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  • September 14, 2015

This is Purab shiva from Chennai, India . Only recently I Completed my Degree ( Computer Science and Engineering ) . I am 6 feet tall , 63 kg Weight . I always wish to keep my physique , a sexy one . So I regularly goes to Gym . My Vital Stats are Chest 39″ ( when not expanded ) 43″ (when expanded ) , Arms 13.5″ , Hips 30″ , Butts 37″ , Penis length 6″ , Penis Thickness 4.5″ , Thighs 27″ . She is Bhargavi . She is 17 years Old and is waiting for her college Admissions . She is My cousin sister Actually . Her family resides in a place which is 150Kms away from chennai . She is 5 feet tall , 57 kgs weight and her vital stats are 36″ , 30″ , 38″ .She is Lemon Coloured , Milky Skin and her hairs are lengggggthy , Dense and curly extending upto her Hips . She is quite Fleshy , her boobs and ass cheeks are very Plumpy . My favourite parts on her body are her fleshy , swolllen , milky Boobs and her massive Ass Cheeks . Whenever we are alone , I ask her to walk and watch her ass cheeks giggle up and down for each steps . Most sexy Gal . We are having an affair since our child hood . We had had , a number of Hugs and french kisses , boobs pressing , ass biting from above the nighty , penis pulling from abouve the pants until this incident happened . So this is our first full-fledged sex .

Last Month , June 15 , 2002 , I and my own sister went to her House for summer Holidays . In her Family , She , Her Father a Bank Employee , her mother House-Wife and her younger Brother doing his +1 Right now . Her home is little older one . There is a Hall , Right to which there is a Bedroom and a Prayer Hall . Beyond the Hall there is a small store room . At its right , a Dining room . Past the store room there is a Kitchen . The Bathroom and the Toilet are 12 feet away from the house . In those days they used to call it as “Kollai” .The bathroom Door has an opening of about 6″ at its top . One can easily look into it thru that opening . On 16th June , the next day , her father went to the Bank , her brother went to the school and her mom and my sister were about to leave to Market . They asked Pooja , if she is interested to go with them to Market . She said that she is not interested and took her panty , Black bra and her Nighty and left to Bathroom . I was watching TV and was only with my shorts and panty inside . My aunt and my sister soon left . I decided that this is my chance . I locked the front door so that no one can come in without ringing the bell . Then i went to the room adjoint to the hall and closed its windows . I raised the volume of TV One unit .

Then I slowly crawled to the bathroom . I could hear water dripping inside . I slowly went near the Bathroom and stuck in in the bathroom door opening . There she was standing , fully wet with a pettycoat covering her boobs , naval , and her lovely hole . She looked at me and suddenly put her hands across her chest . I tood there looking at her for sometime .Then I said “Enna panra ? “(What r u do’in ? ).She said ” haa , kulikkiraen ” ( taking bath ).I said ” appadiya , paaththa appadi theriyalaye ” ( is it , but it doesn’t seem so ).She said ” Oho ” and smiled .I said ” Mmmm , kathavu maraikkidhu . But Enakkenavo nee poy solratha thonuthae ” ( I guess u r lieing ).She said “Adhukku naa edhuvum seyya muduyaathu ” ( I can’t help it ).I said ” sari , appadinna naane kandupudichikaraen , nee ennadaan seyyarennu ” ( O.K Let me find out what u r do’in by myself ).She said “neenga ponga , naan kulichaachu , dress pannanum ” ( u go , i have to dress myself).I said ” nee kulikkave illannu naan solraen , nee kulichitaennu solriye “( I say u have not yet taken bath , but u say u have taken it ).She smiled and said ” Anna , plsssssss”(please ).I said “O.K. Indha door-a konjam thora . nee kulichitaenna I go “(O.K. open this door . if i found u taken bath , i go ).She said ” odane poyidanum “( u should go at once).I said ” O.K.” and smiled .She opened the door slightly . I pushed the door inside and hurriedly got in . I took aback and was leaning against the wall . I locked the door from inside . She was smiling at me saying “vaendaam , vaendaam ….”( No No…). “vaenum , vaenum ” saying so I grabbed her by her waist and french kissed her . She was Damn cold and chill . My left hand was grabbing her right ass cheek , my right hand was squeezing her left boob from above the wet pettycoat , while I was french kissing her pulling her tongue as hard as i could . I can’t wait any longer . So I decided to fuch her in the bed .

So I asked her to close her eyes . She said “yaaravadhu parthudaporaanga ” ( someone may notice ).I said ” naa paathukaraen , nee kanna moodu ” ( let me look after it , u close u’r eyes ). She closed her eyes and didn’t open at all . I looked around thru the opening at the Door-top and found no one around . I carefully looked around again and confirmed that no one is there . I took her in my arms . She kept eyes closed , didn’t open at all . I slowly opened the bathroom door . I almost ran to the kitchen with her in my arms and locked the door from inside . Then I took a deep breathe and looked at her . She still closed her eyes . Here is my Girl in my Arms fully wet , in a wet pettycoat only . I looked at her massive , fleshy boobs . In that wetness , she was huge , massive . While I was moving to the bedroom , I as watching her . I could visualize the lust in her face , while her eyes were still closed . I moved my fingers one by one in her thighs , for which she bit her lips . The Local channel was running some songs in the TV . I slowly made her lie down on the bed . I said ” open u’r eyes , sweet heart “.She opened her eyes and looked into me . I laid myself besides her , turned to her and started kissing all over her face . I drove my tongue deep in her mouth , swirled my tongue round her tongue while y right hand indid the knots of her pettycoat . I slowly moved downwards to her neck , kissed her neck , bit her ears , pulled her there while my right hand pulled the pettycoat that covered her left boob . My right leg was inbetween her thighs and i feel the wetness of her pettycoat and the bodyheat of her innerthighs simultaneously . I showered kisses in her breast . I bit her left boob so hardly that she almost shouted saying “Aaaaah” , as my teeth made its prints there .

She was fondling my hairs while I sucked her right boob hardly , her left boob was crushing under my right palm . I was squeezing it , with my two fingers and pulled , tickling it . I slowly pulled her right boob-nipple with my teeth . She was screaming like “Aaaaaahh Mmmmmmm mmmmmmm Oooohhhhh ssssssssssssss ” . I kept doing this to both her nipples until they become reddish . For about 25 mins or so I was occupying her breast . She even came on the bedsheet once . I slowly crawled her naval . She has some belly . I bit her there in her belly and marked with my teeth at several places . She was screaming for all this like “mmmmmmmm innum strong-a kadinga innum nalla nalla “(bit me strongly , more ,more ). I reached her slope that lead to her lovely triangle . I almost liked her there all over . I could find the place where her panty usually lies as it was bordered in a different colour . I inserted my tongue in her cunt . She raised her head and said “Aiya chee”. I said “idhuvum sex-la oru part-thaaan . Unakku romba pudikkum “(this is also a part of sex . U will enjoy ). She again lied back but I could figure out that she was little bit confused of what i was doing to her . I liked her right there , afte sometime she started enjoying it . I guessed she couldn’t bear the sheer ecstacy , she came again and her cum was flowing down . I liked her cum and took in . Somekind of Urinary sensation with a taste of salty Egg . But I liked it ery much . I was licking her cunt for quite a long time ans she was rhythmically moving her hips in accordance with my wandering tongue . Sometime I even pulled her cint lips . while Licking her cunt hardly , my hands were running all over her thighs , and was massaging them . She at first didn’t let me put my face inbetweeen her thighs but now she is giving excellent cooperation . I kissed her thighs all over . I stood up on my knees and askedher to climb up like me .

She did it at once . By this time she was completely dry except for the stains of her cum and my tongue saliva on her breast and cunt . I took of my shorts and my panty . Now we both are fully nude . I opened wide my thighs and asked her sit on my thighs with her thighs wide open on either side of my thighs . She almost climbed on me , put her left leg above my right thigh and her right leg above my left thigh . We were watching face-to-face for sometime . I grabbed her round and we hugged each other so tightly that my penis was hitting her her lovely hole . My cock was Huge 4.5″ in thickness and 6” in length . While we were hugging each other , i rolled my hands all over her back .She was all kissing my well built , curved chest . I was even proud to offer her my curved, strong , well built chest . She even bit my nipples so hardly . But I didn’t shout at all . I with my erect penis , lifted it to her naval , made my penis head rub her naval upto her cunt . After reaching the bottom-most tip , I again lifted it to her naval . I was doing this for quite sometime . She was really enjoying this foreplay . Then I held her ass cheeks with my two hands , grabbed her hips towards my penis . She , herself moved her hips , gyrating it against my thinder like cock . This i did for about 20 mins or so . Then I asked her to turn around .She did it at once . I made her lie down with her face turning towardsd the floor . I started kissing her whole back . I grabbed her ass cheeks , my favourite place on her body and squeezed them like anything . She was all smiling with a kind of lust in her eyes .

I took condoms which i had in my shorts and put it on my cock . I took a towel and tied it round my stomach region tightly .Then I asked her to turn around .She turned around and saw my penis with the condom . She enquired “Anna , romba valikkuma “(does it pains ? ).I said “konjamum valikkama naan paaththukkaran ” (I will look after it . it wouldn’t pain). I took some Vaseline and somebaby Oil from the Cupboard and applied it on her hole and al around and some on my penis too . Then I put my cock head at her entrance . First it didn’t go even half inch . I widened her thighs further , put my cock head this time with my own saliva . I inserted my middle finger in her hole first . I went in . She didn’t feel much pain . Then I inserted two fingers inside . She said it is painful but she can bear it . I took my fingers and said “Enakkaaga knojam poruththukko , Unakku nichchayam pudikkum “(please bear it if it pains , I am sure u will like it) . She smiled slowly but orly , I caught her right thigh with my left hand , with my right hand caught my penis , placed at the ntrance , and slowly thrusted in . I kept on thrusting in , at the third thrust it went an inch inside , I took out and then thrusted in harder than before . I could see blood coming out from her hole , But i didn’t stop . She started shouting like “Aaaaah mmmmmmm ammmaaaaaaaaa Aiyoooooooo mmmmm Valikkidhu uuuuuu “. I saw tears from her eyes running either side . I didn’t stop , but ontinued thrusting in atlast It went fully in . I stood in that position for quite sometime . Then I slowly began to rock back-and-forth , in-and-out without taking out my penis . After sometime She started to n’joy and was telling ” nalla ulla mmmmmm innum nalla ullaa angathaan , Aiyiooooo m m m m m mm m m m m “.I was doing this for about 10 mins or so . I felt i was about to cum . Even though I had condoms , I didn’t had 100% trust on it .

So pulled my penis and took out the condom . Then I came on her . Loads and loads of cum on her belly and in her lovely hole . I was feeeling very tired . So i laid on her . Our body heat massaged us . I was lieing on her for more than 20 mins or so . She only remembered me that aunt may come any time . She took her pettycoat , covered herself and left to bathroom . I dressed myself and collected the bedsheets , condoms , vaseline etc . I washed the bedsheet and throwed the condoms away . After about 15mins or so my aunt and my sister came from market . The most dissapointing thing is that , the distance between us . She is 150kms away from chennai . I go there Once in every year . Her’s is an Orthodox family . So it is really Rare to get an oppurtunity like this one . I don’t know when I will be getting the next chance , perhaps next year . Anyway , It’s really boring to spend time in chennai without a gal in these days . ( I am afraid to try my neighbours , as am a hesitant kind of a person ) . So any gals , ladies , aunts wish to have sex can mail me . My mail id is

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