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Sonia First Fuck

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hello to all desipapa fans.i am regular reader of papa’s i sending one of my story.i m sonia aggarwal from Delhi. I am student of bsc computer science.i m 5ft 6 tall slim fair complexion with good figure of 34-26-36.i m addicted of lets start my stody which make me addicted of boy’ that time i m of 17 years old studying in 1oth standard when i loose my virginity.when sanjay come in my life sanjay is my neighbour.he is 6ft 1 tall body builder smart handsome good looking guy which attract me towards him.he also like me but cant able to ask me .but i m so much fallen on him.when i go to terrace in eveing he also come but only eyes in eyes but no words to say anything to each other.

My all freinds have bf’s always ask me to make some one my of my freind sunita tells me that even she have enjoy sex with his day she come at my home its afternoon time she come with a hot movie eans blue movie .then she come and play that movie we both sit and watch it now i m hot and thinking about sanjay she tell me that she also take cock of her bf and tell me that its like heaven when i suck his cock and he suck my vagina.which make me more hot.then she go back i decide to tell sanjay tha i love him so so much.and my dream get true cause on that day i get chance to ask him.he is alone in home his family memebers are gone to shimla for a tour he have to give exams so he didnt go with them.on this evening when he come on terrace i start watching him and also give some indication which he get soon with so much i said sanjay where all are gone and where is sheela his sister he said tht they all r out of station.suddenly door bell ring and go outside and my grandmother come she tell me that mom and dad are today will go village and will come tommorow so she come to take care of me.she is old and even cant see i again go upstairs and start talking with sanjay and i ask him that sanjay i love u i love u so muc plz accept my love he surprised and said what are u saying am i dreaming i said no i love u.he accept my love he ask me to come in his home through i go with him he take me in arms and kiss on my forhead and said that oh sonia i love u so much but then i push him and run back home.he call me on phone and said that why u run back.i said ok sharam a gai thi he says that can he come to my house today when grand ma will sleep i said ok so at 11:30 pm he come on terrace i also come there first he kiss me squgee my boobsthen we come down and when i saw maa is sleeping after taking her medicine of bp we went in my bedroom also my study room where i have computer also

i on the ac and locked the door.he take me in arms start sucking my wet red lips very smoothly his hand moving on my breast on my two mountains which are still not so big at that time he kiss on my neck make me hot and horny then he put hand inside of my t-shirt in my bra i m feeling very hot hois hands move very slowly with love.suddenly dadi knocked the door i switch on computer and ask sanjay to go under bed and open the door.dadi maa said sonia abi soi nahin ho i said no maa i m working on computer she said so ja beti itna kaam mat kia kar araam kar le i said ok dadhi ma then she go in bathroom and then in her room.sanjay come out and now take my t-shirt off then unhook my he smoothly moving hand from outsidesuddenly my hand touch on his pajam i feel hard then he take my pajama now i m in to piecehe take me in arms and put me on bed now he start sucking my nipples now i m more hory i take of his t shirt and pajama also he doesnt wear anything inside

and his cock come out like a snake cobra i surprise to saw cause it very thick and long 7.5 inches he now take my panty and bra.and ask me to handle his cock which i did and then i bent down and take in mouth he says oh sonia u r great vow suck it babe suck it.i m sucking now like lollypop very namkeen.then he kiss on my vagina and now i m hot suddenly i beg that plz fuck me now i m unable to control now.he said ok he put my both legs on his shoulder and point his cock on my vagina he push little i screw with pain but he said oh sonia plz lets make me to enter.he take my lips in his lips and put one one strong push and i m crying now cause half of his cock is now inside (i said SANJAY TAKE OUT) but he put all now

i m crying but cant able to ask cause he put my lips very tightly in his lipsi when saw blood i beggibg him to leave but he didnt then he stop and now start jerking now my pain is slowly going and changing in joy soon i m in heaven his cock now moving very easily.oh now i m !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in heaven saying sanjay agar bacja hai to wo bi daal do be fatt be fast plz i m enjoying do it yes my love i m loving it now fuckme fuck me yes uhh ahh siiiii ummmmmm plz torn it faddalo yes plz continue um yes ohh come on soon i get discharge and he also after few seconds oh we are now in heaven he layed down on me tierd then we both take each others in arms after 20 minutes he get up and stand and now i again trying to make him ready once again he also agree and start kissing me now he ask me that bent down like a bitch in i will now do with that style he make me bich and put his cock once again i screw with pain so much butless tha before then after 10 minutes he come down again in my pussy and i also.from there i addicted of boys then he go back in his home.we do next day again and start doig usually.but theen my hunger start increasing and i make relations with more guys .any delhi boy strong with big cocks can contact me ( so i will write in next story.

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