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Sruthi’s Love

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hai im pammu. This is real story what happened in my life. I live in Andhra Pradesh im 30years old. All the names are changed because I have no right to do harm to others it is my policy and I like to enjoy life every day coz we don’t know which day is our end. This story happened  Few years back prasanth is my close friend and we used to do every thing together. Prasanth managed a girl manjeera and daily calling her over phone and meeting at various places, and manjeera had a tail named sruthi who is her closest one but she is younger.

Coming to manjeera she is very cute having large breast, deep navel and awesome waist. She is very fair with blue eyes. This sruthi is nearer to 18 years with flourishing bosoms and childish nature. Prasanth went into deep friendship and they started kissing and hugging. But they felt sruthi as a speed breaker, and they both decided and introduced me to sruthi and encouraged to start friendship. We four used to go outing , movies and etc. gradually I also started kissing and hugging. One day we planned to go friends house to chitchat. At evening we entered in to that house, no one is there. Me and sruthi occupied one room and the other room occupied by prasanth and manjeera. While in chitchat she asked me why they are in separate room, I said they wish to have privacy, again she asked me for what, I said I’ll show you and I took sruthi in to my laps and hugged her back , and there after I started pressing her navel, licking her neck and smoothly massaging her thighs. 

She got temptation and took my hand to her bosom for pleasure. She got shivering and slightly moaning. Mean while time my pennies got erection and thirsty for encroachment. I took her to bed and climbed on her  and rubbing my pennies on her cunt and massaging her tits with both hands suddenly I heard a noice from surrounding and we both came in to study that was manjeera and prasanth. He asked me for water and I made directions to find and they went, I made French kiss and twitching her lips with mine and swallowing her juice. I squeezed her buttocks, she moaning ooooooooooohhh,aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh and took my ear in to her mouth, with this act my blood accelerating very high and soon my ejaculation was made in my trouser. With in few seconds manjeera and prasanth came out and said it’s already 8pm better to leave. After few days again we met there, that day sruthi ware half saree you believe it or not she is damn sexy.

We sat on bed and talking about sex she is little bit shy and nervous with that, coz im the first boyfriend to her. I came to nearer her and start kissing her this time she also started kissing and I am massaging her thighs , navel , buttocks and every part and reached my hand to her vagina over clothes and tried to separate her lips by massaging. She reacted hungry and made a hug tightly. After some time I separated her half saree and squeezing her tits smoothly after getting rock hard opened her blouse and bra. My eyes were twinkled with stars the tits were chubby with good round shape , a small and hard nipple with pink color. I bent on her and took into my mouth and made circles with tongue with all this my pennies stood like a poll. I took her hand and directed to pennies for massaging first she refused but with my pleading she started rolling up and down. I squeezed her breast  with my lips hardly she moaned like iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssss and rocking my pennies fastly, and asked me eat my tits come on come on. After five minutes my all juices fired out. And we decided to go out for real fun at some other day. That day onwards I have no sleep with her dreams, I awaited for few days.

One fine day we four went to beach at 6pm and separated adjacent places. It’s really wonderful atmosphere around there. Sruthi wore pink tee-shirt and long skirt, My blood is curious for first experience with her at the same time she is also too. Smoothly I removed her tee-shirt, and my cock getting erection and I started playing with her tits. I opened my jeans, inserted my manhood between her two bosoms and started moving, slowly sruthi turned into horny and removed her skirt. Later I started kissing her and reached to her vagina. I found very smooth ,silky, and new groaned hair, im sure it is her first un removed hair. I started her hair circling with my finger, and kissing her vagina from top to bottom, rubbing her lips with my tongue .

She hold my face on her lower lips and pressed hardly, I have no way to breath except from her vagina. I departed her vagina with fingers and started licking with my tongue. Now she is moaning and few minutes some liquid coming out and understood now I can penetrate with my tool coz she is no experience, if I start fucking from starting itself she may afraid. At last I have placed my cock on her vagina and gently inserted slowly in to her. Up to that ok, and slowly started jerking , 2nd jerk she started it’s paining, I said wait for seconds then u can feel the happiness, I continued my passion without extra force for some time. Now she touched the tinge, and gave me reverse strokes, by climbing on me. I was puzzled with her thirst rather co-operation.

After few minutes both were exhausted. We dressed proper , all of a sudden I saw few persons surrounding us. I asked them what do you want , they didn’t replied and reaching us, pleaded them that we are lovers please leave us but they didn’t said single word came nearer to me, then I through 2 persons with my hand and I activated shruthi to go and club with prashanth and manjeera and catch the road, she ran away and I started shouting for help and started running. And we vacated that area. Now mangeera, sruthi got married and got 2 children. When ever they visit our place they use to call us and we like to enjoy but secretly. They feel secured with my nature. Ok , we will meet you in another my experience. If any female want to mail me, or suggestions and etc., can mail me  to, I use daily net from morning to evening

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