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Sonal Chandu Sister

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

My name is sonal.I am chandu bhaiya\’s sister.Do u people remember chandu(chandrasekhar) who published a story about our affair on this story site. If not ,than i am pasting that story again so that you could read the story.The need to read chandu bhaiya\’s story first and than my story(actually not story, but my experiences and some of my fantasies) is that my experiences are inspired by my brother\’s story. when chandu bhaiya asked me to read the story, i found it very attractive and after reading it, i thought of writing the story from my please first go through chandu bhaiya\’s story which is as follows : ———————————————————————————————–

Hi sexy friends, My name is Chandrasekhar, friends call me chandu (u can also). I am a sex maniac and just love anything about it . I am a 22+ yr old boy from kamakpur in UP. One of my friend told me about this sexy website and the day I visited it, I fell in love with it because I found a lot of people on this site who have experiences similar to me. After going through a lot of stories, I thought of writing my personal experience and share it with all u behenchods who are like me. I request all the reader of my affair to kindly mail me as I want to know how did u liked my story. Please mail me with ur feedback and suggestion. After all , there is no harm in sending one mail.

This is just a six month old affair and still continuing between me and my sexy sister. She is just 19+ yrs old. First of all let me tell u something about myself and my sister. I am 5’10’’ tall, very well built Punjabi munda. My father is a professor in a local college and my mother is a housewife. As I have written above I have a sister who is 2 years younger to me and with those Punjabi dimples. Right from childhood, I have loved sex and started watching adult films from class 8 with my bad friends. But only recently I have come across internet as ours is a small town and we didn’t had internet 1 year before. Anyway, I never thought of sex with my sister before it actually happened. Ours being a conservative family, sex is a taboo and perhaps that’s why I am so much interested in it. My father has been allotted a two bedroom quarter where my parents stay in one room and me and my sister share the other. My sister studies in +3 and has an average figure with not very big boobs but what makes her very hot is her stupid and naïve look as if she doesn’t know anything on this earth. Earlier I thought she is a very simple and premature girl who is only interested in studies and household work. But I forgot that she also grew up in the same environment in which I did and my doubt was cleared one night. About six months ago, I went to my best friend dipu’s birthday. As he stays in the college hostel, so we celebrated his b’day in his room. After a lot of khana-peena and beer-sheer, we thought of watching some blue films and rented a video player along with two 3X blue films. The room was made completely dark so that no one could see each others face and we started the video. Oohhhhhhhhh, what a hot movie it was. I had earlier seen adult films but never a hard core blue film. Those dirty scenes and those ahh ahh noise of sexy American woman made me crazy to full. All the scene ended with the boy taking out his semen in the girl’s mouth and the girl licking the man’s penis. I could not believe those extremely dirty scenes .

In one scene, after fucking, the boy urinated on the body of the girl and the girl also did the same thing. For the first time in my life I had seen any young girl urinating . I enjoyed it so much that I masturbated then and there in front of my friends on dipu’s bed. Although there was darkness, dipu found out that I have masturbated on his bed and told me “ abe behenchod, yeh teri behen ka chut nahi hai , mera bistar hai. Yaha hila ke mat daal”. I felt bad when he told me behenchod, but because it was his b’day and I was so hot even after masturbating that I ignored his comments. After the first movie was over, I looked at the watch and it was already 8p.m. so I decided to go back without watching the second movie as I had to return home before 8.30pm as per my father’s strict order. So I said goodbye to every body and left the place. When I reached house and knocked the door, my sister came and opened it. All of a sudden , after looking at her, dipu’s word echoed in my ears. What he said??? I thought. He told me “behenchod” . I felt embarrassed and entered silently inside the house without looking into my sisters eyes. After getting fresh, my mother called me to take dinner. Although I had eaten a lot , still I decided to eat something as I was feeling a bit weak. On the dinner table, everybody sat together. My sister sat infront of me. Slowly I gathered the courage to look at her and asked her to give me curry. When I saw her face, that simple look , I thought I should have killed dipu then and there. After dinner, I went to my bed and felt asleeped. Around 2 am in the night, all of a sudden my eyes opened and I badly felt the need to urinate. I ran to the toilet to empty my stock of urine. Still I was feeling very drowsy. In the toilet, when I open my pajama and took out my penis, it was rock hard and hot. While pissing, all of a sudden the scene of blue film came in my mind where the boy and girl had urinated over each other after fucking. I was feeling relaxed. I came back to sleep.

The room was almost dark and as usual , I found my sister sleeping beside me. All of a sudden I didn’t felt like sleeping and while laying in bed, I started thinking about the blue film and remembered how dipu told me “ behenchod” and referred to my sister’s chut. But I didn’t felt bad this time and a smile came on my face. I looked towards my sister and she was sleeping deeply. All of a sudden I thought how will it feel to touch her. And suddenly I got an erection again. I slowly moved my pyjama down and felt my penis. It was so hot and I don’t know why I was feeling very happy and nervous. I decided to touch my sister’s body slowly as I was knowing that she was deeply sleeping. She was wearing a nighty. I mustered courage and touched her stomach and called her name “sonal” slowly to make sure she was sleeping. When I was confirmed, I moved my hand on her legs and slowly moved her nighty up. My hands were shaking with nervousness. When I reached upto her ……….Oh my god, it was her panty and I was so excited. I thought I should stop but I was too hot. I slowly started moving my hand on the top of her panty and it was feeling so good. Than I took my hand up by touching her skin and I reached upto her …….oh god, it was her small boobs and I felt her nipple. By this time I was too afraid to move further so I took out my hand and laid silently for some time watching her reaction. She was still sleeping. After 5 minutes or so, I decided to enter my hand inside her panty. So I again touched her panty. I could not decide from where shall I enter my hand as perhaps her panty was very tight. I aimlessly moved my fingers over her panty to find out some way and I was getting frustrated. All of a sudden, she made some drowsy noise like “uuhhhh” and moved her body a bit. My heart started beating heavily and removed my hand from her body. Her nighty was still above her panties.

I started behaving as if I am sleeping . after some time I found that she got up from her bad and moved towards the toilet. I was feeling very nervous. When she came back, she again felt asleep as if nothing has happened. I was getting relaxed but could not go to sleep. After about half hour, I again thought of touching her body and moved my hand on her leg. Again as I slowly moved my hand inside her nighty, I felt something curly. First I thought I had moved my hand at some wrong place but suddenly I discovered something wet and liquid. I could not believe. she was not wearing her panty. She opened that in the toilet. Now I was sure that she is not sleeping and enjoying whatever is happening. Again I called her “Sonal, I know ur not sleeping” and to my surprise , a little smile crept on her face. Oh my god, I could not believe that. Now I thought, yes, this is the only chance to do something. I told her to stop drama and open her eyes, but she didn’t. now I was not nervous but very very hot and forgot she is my sister. For me, it was a lifetime opportunity. I moved her nighty completely upto her boobs and started kissing it. She didn’t stopped me and I was getting more confident. I took her books one by one into my mouth and started sucking it like a mad dog. All of a sudden, she screamed with pain. Now I moved toward her chut and felt it . oh god. A girls chut. My own sisters chut. I was mad. The chut was very wet. I moved my tongue slowly on her clit and started licking as I had seen in the blue film. After 10 minutes or so, some fluid started coming out from her chut and I licked it as if tamato sauce. After some time, I slowly parted her leg. She was hardly reacting to anything but not objecting. She was just smiling slowly. I said ‘oh sonal, aaj tujhe chodne de’. I holded my penis in one hand and started targeting my sister’s chut. After a small effort, I found some hole where my penis was getting inserted slowly. Due to a lot of liquid, I didn’t had to do much effort. But as entered half of my penis, she painly cried and slowly said “nahiiiiii, …” . I didn’t said anything as I was also feeling some pain but continued to enter inside her.

Than I slowly took out my penis and repeated the process. This led to my (our) first fucking. Although it was first time and I came out very quickly, I enjoyed it a lot. I don’t know whether she enjoyed or not. Next day, I was feeling very guilty but sonal behaved as if nothing has happed . now I came to know that behind such simple face, there lies a sex loving girl. From that night , we slowly progressed every night without talking much. Now , we do not sleep before I fuck her, and believe me, I think now even 10 boys cant satisfy her. She has become so much demanding. We take precautions as to avoid pregnancy and nobody (before now) knows about our beautiful brother sister choda-chodi relation. Now I can fuck her continuously upto 2 hours(with some break in between , of course) and my speed of fucking her is comparable to any blue film hero. One day we both urinated on each other and it was a great experience. We enjoy a lot of oral sex as she is mad about drinking my semen and I m mad about eating her pussy. Now I am thinking of fucking her ass hole hard. Thank u very much dipu for your “behenchod” gali otherwise I would not have been enjoying this now. Now I am a real behenchod and I am not ashamed of it. Believe me, just try to fuck your sister and nobody else, u will fill at home, at heaven. And if any of u behenchods want to share your true experience with me or want to contact me ,please send ur email to the following address.I request all the reader of my affair to kindly mail me as I want to know how did u liked my story.please mail me with ur feedback and suggestion.after all , there is no harm in sending one mail.mail me at: Bye, fuck ur sister and become behenchod…………. ————————————————————————————————-

Now friends, u must have understood why i wanted you to read the above story. Now some of my experiences related to the above story are as follows: Actually, i had also never thought of having sex with my own brother and i had very little idea about sex. That night(the first night) when i was sleeping deeply, bhaiya tried to insert his hand inside my night gown.initially i thought i was watching some dream but when the sensation continued, my sleep got disturbed.although i didn\’t opened my eyes,but i was sure it was not a dream.than i thought may be some insect like thing has entered inside my gown.the sensation contiued to creep over my body and when i tried to open my eyes, the sensation was gone. i found bhaiya sleeping by my side as usual and my night gown was a bit upset .i thought may be due to the wind or air the night gown has moved here and there.u see, i was so naive.i went back to complete sleep after that.but, again after ten minutes or so, i felt something on my was like an ant moving here and there.than all of a sudden i opened the eyes as i got afraid of what is going on.the sensation stopped all of a sudden.i was in doubt whether it was my dream or some reality.i thought that perhaps something is wrong with my underpanty and might be something has managed to enter inside the night gown.but why the sensation is vanishing all of a sudden? to be sure, i went to bathroom nearby our the bathroom, i found nothing wrong with my underpanty.only that my pussy has released some juises(as bhaiya like to call it.i have learned a lot of term like pussy and juices from bhaiya). i decided to open out my underpanty just to avoid any kind of apprehension or doubt. After this, i came back to sleep.i went to sleep almost immediately and now i was feeling much better. than about half an hour or so after,i again felt the sensation but this time i was not mistaken.i knew, something is definitely wrong.thats when bhaiya touched my pussy and thought that i am also interested in sex,but i opened underpanty for other reasons.before i could do anything, i heard bhaiya\’s voice as he said \”sonal, i know ur not sleeping…\”.

Than i realised that it was bhaiya rather than any thing else that has been disturbing me all this while. this led to a little smile on my face and bhaiya thought that i am ready for sex,but actually i smiled because of my stupidity.suddenly,i became very nervous and didn\’t know what to do.for the first time in my life,i had some strange feelings.when bhaiya started kissing my breasts, i thought he has gone mad.but because our family is a very strict one and i fear alot from my father and brother(not now), i decided not to speak anything.i thought he is such a dirty boy as how can anybody lick somebody\’s body parts. after sometime, i felt very nice and felt as if i will extremely strange sensation went through my private parts and i didn\’t knew what to do.after some time, bhaiya said, \”sonal mujhe chodne de\”, but because i didn\’t know what he meant, i didn\’t objected.than i felt something veryhot trying to enter my i was really nervous,and shouted \”no…….\”.than i realised that my pussy is paining badly and perhaps something is dripping from it(later i found that it was blood).than bhaiya stopped for sometime and i felt better as he took out his cock.later he again inserted it and this time i was feeling as if i m in heaven. although our first night sex didn\’t lasted for long as bhaiya was very ineperience at that time and it was virtually my first encounter with my body part(and bhaiya\’s too),but it had a lasting impression on both of day bhaiya was avoiding me and i was also having pain in my pussy.that day i went to bathroom a number of times to see and to understand what exactly has happened last night.because i could not ask such things to my mother and i was very curious to know about sex,i went to a close friend of mine.

I didn\’t knew how to start talking about this matter with my friend because we have never talked about any such thing in the past.its not that we were completely unaware about sex but we had no idea whatsoever about fucking etc.because our periods had started some years ago, so we knew that a young girl should avoid young boys,but why that we didn\’ t knew. anyway, i started by asking my friend about her period like when did she last had her period. she was stunned by listening to my question as she had never in her wildest dream thought that i will be asking her such questions. but reluctantly she told that she had her periods ten days ago. she asked me why i m asking her such questions? i told her just like that and nothing else.than we started talking on different topics. again after some time i asked her which sanitary pad does she she was sure that i definitely have something wrong. she asked me \” kya ho gaya sonal tujhe, aaj tu ye sub kyo puch rahi hai?\”. i told her \”kuch nahi, actually i felt something on my private parts today while taking bath\”. i didn\’t told her the real reason. she asked \” kya hua? is anything wrong?\” to which i said \”jara ajib feel ho raha tha,so i started rubbing it and i felt good that way.after sometime a huge quantity of liquid came out on my thighs.i dont know what was that.\” she now understood that i was talking about masturbation.she asked me if i did that for the first time and i said yes. she gave a smile and told that there is nothing wrong and it is called masturbation.

She than explained me about sex with whatever little idea she had.infact later on i found that she also had a lot of misconception about sex. anyway, on that night, bhaiya asked me to forgive him. i asked why. he told that he is sorry for what he did last night but i told him \”mujhe kisi ne aaj bataya ki ladka or ladki ke beech me aisa hota hai\” without taking the name of my friend who told me this. he was stunned and asked me \”kya tumne kisiko bata diya kal ke bare main?\”. i could see a lot of fear in his eyes.i told him \”nahi, maine bus apni friend se thoda discuss kiya tha lekin use kuch nahi bataya kal ke bare me\”.he felt relieved.than he told me that \”yes it happens between a boy and a girl but only between wife and husband and not brother and sister\”.i asked why not between brother and sister.than he told \”behan aur bhai ke beech main aisa rishta paap hai aur society main this is not respected\”.than i understood why so much care is taken.i also recognised that whatever happened was wrong and we shold not do it again ever.we should also try to forget what happened last night.both of us went to sleep. but both of we couldn\’t sleep and that night i felt excited while thinking about what had happened last night.i started rubbing my clitoris and pussy.after some minutes, the smell of my juices went all around the room badly. i also started moaning sloly like \”uh ..\”.bhaiya asked me what i m doing.i didn\’t replied and continued.after sometime,bhaiya requested me and explained that this is not good and i should sleep now.

But who the hell was able to sleep.when bhaiya shaw that i m not stopping and the smell is becoming unbearable, i got angry and lost his control and told me \”saali tere ko ek baar samjhane se samajh me nahi aata hai?bahut josh chadha hai tujhe?\”.and after that he didn\’t spoke a single word but what happened that night, i just cant explain to u.he just went mad and couldn\’t control his penis anymore. well friends, from that night to today, we have come a long way.initially we didn\’t talked very much and silently used to have sex at night.we forgot that we are brother and sister and have since than become husband and wife(at least at night).sloly, both of us have discovered a lot about sex and use condom.i still dont know from where bhaiya gets day, i took away a complete packed of kohinoor condom from my parent\’s room which my father must have got.we laughed so much on that night as we used 3 condoms from that pack.papa must have been surprised but to whom shall he ask? also, as bhaiya has written in the story, we have also urinated on each other.i dont like this very much but do this because bhaiya likes it. anyway friends, if u also want to share ur experiences with us, please send ur email to bhaiya got a lot of feedback on this email id about his please do send me more emails on the same id as i have challenged bhaiya that i will be able to draw more feedbacks than please do write to me.after all, as bhaiya says,no harm in sending a mail. also beena didi, where r u?u sent such beautiful mails to bhaiya but why have u stopped sending mails now.we can be good friends.isn\’t i ur sister too?please continue to send mail and help me defeat bhaiya in this competition of getting mails. bye ur sister sonal

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