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Sportsman Spirit

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hi all the hots n sexies, here is Arshi again with a new story. Those who want to read my previous stories, can contact me at This event belongs to the same college in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, where I got to fuck a stunning beauty Seema. This time it was a boy named Furqan. He was about 16, attractive face with wide eyes, very little moustache, wheatish colour, slim body, narrow waist and about 5’5 tall. Both of us were friends and there was nothing to think about sex between us. I would not have even thought that this innocent looking boy would be a gay. It was about two months to our friendship when one day we read a notice on the notice board about the hockey team of the college being formed and a trial match was to be held the next week. On the day of match, I was surprised to see that alongwith his bag of books, he was also carrying a hockey stick.

I asked him whether he is also participating in the match? He replied that he is a hockey player and desires to be included in the college hockey team. After the first period finished, he requested me to accompany him. I came out of the class and accompanied him. There he approached the person who was noting down the names of interested players and got his name noted. After a few minutes the match was about to start and he handed me his books, took off his pants and underneath were the shorts which were just reaching few inches below his buttocks. I saw at his naked thighs and was becoming hot but I to my knowledge, he was not a boy of this kind. As I found nothing to do here, so I thought that I should go to my class and attend the lectures. I said him yaar yahan mera to koi kaam nahin hai mujhe jane do takeh class attend kar loon. But he looked at me and said, yaar kaisi baat karte ho, ham tumhare lye kia kia kar dain magar tum meri khatir yahan ruk bhi nahin sakte. I was astonished to hear such a thing and asked, acha kia kar sakte ho meri khatir. He giggled and said, acha batain gay kabhi. Just then the match started and he went to play. During his play, I kept seeing his body movements, specially his naked thighs and buttocks which made my cock stirring. When the match finished, the participants were told to wait till next day when a list of successful players would be displayed on the notice board. After the match, we returned to our classes and completed our day as per routine. Next day he again pulled me out of the class after the third period and rushed to the notice board. The list of those who were included in the hockey team, was displayed there and his name was also included there. He jumped to see his name in the list and hugged me with joy. I congratulated him and asked for a treat and he promised for that.

Then we rushed to our class room and resumed the lectures. After closing of the college that day, he asked me to come with him for the treat. I asked, itni jaldi! He said haan, yaar tum chalo to sahi,celebrate karte hain. And he took me to his house. There was only his mother who served us lunch and after that she went to sleep in her room and he took me to his room and closed the door behind us. Then turned to me and said tum keh rahe thay main tumhare lye kia kar sakta hoon, to main tum ko abhi batata hoon. Then he went to his attached bath, I thought to change the clothes but when he returned, I was surprised to see him in his underwear only. I said, yaar yeh kya, kuch sharam karo, but he said, aaj na roko, hockey mera passion hai aur main college ki hockey team main shamil ho gaya hoon, is lye aaj celebrate karain gay. Then he came to me and hugged me. I understood that he is a gay so I then took the charge of the events and held him tight to my body. I started kissing him on his cheeks and started sucking his lip and inserted my tongue in his mouth which he eagerly started sucking. My one hands was on his upper back while the other the other was on his buttocks. His one hand was on my back and the other reached my crotch trying to find my lund. So I separated his body from mine and freed myself from the clothes and also removed his tiny underwear. Both of us were fully naked now and resumed our hugging and caressing and sucking. This went on for about half an hour after when he laid me on the bed and sitting beside me took my lund in his mouth and started sucking. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he was such an expert sucker that sent me to heavens! He kept it up for about 15 minutes and whenever he sensed that pressure is building in me, he stopped so that I should not come in his mouth. After sucking me to the contentment of his heart, he became on his hands and knees and I, being a great gaand lover, just jumped behind him and got ready to push my lund in his very tight muscular gaand. But again got down the bed to get something for lubrication. I asked him for it and he told me to open a certain drawer and get a bottle of petroleum jelly. I got the bottle and returned to bed and applied a lot of jelly in his gaand-hole and some amount of it on my lund.

Then I set to work and kept the topa on his hole. This made his body shudder a little and when I pushed in my topa, he started making sexy aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhh, sssssssssssshhhhhhh sounds. Every one knows that such sounds always make a fucker more sexy, and so was the case with me. I held his narrow waist tightly and thrust my lund with force entering all of it in just two or three jerks. Now I started my movements and he was swinging his head left and right either with the painful pleasure or with the pleasureful pain, any gay can guess whatever it was. Being a sportsman, his anal muscles were stronger than others making his hole more tight therefore, I came just in a few minutes. When my cum was spurting in him, he body was shaking to violently that it was difficult for me to hold him but when I ceased to come, his head came to rest on the pillow and his body relaxed. I them pulled my lund out and laid beside him. When he came to himself, he lifted his head and kissed on my lips saying, yaar tera lund to bari mazedaar cheez hai. I said nothing and we got up and washed ourselves. After that I wore my clothes, kissed him goodbye and left. Next day, when I met him I the college, I met him with a new warmth because now we were not friends but lovers. We kept attending the college and during the free periods, we sat in the lawn and kept chatting. I asked him as to how he got into such kind of sex and became a gay. He told me that since childhood he is very fond of the game hockey. He used to see the Pakistan’s Hockey matches, specially the world cup and Champions Trophy matches on the television passionately and desired to be a good hockey player of the fame. So when he reached the secondary school, he got his name enrolled with the hockey coach of the school to be included in the hockey team.

Now this coach was very fond of fucking boys. For the next one week or so, he didn’t start his coaching and Furqan kept insisting him. But when he insisted forcibly, the coach asked him to meet at home. So Furqan went to see him at home. There the coach lived alone. He called him in the house and said: ‘so you desired to learn hockey and be included in the school’s hockey team’. ‘Yes Sir’, said Furqan. ‘do you have a body worth playing hockey’ ‘what do you mean by that, Sir’, ‘look my dear, everyone can not be a good hockey player. You must have a certain kind of body, and if you don’t have it, you will have to make it by means of exercise’. Are you ready for it?’ ‘yes Sir, why not’ ‘then remove your clothes and show me your body’ ‘but Sir, I don’t have an underwear’ ‘its OK dear, no female is here, so don’t be shy’ So after some insisting, Furqan was ready to be naked in front of the coach and when he removed his clothes completely, the coach’s eyes were shining with lust, but he told Furqan that you would have to do certain exercises. Furqan was ready to do everything to be a hockey player so he at once agreed. ‘Another thing’, the coach added, ‘you have to keep me happy’ so that I can teach you all that I know. Furqan didn’t understand this and asked, Sir, I will try my best to keep you happy and shall always show good performance. But the coach said, no dear, not by performance, but by love, if you want to learn everything from me and be a good hockey player, then you have to submit to all my desires. I will make love to you and you have to be here as and when I call you. This was a difficult decision for Furqan, but his passion for hockey was more stronger therefore, Furqan agreed to keep his coach happy any way. So the coach also removed his clothes and both of them got laid on the bed.

This first experience was very painful for very young Furqan of about 13, but due to a lot of lubrication and gentle movements of coach, he bore it. And within a months time or so, Furqan became so much used to gay sex, that if he got a fucking before start of a hockey match, his performance would become far better but if he does not get a chance of having sex before a match, he just proved to be an average player. Then he found some friends who were well hung and he used to have sex with them regularly. He always made special arrangements of having atleast one or two such friends in hand whom he used to enhance his performance before a match. I remained in that college for two years and during that I kept enjoying him but after I left the college, I didn’t get met him again. Anyone who desires to have my dick in any of his/her hole, can contact me at I am in Islamabad now-a-days.

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