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  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

I am Raju and from Kozhikode, Kerala and my first sexual experience was with Srividya, famous film actress, who was my uncles daughter and it was during the summer vacation in April 1973 .She seduced me as I always fantasized and I lost my virginity to my fantasy lady. In 1973 summer vacation I went to Madras to my uncles house. My mother was from Trichy so all of uncles were settled in Tamil nadu only.

My elder uncle settled in Madras and and Srividya the famous actress of Malayalam and Tamil films was his only daughter [other son was in USA working as an Electronic Engineer]. Till that occasion I never met her for 5 years. I have seen so many films of her like UTSAVAM, CHENDA, RAJAHAMSAM but one film named ASHWARADHAM was my favourite film. I always fantasized of making love with ladies aged more than 23-24 since I had always fantasized in making love with Srichechi. I couldnt forget the hot scenes of Srividya in ASHWARADHAM with Ravindran. Especially that hot scenes from Train where she was seducing that young boy who entered her First Class cabin. That scenes made me mad and I always thought of making love to that Sexy Goddess Srividya.Moreover Jayabharathi was also one of my favourite fantasy ladies since her film RATHINIRVEDHAM released. But I always had more fantasies about Srividya since she is my uncles daughter and had 100% perfect body than Jayabharathi. After all she is my murapennu as per kerala and Tamil nadu custom even though she is aged than me. When I reached Madras central my uncle came to receive me and while on car I was eagerly longing to see my fantasy lady. I reached the house and for the first time she was in front of me.

I have seen her for the first time after five years. She had a perfect body .She was a good Dancer and spends half her time to dance and she was doing yoga also. Her Buttocks were very perfect and made every fan mad .It was just like the back of Veena. Her Breasts were perfectly round shaped and exactly resembles breasts of naked statues of temples. Her navel is very deep and a perfect one. Her beautiful and luscious lips were driving me mad and I always fantasized of sucking it fully and also fantasized of circling that lips around my thick and well shaped cock [Later it circled my cock and sucked it numberless times] She had a perfect figure from top to bottom. I couldnt keep my eyes off her beautiful big perfect twins that keep giggling with her footstep. I couldnt stop staring at her butt swaying left and right in an inviting manner. But I controlled since she was cousin sister and much elder to me. She was aged 24. When I was sitting in front of her I become nervous since her beautiful eyes were traveling all over my body. Even though my age was around 16.5 at that time I had a perfect body since I was doing exercise. I was not able to face laser rays passing from her eyes so I kept my head down. Seeing this she laughed asked me. Kutta, inne vare oru pennine kanditille? [Have you not seen a woman up to now? I couldnt answer her. But I liked that call. Because that pet name is used to call young boys and I always liked it.

She chatted with me mostly about my private life. The more she heard about my virginity she become more happy since she had a big crush on young virgin boys aged around 16 to 18. I was asked only about my private life, my sex life. I was very embarrassed and told her that I never had sex with anybody and shyly I told no. And she asked me are you doing masturbation and while doing who is the lady that I am fanaticizing and specially to tell truth only. I told her name and she asked me regarding her favorite film. Then I told Ashwaradham. When I was answering her questions her eyes were traveling all over my body and I couldnt resist that laser rays from her eyes. And she again asked me that whether I was telling the truth. I told her that I am telling the truth. I was wondering by hearing her questions since she was aged 24 and a famous actress and me her cousin and aged only 16.5. Really I can feel lust in that deep beautiful black eyes. But I never dreamt even in wild dreams that I will get a chance to make love with her since she is aged 7.5 years than me and moreover she was a famous actress of Malayalam, Tamil cinema. But after the first lovemaking session when I was resting my face between that round shaped breasts both of us were soaked in sweat. It was a terrific and fantastic experience for me and to her also since she never expected this much pleasure from a boy aged around 17.While pressing my naked body to her she whispered in my ears that she had already decided to seduce me when she met me first time and was waiting for a chance. One day, there was no shooting in her diary for two weeks. My uncle and aunty went to Trichy for 15 days I asked her what she wanted to do that days. She gave a mysterious smile and told me that days are entirely for me and we are going to their Farmhouse in Sriperumputhur. I couldnt get her hint until we reached there. That farmhouse was situated in the center of 5-acre land with great walls. The bungalow inside is also separated from the plot with a wall and nobody can enter inside if we closed the big door. We went inside and a beautiful garden and a swimming pool were there.

Srichechi purchased this from the earnings from films. We went inside and I was happy to note that nobody else were there. Me and Srichechi only. We had our shower and I was in a Bermuda and T-shirt. I was thinking of my fantasy lady that she is seducing me and I was exploring that terrific body. She called to me her room. I entered the spacious room and the large double bed was in a big cubicle in a corner and mirrors on four side and top covered it. She was sitting on that big double bed wearing a long transparent White gown with a thin white silk Bra and a thin Panty inside. Those perfectly shaped breasts, her deep navel, buttocks; thunderous thighs were visible through the light material of the gown. The chocolate colored areolas of her breasts with projected nipples, a golden chain (aranjanam) laying lazily in her perfect waist over the deep navel, well-shaped thighs and padasaram which she was wearing everything was in front of me. She was wearing a thin panty and the love triangle was covered with that and I can see the hairs covering her honey spot through the thin panty. She had a very sexy and lusty look and a red lipstick made her look hornier. She closed the door and made me sit on the bed. I was getting more and more excited. I couldn’t believe that the sexy goddess of my fantasy dreams is near to me and I was watching in fantasy lady in all side due to reflection in mirrors. I was loosing control already. Slowly she has taken my face on her hands kissed me. The first kiss was awesome. Those voluptuous lips slowly taken my lips to mouth and started sucking it like she was sucking juice out of ripe mango. She pulled my head closer to hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue probed my mouth wildly plunging in and out. I met her exploring tongue going deep inside her. We tangled each others tongue and I could feel her saliva going inside my mouth. The feeling was an incredible one that I felt never before. She slowly whispered in my ears My Raju.I want you. I want to enjoy you sweet boy?. Slowly she removed my shirt and her thirsty lips licked all over my face and bitten my ear lobe. Then those juicy lips slowly very slowly traveled to my chest. She has taken my nipples to her mouth and while circling it with tongue her teeth bitten hard. I was trembling like a fish out of water and my movements made her mad. And then her lips traveled to my abdomen and suddenly she pulled my trouser down and looked at my super hard cock. It was pulsating in her hand as a hot iron rod and she was watching it in disbelief with her widened black beautiful eyes since it was 7.5 long and really fat. She never expected such a cock for a boy aged hardly 17. She told me that for a boy aged 16 4 to 5 inch is the normal size and this size is a rare gift even to a youth. She always had a crush for young boys aged around 16 to 18 and got many occasions to seduce them and she told me that while she was enjoying the virginity she would become mad and moreover she was mad about oral love and big cocks. But none of them had given her pleasure as per she expected. It was getting really hard for me to control myself. She told me that I could take his partner to exotic and extreme pleasure if I know the methods. Really during that period she taught me all the Kamasutra lessons to make a woman satisfied and how to control ejaculation for 7 to 8 minutes so as to enable me to give the wild and exotic pleasure to my lover. Since she had so many lovemaking occasions before she was an expert in that. She also taught me about hygiene and neatness that we have to maintain neatness while lovemaking.

She also told me that there is no harm in oral lovemaking if we are neat and clean. But even though she had so many lovemaking occasions before with co-stars like Kamala hasan etc none of them had such a big cock. But I wanted her to take the initiative .She started showering hot kisses in my pulsating cock and asked me Raju, is it all yours? Still she couldnt believe that she has got the biggest cock in her life and that too for a boy nearing 17. [The size of my cock made her really mad and it was really 7.5 long. She was wondering that how such a small cock of 3 in normal position would become 7.5 and also she told me even though she had sexual experience more than with a dozen none of them had such a big cock. Anyhow she loved to suck it in every occasion of our lovemaking sessions]. Suddenly wetness felt on my cock. She started to suck my testicles and the wetness of mouth was wonderful. Slowly she started to lick my cock from bottom to down and back. I was trembling like a fish out of land. Slowly very slowly she covered my cock head with her wet lips and started to suck. I was in heaven since my wild fantasy was coming true and the sexy Srichechi is sucking my cock wildly She opened her lips and slid my cock down her throat .The warm rush of feeling the slippery saliva drip down my balls sent every muscle and nerves in my body into ecstasy. I could feel very well her warm moist tongue circling the cock head and her teeth biting the head slowly. Now she had my cock totally in her mouth and her wet mouth started the movement fast and fast and cum was starting to pump up from inside of my testicles. Expert movements of her luscious lips were taking me to heaven and I was feeling that 1000 rivers are going to start flowing from my testicles. She could feel the spasms of my cum pumping muscles and she could feel the fluid spurting to her wet mouth. She was sucking my cock like a boy or girl enjoying an ice-cream candy and her movement become very fast. Really she was mad while getting a boy to make love and she was not getting much pleasure while making love with same aged persons.

She is reaching the extreme pleasure when she is sucking a cock of a boy or while he is sucking and eating her hot pussy and moreover it is the biggest cock she ever got for sucking and every movement of me made her madder. I was in seventh heaven and enjoying the perfect oral love with closed eyes while she was watching the entire erotic scene in mirrors. She made her movements very fast and she was getting a clear picture of movements in that mirror. With a terrific climax I exploded the entire cum in her waiting mouth and she was enjoying each and every drop of it with extreme happiness. She never had such pleasure before while sucking the cock since the taste of the cum was really an intoxicating one. She told me that the feeling was like taking two three pegs of whisky. Whenever she gets a chance she love to suck my cock and every time her fat perfectly shaped luscious lips used to give me a perfect climax. It was a fantastic moment and I exhausted fully. I kept my eyes closed and was fantasizing of exploring each and every inch of that magnificent body of sexy goddess. Suddenly I felt the wetness of her hungry mouth and tongue licking out the sweat drops of my body like a cow licking a calf and that process made ready within minutes to explore that sexy naked body. She looked at me and I could see her eyes were filled with lust. She whispered in my ear again.Raju.Eat me please. We kissed each other, sucked each others lips and tongues hungrily. She took the rest of my clothes off! I unbuttoned her gown and it fallen to the carpet and my hands went straight for her boobs. I pinched her nipples and She felt a sense of pleasure. With those big boobs she looked busty. One third of her tits and massive cleavage were revealed. I put my hands on them from over the bra and began pumping hard. My each hand was not covering one full breast. I was surprised to find out how soft that round shaped breasts were. I was enjoying and feeling such a twins for the first time in my life .I started kissing and nuzzling her throat and kneading the juicy and creamy tits with my both hands. The nipples became harder. It was too good to stop. She was moaning loudly. She pulled my head again closer to her round shaped perfect breasts and I am also too much attracted to it very early in my fantasies. I removed the bra and two perfect twins were in front of me naked for the first time and really that scene was really erotic.

Her erected nipples stood in the center of that chocolate colored areolas .Her breasts were an example of perfect ness and it stood proudly in her chest with drooping a bit. I become mad and taken the nipple of left breast to my mouth with all my force while my hand was crushing her right breast. While my tooth is making dental bruises my hand is pinching the other breast and she was enjoying it very well. While sucking the sweet melons my hot saliva was dripping down her tits and she moaned Oh.Raju suck it with all force. I sucked both breasts for a long time as if there is no tomorrow while making dental and nail bruises she was moaning in happiness. I moved down to her white belly and that waist was just resembled the structure of statues. I moved my tongue in her big deep Navel. I licked her whole belly with special attention to her beautiful navel. I have not seen such a deep navel in my life in photos or films to anybody. It was deep enough to contain one full cup of ice cream. At that time she told me to take honey bottle from the nearby wardrobe. When I taken it she told me to pour it on those breasts. I poured it on that twins and to the valley between her breasts and it slowly gone down and filled the navel and then again gone to the love triangle between her thunderous thighs .Her breasts were glistening due to honey and she pressed my head to that .I licked the entire honey from that twins and my tongue and mouth traveled the way honey gone. That deep navel was full of honey and balance flown to her love triangle. With much pleasure I have taken the honey out of that deep navel and licked it clean. She was moaning with delight, grabbed my hair and pulled down my head in the direction of her pussy, which was by now hot like a fireball out of hell. “It is all yours. Meanwhile she started the Video and TV and an English blue film was running in it. A boy aged 16 was eating pussy of a young lady aged around 24 and she crying with happiness because he was performing his duty with utmost care and perfection.

His tongue was going into the deepness of the lovers pussy and that young lady was reaching the extreme pleasure from that. Srichechi become mad and told me Oh MY sweet boy, can you do like that? . Then she grabbed my head and pressed to her hot love pot. Her moist panty drenched with honey and her love juice soon disappeared from the scene, exposing her throbbing cunt. This was my first look at a cunt, which had been wet and available for me to explore. Her golden pubic bush was dense and honey is made her golden hairs there glistening in light. Opening of her cunt was hidden behind the thick jungle of golden hair. I parted the golden hairs and taken the thick outer lips into my mouth and sucked very hard and slowly bitten .She made hissing sound but again pressed my head to that. The first touch of my tongue with the outer lips of her cunt sent an electrical shock through both our bodies. The saltiest taste of her love juices along with the honey was loveable. I started licking her creamy vaginal lips forcing my tongue on to her inner flesh. She was becoming wetter by the minute, flooding my mouth. Srichechis moaning and sighing moved onto a higher pitch. “Yes,” she sighed. “Yes!” “Chechi I will take all the juices out” I cried. “And it’s all for you She Cried. I grabbed Srichechi by her buttocks and pulled her closer. She opened her legs again wider to welcome my tongue, and finally I tasted and again what I’d waited for all of my life. She spread her lips wider for me. Srichechis pussy was sweet tasting and soft, the juices were running down my face! She moaned and pulled my head in jerking motion as if she were fucking my face. I buried my face in her pussy and tried to crawl inside. I licked, nibbled, kissed and bit every delicious fold, crevice and crack of her hot wet sticky pussy. Then I came to her aching clit. It was huge, begging to be attacked; to have its lust satisfied. I stood up on my knees and used my stiff prick to rub Srichechis hard little dick. I rubbed and rubbed till her breathing was rapid and her moans became screams, then I buried my face in her hot pussy again and I teased her swollen clit unmercifully, tiny, fluttery sweeps of my tongue inched her slowly to the climax she desperately needed. I slowly licked her pink slit until she couldn’t take it anymore. My Mouth and tongue traveled to the inner softest areas of her hot pussy and taken all the juice to my mouth.

I was enjoying it with all happiness and her hands were pressing my head very hard to her hot pussy and she roaring like a tigress. I was fulfilling my fantasy dreams with much happiness and was sucking that love pot mercilessly as if there is no tomorrow. At last at a fine moment she reached the ecstasy and then shuddered in pleasure and instantly had one, two, or maybe even three or more orgasms, which was her best one in her life. I slowly sat in that big bed. She was lying in that bed soaked full in sweat and eyes were closed due to the terrific climax she had from me. Really that scene was a rare scene for a boy aged 16 so I couldnt take my eyes from her. I have seen sweat drops flowing from the valley of her perfect twins through the belly hair to her deep navel. While licking that from that navel she was caressing my hairs. What she enjoyed till that time was nothing. A young lover aged 17 gave her best in life really a wonderful and perfect orgasm which she never had till that time in her life. She was floating weightlessly in happiness in the immense and extreme pleasure deriving from that perfect and terrific orgasm. She came to know that what she felt before from the previous lovers were nothing in front of this orgasm she received from a boy nearing 17.It was incredible and a rare thing and also wondered how a boy aged about 17 given her this pleasure. We stopped for a few minutes. Then I started to massage her milky thighs from the waist to the knee. I went harder each time. I licked the inner parts her perfect thighs and she is enjoying it happily. I was really happy since I am feeling each and every part of her body. But she wants the young lovers cock in inner areas of her sweet love pot. She whispered in my ear, “Raju, come inside like a wild bull. We can go to the roof garden. She opened the door to Terrance and smell of jasmine flowers reached us. Roof garden was full of jasmine trees with small branches and full of flowers. Floor was having marble tiles. She reached a jasmine tree and told me to come near her. On hearing this invitation, my cock once again started to gain momentum. I reached there and we sat on a marble bed there. I started with gentle kisses on her juicy soft lips. Her hands were sliding all over my body and she started scratching my back with her long nails. Her erect nipples were thrust into my chest. I took her tongue in my mouth and started sucking it. She returned the gesture. She got up and bent in front of me by catching a jasmine tree branch and told me Raju. Vegam Vada. Oru kalakootane pole ente ullilekku thulachu kazhareda She was very hot and was eagerly waiting for the biggest cock she ever seen to enter her awaiting pussy. I cupped her big boobs in both hands while she guided my cock to her cunt. She was shivering in excitement. Then I started entering her from behind. Srichechi was moaning with pleasure. While entering her cunt she was hissing like a snake. A little sigh from Srichechi was the only resistance to an otherwise perfect entry of my fat and 7.5 tool. Now the moment of truth arrived. I was dreaming for this moment. My bulging cock was raring to have a full entry to Srichechi’s sweet cunt. Then with a sudden thrust I pushed it in. Her big hips felt so great against my abdomen. A huge cry came out from Srichechi’s pretty throat. “Oh! Slowly Raju.Please.” Without bothering for her protest, I continued my piston like motion.

As I was fucking her from rear, her boobs were moving back and forth. The sight of her boobs moving made me crazy and I got hold it and started crushing with all my force and she was crying in pleasure. It turned me on even more; I kept slapping her beautiful perfect buttocks. That jasmine tree was moving according to the violent movements of us. Srichechi was really turned on and really become too hot because she was enjoying such a pleasure for first time because it was the big cock in her cunt. Her language changed, “Oh my sweet boy. Come fast to me! She was roaring like a tigress and every movement of her made me mad. I pressed my teeth on her shoulders and made marks there. There was tremendous heat in her cunt and the inner walls crushing against my cock made me mad again. I rammed my cock to the beautiful cunt and loaded the whole cum inside my fantasy lady at the end of a terrific climax and at the same time she also a terrific climax. And it was a fantastic climax for both of us. Srichechi’s body was still rocking from the force of my thrusts and after getting discharged I fell on top of her. Bathed in a mixture of sweat and cum, we found comfort in each other’s arms. Holding Srichechi’s nude body close to mine was a great tonic. I shifted my position and climbed on top of my beautiful darling’s hot, willing body. I jabbed my tongue into her ear and she moaned with pleasure. Then I covered my darling’s mouth with my own, thrusting my rigid tongue between her lips. Srichechi opened her mouth wide and pressed her tongue against mine. She sucked loudly and wetly on my hot tongue, pressing her sensuous lips harder and harder against my mouth. I felt her huge tits pressed against my chest and my cock grew even harder when I thought of the pleasure awaiting me. “Ohhhh, yesssss, do it! Fuck me! Fuck me again and again”, Srichechi cried wildly. She felt my large cock head pressing against her and she spread her legs even wider, as wide as she could, as she wriggled her hips impatiently. She just couldn’t wait for my cock to ram its way up her hot, wet cunt. Slowly and teasingly I fit my huge prick snugly into the wet slit of her tight cunt. I rubbed my cock to her cunt hole at the same time I ran my fingers to her buttocks.

Then, I gave a hard, deep thrust that sent my large prick-shaft shooting all the way into my darling’s sucking pussy. “Yessssss!” she moaned. Srichechi thrust her buttocks high in the air and drove her tight, wet pussy-hole all the way down the full length of my throbbing cock. She ground her pelvic bone against my body, feeling my balls mashing against the lower part of her small cunt. As I began to slowly grind my hips, moving my ass in lewd circles above her, Srichechi began to pump her cunt up and down on my huge cock, clenching and unclenching her tight cunt-walls as tightly as she could around my thick, hard prick. I could feel my darling’s huge tits pressing against my chest and it turned me on even more as I continued to pump my cock deeply into her hot, grasping pussy. I tried to slow my fucking movements because I still wanted to fuck her slowly so she would enjoy it all more. But she wanted none of that. The way she was pumping her cunt up and down on my rigidly fucking cock-pole, I had no choice but to keep pace with her. Again and again, I stabbed my prick into her cunt, matching the fucking rhythm of Srichechis grinding pussy. It was as though the horny lady was fucking even raping her young lover and I loved the lewd sensation. With a groan of lust, Srichechi pulled my head down to her bursting tits and I sucked her tits again and again as my cock continued to pound its way in and out of her wildly humping pussy. Her buttocks shook under the impact of my prick. Her cunt-walls burned and tightened with the hot wet pleasure she felt from my driving prick. I was ramming it in and out, in and out, deeper and harder with each forceful thrust into her pussy-hole. “Ente Raju.enne kollalle!” Srichechi suddenly moaned, grabbing me tightly and pressing my hard body against her soft one. She moaned and tossed her self back and forth, almost making her lover’s prick slip out of her coming cunt. Since my cockhead was big it was pressing her clitoris in each thrust and it was giving her immense pleasure, which she never felt before in her life. But I held onto her, scooping my hands under her shaking buttocks and jerking her hips up toward my prick.

I rammed her deeper and harder as she continued to come, clenching and unclenching her powerful cunt-muscles around my steel-hard, pleasure-giving cock-rod. “Ohhhhhhh, fast fast!” she cried, thrusting her hips up even higher, shuddering violently, and gasping desperately for air as her climax smashed through her again and again. “Oh.Raju I am coming!” she moaned loud and long. Her hot body thrust and humped upward, driving higher and higher. Her tightly clenching cunt-walls sucked at my cock, trying desperately to milk it of my hot, thick jizz. She pumped her ass off, feeling her gigantic tits shaking and bouncing with her every lewd move. Her cunt-walls spasmed and gushed out her hot pussy-juice, filling her cunt and trickling down her firm thighs and splashing onto the bed between her legs. “Oh, Honey, fuck me, fuck meeeee!” she yelled. It was the most exciting orgasm of her life, long, hard, and shudderingly powerful. Her long, sharp fingernails clawed her young lover’s shoulders and back as she came and came, grinding her pulsating clit up and down along the thick shaft of my hard prick. I felt my orgasm approaching. I jammed my cock into her cunt, pumping her full of my thick, creamy cum. Burning jets of hot jism blasted into her pussy. She gasped aloud when she felt the hard, hot spurts of cum shooting into her from my cock-head. The creamy spunk burned deeply into her cunt-hole and on into her churning guts. Her cunt walls spasmed violently as her pussy sucked my cum from my jerking prick. She grunted hard as I pounded into her cunt, pumping her full of my hot cum. She slammed her legs flat against the couch, her body flattening under the lewd assault of her young virgin lover’s hammering prick. “Ahhhh, yessss. Come and fill inside me” she yelled happily, tears of pleasure streaming down her lovely face. As the last of my cum-load shot into Srichechis pussy, I dropped my head to her tits and once more nipped her nipples with the edges of my sharp teeth. She never got satisfied with one or two lovemaking. She like to have one oral, one 69 and from rear and one her or top. Also she used to shoot all my lovemaking with her in an automatic camera and she will get mad while watching it during our lovemaking. She jerked at the sudden pain but she loved. She held me tightly against her as I continued to thrust my cock deeply into her cunt. She felt completely filled with the cum and she loved the lewd sensations. My cock was still hard, even after shooting off all that cum. I continued to pump my prick in and out of the bitch’s drenched pussy, but slower and more gently now. I fucked her slowly, rubbing the length of my prick up and down over her clit, which was still hard and rigid. I could feel her clit jerking against my cock-meat and I knew that I could make her come again if I wanted to. And I did want to. I continued to slowly pump my hard cock into Srichehis pussy-hole, rubbing her clit over and over until she came again. Shudders of violent pleasure washed over her as she grabbed my face and kissed me passionately on the lips, finding my hot tongue with hers. Finally, her incestuous orgasm passed over her and she rested, feeling the warm cum oozing from her trembling pussy-lips, which still held her lover’s cock. It was the most exciting orgasm of her life, long, hard, and immensely powerful. Her long, sharp finger nails clawed her young lover’s back and her teeth pressed on shoulder as she came and came, grinding her pulsating clit up and down along the thick shaft of my hard prick.

We slept there for at least half an hour .She was in heaven and still cherishing the best moments of lovemaking in her life since this was the best one she ever enjoyed till that period. I got up while she was still lying there in full moonlight Her breasts stood vigorously in moon light .Her thunderous thighs, perfect abdomen everything made me mad. I licked all the sweat drops from that naked body and covered her breasts, deep navel and love triangle with jasmine flowers. That scene was really erotic. I sat near that terrific naked body and just spend much time in eagerly gazing that amazing sexy body and it was really a perfect creation of God. I got a rare chance to explore each and every corner of the body for years. She told me to lie near her and I put my head between her thunderous thighs. We lay for a long time. After a few minutes, She rolled and laid on her back. I was suddenly stunned to see her lying, her beautiful breasts stood proudly in her chest, Srichechi looked as beautiful as ever. I couldn’t but to start squeezing those big beautiful mounds again. I then knelt next to her, my cock already rock-hard once again. I moved over her, one knee on each side of her abdomen, lowering my cock to her chest. She took my cock down between her breasts; she took the honey from side table and poured it on my pulsating cock and then took one boob in each hand and smashed them against my shaft. The feeling was incredible. Her soft, warm breasts enveloping my engorged penis. Slowly, I began moving between them -fucking the most beautiful tits on the planet. “Oh, cum for me” she said, watching my cock slide between her breasts. “Cum in my mouth.” The feeling was incredible, and I knew I wouldnt last long. I began pumping harder, feeling my orgasm building. I looked into her eyes and nodded. She understood. She sat up quickly, taking the cock in both hands and stroking with all her might, bringing the tip into her mouth. I began coming furiously. I could hardly believe I had any cum left, but soon her mouth was filling with it. She smiled up at me, opening her mouth wide so I could see it filled with my cum. She then sucked my cock fully to take the entire cum with honey and some drops she spread it all over her breast by saying that it is good for shape of her breasts. Later both us gone to Bathroom and we rested in bathtub for at least one hour by seeing each and every part of our body. While I was applying soap all over her body she was making sound due to bruises on breasts, thighs, navel area, shoulder etc while showing all this to me she asked What you have done me? There is not a single space without any marks. I was happy to hear that from the sexiest actress of Malayalam.

After bath she told to take her in my hands to the bedroom. It was a terrific scene since a boy aged 16 was carrying a perfect naked body of a woman aged 24. When reached back she told me to bury my face between her breasts and I done that with full pleasure and she covered me with her hands and legs and we slept till 8 in the next morning. Next morning I woke up and seen Srichechi showering passionate kisses allover my body whispered in my ears.Kanna let us have a morning show. Raju I will get you for two full weeks since I have no shooting. I want to enjoy you again and again. It was good news for 16-year boy also since he is also enjoying perfect lovemaking for first in his life. Few minutes later I was shocked to see Srichechi in a thin transparent gown with a scented oil bottle in her hand. She was not having any bra and her boobs were stood very proudly in her chest and it was terrific scene for me. She said to me that she is feeling too much of pain in her back and thighs and she wants me to apply oil allover the body and to massage it. She spread a big plastic sheet on that carpet and told me sit nearby. She lay on her stomach and told me to lift her nightgown. My hands were eagerly waiting to massage that terrific body. She loosened her body as I lifted her nightgown over head and removed it. Now she was having a very thin panty as cloth and nothing else. As soon as I took the oil, she turned her back and said Raju please start from my toe. I have taken the scented oil to my hand applied to her beautiful and perfect milky thighs and started massaging from toe to upwards to her milky thighs. A boy who was nearing 17th age was enjoying a magnificent body of a lady aged 24 and slowly I reached thighs above knee and then that perfect buttocks. She told me to remove the panty and with pleasure I removed it. Now I was watching that naked body from behind and I applied oil on her perfect buttocks and back. She was moaning with pleasure. My hands slowly reached the sides and while touching the breasts from both sides she was trembling with pleasure. Because my hand is crushing that twins vigorously from both sides and she is feeling it very well. After applying oil till her neck she slowly turned and laid on her back. Now I can see thunderous thighs and love triangle between her thighs, perfect breasts, deep navel, above all when I looked to her face her eyes were filled with passion .

She told meRaju, please apply oil here also. While my hands were applying oil allover body I pinched the outer walls of her cunt and she reciprocated by hissing like a snake and then I pressed that perfect twins. I pressed both breasts very hard and while taking that erected areolas between my fingers she lost control. Somehow I applied oil on her face also. Now her perfect naked body is sparkling like a golden statue. While enjoying her body with pleasure she got hold of me and removed my Bermuda. She laid me in that plastic sheet and applied oil allover my body and her hands started traveling through out my body and at last she got hold of my erected rock hard cock. Her hands were traveling wildly and I stopped her. Don’t be in a hurry we are having 13 full days She told me. She pulled my head and started to give a deep kiss to my lips she pressed my face onto the valley that magnificent twins and. My Prick was pressing her Love pot. Her hand started massaging my back and buttock. Now I grabbed her left nipple and took into my mouth and started twisting her right nipple with my left hand. She started screaming and all of a sudden rolled me to my back and sat over my thighs. She took off my steel hard prick that was already wet due to pre-cum. She took it into her hand and started rubbing it. While she was rubbing my penis her boobs were bumping up and down, I hold her boobs once again and started pressing it with one hand and caressing her thighs with other hand. She got up her self and, before knowing to me what is happening she sat over me once again, holding my penis in one hand and guided it into her vaginal lips and started stroking up and down. Her boobs were bouncing to the rhythm of her stroke. It was a unique pleasure for me for the first time. The stroke went for nearly 8 minutes and it was another unforgettable lifetime experience. I exploded my cum in her, the tension of my prick got reduced. She released herself and slept over me, saying I want you for some more time still I am not satisfied. Her lips rolled over my lips and she massaged me with that huge breasts and that pleasure was incredible. My hands wandered all over her back, thighs, and buttocks. Her boobs had got sandwiched in-between her chest and mine. My Prick got erect once again, now she rolled on her back and told me to fuck. She got her legs up in the air and wide open.

She whispered ” Oh Raju! It is not enough for me. Get inside me and fuck me, fuck me hard” I got on top of her. I felt that sweetest hole with my fingers and then slowly guided my cock inside her. Her hole was hot. Her head went back with pleasure and she moaned. “Come on. Please! “. I started slowly and headed up with speed and steady. It was quiet an effort though. She held my arms tight and started to jump under me. I was moving from up to down at he same time she was holding her hip up and pressing her butt against the carpet to accompany my moves. Her breast was jumping up and down with every hit. My cock was parted her pussy and she was already wet. So my movements became easy. She was not new to sex and already her pussy was accustomed to my huge 7.5 cock. So we both were having great pleasure. We were sweating like hell because of our exotic and erotic sex. I began thrusting my cock in and out of her. I was shoving harder and harder. Her hot cunt felt wonderful. She was holding my butt tight and after a few moments she started ” Oh Raju please slow is hurting me.” That time I was acting like wild buffalo. She was begging for me to slow down but she never stooped responding to my hits. Her legs were wide open in V shape and she was hugging me real tight. Both were breathing heavily. While I was giving a real hard time to her pussy with my cock, I was sucking, licking and squeezing her breasts. Now she began to tighten her mouth of the pussy by holding her legs together. That was hard and great pleasure to me. It became tighter now and she got her terrific orgasm. I sensed her she was about to cum. Her whole body is stumbling and struggling with great happiness. Within few moments I felt her juices flowing in her already wet cunt. Now her pussy became like water filled tub. So whenever my cock entered in to it strange sounds started coming. Now I exploded my cum in her. Her cunt hole was filled with her juice and mine. It started overflow. More of the juices were oozing out of her pussy onto the plastic sheet. I stayed inside her about 1 minute and then slowly pulled my cock out side. We enjoyed all kinds of poses of Kamasutra. But since my mouth has given her immense pleasure and since it was safer we used to have oral love making except during the safe period. And she also much interested to fuck from behind like a bull. We enjoyed all the positions on various occasions it was through her I got introduced to Jayabharathi and Bhanupriya who were my fantasy ladies of Malayalam Films and she loved to watch my erotic lovemaking with Jayechi and Srichechi. Since they were getting the extreme pleasure from me they are really mad about me and we had several fantastic love making sessions and Srichechi enjoyed threesome either with Bhanuchechi or Jayechi on various occasions and one or two times four of us had lovemaking sessions together. May be it was a rare gift to me since I never get tired even after making love with three of them. She also enjoyed sex with co-stars but she never left me since nobody else given the pleasure, which I gave her. I was in Madras for five years and whenever she was in Madras we used to sleep together after beautiful lovemaking sessions.

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