaking rules, she said she liked the way I spoke to her absolutely hassle free, as if we were known for years she also felt a certain surety in my voice and the way our conversations went for three days regularly she really wanted to meet me.

Now that we have met I asked her what were her feelings, being a national level athlete I have a athletic physical disposition (not bragging) what I mean is a good lean tough looking body, obviously Meena said she liked my physique and felt very warm in my company, also my naked sometimes wild sense of humor gave her a sense of adventure. I quickly excused myself and went to the bathroom and with the tap on had a shake off on my hard dick. This was important so that in the events to unfold I could hold my own. The look on Meena was that of a woman wanting love and tender handling. My eyes understood what her eyes wanted and thus I got ready for any eventuality. It is better to be prepared than to feel sorry later. Returning from my shake off, pretending normal, I Continued my frankness I suggested to her that it is not only my physique which was tough I had other aspects of myself also which are tough, she immediately blushed and gave a surprised and questionable look to me. Immediately I told her to relax me was only talking about the toughness of my hands saying this I extended my hands towards her so that she could feel it for herself? The moment was decisive, internally I was getting heated up and our eyes understood more than what was happening. She immediately took my palm as if in a handshake and kept feeling it and rubbing it, she brought her other hand also and felt my palm and fore arms. I asked her if she would like to kiss it. The initiative was taken and believe it or not this time there was no surprise look on her face, she expected it and in fact almost wanted it. She gave a sweet kiss on the back of my palm.

This was the moment, the kiss on my palm send a current in my body and the heat was on, and the heat had percolated into my palms. As she continued to hold my hand I requested her to come close to me on the bed where I was sitting she obeyed and taking my palm to her cheeks started feeling it. She said she felt like she was getting a hot massage from my palm and that it was very soothing. I quickly suggested I could massage her head to toe with my soothing hot hands. Meena smiled, the smile said it all she was feeling shy, shyness of love, shyness of sex, shyness of want, shyness of desire, shyness of lust, shyness of adventure, shyness for what was to come. I looked into her eyes and went forward and kissed both her beautiful black eyes and forehead, I repeated kissing her eyes as she clasped my biceps and kissed me on my eyes too. I lent forward and kissed her nose and her cheeks, my tongue was out slightly and I kept kissing every micro inch of her face in a soft gentle and caressing way. She gave a very strange arousing sound, because my lips were searching for her lips and tongue as I met her lips with mine holding her by the back of her neck and shoulder she became loose and gave me total control of her mouth. Reciprocating every twist of my tongue inside her mouth with her own twist of tongue. The heat was already on into our mouths and the saliva tasted like some love potion from heaven.

My slow and easy paced kissing was arousing her more and more and she was beginning to clasp the hair on the back of my head. The breathing was heavy and we felt every breath of each other. The heat generated in the mouth was boiling hot and Meena was making sounds of pleasure emanating from her cunt and reaching her navel and boobs. The hair pores on her arms were open and erect and there was fever all around. The air conditioned room seemed like a crucible of desire. Now she was really feeling the heat and I could feel her rubbing her legs with her sandals on. I made her lay on the bed and taking her legs in my hand pulled them over the bed. I undid her sandals and pushed it over the bed. My movements was slow and easy paced there was no hurry. As I was making the moves in my underwear-less shorts my hammer was visible from out and Meena had her eyes stuck on them. Now moving on towards her I began by moving my finger tips from her toe to her lips touching her stomach, navel and the middle of her breast on the way. The pace was killing her she mentioned that this was heaven, she was used to a rare and quick fuck from her husband and this pace was killing her. I continued my fingers onto her lips and lowering me over her kissed her lips again my hands on the bed supporting my kiss. Meena’s breasts, her navel and her vagina were all writhing in excitement and she pushed my left hand from the support and led my palm to her left breast, while I continued to kiss her she almost started biting my lips and tongue.

I moved closer and turning her head kissed her right ear with my tongue out the kiss on the ear caused a arousing groan from Meena and it went something like UUUUUuUUaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa annaaa..vendaangaeee..aaahhh…uuummmm….. I began licking her ear and her body kept moving like a snake and leaping up once in a while, I could feel the heat of her body. I kept sucking her ears and lips fully into my mouth and the heat in my tongue made her leap in desire. Her legs were wriggling in excitement and her sari was half out and one side of her leg was visible till her thigh. Her left hand was moving over her breast in excitement and in between she even had her hand moving towards her cunt from within her sari and petticoat. Now moving my palm onto her breasts I started caressing her breasts the nipples were hard and the full breasts bursting, my hand moved down to her navel and she urged me to suck her breasts and navel. I started sucking her nipples through her green silk blouse as if it was a mango seed. My mouth cupped her breasts fully and I clasped my teeth gently around her nipples and moved up at the same time. This sends her into a real spin I repeated the motion up and down onto her nipples and she was in tears. I moved over to her left and now took the same action on her right breast. The sari she was wearing was half out because of her movements and turning her over I unhooked her green blouse with my teeth. The white bra strap was left untouched she helped her blouse out and there it was her cleavage a full and fabulous sight.

I kissed her cleavage licked her valley and pushed her bra upwards with my teeth, I repeated cupping her breasts in my mouth and moving up with my teeth gently around her nipple. The white bra was fitting her tight and I pulled and pushed at it until half of her breasts were in and the other half out. I licked the outside part of her melon and the green veins were firming up with every lid, because of the tightness of the bra, she felt my lick into the center of her brain and it was hair rising. She moaned in pain of excitement. I loosened her bra from under her back and took it aside with my teeth. Now I had her boobs in my full view and they were waiting to be worked upon red with fever and the veins full of blood moving in either direction. I cupped her tits into my mouth while I tortured her right nipple with my fingers my rhythmic tongue action made her scream AAAAaaagggg AAAAaaagggg ammmaaaaa…aahhhggguu…mmmm..and her body was moving in all directions I continued relentlessly at her tits shifting from left to right and right to left just then she groaned in excitement and shouted that she was coming coming coming. I pushed her sari off and inserted my fingers into the valley of love feeling her cream panty and her vagina Meena had her legs wide open wanting me to explore her valley, the wetness showed on her light green petticoat. I moved up and continued my work on her breasts, sucked the rim of her tits every inch moving in all direction and my sucking left a cherry red mark on the rim of her nipple I repeated the action on her other boob and Meena surely was having a time of her life.

She kept groaning some Tamil words I knew Tamil but only common Tamil not the sex language and I am sure Meena meant she was in paradise and that it she would do anything for me now that she was witnessing God. Meena unzipped my sleeveless sweat shirt and I removed my red boxer shorts I never wear underwear for sleeping and thus my rock hard cock was out in a flash and it was twitching in anticipation. Meena rose to take a peek at my rock hard strong cock and made a sign that she wanted to suck it. I stood up and she came forward to envelop my hammer into her mouth she kept moving her tongue over and over it while I was groaning in desires and excitement. After a few minutes of absolute magic I directed my cock into her eyes, ears and nose and she kept groaning all the time. I lowered her and undid her petticoat with my teeth and pulled it down, next I took her cream colored panty in my mouth and started dragging it out she helped me and I pulled it down too, while pulling I looked upwards and saw the most heavenly sight a clean, wet and red hot pussy the scanty vegetation gave her cunt a swollen look. Her red hot clit was twitching and her crack, now opened by the almost hour long crusade was inviting, wasting no time I pulled her cream panty off and with my tongue out I headed towards her cunt. I licked every drop of her juice and started my exploration of her cunt. My tongue found its way into the deepest possible part of her fruit and I started sucking her cunt like I suck grapes.

Leaving the skin and sucking the juice out. Meena was moving her ass up and down in excitement and her hands were pushing my head deeper into her valley. I kept sucking as if there was no tomorrow, my head was buried in her valley and Meena was now making sounds of a cry, cry of sex cry of pleasure cry of pain cry of heaven in the cunt. After I had sucked her dry I wanted to suck her ass hole I inverted her as she spread her legs, facing the ceiling I went under her ass and sucked her fruit for some more time this time her clitoris was in my firing line and I tasted it like the fruit of life, then I made her elevate a bit and facing her ass I put my tongue into her hole and kept inserting and taking it out, my tongue sucked her hole and kept going down into her fruit every suck was from the ass hole to her cunt. Every inch of the area between the hole and the valley was sucked till they were red hot. Meena had tears in her eyes and she turned herself over and urged me to fuck her, fuck her hard. Please Please fuck me she said please do it. My darling soul please fucks me, my angel please does it. This is prayer, this is heaven this is nirvana she kept shouting.

I wanted Meena to wait a bit more and instead of fucking her valley clasped her boobs together and tried fucking her there, Meena would have none of it and once again with her legs spread like east and west begged me to enter her valley I moved down and Meena anxious as she was rose to guide my hammer into her valley once in she heaved a sigh of desire. I made my moves slowly and picked up pace, the pace was driving her mad and she clasped my head in a groan and kissed and licked every inch of my face while I was in motion. Her ass moved up and down in motion giving me a rhythm and we kept banging each other for eternity. After having sweated every drop from my body my hammer wanted to explode, the explosion took time because the previous night I had shacked in a fantasy and even before working on Meena I had shaken my rod. As I screamed about my explosion Meena shouted that she wants to drink me and so just as I was to come she rose pushed me and came over me in a 69 and gobbled up my hammer into her mouth. she even gulped my come as I was licking her cunt which was wet once again I licked every drop of her sweet come and my rod was deep into her throat exploding every drop there and Meena was in a different trip altogether and she just kept drinking me and sucking me dry. She flattened herself over me in normal position and hugged me in a hug of a lifetime our wet bodies got stuck to each other like magnets and l kept rubbing her back and ass with my hands as she laid legs spread on top of me. The heat was steaming hot and our lips were inseparable. Meena just didn’t stop kissing me and my face.

We both slept off for a cool half odd hour only to wake up and bang again this time straight to the valley of love in table top position. The bath which followed was one more hair rising bath, we banged again with soap and water. As the telephone rang us both were asleep on top of each other and it was a cool four hours since Meena had entered my room. We both were hungry like mad. The next few days followed the most erotic time of my life and each experience is worth writing about the massage session the following day was particularly adventurous. After the massage Meena got the cleanest shave ever on her cunt and anus.

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