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Sonal My Behna

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

I am going to tell you about a true story that started a year back and is still going on. My name is Sanjay, friends call me sanju (u can also). I am a 22+ yr old boy from Maharashtra doing my final year MBA. This is an incest affair and continuing between my younger sister and me. She is just 17+ yrs old and now appearing for her 12th examination. In fact, she is an average looking girl with meritorious background. She stood in list of merit at her 10th and now preparing hard for her 12th exams to secure seat for medical.

Ours being a conservative middleclass family and sex is a taboo; my sister always wears full clothes of loose fittings so one cannot guess the asset value of her hidden treasure apparently. Her first impression is like an average intellectual student due to her spectacles and frumpy looks. She bears average figure with small boobs but what makes her very hot is her stupid and naïve look as if she does not know anything on this earth! Earlier I was thinking that she is a very innocent and premature girl who is only interested in studies and household work. My father is a manager in a local company and my mother is a housewife. We are staying in a three-bedroom flat, wherein my parents live in one room and my sister and I share the other. The balance one has been left for guests and at all other times it is occupied by our pet pamerian bitch, which I brought from my friend since a year back. Her name is lucy.

Being her caretaker guardian, the bitch is fully dependent on me also use to sleep with me in my bed. I like those pamerian dogs for their habits like cleanliness and in house nurture. In our bedroom two perpendicular beds on sufficient distance and two study tables across the beds. Her table is facing the window for light and fresh air. Ever since I am a child, I am attached to my sister but not with any sexual thoughts. But when I entered in to my teens I used to feel sexually attracted to her, as she was the only female in my close proximity. Earlier I never had a sexual experience other than fondling the balls of our earlier housemaid twice. I never go beyond that, as I was scared about AIDS or other STDs. So I was fulfilling my sexual desire by ‘Apna Hath Jagaanath’ means masturbating either in toilet or in bed in late nights. As both are sharing the same room and toilet, I can easily guess about her periods from her moods, perhaps some napkins in the toilet. I think her periods were started from her ninth Std. Initially I felt bad and shy for sexual desire about her as we never talked in that intention in our past but honestly I could not control my thoughts if I saw her activities in her periods times. Many a times she became the image of my masturbation as I use to masturbate by sniffing her undergarments, I like the strong pungent smell of genitals and I could not control myself. Afterwards I felt very guilty because I respected and loved her as a sister too. Sometimes I decided to initiate some topic that may lead to sex but I was sure that it will never happen as ours was a very conservative family and she was also very orthodox and god fearing. She has high moral values and she hardly talked to another men out side our family except teachers or Profs in college. My sex desire has been so suppressed that I never had a full sexual experience in my past like my other friends that fucked or been fucking either their girlfriends or some relatives. My entire knowledge was based on discussions with those friends, their own experiences of fucking, blue films, internet sites and like that. I use to imagine my sister in the place of their dreamgirls.

After starting her periods, her waist and buttocks were broadened and she was desirable but I felt guilty of thinking like this. However, when I got the chance of meeting her while working in the room, I could not control myself and I use to search a chance to move further. She was innocent and she used to make many body contacts with me while we are together. I used to help her with the work, many a times I used to brush her breast and buttocks by chance, but never she felt unusual. I also took utmost care in not she knowing my feelings for her. She had not very big balls but I used to get aroused when I brush it but her buttocks and waist are sensual. I used to stare at her belly and buttocks from my bed and use to fantasize her ass fucking badly by my prick while she is studying facing the window means without her notice. On a couple of occasion, I felt she did notice my stare and I felt embarrassed, but she behaved normally with me. I was in the search of chance to fuck her but with mutual understanding without hurting her emotions. As I was also afraid that my intrusive invasion on her may lead to complaining my parents and then they may expel me from the house in a freak. So I was confused how to approach her and if she resists how I will look at her face in future and the way she will be hurt, she may do something drastic, this always bothered me. However, I was also sure that she likes me a lot and she will forgive if something backfires. One day my pet bitch was not feeling well so I took her to vet’s dispensary. After checking her, the vet. doctor told me that the bitch is on her sexual heat, so she is in the desperate need of mating. He advises me to go for artificial insemination that is available at his clinic but after a careful thought for a while an idea strikes in my mind and I decided to go for actual mating instead of this artificial insemination. Then I reached to my home.

My sis asked me what is wrong with Lusy. I told her frankly that she is now entering her adolescence and hence getting ready for mating and doctor asked me to arrange the mating at the earliest with a healthy male. After telling this, I started to sweat and I could not look at her, but I knew she was shocked on hearing this. First time in our life we initiated such a topic. She got up from there to her bed and moved away from me. She kept silent for longer period and then offered feed to Lucy, but lucy was reluctant to take the food. After persuading lucy for longer time, she was now sure that I was telling the truth. She asked me to arrange the mating for Lucy. I was overjoyed. Without showing, that on my face I told her the mating has to be arranging in house and how it can be possible in presence of our parents. After thinking, she suggested me arrange the mating tomorrow noon because mother will be out of home for her kitty party on tomorrow noon and no one will be at home except us. Then she further added that she will be also outside and will get back at 4 noon and in the meantime, you get the work done. After thinking a while I asked her to remain present in the home until I bring the mate then she may leave the home. She Okayed my plan. Next day I was very much confused. Whether she is interested or not in my proposal and if I found her interested then I don’t know how to proceed further and cash the opportunity. I masturbated in the toilet as usual. I observed she had also spent some more time in the toilet that day. By 10 AM father left for his office with tiffin and now mother was busy for her prep of kitty party. Sonal was helping her. She asks sonal to accompanying her in the party but sonal denied by saying that she already having some appointment with her friends in the noon. Presuming green signal for me, I was waiting in our room. At around 12 noon mother also left for her party saying she will be back in evening. Now after our meals together I requested Sonal that I will get the male for mating from my friend’s home and after bringing it here, she may left the home. She did not objected. I left the home and went to my friend house. He was not at his home. I asked his mother to please give me their pamerian dog for some time, as I have to show it to someone at my home. As both of us were familiar means their family and dog also, his mother had no reason to object so she allowed me to carry the dog with me. Now I was sure that my half task is completed successfully. I bring the dog at my home carefully. The male dog named Raja was around 3 yrs old and quiet healthier than our bitch. I rang the doorbell.

Sonal opened the door. As she saw I am alone and carrying the dog, she was confused. I also found she was also ready to leave the house. Now I have to act fast. As soon as I entered the room the dog left me and run behind lucy and started sniffing her backside below her tail. He immediately got the idea that the bitch is in the desperate need of his tonic and started to lick her genital. I observed my sis was disturbed to see the scene. By the time raja started to ride on lucy. I found sonal very much ashamed of this scene before her brother and she immediately started for her friend’s house. This was my last chance. I asked her if she is not feeling awkward, she may help me in mating those animals because my friend was not at his home so I could not bring him and now you can find it is difficult to handle both the animals at a time as I am alone. She kept silent. In the meantime raja drawn his red prick and was attempting to insert his red prick in lucy’s hole, however he could not succeeded because the bitch was quiet a small as compared to him as it was her first mating. So his prick was sliding either one side and every attempt was going vain. Being virgin and her first intercourse she was also impatience and scaring as usual, so she was also resisting the mating. While seeing this, sonal told me that you might feel guilty if your sis is helping you in this work. I told her I am believing that we are also doing the right job in the interest of our pet bitch lucy hence I do not feel guilty. She asked me what I want to do. Moreover, how can I help you. I was overjoyed. My pant had become a tent by this time so I asked her to remain present there and I will get back in moment. I get into another room changed the clothes and wear loose pajamas and full shirt to conceal my erection as I was not sure about her intentions by this time. Now my prick has started oozing precum . Then I come to the room and first I closed the door carefully and then sit on the floor. Sonal was sitting on her bed and observing the animals. I observed she could not see me in my eyes so I was sure that I am on the right way. By the time after many unsuccessful attempts, the male started biting female in the frustration. I decided to act now. I asked sonal to hold lucy tightly with lucy’s neck in her hand so that the male can hit his target correctly and I will look after male to help him. She nodded and hold lucy with her hands however I found her hands were shivering. She holds the lucy sitting on her bed so she had bent towards floor. Lucy was resisting her so sonal’s dupatta felled down. I place it aside. Now I can see sonal’s cleavage right from my place as I was sitting on the floor.

Her small balls inside her bra were exposed partially. She was not meeting her eyes to me and was somewhat disturbed but was holding the bitch tightly. Now I caught the male and place him in a right position. By the time the prick of raja was swollen and was became very hard. It was glistening like lollipop and was very wet. Although I hold him but he could not get the right position to stroke his target. All the time it was sliding outside. when he tries to fuck her pussy then lucy use to bent down by her back legs so all his stokes were going idle. Now I interrupted. I hold raja’s neck by my right hand and with my left hand, I guided his prick in the pussy of bitch. Sonal also helped by avoiding the bitch to sit suddenly and was directing her pussy towards swollen prick of raja . Now raja started stroking badly. I was holding his penis in my hand and guiding into her passage. As my tension was increasing, so I was thrusting his penis with vigor to reach deep inside in her cunt. After many successful attempts at last his penis could reached deep inside her hole and she shouted of pain. Now raja turned suddenly with his penis clenched deeply inside the tight and virgin pussy of lucy. His penis now fully entangled in the hole of lucy. Now they were enjoying sex with tongues outside and facing opposite directions. Raja was looking at me in a thankful manner for bringing him on this secret mission. Lucy was thanking to sonal for her cooperation. Now I get up from floor and sat on the bed near sonal. Both were speechless for some time. Sonal was looking at the pets’ site and avoiding me. By the time, I was very hot inside. Some thing inside me ignited to have love with her. After long thoughts, I made my mind to have a sex affair with her…. I started with a gargle mmuuueee, twice, thrice. I was heart beaten, and she was speechless. I observed her and found still she was avoiding me. From her expressions, she was startled. Her heart was pounding and throat became dry. Now I put my right hand on her thigh. She did not say anything. After few minutes, I started rubbing her thighs lightly with my fingers. I was eagerly waiting for her replies.

And suddenly was shaken by her meekly voice, “What are you doing Sanju??”. I immediately took my hand and my mind was boggling to death. I said “No….. nothing… I am sorry sonal but I like you very much and now this scene excited me and this thing I want from you sonal “. “NO WAY!” she murmured, “you are my brother for God’s sake, no this way!” “Look sonal I never had a sex before in my life….” “ No brother I too not have a sex before but I know you shouldn’t be asking me to do this sanju, it isn’t right for a brother and sister to have sex, it’s just not right.” “ I agreed but you know both of us are starving for sex since childhood means we are sailing in the same boat, sonal so why should not we help each other” I pleaded. She got up from that bed and moved away from me. I told her I will not do anything to her against her wish or will not force her to do anything. I told please not hate me but I want to have sex with her. She was not angry but told in a upset tone how can I think like it and if anyone knows what will be our situation. I told none will know except those dogs and if she does not tell anyone as we are alone. She told no and don’t think like that and I requested again and again holding her hands. I knew she was afraid that I will do something by force but when repeatedly I pleaded, I felt she is getting comfortable with me, as I was not making any advances so she sit on the bed again. I suddenly knelt down, caught her feet, and begged to allow once. Now she was feeling guilty for that her elder brother was catching her feet for those things. She was very much confused. She told if mom knows then she will suicide after knowing this and father will expels us from this house in a freak. I assured her that it will be only our secret and no one will know. I confessed everything to her that I used to like her sexually since my adolescence and I told her if she is not attached to anyone by now then instead of starving for sex if we can help each other then we may fulfill our desire in house only. Now since she is virgin like me and never experience a sex before why she will not allow me to have her once? For whom she is waiting for?

As she knows the hazard of AIDS outside, could she guarantees her boyfriend? As she also knows how I am by character so both of us can help each other in fulfilling our sexual desire till our marriages. Because of late marriage trend in today’s society, everyone has to arrange some alternative source outside to fulfill his or her desire until the marriage. What is wrong if we come together so we can serve not only our needs but lot of time and money also, which would have spent outside, on our friend’s and further due to this in house arrangement we can concentrate freely on our studies. Please think on my proposal. I told her sex is divine although it will be incest in this situation I felt it is not wrong in today’s world. I told she also will have sexual desire and why she want to suppress it? She kept silent and I went on pleading but I told only if she allows with full mind I will do anything. She told me that she is my real sister and how can think of it? I told honestly I feel she is really very very sexy and needy too and I fantasize and masturbate thinking of her. I again told if she still does not want to agree for sex and intercourse then I told I just want to see her genital once as a sake of curiosity and if she allows further I will masturbate looking at her cunt. Or else, please handle my genital with your smooth hands and masturbate me at least once with her own hand. She asked me I would not feel guilty afterwards? I told I believe I am also helping her by doing so and hence I do not feel guilty. After few minutes of thinking she asked me what I want to do then? I was overjoyed after almost 30mts of persuasion she is yielding to some extent. I told her to do whatever she likes and make me ejaculate and I will be satisfied with that. She made me promise not to tell anyone at all, asked me to check again all doors, windows are closed, and I did it. I came back and saw she was loosening the knot of her lifting her upper kamij.

So I moved my hand forward and she placed her hand in my hand I pulled her to make her hands up and took off her kamij then I took her in my arms and unhooked her bra from behind caught hold of the ends of the strap and moved out of her arms and her bra came along. I then pushed her and she felled on the bed. Now I could see my 17 year old sister was lying before me on her panties. She removed her salwar completly with her feet and dropped on the floor. I was so excited to act but I decided to go by her taste. She tossed her kamij on bed now and I found my prick got up inside my underwear and was getting compressed. I was forgetting everything. My cock was in a terrible condition in my pajamas. It was jerking in an awful way as if it was begging for a tight squeeze. Immediately something has to be done to pacify him, I thought sonal was watching my pajamas interestingly. I caught hold her inspecting it keenly. She looked at me and gave me a very naughty smile, I smiled in reply, and we started to enjoy the show. I immediately removed my pajama and my underwear completely and pressed my erect penis against her thighs then with my right hand I took hold of her right hand and brought it to my penis(this was her first time she was touching a penis)she quickly removed her hand. I took hold of her hand again, brought it back, and placed my penis in her palm. Sonal was watching my prick interestingly. She caught hold him with her soft hand, and started inspecting it keenly. She was smiling. She then slipped back the foreskin and watched the red-hot penis head with her soft hands. Some smegma was accumulated below the pulled foreskin. I scraped some cream with the nail of my thumb and then bring it her nose. She was sniffing my cream like a mad bitch. Then she started to lick my finger. She was now getting excited so started handling my organ roughly. In addition, she was pressing my balls very gently. Later she held my cock in her fist and started jacking me with smooth jerks. My emotion was on its peak. If she was shaking her hand any more, I was certain my milk was going to shoot out. Therefore, I asked her to stop that. However she did not remove her hand, but moved it in such a way as if measuring the length of my penis. Now I moved my right hand to feel her breast and pressed vigorously but she did not resist. When I started pressing repeatedly her small breasts she shouted a bit and told me not to press so hard. In the meantime I started kept playing her balls and her hand was just holding my penis I told her to scrape my all smegma and taste it also I asked her to move her hand forward and backward on my penis. We remained in this position for what seemed to be a long time. She licked my all smegma.

Now my clean prick was glistening like lollipop, was swollen more than its routine size, and was getting ready to fuck my dream girl Sonal! Hundreds of nights in my dreams I wished to have her, now is before me. Indeed, it was astonishing! Like a white marble statue!!! I moved forward and climbed on my sister in such a manner that my penis was exactly above her virgin cunt. I looked up into her eyes and found that she was looking first time in my eyes. I kept looking in her eyes and moved down slowly to touch her lip gently with mine as soon as the contacts were made to our lips on the face and below her cunt and my dick. She closed her eyes in ecstasy. Now I began sucking her lips and later inserted my tongue in her mouth. She was holding me very tight. Then I moved my tongue towards cheeks, planted a kiss there, and then moved on towards her ear and her neck. She was getting very aroused due to my hot saliva on her body. Finally I reached her small breasts again, took one of them in my mouth and pressed the other now she was absolutely desperate moving her hands swiftly on my back then on her hair and back to where it started. Slowly I moved down to her umbilicus spent a while there and went below to her cunt. When I was fondling her balls with my hand, I realized that now it was time for the real thing. I took a long look at her virgin pussy and legs and thighs then went forward again on top of her. Her thighs and legs were well shaped round and smooth without hair. Inside her light sky blue colour cotton panty her sweet pussy was bulging out, like the forehead of an elephant. My blood pressure increased like anything. Now I found she is quiet confidant and free than earlier. I was enjoying her butter like milky thighs. When I saw her white colour fat and softness of her thighs, I felt my prick would pump out milk soon. Seeing my eagerness she lowered her panty and sits down on the bed make her treasure gates open asked me to do what I want to do. I was enjoying her mood very much. I asked if she permit then I would like to touch her inside as well as outsides of her thighs and pussy.

She laughed and said does what you want to do and closed her eyes. I started to massage her thighs. My hands became frozen when I felt the warmness of her body. I was feeling like to do something soon. I want to catch her pussy. I enjoyed the sight of her pussy and fatty thighs. Decorated by very thick black curly untrimmed hairs. Her pussy was a spectacular show. Her pussy was bulging out in between her thighs. Her small pussy well full of her cunt juices was making my mouth watering. I wished to taste it, I wished to smell it. The pussy I saw only in dreams is there now in real flesh. Moreover, it is inviting me. I kneeled down on floor and held on her hips. I squeezed on her soft smooth round bums. Then I brought my face to the thighs joint. I rubbed my cheeks on her thighs. Sonal parted her legs more. She may get that I am going to smell or lick her sweet pussy. After tasting my smegma ,now it seems she was also waiting for me to lick on her itching pussy. When she parted her legs, that golden slit opened little. Upper lips surronded by curly hair on the sides of her pussy slit opened like mouth. Oh God ! Now I could see the redness of her interior treasure. A close look on her cunt lips is really wonderful. A pungent smell that was coming from that beautiful pussy was like a mixture of her juices and urine was indeed mouth watering. I parted her cunt lips and smelled inside, honey smell!! Same time the light smell of piss. It was intoxicating. I smelled it repeatedly. That urine mixture smell I really liked very much. The aroma of her cunt was driving me mad. I was enjoying her pussy smell nearly 15 minutes. It really made me crazy. I wished to eat her red cherry like pussy. I inserted my eager tongue into her vagina. There was lot of white pussy fat ( smegma ) accumulated in between the petals of that pussy. All I scooped it out, and tasted. It was tasty like a milk cream. I licked it repeatedly, by piercing her pussy by my tongue. When I was eating that pussy cream, I was getting a heavenly bliss. Sonal pushed her pussy more into my face. She was trembling, she was reaching to the climax. She parted her legs little more and pulled hard my head to her sex organ.

Her hip gyration was like fucking motion. By shaking her ass, she gave her pussy into my mouth. By enjoying that virgin pussy flower’s smell from her cunt, I licked milk cream from each of her petal. I pulled apart her cunt lips more and licked deep inside. Sonal was like mad bitch. She started pulling my hairs on my head. She rubbed her pussy on my face very hard. My nose dived into her red pussy and was sliding over her clit. She forgot all about the surroundings and was tightly scrubbing her pussy over my nose. My tongue was swimming like in butterfly stroke in her sweet hole. Suddenly her dam gates opened in ecstasy. About 20 ml hi-viscous pussy juice was flown out .It was like honey for me. I licked and drank that nectar quickly. Now she was pressing like, as if she was delivering a baby, to drip more of her pussy juice. Natural taste of that virgin sloppy pussy milk was giving me tremendous amount of pleasure. I licked until last drop that was dripping from her pussy and pussy slit and between her thighs. Now taking care of my thirst, she took again my erect tool in her hand and looked on it without missing any thing. “Suck it,” I said, but she was not ready she said that she had never did it “If u can’t I won’t fuck u” and I looked into her eyes. She looked in to my eyes and said “if u want it that much I’ll, but please don’t cum in my mouth” I agreed. She slowly took my supari and then slowly entire prick in her mouth. That was a beautiful sight. My long cock disappearing in between two red lips. At first, she struggled a bit to do it but then without hesitation she did it. I held her head. I knew I had to make this bitch satisfied, if she continue like this I will cum in her mouth within minutes. She started to lick and kiss it, after she took it into her mouth, using her tongue and sucking at it, taking more and more of it into her mouth till she had it all in, I had a hand on either side of her head and as she bobbed up and down I thrust forward with my hips sliding my prick down her throat, it made her choke so I sat still and let her suck at it herself. I felt my prick twitch and knew I was going to cum, I told her, she stopped sucking and leaned backwards, I stood up in front of her winking myself, my first jet of spunk hit her on the face, she voluntarily had her mouth open and some of my cream went inside, the rest I shot over her tits, there was so much, it seemed to go on and on. I fell backwards onto the bed, Now sonal got up and lay down next to me, she pressed her spunk covered tits into my chest, she took hold of my still throbbing prick, spunk was still oozing out and she kissed me – a deep passionate kiss! “I want you to fuck me sanju, I want you to fuck me hard and deep”, she murmured. I looked at her, she still had spunk on her face, she continued “It has never felt this way before, I know that we shouldn’t do this but I don’t care any more, I want you, sanju, make love to me, fuck me, fuck me hard like anything!” My prick was getting hard again, “I really do love you sonal, I am sorry that I forced you into this merely for fucking your cunt, but I have no other alternative to fulfill my desire.”

“I’m glad it is happened at last as I was also fantasizing you since very long I use to insert bananas and cucumbers into my cunt while masturbating imagining your dick since long” she replied and revealed her secret at last, “now, don’t waste time, mum will be home soon, just promise you’ll fuck me safely and gently because your penis is too long and that it would hurt my small and tiny pussy.” Later after a lot of promising that I would be very gentle and soft in fucking her and not hurt her pussy in any case, she agreed and allowed my dick to enter her golden gate. I placed my penis head at the mouth of her vagina and I planted a last soft kiss on her lips. She resisted, that it will pain again but I insisted and forcibly had to enter her. She again screamed with pain. Then I made a very strong thrust in her hole but only a part of my pink head could entered. However, she let go a very loud shout so I closed her mouth quickly and reminded her where we were. She started protesting and telling me to withdraw my penis and not to do it any more or do it next time. Now I had no other way I put my lip on her and started smooching her at the same time I kept pressing her breast and after some time had past slowly started pushing my penis in her cunt very slowly, after every push she was making a sound of pain but I kept smooching her, I felt that something has been torn inside her vagina and this time my tool entered more in terms of depth. I forcibly entered her again. i saw blood emerging out from her cunt. I knew I have done the job i.e. I broke her virginity. Oh the moment was so ecstatic, my sister whom I have loved so much have lost her virginity to me not to her husband. Now my penis was completely in her cunt then I ended the kiss and told her “congratulations! Our mission is succeeded now ” but she replied “I am paining very much please get back your prick”. “No dear! I am also paining like you! This is because our is first fucking. Please let it be inside freely in your hole, you will be relaxed soon “.

Then I had to do a lot of convincing and finally we agreed she would make a count to 30 and then I would I to withdraw. Soon the count started and I started my piston in and out at full pressure. Although she was having lot of pains but as per our promise, she did not say anything. When she had reached 10 I interrupted her to ask her “When was your last month started?”; she replied “Just 5 days back. Why?”. I said “Just for security measures. Anyway you are in your safe period so I can continue our fucking”. All this while I continued stroking without stopping. Finally when she said “11”. I told her that she was cheating and that she was at 5″. After a small argument, we decided we would start again and that both will count. So the count started and continued my pumping, By now all her painful sounds were stopped fully. Again, when we reached 10 I told her “sonal, I think you are not paining now on the contrary you are enjoying these heavy strokes”. After A while of silence, she said “Oh yes!”. “Then let us stop the counting and enjoy our fucking!” so after this the count stopped and I started my 4-stroke diesel engine in full speed withdrawing the whole length and putting it back forcefully. After a while she started moaning but I continued the pumping. After a very long time, finally the two of us cummed simultaneously. We rested in each other’s arms for 5 minutes and then slowly I started pumping again. In this way we fucked and finally slept in each other’s arms with my penis still in her vagina. She awakened me as she was trying to get out of bed. I asked her what happened and she replied that she wanted to go to the toilet. I took a look at the clock and saw that it was just 3 p.m.. On getting up she saw some blood stains on the bed sheet and was scared, but I told her that it was because she was fucked for the first time and it happens to all virgins so now nothing to worry about it just go to toilet and piss. Satisfied with my replies she went towards the bathroom. As there was a attached bathroom I told her to leave the bathroom door open as I want to fulfill my fantasy to see a girl pissing, she obliged. Now I could see her sitting on the pot and her vagina was crying. I asked her why had she not allowed me to touch her for a very long time if both of us were fantasizing each other since long back and today all of a sudden how did she allow me? “It was mutual understanding in the interest of both” she replied. I told her to come quickly and thought to my self “Why not try her ass”.

While I was thinking, the noise of the flush came and my sister came into the room. “Sonal” I called her in a very emotional way. huummm’ Leaning on to me she responded with her eyes closed half. I pressed her tits vigorously. “Hoo …yeh” “What baby” It is so good. I love your fucking.” What fucking? ‘Look this one” sonal pointing her cunt said. Doesn’t have any name for it? “Yes” What is it? “Baby sonal” No other name? “Yes there are” What is that? “Okay, what is your this kings name” She indicated my prick. “Dick” “For mine it is cunt” “Is their honey in your cunt?” “If there is milk in your prick” Ooh there is plenty! “Then there is in my cunt also” Okay, there is something like a parrot’s beak in your cunt what is it? “It is clitoris” No other names? “Other name…… yes it is called Dana” “You naughty, you are great Sonal. I feel like to fuck you again, shall I insert?” I said. “Wait…! First rub my clit some more, on my pussy lips, it’s itching there…” Oh my dear you are clever!!! “Brother I never knew yours is an elephant cock” And now….? “Now I understood, men’s prick and their body figure hasn’t got any relationship” “How many cocks you have seen earlier…? I asked. “Ohhh no dear I just know something about sex from my friends! You know except me in our group all of mine friends are now habitual to fucking. They always share their experience and I use to listen them and masturbate in toilet. First time my pussy enjoyed real sex today ” “ Then will you give me your pussy daily?? “Why not! You and my brother dear. Do you know since how long I was awaiting for your hammering tool to insert into my cunt.” “sonal how did you know about my size..? “Once when you were “playing” inside your blanket in night, I see that.” Then what you have done? I asked. “You naughty.. What you will feel when you see others masturbating activities?” “Tingling in cunt…

Then what you will do?” “Sometimes finger myself and bring out the milk” Or play with some cucumber, pen or banana.” You alone..Or ? “At times with some company” Who will give company? “Once in a while myself and our cousin megha do it together, or my friends Madavi and Sumathi.” Really!! “Yes it’s true Sanju” “Our own cousin will accompany for such nasty things?? “Why not ? If there is itch in cunt nobody will care about relations” I cannot believe all these. “Can you believe it, if you see that with your own eyes ?” Certainly then. “Then I will show several things to you. But one thing, you should promise me to give this prick daily to me.” “Sonal” “Ummm” “Now let me see your beautiful body once again dear.” “Okay enjoy” I made her to stand, and was watching her back. big hips, then her buttocks were bulging out towards back and sides like foot ball. Her nude front was more attractive, fat smooth thighs are joining to a fine triangle her marvelous cunt. Her face like film star shilpa shetty with big eyes. Red thick lips and beautiful breasts flat and smooth belly and belly button. Below that half-opened mouth like lips parted pussy. It is unique; it was as if the forehead of an elephant bulges out in between her thighs. We looked at each other with satisfaction and were immediately involved in a French kiss. At the same time both kept feeling each other body. Now I spent most of my time on fondling her well-formed buttocks and she of course closely observing my penis. After we had had enough of it I asked her whether she would want to fuck me, she was confused and said what is that supposed to mean? I lay on my back on my bed and told her to climb over me. I told her now catch my penis and put it into your cunt. She did exactly that and waited for me to say something.

I told her now move up and down slowly so that my dick goes in. With the very first downward motion, she had a lot of pain but she continued to go up and down, while I played with her buttocks and her boobs one after the other. She continued and after sometime she started moaning loudly so I had to remind her where we were. After some thrusts I had cummed several times in her cunt, finally she also cummed and fell upon me to rest. After a while she said that she enjoyed this the most and rolled over to lie besides me. After awhile I told her that there is something remained and if she would like to enjoy more we may go for it. Immediately she asked “what?” I moved my right hand over her swollen buttocks and then placed slowly my middle finger on her tight ass hole and said “Fucking this hole”. She said, “ Sumathi always tells me that her friend fucks her from backside and she enjoy a lot this sort of fucking. However, I did not believe her presuming it is next to impossible to accommodate such a big dick inside small anus. And if is really possible then it seems very interesting why not we try for it once?” I told her that there is a small problem that my “prick” is slack now. She said, “then let it stand”. I told her that only she could stand it now.” “How?”. “suck in your mouth”. She hesitated first, but I told her that it was the only way. This time she reluctantly took my penis in her mouth because it was wet with her pussy malai but later on started sucking that tasty mixture of my milk and her honey.. She again slipped the foreskin of my prick and cleaned its pink head with her tongue. Initially I had to teach her a little, but she proved to be a very quick learner and gave me a very good blowjob. She was licking on my balls and insides of thigh. She licked clean every part of my privates. I was curiously watching her lips flirting like a butterfly. She was kneeling with her head down between my thighs, and her ass was in up in the air. It was beautiful to watch her butts in that position. I decided to fuck that fine ass. I told her to stop just before I could cum. Seeing that she was also highly interested in getting her ass fucked I took the opportunity and told her that fucking her ass will pain her little more than the pussy and therefore she must promise that she won’t shout. As I was expecting she agreed my suggestion so I took her to the study chair (which was next to her table) and told her to lean over it. First took some of your pussy cream from your cunt and applied it on her asshole and then on my penis.

After applying cream I placed my penis on her asshole, put my arms around her, held her tight and then asked her, “ready”. “Ya.”I pulled her with all my energy and at the same time pushed my penis into her. Slightly slowly at first then deeper, harder, faster. She was crying out in pain, but did not shout. As she had taken the pain gracefully I continued my in and out movement, and this was the fuck that I enjoyed the most. Her ass was too tight. I had always admired her ass but never ever thought that it would be such a great fuck. It took quite a while before I cum in her ass and when I finally did cum I knew that I was completely exhausted. I withdrew my penis and we both went to the bed and lay there. I was almost asleep when she told me that it was already a late so both of us began wearing our clothes. While wearing our clothes I asked her “Please told really it was her first time to all those things “, She smiled “Really it is my first fuck but I was fondled twice by your friend”. “Which one” “You guess” “May be Rohit…because he always enquires about you and your studies” “ Yes correct” “Then I am sure he might have attempted to fuck you also” “But we could not got the chance” “Have you seen his dick” “Yes..Once he showed. When I slipped his foreskin back, he could not controlled himself and cummed immediately on my face.” “Have he seen your pussy” “Yes before showing his dick he first saw my cunt. I was lying on the pillow and he was observing my pussy sitting on the floor. He scraped and ate all the pussy cream that day” “Then why did not he fuck you” “Suddenly door bell rang and we have to wind up the show. Some salesperson was there. But later I was scared and told him that we do it later” “Now do you allow him again” “Oh brother how can you think like that. When I get complete satisfaction from you then how can I go for that gutter? after all I am not a professional whore.” I appreciated her true remark. We were both dressed now. By the time the dogs were also separated and cleaning their organs with their tongues. We were very much thankful to them for the opportunity because of them only! Next day onwards same story is going on, but now both are in a relaxed mood to exchange kisses & sex. She strictly told that we can do what ever we want, but we must take out some precautions, because she is afraid that there may be a high risk of pregnancy as she knows one perfect fucking may laid to pregnancy like in the case of lucy and raja. I accepted and from then, we had a very good Sex Affair. Due to properly cultivated sex both of us are looking very healthy. A new shine on our faces and body shows that our confidence has increased dramatically. Now she looks smarty than frumpy. Her breast size is now 38 which was just 33 at our first sex. Length of my rod is also increased by 1.5 inches. It is now more than 7.5 inches. Now I never look to other girls and she never looks to other boys with the intension of sex. Therefore, our performance in study is also increased.

We do not have to care for AIDS or other STD’s. By now we tried almost all sex position and we love changes. She likes the doggy style more and I like the missionary position. I use to finger and smell her cunt first and then fuck her both cunt and ass or She fucks me, masturbates me and ejaculates my sperm jet on her body. She use to massage her breasts and butts with my semen believing that it may shine her beauty than any other cream on this earth. I use to scrape and ate her pussy cream like chavanprash. By the time we never used any outside cream or spray to increase our sex drive. We believe in natural living. We never trim our pubic hair, as we believe that this trimming may lost the natural beauty of scents that emerges from our genitals and the bunch of pubic hair acts as cushioning material while stoking hard. This does not mean that we are not keeping hygienic norms. By keeping all hygienic norms, we want to maintain nature’s beauty. Normally we avoid sex during her periods and took compulsory rest. Safe period is our blossom time and we fulfill our desire during this time. Normally we use to enjoy sex in late nights after confirming that our parents are in a deep sleep or in an early fine morning at around 3.45 a.m. when we get up for our studies. We are now fully satisfied and have a sex often as we could, we talk about what we were doing and both of us agreed it was what we both wanted. May god bless both of us! I pray to god that we both enjoy many sexual experiences in personal life. I shall tell more in the next sequel, Anyway all my brothers and sisters I would like to heard from you about your own experiences of incest sex. I would like to guide you if you are not daring about how to approach our own brother or sister please mail me at my address I can assure you that u will enjoy my company.. I feel that a girl or a person who has not had a sex has really missed something in life. Girls if you are not virgin by now and now wants to turn in home then also it will do. Please do mail me and tell me about your Fantasies or your real Life Experiences. If you requires some fun in Life Do mail me at

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