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Soniya Experience With Call Guy

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

I want to share my first experience with call GUY . I am Sonya from Kolkata. My age is 27. I am married 2 years back.My hubby is working in a High Manegerial Post of a multinational company. After marriage he didnt satisfy me well in bed because he always thinks for his career and min. 15-20 days outstation trips in a month.

After some days he gone trip to Malaysia for 18 days. that time I feel bored and no boody in my home. Only one of my cousin sis-in-law (almost same age) come to evening and have an visit and return back again.One day I told her everything and expressed her that really I’m very much hungry for SEX. Hearing the details from me she adviced me to contact with a nice call guy. Hearing this I was shocked, as because I was not prepared for that. Another point was my situation and secrecy. She told me that there are few call guies who don’t do this only for money as well as they must look towards my feelings, emotions and secrecy. I told her that I don’t know where to be contact. She told me that OK at night she will search the website and will tell me next day.

Next morning she came to me and gave me a e-mail no. of one Guy named Kaps. I asked her about his age, looks and other matters, I worried about. She replied that his age is 36 and his fotograph is not published but according to his profile, she followed, the guy will be looking good and must be perfect in other matters. She told me that first you mail him and get his ph. No. and fixed a date. After some time around 10 a.m. I mailed him from my laptop and wait for his reply. As I was so hungry I checked  my mail after every half an hour. But no response. As the time passes I started to became upset. At around 8 p.m. my sis-in-law told that pls. don’t get upset bhabi I must search another guy for you within this night and left to her home. Friends, really I was too upset !. Arround 9 p.m. again I checked my mail and got upset. I gone out to buy my food as I didn’t prepared it at home. Returned back at near about 10 o’clock. After finishin my dinner with my holeday upset again I sit with my laptop to check my mail and opening my inbox saw a mail came from named Kaps. Friends I was dancing in me with a great joy. I opened his mail and after reading again gone upset that he is not interested to give his ph. No. If anybody wants to contact him then she should contact through mail only and one more interesting thing is after 9 p.m. to 12 night (without appointment) he is always online. Then I called my sis-in-law soon for her advice. She told me that his attitude is good and adviced me to send him a mail as soon as possible. After talking with her I mailed to Kaps writing my situation and willingness had SEX with him. After 10 mins of my mail I got response from him that he is agreed but at my house and give me the date after three days. But I had to send a car for him infront of a Hotel (he mentioned) at 2 p.m. with a festoon “Welcome Sunny”. According to his instruction I took a car on rent as I send own car then anyone may know it through my driver. Seeing his time I gone surprised. He reached to my house at 3 p.m.. I opened the door he introduced himself. He was good looking, handsome and with nice personality. I told him to sit in sofa and and ask him for tea or coffee or hard drink. I gone surprised that he is a non-smoker and non-drinker. He told me for some black coffee without sugar, I got surprised again and asked him are U a blood sugar patient ? He replied with a nice smile “ don’t worry, I like it “. I gave him coffee as per his choice. With coffee he was joeking with me. Suddenly he asked me that why I need call guy ? So I told him everything about my marriage life history and and present situation. I don’t know when gone in imotions and I was crying. He tooke me near to him, gave me a nice kiss and told “everything will be OK, no problem, I’m therefore for U like women”.

He took me to my bed rood and started to kiss my hole body.  Slowly he started to removed my dress one by one and i removed his dress. Now we both was fulley naked. He was squsing my breasts which was 34 B cups. It was the most beautiful moment which I never enjoyed. I steeled myself, The burning in my loins made me bold, Bold enough to try what happened next. I slowly slipped my right hand away from his shoulder and slipped it under his stomac and slowly touched his COCK, Like a spider it moved forward and moved over my right breast. By some fluke I had timed it well, Two of the characters in the movie started to make love. I engrossed by this had not yet noticed what I was doing, As his hand came to rest on my right breast. I gasped at the sudden warmth there, But did nothing to hinder him, and carried on to watch the movie. Confident of my success, He slowly moved his left hand over me and it came to rest over my stomach. Again I didn’t do anything…. his left hands index and fore fingers began to trace circles around my belly button, in a fondling way. “Ooh” I said softly. His left hand on its own accord pushed up, revealing a smooth scar less surface of warm, fragrant skin.

This made me spin around and sit up so fast that both his hands slipped down to my hips. There we were on the couch, his hands on my hips, my soft smooth skin in his hands. I saw his big tool (near about 8-9 inch long and HARD) and cached that with my hand. The site of her in her bra sprawled under me drove me to new levels of excitement. The warmth of his hands running up and down me torso made me moan with pleasure. I exposing my long smooth legs. His hands explored my thighs. “Oooh!!! Kaps….” I said as he touched my PUSSY WALLS. He saw my clit, His COCK was swollen much larger than I had ever seen it, I was already wet with pre-ejaculate. “Ooh!! That looks yummy” se said. “Do me Kaps , Do me now!” I whispered. I lay back on the couch, my curvy body stretched out in front of him. I spread my legs and lifted my hips for him. He plunged into me without any further invitation, tearing through my hymen….. He drove his throbbing penis into my quivering body, I shook and shivered as he drove into me again and again….. I crossed my legs around his back, and entwined my hands around his neck, and pulled him towards me and began to kiss him. He felt my body quiver under him from the banal pleasures of Incest and sex, my legs entwined legs pushing him farther into me as he pumped me I felt like the finest silk, like satin rubbing against his throbbing thrusting penis, Our lips came apart as we both entered our own nirvana. He moved his hands to my hips to give him more leverage to his thrusts into me. My moaning became more and more louder and shrill with each thrust. My rotating hips sent him into spasms of pleasure induced moans. “Ooooh,OOOOH!,OOOH!,YES!,AGAIN!,AGAIN,AGAIN!,OOOOO OOOOOH!” I moaned. I could feel his penis swell even larger inside me, He moved his hands away from my hips and on to the armrest over which my head lay, Grabbing the armrests he plunged harder and deeper into me. My moans and his groans filled the room with arousing sensual sounds. We began to kiss in short explosive bursts, The silken layer around his penis began to tighten and loosen,Causing him to jump inside me with new unknown spasms of pleasure. “AH!AH!AH!AH!OH!OH!OH!OH!YES!YES!YES!YES!OOOH!”, I moaned. I couldn’t hold out any longer, I knew I had to climax soon..

A strange throbbing sensation started at the wall of my Pussy… sensing that squeezed myself around him. But his COCK was still hard & warm same as 20 mins. Before. Both of us looked into each others eyes. My orgasm was sending him into a frenzy of short rasping breathing coupled with my moans. “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!,OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!,YYEEEEEE EEEESSSSSSS!,OOOOOOOOOOH!” I screamed. My explosive orgasm was making me grunt like a animal in ecstasy.

I began to empty myself but still then he was hot and I really enjoying that. He was not stopped but stroking his COCK inside my cunt slowly. I don’t know how I became hot again just after five mintues and started to moan with pleasure. Slowly he laid on the bed and I was on his spreading my legs besides his waste and taking his HOT & HARD COCK inside me. Now he guided me to start the strokes slowly. Friends I can’t describe that feelings what I was enjoying that time. He rounded his hand to my back and I was moving Front & Back with his COCK In & Out. He was moaning like OOOOOOOO HHHHHHHHH!,OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH. As the times were going my speed was increasing with full of pleasure with my moan AH! AH! AH! AH! OH! OH! OH! OH! YES! YES! YES! YES! OOOH! And my moan was going louder and after 15 mins. Again  I couldn’t hold out any longer, I knew I had to climax soon..and again a strange throbbing sensation started at the wall of my Pussy…   And friend strange his COCK was still hard & warm same as 40 mins. Before.

I really surprised but happy in me that I’ll empty myself and will get full satisfaction what was pending through last 2 years. His COCK was still inside me and jumping slowly which I was enjoying very much with beautiful pleasure.. I relaxed on him taking his HARD & HOT COCK inside me which was jumping inside my fully loaded PUSSY. He asked “Are U tired and want to leave ?” But I feeled that more needed to me, so I said with loud “N…….O”. He was laughing hearing this. His hands were moving all over my body slowly which was giving me a great pleasure. He was talking very gently and funny which I was enjoying most. But friends! His COCK was jumping inside me continuously which was making me hot again slowly for the third time.

now I was relaxing on him after what seemed like an hour long orgasm. I made sure I was totally empty after. But I was still breathing fast, my skin glowing from the sex, tingled at his touch of jumping COCK inside me. Both of us entered a sensual bliss, His penis was very warm covered with my fluids. After what seemed like hours, I finally spoke “WOW! That was awesome!!, but I want once more” “Yes, it was, don’t worry U must be satisfied.” he replied. “Is it your first time with Call Guy?” he asked. “Yes” I said. “How is your feeling ?” he asked, placing her hand across my stomach. “Really, I never enjoyed sex what U give me today!, promise me, U’ll satisfy me when I need.” I replied with great pleasure. “ Sorry mam, don’t know I’m not professional. But I’ll try to keep you in my mind.” Suddenly his Hard Cock jerked inside me and I came H…….O……….T again, friends what a feelings ! I was riding on heaven. He was by now hissing loudly and breathing heavily. He putout his Cock and repositioned the head of the massive cock at the mouth of my pussy hole. With one fierce jerk he was more than half inside me. I let out a muffled shriek as my hole adjusted to his assault. The next push and he was totally inside pushing his cock deep into me. I groaned loudly as I felt his manhood surge to depths I have never known existed. I felt my vaginal lips stretching around the swollen shaft and his balls bouncing against my clit. He bent over me and grasped my tit with one hand and manipulated my clit with the other as he drove his cock rapidly in and out near about for 25 – 30 mins. I was feeling pain but enjoying sex more. I was so close to Cumming. The pure ecstasy of the moment caused my insides to tingle and I felt the orgasm building inside me like a ripple through my belly as my cunt spasms around his throbbing cock. I pushed back against his thrusting hips, knowing that his cum was filling my womb. Now he exploded like a volcano ejecting hot lava into my insides as I myself erupted into a huge orgasm and my body withered as if in a trance.

I had never experienced so much lust and sensuality in life. We were both spent having given all that we could to each other.A momentary pang of guilt flashed through me, as I felt Kaps slowly withdraw his softening cock. It was followed by a moment of fright as I realized that I was so very exposed . The thick cum was just beginning to ooze between my swollen pussy lips down my thighs.We remained like that in each other’s arms in a loose embrace enjoying the sensations as each of us breathed heavily from our exertions and thrilled to the lingering sensations of orgasm for almost an hour. In fact we both dozed off for a while. When I got up I quickly took in the situation. I dressed up, he also. That was around 7 p.m. and paid him. Friends really I never enjoyed sex with my husband as with Kaps. And I believe any unsatisfied woman must be satisfied with him. But he is not available all time. I got him only one time after that day. But I can’t think about any other Call Guy except him. My sis-in-law asked me after that day “Do U want any other ?” I replied “I want Kaps everyday…………” Friends I’m giving his mail id just to try him for once as becos’e I know there are too many women in our country who are really unsatisfied in their sex life and also can’t express it to others as myself. Pls. friends don’t tell him that U got this no. from me. Just mail him at

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